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The result is doubly satisfying: We get not only a trenchant political drama but a bang-up concert film as well.
The film skillfully interweaves several strands to tell a true story with a happy ending.
Powered by Simon's brilliance, Under African Skies is a cultural lightning bolt that soars on its music and an unshakable belief in the transcendence of art.
A pure-bliss celebration of Paul Simon's landmark album Graceland coupled with an interesting if not unbiased look at the controversy surrounding its release.
Director Joe Berlinger mixes archival footage, concert scenes, interviews and present-day reunions to meld a harmonious, fair-minded, energetic and enlightening portrait of one masterpiece's moment in time.
Slant Magazine
It does lightly suggest scintillating questions about the responsibility artists have in reflecting current political moments in their music.
Under African Skies is appreciably smarter than most celebrity musician documentaries.
Time and changing tides have been kind to Graceland (and to the local musicians who've since become internationally renowned), but an on-camera meeting between the songwriter and ANC leader Oliver Tambo finds their conflict between creative freedom and revolutionary solidarity fascinatingly unresolved.

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