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Entertaining black comedy á la Forrest Gump
OJT1 January 2014
The Jonas Jonasson novel "The Centenarian Who Climbed Out the Window and Vanished" has been a gigantic success in Sweden, selling more that 250.000 copies. A success that has spread to a lot of other countries as well. I read the book just days before I saw the world premiere on this, as I got the book as a x-mas gift, just two days before the premiere.

Well, to make a long story short, this is an unlikely black comedy in style of Forrest Gump, though darker and way more stupid, and filled with more stupid humans. Other films it's in class with here would be "Fargo", "One night at McCools", "Seven psychopaths" a.s.o. The book functions, and I'm glad to say that the narrative grips made on this as a script works as well. It's a good farce, which will give out many laughs. The two hours goes like it's one.

The 100 years old Allan runs away from his birthday party, and starts a story which only he could be behind. Inwise decisions gives severe results, and looking back on his own life, he's done it before. He's made both tragedy's as well as things leading to happier consequences. They have tried to lock him up more than once, but he's not the easiest to detain.

I enjoyed the film in a quite crowded cinema, which already started laughing at the first scene, and so i t went on. A mixed audience, with surprisingly many pensioners, which have read the book, will probably guarantee the film to be an even bigger success than the novel. At least, that's my guess.

Well, how well is the novel brought to the screen, then? Well, surprisingly well, I would say. The most boring parts of the book is when Allan thinks back, and this is narrated down, so that the story happening present is the main thing. That's a major thing in making this work. There's been some minor changes done to shorten the travel, which unfolds like some kind of a trip or road movie, if you like, just as the book.

The make up is brilliant, and way better than we've seen in Hollywood films (!). Amazing. Robert Gustafsson, playing Allan, is just turning 50, but here he looks perfect both in the twenties, the thirties and as 100 years old. (Well, maybe he looks eighty-something more than 100, but still it's quite passable.)

Some of the CGI isn't exactly brilliant. This I see much better in Norwegian movies. Especially all the explosions are bad, but it doesn't hurt the story, since it's far from believable anyway. The famous persons portrayed are also quite good. The casting is well done, also when it comes to the actors playing the younger Allan. What annoys extremely is the music, which not only is stupid and too "funny", it's also very high in the sound mix. This is the worst bit of the movie. There's also some goofs, like the frozen guy and a tank lid closing itself, while driving away, but still not very big issues.

So very well done, and the best Swedish comedy I've seen in many years. Thanks to a great staff, a quite large budget (63 millions SEK) and wonderful actors. (I'm sure it will play in the money!) The book is well taken care of, and if you enjoyed the movie, you'll find a lot more in the book, now with the clients you've seen here.
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carlinafox10 October 2014
This movie is extremely funny. From the moment the old man crawls out of the window until the very end of the movie, it is a stitch. It is fast paced and all the characters are well drawn and fleshed out, even characters that only appear near the end of the movie. I was reminded of Peter Seller's movie "Being There" and, yes, there was a bit of "Forrest Gump" in it. I did not object to the "violent" deaths that some of the characters experienced because they were so over the top that they could not be taken seriously and the audience apparently agreed with me since everyone was howling with laughter. We saw the movie at the Chicago Film Festival and it was one of the few times I have attended a film festival when the entire audience stood up and clapped at the end of the movie.
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A marvellous film of many kinds
Qrobur3 September 2014
This film follows the progress of Allan Karlsson, a simple man with a predilection for blowing things up, after he leaves his nursing home to embark on a journey that will take him wherever it takes him. Through flashbacks we see that this is a metaphor for his entire life. Karlsson has, it turns out, been with several significant figures of the 20th century and, unwittingly, has profoundly affected its course.

The film is comic, darkly comic, absurdist, farcical, a chase caper, an espionage thriller and, finally, peaceful. It is all of these things successfully in a way that Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" attempted to be, but didn't quite manage. More importantly, the characters are entirely believable despite the often fantastical story lines. It is also beautifully shot.

"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans." — Allen Saunders

Thoroughly recommended.
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Very Funny Movie
Simon Daly1 November 2014
An unexpectedly great movie. I wasn't anticipating much from this Swedish independent, but was laughing all the way through. Fast paced and written with wry deadpan humor.

The main character displays similar characteristics to Peter Sellers' Chauncey, in 'Being There'. Its also somewhat reminiscent of Arthur Penn's 70's classic 'Little Big Man' starring Dustin Hoffman in terms of the plot layout.

