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Are we that dumb?
abhishekkr2-122 December 2012
Dabangg had a good storyline but not that good, you cannot clear 2 movies from that same story. Dabangg 2 has no story, only action. It seems like nowadays money has no meaning, it can be wasted like throwing it down the drain.

Actually, it has nothing so you cannot criticize anything out of it. It is so stupid that you'll feel like one when you try to judge it in terms of good or bad. The makers of this movie knew that this stew is overcooked, so they started making money by roping small brands and advertising in the movie itself.

Sometimes I feel like, "are we so dumb that we'll let this movie earn hundreds of crores?". Someone has written aptly that this movie makes dabangg look like a masterpiece.
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mht-456-33183221 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Only meant for salman khan's fans.. Not a good movie at all.

Baseless action... Is he immortal while fighting? I seriously hate this kind of action.

Please, bring standard to your movies salman.

And get out of this masala type money making movies and make something different.. Getting tired of this silly action. argh!

Typical nonsense movie. Watch it only if you are salman khan's fan. Or else don't waste your money. We really are short of good movies..

Please bollywood..give some sense to these actors. Stop encouraging salman's baseless masala movies..
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A waste of time and money
hcdeepu21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It is suggested to watch this movie if

* you really want to get frustrated. * You think you have lived life enough. * Want to torture your enemies * You want to witness the most foolish filmmakers ever. * want to surprise yourself by the most retarded creatures ever * Want to prove yourself that man evolved from Monkeys. * Want to know what would have happened if humans were born without brains. * You have lot of time to waste. * you are too frustrated by living in the civilized world.

( I think Mayans predicted the release of this movie and hence they called it a dooms day ! )
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Absolute nonsense,crap movie!!
anupam-mech288725 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Story of a 100cr movie:

1.Villains bro tries to kidnap girl from wedding ceremony. 2.Salman Khan kills the kidnapper. 3.Main villain pushes salmons pregnant wife from staircase and shoots at salmons bro in revenge. 4.Salmon khan kills the villain.

100cr for this ... pathetic... I guess we should ask Salmon khan to organize stage shows where his fans can see him flex his muscles and listen to his one liners..so that rest of India is spared form his shitty movies.. and for god sake m not a srk lover please... nd I think its high time now bollywood should be renamed as "sillywood"
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Made Dabangg look like masterpiece !!! such a big letdown
mrmayhem1221 December 2012
I just came from cinema having a nightmarish experience known as dabangg 2 . Now i have promised myself never to waste my hard earned money on Bollywood movies before reading reviews from GOOD, fair and unbiased critics. Dabangg 2 literally have nothing in it . At least dabangg 1 had some originality, some funny jokes and scenes and most importantly it had something new but dabangg 2 is nothing but a bad copy of D1.

First of all, a "free-fund" advice to arbas khan, please don't direct a movie again . The reason dabangg 1 was a bit better was because of its director unlike now .

So here is how i am going to rate this movie ;

Direction = 2 story( was there a story ?) = 2 music = 6 acting = 5
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shahrukhkhan65-538-44255024 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movie I have ever seen, NO STORY, Sorry but People are so fool and Idiot, that they make movies like this a hit, this movie should be flop but I know it wont, Awful movie, A BIG LET DOWN, Stay Away.

Plot Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) is transferred to Kanpur where he is in charge of the local police station. A rich schoolboy is kidnapped by thugs and Chulbul Pandey rescues him from a warehouse after beating up the gang of kidnappers. However, staying true to his reputation, Chulbul takes the ransom money for himself.

Everything is now picture-perfect in his family. Chulbul has mended the relationship with his stepbrother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan) and stepfather (Vinod Khanna). He is also happily married to Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha).

Somewhere in Kanpur, an assassin hired by Bachcha Bhaiya (Prakash Raj) murders a witness who was about to testify against him. Chulbul tracks the assassin down and kills him in a brawl at a local restaurant. Bachcha decides to ignore the threat posed by Pandey because he is trying to get elected into the local government. After several public altercations, Bachcha's brother convinces him to get rid of Pandey.

Bachcha's brother threatens Chulbul's stepfather and says if Chulbul does not stop interfering with Bachcha's criminal activities, he will kill his whole family. Bachcha's brother then harasses a local girl who is about to get married. He says that he will not allow her to get married to anyone other than him. Chulbul Pandey stops Bachcha's brother from abducting the bride during her wedding and in the process kills him by breaking his neck. At this point, Bachcha Bhaiya promises to avenge the death of his brother.

