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Season 2

15 Sep. 2012
Welcome to the Upper Crust
In the season opener, Robbie plans a party to celebrate the opening of the Upper Crust, but Tim claims he's too busy to help with preparations. Elsewhere, Charles seeks a bar-tending post at the new eatery.
22 Sep. 2012
The Upper Crust vs. the Lower Crust
Tim views the newly minted Upper Crust as competition and battles Robbie for customers.
29 Sep. 2012
For Love or Money
Tim lands a huge catering gig for the same weekend as the annual family reunion at Upper Crust, resulting in hurt feelings. Elsewhere, Monique approached Charles about his slovenly habits.
6 Oct. 2012
Don't Be a Party Pooper
There's no rest for the weary as Robbie deals with squabbling employees during her birthday week. Elsewhere, Tim realizes he needs to make plans for running Sweetie Pie's after his mom's retirement.
20 Oct. 2012
Charles in Charge
Robbie goes on vacation and leaves Charles to run the Upper Crust; Jenae needs help getting her wedding plans back on track.
The Future of the Mangrove, Part 1
Part 1 of 2. Robbie focuses on consolidating restaurants and prepares to receive a community award; Tim works to keep the Mangrove open and unwittingly blows off Jenae.
The Future of the Mangrove, Part 2
Conclusion. The staff deals with the fallout from Tim's decision to close the Mangrove. Elsewhere, Jenae plans to move into the new house without Tim; and Charlie wants to be a fisherman.
Lean on Me
Jenae surprises Robbie with a girls' night out involving a striptease class; Tim hires a new manager for the Mangrove; Robbie arranges counseling for Andre.
8 Dec. 2012
Voices Carry, Charles Doesn't
Charles is kicked out of Monique's house and opts to move in with Tim. Elsewhere, Robbie learns that she needs surgery on her vocal chords; and Ike gets a huge surprise.

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