Whether these were intentional homages to personal favorites of mine is not clear, but they worked magnificently. Serious belly laughs as dry humor is dropped effortlessly into every scene.

It is such a refreshing change from all those polished Hollywood set pieces which have decreasingly appealing sequels.

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An excellent Nordic film
eikibleiki1 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the story and the acting from Robert Gustafsson. A funny film with great scenario and well done history facts. With great finishing twists and quiet good computer effects.

Combining world war 2 and the cold war is just fantastic. And having a ''look back'' in every couple scene makes the storyline much more attractive. It's very funny to have the same Swedish man appearing in big historic events from 1940 and until the end of the cold war.

I wish I could be as cool when I reach 100 years old.

A must see Nordic comedy film with great actors and a great plot. I haven't seen a film like this for years.
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What a delight
cinematic_aficionado12 July 2014
A centenarian in an elderly home decides to walk out moments they were about to host party for his 100th birthday.

On the surface, how eventful an event could this be? Well you would be surprised. He goes to the bus station and with the little money he had buys a one way ticket out of town. A stranger asks him to look out for his luggage and though he agreed he decided to steal it and little did he know that it was filled with money which made him a wanted man.

From then on, we follow this centenarian who tries to avoid the elderly home who sent for him, the gang who owned the stolen money as well as the police. His action plan: none! He took it a step at a time and the audience were treated to en ever ending hilarious situations all the way to the end.

Clever plot, well made in a way that actually made it somewhat believable (unlike the Hollywood tendency to go way over the top) this was an unexpected treat.
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Zany fun, insatiably cute and a fun little romp
Robert W.21 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I remember reading the back of the book this was based on awhile ago and thinking how great this sounded. I never got around to reading it and when I spied this movie based on it, I was overjoyed!! I didn't even know this has been made. The film does not disappoint. It is a fun, fast paced, ridiculous adventure not unlike a more subtle Forrest Gump and with a little less serious tone. There are some life lessons here to be learnt but its not specifically trying to teach us anything. It is just trying to have a good time so sit back and relax and laugh at the often disturbing dark humour and hilarious comedy of errs. This has all the earmarks and feel of a classic satire and the cast is so fantastic. I think with a slightly higher budget it could have been even better but they do a great job with what they're given. If you're not a fan of foreign films, don't balk at this because much of it is in English and the dialogue and script is brilliant. There are some incredibly memorable moments and lines and a crazy cast of characters that won't seen be forgotten. I will forever remember Allan Karlsson saying "if you want to kill me, you better hurry, I'm 100 years old."

Robert Gustafsson is absolute perfect. First of all the make up job they do on him as the 100 year old is amazing and he perfectly manages to play Allan across many, many decades and is believable. Its nice not to have different actors playing the same role to make youth believable. Allan is simple minded in some ways and just has this distinctive "I don't care/roll with the punches attitude" that doesn't change and makes him incredibly hilarious and fun. Iwar Wiklander is fantastic as Allan's partner in crime so to speak. His character is a little underdeveloped but they have great chemistry and he has some truly terrific moments. David Wiberg is also really great as the metaphorically lost guy looking for the meaning of life. Wiberg's character is the perfect balance to the other characters. Mia Skäringer plays the reluctant female drawn into the men's crazy adventure and falls for Wiberg. Being one of the only females in the film she holds her own and has some great moments of her own. Jens Hultén is one of my favourite characters especially following his amnesia and he plays a great part too. Alan Ford adds a needed part of the villain to the story and while he has very little screen time or development, he does it well.

This really is the definition of ensemble cast. Foreign films are often this way but everyone works together to make you laugh, smile, be shocked and just go along for the ride. Elephant shot in the butt? Stolen mobster money? A detective chasing them all across country? Budding romance? A 100 Year old man that just wants to be left alone? This is just simply fun. You can turn this on, sit back and have a great time. This honestly should do wonders for director Felix Herngren's career because he handles the film well, tells an incredible story and holds it all together flawlessly. If you're looking for something different but fun and entertaining you found it here!! Check this one out!! 8/10
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Metaphor for Swedish (recent) history?
o_wennardt1 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I'm Swedish, but I've always lived in the Netherlands. I speak Swedish, Dutch and English. Maybe this is the reason why I had a great time watching the movie. There are language and accent jokes (i.e. Gothenburg vs. Stockholm) and such which I really enjoyed, but these may lose their meaning in translation.

