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  • After Faye is attacked by the Witch Hunters, Jake, Melissa and Adam set out to save her. Blackwell tells Cassie and Diana that the only way to stop the Witch Hunters is to use their Balcoin blood to unleash the Crystal Skull. Diana is reluctant, but Cassie convinces her its the only way to help their friend, but she'll need to tap into her dark magic to do it. Meanwhile, Dawn and Charles are faced with a new way to get their power back... but at a very high cost.

  • After Eben and his witch hunters capture Faye, he demands a crystal as ransom, so the skull can't be formed to destroy him. John convinces the circle that the only hope is making the skull, which he does with daughters Cassie and Diana, who sense it unique power to magnify pure magic potential. John however overpowers and pins down his rebellious Blackwell girls, revealing he cares not for the other witches, just to use the skull as ultimate black magic tool, and breaks the circle. Jake's party tries to liberate Faye, but get caught too and bound on a modern stake by vindictive Eben. A senior witch grants Charles and Diana, who desperately want their magic back to save the children, her power. Charles draws the demons from Even, who is thus defeated, but can't handle all that evil inside. John must still be stooped from executing the actual plan he revealed to the girls: forming a perfect black circle with them and four secretly raised other Blackwell siblings.


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  • Diana wakes up in Grant's car. She's been asleep for two hours and getting texts about Faye and Eben. Grant offers to take her away from everything and she loves the idea, just not right now.

    Faye gets roughed up by the witch hunters on the ferry.

    Back at the house, they suggest calling Blackwell. Diana is against it, but they think they need help. Sam only had one demon in him and they couldn't stop him; Eben has six.

    Eben calls on Faye's phone. He tells Cassie to bring one crystal to the boat. Adam is all for it. But they wonder if Blackwell was telling the truth about the skull being the only way to kill Eben, since he wants one so they can't form it.

    Cassie and Diana would have to be there to put it together because of their Balcoin blood.

    Adam wants a back-up plan. Cassie suggests they figure out how to deal with Blackwell after Faye is safe.

    Dawn goes to Charles. He tells her about reliving what he did to Amelia when he killed her. She tells him about Blackwell wanting to destroy him; he knows it worked because he confessed to Diana.

    They think they have to get their powers back to help the circle and there's only one person who can make that happen.

    Cassie and Diana find Blackwell while the others go to the ferry where their parents died.

    Blackwell tells them to create the skull they have to destroy each crystal and let them reform. When they do that, their powers won't be connected to the crystals or each other. "Which means your circle will be unbound," he says.

    Diana doesn't want to unbind the circle without talking with the others. But Cassie says they don't have a choice if they want to save Faye.

    Blackwell gets started, lighting the crystals. He tells Diana and Cassie to each take two. They toss them into the lake and wait for the skull to come to them.

    At the ferry, Jake wants to charge in. They all feel a pang in their chest. Jake wants to see if Faye is OK, but Adam stops him with magic. He realizes it's solo magic and the circle is unbound.

    On the boat, Faye discovers her magic works and gets free. She beats up on a witch hunter to get her phone.

    Charles' mother arrives at his house.

    Faye calls her mom. She tells her mom she knows she's a witch, but Dawn already knows. She tells her mom where she is but that she can't get out because there are witch hunters everywhere.

    Charles' mom tells him their power was destroyed when they stripped it and it can't be restored, so instead she's going to give them hers.

    The water starts bubbling in the lake and Cassie feels the skull forming. She walks in and gets it from the roiling, frothy water.

    Blackwell shouts at her to pick it up while it's still forming. She picks it up and gets a charge from it. She carries it out and says the power is amazing.

    Diana puts her hands on it and Blackwell tells them whatever happens, don't remove their hands. The big blob shrinks down into a crystal skull.

    Melissa, Adam and Jake can't reach Cassie and wonder what's going on. Adam goes for Cassie and Diana.

    Blackwell takes the skull from Cassie, she wants to know why she can't hold it. She's mesmerized by it and takes it back from Blackwell. She asks why she can't be the one to use it on Eben. Diana votes for that plan. Blackwell knocks them out and takes the skull.

