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Paget Brewster: Emily Prentiss


  • Aaron Hotchner : [quotes the evaluation report]  Patient shows no hesitation tackling difficult goals as part of reintegrating into her life. She has reached out to her mother.

    Emily Prentiss : I'm going to.

    Aaron Hotchner : And has started a romantic relationship with a man named Sergio. Now, I don't care if you lie to your therapist. All I care about is how your behavior affects your job.

    Emily Prentiss : I don't think it has.

    Aaron Hotchner : You've been over-compensating.

    Emily Prentiss : How have I...

    Aaron Hotchner : You rushed to repair your relationship with Morgan. You've become an emotional sounding board for Reid and Rossi.

    Emily Prentiss : That's being a good friend.

    Aaron Hotchner : You offered me parenting advice.

    Emily Prentiss : Okay, so maybe I have been working a little bit harder to regain people's trust. Is that such a bad thing?

    Aaron Hotchner : No. It only is if you use it to avoid dealing with what you went through.

    Emily Prentiss : But I'm not. I chose to come back here. Why? Because I care about the people I work with? Yes. But also because it's clean. I know who the good guys and the bad guys are. I don't have to worry about screwing someone over to make a case.

    Aaron Hotchner : Okay, I want you to make a deal with me. You're gonna go weeks, months even, feeling fine. And then you're gonna have a bad day. Just let me know when you do

    Emily Prentiss : And that's it?

    Aaron Hotchner : That's it.

    Emily Prentiss : Deal.

    Aaron Hotchner : Sergio?

    Emily Prentiss : He is the perfect man. He doesn't hog the covers, and he poops in a box.

  • [last lines] 

    Emily Prentiss : [Hotch finds Prentiss waiting for him]  I'm having a bad day.

  • Regina Lampert : Why didn't you let me pull the trigger?

    Emily Prentiss : Because you would be in prison.

    Regina Lampert : As opposed to where I am right now? I mean, while he gets a lawyer and a fair trial.

    Emily Prentiss : He will never see the light of day, ever.

    Regina Lampert : Can you guarantee that? You know, when they talk about victims getting re-victimized by the system, they mean you.

    Emily Prentiss : I know it's hard...

    Regina Lampert : No, you don't. You have no idea what it's like


    Regina Lampert : when the monster from your nightmares comes back for you.


    Regina Lampert : Wait...

    Emily Prentiss : Look, I'm here as a courtesy.

    Regina Lampert : Something happened to you.

    Emily Prentiss : So, do you want to give me your statement or not?

    Regina Lampert : What did you do to him? Did you arrest him like a good FBI Agent? Or did you kill him?

    Emily Prentiss : I didn't pull the trigger.

    Regina Lampert : Still, your monster's dead. I have to live with mine. That's my statement.

  • Emily Prentiss : [voiceover]  "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." -Henry Ellis

  • Aaron Hotchner : Go ahead, Garcia.

    Penelope Garcia : Sir, I have struck out on surgeons. In fact, none of the survivors saw the same two healthcare professionals or went to the same hospitals. But then, I asked myself, "What would SSA Hotchner do?" And I imagined myself in a really good suit, and I widened my search.

    Aaron Hotchner : What did you find out?

    Penelope Garcia : I found an orderly whose name is Herman Scobie, who rotates shifts at three different hospitals.

    Aaron Hotchner : The same hospitals the victims go to?

    Penelope Garcia : Yes, indeed, they are. And according to the hospital networks, accessed their insurance months after the attacks.

    Emily Prentiss : That's how he finds the victims a second time.

    Aaron Hotchner : We should talk to him.

  • Emily Prentiss : What is this on the floor?

    Penelope Garcia : Uh, that. Oh, god. That is... the contents of Vanessa Campbell's stomach, which she... ralphed up.

    Emily Prentiss : And in the glass?

    Penelope Garcia : According to the police report, it is salt and water.

    Emily Prentiss : Homemade emetic.

    Penelope Garcia : E-what-what?

    David Rossi : Quick and dirty cocktail, meant to induce vomiting.

    Emily Prentiss : Vanessa Campbell and her husband moved to a new address, they put locks on the doors, they took precautions. She even knew what to do if she was dosed again, and it still wasn't enough. That's what he gets out of it.

    Aaron Hotchner : Their fear. He wants them to know that no matter what, he can still get to them.

  • Jennifer Jareau : They wake up with no memory of the assault or how they got the permanent scar the wire leaves.

    Emily Prentiss : So he's branding his victims. How does he dose them?

    Penelope Garcia : Houston PD still isn't sure. 'Cause, you know, date rape drugs metabolize quickly, and he's keeping them for twelve hours.

    Derek Morgan : So why are they calling us in now?

    Penelope Garcia : 'Cause with these most recent attacks, this piece of work has elevated sick and twisted to a whole new dimension.

  • Dr. Linda Merrill : Correct me if I'm wrong, you never had the chance to mourn your own death, did you?

    Emily Prentiss : Oh, I'm sorry. I don't understand the question

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