The acting may not be perfect, but it never really bothered me. Without subtitles the mumbling of the old man may cause some annoyance to Swedes, but anybody else won't have problems with appropriately placed subs.

Anyway, I might be going out on a limb here, but I can't help seeing parallels with the role of Sweden in recent history. I'm not a historian, but from what I know, some points made me think of another level.

Spoiler: Let me just point to some events with a big tongue in cheek, without proving anything:

Sweden has been neutral country since the beginning of the 20th century. (Allan makes friends all over the world, without choosing sides deliberately).

He is an explosives expert, since the beginning. (Swedish Alfred Nobel discovered dynamite not long before Allan was born).

Allan lost his ability to have children. (Is this the metaphor for being neutral/neutered the rest of his life? Later on he even says that this was more of a blessing than a curse).

Many big events are touched upon, but the Great Wars aren't really mentioned. Sweden had no official role in these wars.

They're might be more, feel free to elaborate.

End spoiler.

I couldn't help but to think of these parallels, so please reply if you think I have a lead, or if I am seeing things that aren't there.

Funny movie, great special effects, high quirkiness value,

Big 7/10,

Olof Magnus Wennardt
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Another Forrest Gump
kosmasp26 October 2014
Not really of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if some would make that comparison. That old man also seems to have left his mark in history. And while I haven't read the book, I can tell you that the movie is funny in a weird way. Something that you might expect from something with a title like that.

The story moves along nicely with interceptions from time to time, that tell us what happened when he was younger. And also are there to show us what sort of character he is. It's tough to really threaten a man of his age. The actor playing him is much younger of course, which we can see when he plays the younger version in the flashbacks. The makeup is more than decent enough in the "now". Really nice and good, this movie is entertaining
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Yarayaraman9 February 2015
Rarely is a film this engaging, entertaining and unpredictable, in any language! The story, present and past, of Allan Karlsson grabs you from the start. It reminded me of Peter Sellers performance in Being There. In fact, all the performances worked, from the care home workers, dim-witted bikers, bored detective and world leaders.

I had no idea what to expect, only that it was Sweden's third biggest film after the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the Girl that played with fire (also both excellent films, in very different ways).

I really should rate it a 10, as there is nothing to criticise about the film, except to say that it is clearly not The Godfather, nor intended to be. However, for what it is, it is brilliant.

If you like to be surprised and entertained, I cannot really think of anyone that wouldn't enjoy watching this. Find it. Watch it. Enjoy!
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Forrest Gump if Forrest was into explosives
Anssi Vartiainen16 November 2014
What do you get when you combine Forrest Gump style "travel the world, affect history" kind of storyline, add in a heap of dark adult humour and have the protagonist's main character trait to be that he likes to blow stuff up? In a word, this movie.

It's not as great as Forrest Gump. It's clearly imitating the latter, which is not a problem per se, but it causes us to draw comparisons. And while this film is a great deal of fun, the characters are not as nuanced and are there more for the sake of humour than story. It also doesn't have the depth and humanity, at least not to the same amount.

But let's not dwell on the Forrest Gump similarity too much. Because this film does have strength to stand on its own. It's a hilarious film about an old grump that one day simply decides that retirement home doesn't suit him. And thus he jumps out of the window and goes wandering like, as we find out through numerous flashbacks, he has always done when life gets too boring. Along the way he meets all sorts of people, including an elephant in Sweden, and hijinks ensue, like they often do in these kinds of movies.

This movie shines because of its unpredictability and fast pace. You never know what's coming next and the movie keeps up relentless pace, not letting you dwell on the unlikeness of the things happening on screen, which serves the film's purposes very well. The characters and their actors are also very charismatic and fun to follow around. Sure they're a bit stereotypical, aside from the main character, but that doesn't really bother you as you're watching them go because the events they're in are so bizarre.

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared has one of the most cumbersome titles in a while, but trust me when I say that the film is anything but. If you're looking for a comedy with a dark sense of humour, this is not a bad choice.
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Not for the easily offended, succeeds with black humor
Warning: Spoilers
"Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann" is the original title of this little Swedish movie and well done to you if you manage to pronounce that. It is written and directed by Felix Herngren, who worked mostly for Swedish television recently. The film is basically split into two parts. The life of the hundred-year-old today and his past years where we get to see how he managed to shape history by meeting famous statesmen like Stalin and not so famous people like Einstein's brother. However, I have to say I found his life as a 100-year-old much funnier than the historic references.