    Charles' mom finishes turning over her powers. Charles asks her for her help.

    Jake and Melissa sneak onto the ferry. They find Faye but Eben finds them. He paralyzes them. "Time to die," he says.

    Cassie and Diana wake up in the abandoned house. They try to sneak off but they're trapped in a force field. Blackwell says he needs them there and tells them everything he's doing is so they can be the witches they were meant to be.

    Eben has Faye, Melissa and Jake tied to a pole. He lights a fire in a circle around them. It quickly spreads. Charles and Dawn arrive.

    They see Eben watching the kids in the fire. Charles tells Dawn he'll handle Eben. Charles starts reciting something that brings Eben to his knees and forces the demons out.

    Dawn puts out the fire with magic and frees the kids. Charles keeps chanting and lets the demons crawl into him.

    Jake splits off to go after Eben. Eben tells Charles it isn't over. "It is for you," Jake says. He stabs him, for his parents and Nick. He looks up and Charles is gone.

    Back at the house, Cassie realizes Blackwell never planned on killing Eben. He sent their parents off to the ferry 16 years ago so the circle would be easy-to-manipulate orphans.

    Dawn, Melissa and Faye see Charles on the ferry deck. She sees the demons in him and asks what he's done. He manages to tell her to tell Diana he loves her, then he pitches over the side of the ferry into the water.

    In the house, John recites a spell. Cassie asks what his plan is if he's not using the skull on witch hunters. "To kill witches, every single one without Balcoin blood," he says as he reveals the Balcoin emblem on his palm.

    On the ferry, the women feel a burning inside.

    Adam comes to the house, also feeling the pain, in time to hear Blackwell say he wants to get rid of weak witches and gather the other Balcoin children -- four in other towns, raised in other circles. They're coming to join Cassie and Diana. He calls them the purest race.

    "We'll destroy the witch hunters once and for all. We can change the world, as a family," he says.

    Adam slowly moves the table with the skull toward him with magic as Blackwell's back is turned, but he's weak. Blackwell sees him and throws him across the room. They see Adam is burning.

    Cassie tries to use her dark magic to break free, but she's not strong enough. She tells Diana she needs her power. Diana sinks to her knees as Cassie chokes her to death. It ignites Diana's dark magic and the force field is broken. Cassie grabs the skull and tries to reverse his spell. She's not strong enough on her own, but Diana joins her and using the skull they take on Blackwell.

    They're stronger than he is. He sinks to his knees and starts to turn to ash, protesting that they're the same blood. They kill him.

    The circle comes to Cassie's house.

    She tells them she should have known Blackwell was up to no good and is sorrier than they'll ever know. They can't destroy the skull, so they suggest putting it in a lead box and dumping it in the ocean. They nominate Adam the reliable one for the job.

    They debate binding the circle again. People only started coming after them when they bound it. Faye says they're connected even if they're not bound.

    Cassie reminds them other Balcoins are coming and binding their circle is their best protection. Diana, who hasn't said anything yet, says she's leaving town and can't bind the circle.

    Cassie pleads with her to stay, but Diana wants to get away from everything. Cassie commends Charles for saving them all, but Diana says he also did some terrible things. But with Charles gone, she has nothing left. And after feeling her dark magic when Cassie activated it, she never wants to feel it again. Diana leaves.

    Jake offers to take Faye home, but she plays hard to get, saying she has plans. He kisses her.

    Diana meets up with Grant at the coffee shop with her bags.

    Melissa comes home to find Faye prepping for a big night out. It's Sunday night, but they have solo magic and can make their own fun.

    At his place, Jake finds a note from his grandfather, saying the circles are coming together and the fight is far from over. There's a small vial of granules with it.

    Charles sits in a chair as his mother makes a mark on his arm. Reliable Adam tries out the crystal skull and likes the rush. Driving off with Grant, Diana sees that she has the Balcoin mark on her palm. At home alone, Cassie lights fires with hers.

    Four teenagers with Balcoin marks on their palms look out over Chance Harbor.

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