The film is as violent with lots of black humor as you would expect from Scandinavian comedies these days if you are familiar with the likes of "In China They Eat Dogs" (which is Danish, but has similar humor). Another interesting anecdote about the film is that the actor who plays the central character isn't even half his age. Lots of make-up work here. Admittedly he looked old, but not even close to 100 or probably 90. The "exploding fox" scene at the start of the film already shows the path of humor this movie is gonna take. If you enjoy the beginning, you will probably also like everything that comes after. Explosions galore. All the characters are very colorful, almost too much that sometimes they seem a bit exaggerated like cartoon characters.

All in all, it's slightly under two entertaining hours, but by no means a must-see. This is a somewhat different road movie and I would like to finish this review by mentioning one of my favorite scenes where that one guys runs around in the biker jacket and the other one totally panics because of it. It's actually much funnier than it sounds here and I won't deny that the film occasionally really succeeded in making me (and the rest of the audience) laugh.
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A horrible rendering of a marvelous book
maza khan14 March 2015
After reading the book I was in awe with a capital A.

It was an awesome reading and a wonderful experience. But after seeing the film it felt like someone had just shot me in the balls. It was like they took a page here and there and altered even that. Like a psycho rabbit on crack jumping here and there so fast that you can't keep up with. It seemed that Allan was popping up all over without properly explaining why he went there and what lead to it. Like going through a book from cover to cover by only reading the chapter titles. CONFUSING!!!

Read the book. Don't bother with the film.
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Read the book first to really enjoy the film
johnbirch-220 June 2015
For anyone who has enjoyed the book, this film will be a hoot. There were changes - but there is too much in the book for a single film. So while it annoying to leap from Siberia to Paris (for example_ its understandable.

But, while it does not follow the story exactly, but it perfectly captures the atmosphere and style of the original story. The lead is perfect as Alan, and the rest of the cast fit together very neatly

Anyone who has not read the book will miss loads. Why does Benny almost qualify for various jobs, how did Herbert Einstein suddenly end up in Paris and a range of other questions are answered there. Characters, if based on just the film, lack depth, and things often happen with little real explanation.

So not perfect, but a very good attempt to film a complex story that successfully retains the humour of the original.
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the movie which blows
leningrad-cowboy2 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really hated this movie a lot and I almost left the cinema. It just was a really bad Forrest Gump rip off. First of all: The main character is really annoying because of his stupidity. He never thinks about any consequences or other people. He keeps blowing things off and he doesn't care if people get killed. I guess those scenes should have been funny, but to me they just seemed really cold and cruel. He even helped building the atomic bomb (which killed thousands of Japanese btw) and is totally OK with it, because blowing up things is his favorite hobby.

The plot is divided into two stories. The one where the old guy tells (someone?) about this past life which is very bizarre and unrealistic. He parties with dictators like Franco and Stalin. He escapes from the Gulag with Alfred Einsteins very stupid twin brother. And then there is the story that happens in the present where he kind of steals a suitcase full of money and never thinks about giving it back or doing something meaningful with it. Then the old guy finds some company which includes an elephant. There the story turns into a road movie where more people get killed just because they don't want to loose the money.

The movie made no sense to me and the statement behind the story may be: Just wander around in life, not thinking and not caring about any living creatures. I felt so angry after leaving the cinema because this story was just boring, not funny at all and really stupid.
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What the f****
tabjeep11 October 2015
Well this review interacts only with those who red the book.

TO begin with, I'm obliged to say that the director of this film made some changes to the story which anyone who red the book will find them completely unnecessary, added zero points to the plot, diminished lots of funny parts and made this film completely spineless, blunt and unfunny.

Some said that the act was great, well I'm not so sure about that. Allan's attitude in the book has nothing to do with the so-called acting of the protagonist. He looks completely as a corpse who's being dragged through the entire film. Some characters were added and I don't find the reason why? Some stories changed and were utterly twisted which again don't find the reason why? They sure had the budget but screwed up with the scenario. Pity, pity, pity that they didn't get this film up to the top, when it was clear that they had such an amazing funny story.
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Some funny moments, but cold hearted
zetaflickan-124 February 2014
I agree with rasmushistoriker's review that the tone is wrong. As a middle aged Swede, I am used to that kind of cynical humor, but my 12-year old had a shocked reaction to the way the main (supposedly likable) characters showed no remorse or sadness when they killed a number of people. And that it was presented as normal, not as a character flaw. (from a kid who plays some violent video games, likes Kickass and thinks cartoon type violence is fun) This is a violent film with horrible tragedies treated flippantly. Some funny scenes, but no heart. There are a lot better ways to spend 90 minutes, (I would suggest Four Lions, Win Win and In A World if you want comedies with a heart).
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Absurd isn't automatically funny
Karl Self31 May 2014
On his hundredth birthday, Allan escapes from his nursing home to avoid the obligatory party with the mayor and press photographers. On his sortie he quickly meets with other oddballs and becomes embroiled with a criminal motorcycle gang who want to take back a suitcase full of money from him. It's a story that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. One by one, the old fogeys bump off all of the criminal Nazis chasing them. Then there is a backstory which is recounted through Allan having flashbacks every five minutes: "He shouted at me. All my life, people have shouted at me. Including my mother, she shouted when I was born. But then I must have shouted too." And boom, we're off onto another track, where Allan is blowing bridges up during the Spanish Civil War, partying with Stalin or escaping from prison with Albert Einstein's daft twin brother.

I presume that the book somehow cleverly combined those little ditties which would explain its enormous success. The film, however, doesn't gel anything. It's not clever, it's just absurd, and feels like an inferior rehash of Forrest Gump in Scandinavia.
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Very good adaptation
selffamily18 January 2015
I read this novel in the middle of 2014, and was delighted with the sly humour. When the movie came out - quite quickly I thought - I was a little wary of it, having seen so many good books really wrecked by the film making industry. However, I have to say that if you enjoyed the book (and you can cope with a little necessary pruning) you should enjoy the movie. It's very well done, it's very funny and it captures the essence of the book perfectly. The characters were well drawn and the flashbacks were condensed so that the story did not falter or fail but blended together sensibly. A good film for those with a perverse sense of humour. Must watch more Swedish films.
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A Swedish Baron Münchhausen
Jonas196919 October 2014
The success this movie has achieved in (my native) Sweden speaks to the state of Swedish cinema right now. The high points are few and far between both here and in Swedish movies in general.

Mostly this movie is being compared to Forrest Gump. I find fault with that comparison in several ways. Like Forrest Gump this movie sets the main character in many pivotal historical moments and has a less than intelligent lead character but that's as far as it goes.

Mostly it's an unsympathetic old man telling tall tales - very much in the vein of Baron Münchhausen. The comedy is slapstick and only occasionally really funny and often cringe-worthy. I found myself wanting to like it because the premise is OK, but in the end I left this movie feeling disappointed.
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Flawed, but still enjoyable mix-up of Forrest Gump and The Perfume
rasmushistoriker26 December 2013
A hundred-year old man gets mixed up with drug money and a band of misfits, whilst he recalls a life full of exploding stuff. It's a kind of story almost entirely based on humorous coincidences, and a long line of wacky side characters, including a whole lot of famous world leaders. You can compare it with Forrest Gump, since the story is told very much in the same fashion, but also with the Perfume as well, since people tend to die around the old man. I have serious issues with this part of the story (the death scenes), for even though the acting IS superb, and the side characters all are amazingly well written, it still can be a very uncomfortable watch. There are some seriously disturbing moments, once you pause to think about the consequences of what just happened. The main character pretty much just blunders through his life, incidentally causing disasters (and occasionally miracles). It reminds one of Mr. Maggoo, only if people died from his antics. The main problem of the movie is, that it does not hit the right mark between the macabre and the cartoonishly violent. If you want people to laugh at the violence, you either stay away from showing blood - or you overdo it. So even though the story flows very smoothly, the tone really is all over the place.
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No Retirement Home for Me
westsideschl20 August 2015
If you'e close to retirement home consideration or even if it's a bit distant into the future or you just know someone in that situation this fantasy escapism will prove to be entertaining. If the bumbling escapades in the Pink Panther series is in your film dossier then mark up another reason to watch. Typical British understated dark humor. The twists are not very believable, but are entertaining enough in a slapstick sort of way to keep watching the movie, but like it's lead character, about a third of the way through the story seemed to fall into the "repetitive" antics doldrums; just plodding along. The ending just sort of petered out on me also; must be getting old.

A film quote as our, supposed 100 year old with an acting age more like in the 70s, escapee finds himself heading toward an unknown destination, "The middle of nowhere is underrated."
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Goofy Meets Dark Comedy
soccerspud27 January 2016
The type of humor that is used in this movie was so refreshing. I love dark comedies, and I love dark humor. I appreciated it even more because it was by no means a dark movie. It was incredible how they made such a lighthearted movie with such dark comedy. Think Secondhand Lions meets Forrest Gump, I know, it's worth it though. The main Character was so nonchalant it was endearing. His care free attitude was refreshing and easy to watch. The supporting cast is what really makes the movie for me though. I don't know who any of these actors are, but the casting Director did such a good job. They all melded so well together. They fed off each other's presence and they were able to share scenes extremely well with each other. It was very play-esque in that regard.

Having read some of the other reviews I will simply say, if you take this movie too seriously you've already lost the point. If you look for flaws you're bound to find them, however, it's such a fun movie. It's light, it's dark, and personally, just a funny movie.
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Que sera sera
Laakbaar15 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Centenarian Allan Karlsson (Robert Gustafsson) escapes from his old-age home just before his birthday celebration. He quickly ends up getting involved in a drug-money adventure, sought by both police and criminals. Will Allan be able to keep the money? More relevantly, does he even want it?

During this adventure, we are shown flashbacks that tell Allan's remarkable life story. It turns out this shambling old Swede was a psychiatric inmate, mine demolition expert, Spanish Civil War hero, rocket scientist and spy. At one point or another, he was a saviour to Franco, Truman and Stalin.

The two narratives are tied together by Allan's character. Allan is an unusually ingenuous man. He is apparently an intelligent man, but a child-like one with no direction, no political views, no sexual life. He lacks a moral sense. He has an obvious enjoyment of explosions and alcohol.

He also has the tendency to lead his life from moment to moment. He seems to be rather oblivious to things around him, whether good or bad, treating death and fame, castration and enrichment, Franco and Stalin, in exactly the same way. He lets fate take him where it may. Que sera sera. He is both the victim and the beneficiary of circumstances and coincidences.

Allan Karlsson is not a dumb Swede. He is not a Forrest Gump spewing platitudes like "life is like a box of chocolates". But like "Forrest Gump", this is a movie that presents a twisted, humorous fly-on-the-wall view of some of the grand events of the 20th century. History as the personal adventure of a strange character.

I enjoyed this movie well enough. It was OK. I did find it funny at times, in a gentle and slapsticky sort of way. But it made me restless. I would not recommend it to a friend.

Some of the film was not well executed, so I had a hard time believing it. The scenes in English in particular seemed off to me. Yes, I realise it was a comedy presenting a tongue-in-cheek view of history, and not meant to be realistic. Perhaps the problem was that the movie makers were not working with the budget necessary to make the grand events seem epic.

Like FG, this movie will polarize audiences, with some loving it, and others not. I have to admit at this point that I was in the camp that did not really get FG. If you loved FG, you might like this movie more than I did.

I suppose the point of the movie (if a comedy needs a point) is that amazing and wonderful things will happen if you just live in the moment and allow fate to take its course and enjoy boozy friendships. Maybe that's true. But I also know from personal experience that sobriety, goal-setting and planning are hugely important.

Am I taking the movie too seriously? I found it difficult to decide whether the story was just a silly comedy or a profound story about fate, politics and history. Was it trying to be both? Was it neither? The movie lost me somewhat when Allan blithely and passively allowed himself to be castrated. Perhaps this was a metaphor for something political or social that has escaped me. The scene just disturbed me. It was hard for me to care about the character after that. Everything that happened to him after that tragedy just seemed so pointless.

The movie is worth about 6.5, and it certainly keeps you guessing at what's going to happen, but I'm going to round that down because of my restlessness.
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A Big Disappointment
jrzoro15 June 2015
After reading the book I couldn't barely wait to see the movie, unfortunately it was a big disappointment since the movie is a total nonsense. Allan just blowing up everything, popping from place to place, Benny's story left behind.. what about Allan's encounter with Mao? It is unbelievable the ability that some directors has to screw something that is just perfect. All he had to do was to be true with the book and I'm sure it would be a great movie.

Don't waste your time watching it, go for the book! Worst "adaptation" I've ever seen.

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