Chulbul then finds out that his wife Rajjo is pregnant. Everyone advises him to leave Baccha alone and think about his family. Chulbul gets life insurance and thinks about cutting down on his unique way of policing. However, Bachcha cannot forgive Pandey for killing his brother and says he will wait till he is elected to take care of him.

Chulbul's stepbrother's wife (Mahi Gill) then visits them in Kanpur and tells them she's taking an new job as a teacher. Makkhi is inspired by her and asks Chulbul if he can become a police officer like him. They then go to see a prostitute dancing (Kareena Kapoor) later that night.

Bachcha Bhaiya tracks down Makkhi and Rajjo when they are visiting a Hindu temple. Bachcha throws Rajjo off the stairs which causes her to have a miscarriage. Makkhi is shot in the shoulder trying to save Rajjo but fails. Chulbul and Rajjo lose their child and this causes Chulbul to go after Bachcha Bhaiya.

Chulbul attacks Bachcha Bhaiya and his thugs on his own, killing half of them in the process. Chulbul then beats Bachcha Bhaiya and the police arrives. The police helps him kill Bachcha Bhaiya in a fake encounter. A year later Rajjo gives birth to a child after getting pregnant again.
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Not good as expected
sujithsj21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Theatre: Trivandrum Anjali Audience: Average Review: The movie didn't bring up anything as expected. Missing of story line was another factor to dislike. Very disappointed with the direction of Arbaaz Khan. Praksh Raj as villain has no impact on this movie. Chulbul Pandey the role by Salman Khan was OK but not excellent. From the start itself we get the feeling that there is hollow in the script. The stunt scenes had nothing special. Usual moves and all.

And the climax, we feel like to end the movie they did something, that's all. I am really disappointed. Sorry

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The Only Good Thing About Dabangg 2 Is It Doesn't Allow You To Sit Through The Whole Movie! GARBAGE!
nairtejas21 December 2012
So, I wasn't much looking forward to watch this and by an imminent release of Dabangg 3, I thought I could watch it.

Blast, this is just another gimmick movie like Ek Tha Tiger or Bodyguard or Son Of Sardaar (Ajay Devgn starrer). The common thing between these were - they don't induce entertainment. Dabangg 2 is just another Salman Khan flick which doesn't intrigue, doesn't entertain, but bores you to such a great extent, you save the remaining 90 minutes of the second half.

They thought Prakash Raj would make it like Wanted (another Sallu 'HIT' movie), but it fails. Arbaaz Khan sucks with direction, but Salman Khan helps a little. It is just like another sequel which lack the originality in plot and yet another saucy twist at the end. I quote "The gags, the stunts, the catch phrases, even the song placement at regular intervals give the film a very repetitive feel." So true!

You may/may not enjoy this, but if you are serious movieholic who adores Hollywood movies, you might HATE the franchise forever!

Chulbul Pandey is not arrogant, but the movie still keeps going because it isn't tedious like the first one. Dabangg 2 may qualify when it comes to monotony and clichés. But, let me remind you, this is no serious cinema! Watch at your own risk!

WATCH OUT FOR: SALMAN KHAN'S adaptation to the wacky, witty policeman!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Language: Mild; double meaning jokes | Sex: No | Mouth-Kiss: No | Violence: Not really | Nudity: No
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not as EXpected!
rmishra-rakesh-mishra21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What's Good: The return of Chulbul Pandey-Rajjo-Makkhi; the comedy; some songs; the direction & cinematography.

What's Bad: The convenient story; the forced father-son & Mahie-Arbaaz trajectories; the whole feel like a wannabe clone of Dabangg; the irritating product placements.

Loo break: Not Really.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for Chulbul back in his game and if you're a fan of Salman.

Can improved: the role of Prakash Raj is too small..we need him big like in 'Singham'!

Remember when all Salman Khan movies started looking the same? This is just another chip off the old block. It's heart-warming to see that the extra reel from Dabangg was put to some good use.

Our dear corrupt-but-good cop Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) has shifted base to Kanpur with wife Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), step-father Prajapati (Vinod Khanna) and brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan). Pandeyji even has some of his loyal constables transferred with him. As Kanpur begins to feel the heat of Chulbul's awesomeness, so does local-don-and-aspiring politician Thakur Bachcha (Prakash Raj). Bachcha and his spoilt, troublesome brothers are a menace to the town.

When Bachcha's brother Gainda (Deepak Dobriyal) oversteps by threatening Prajapati and tries to abduct a girl from her wedding, Chubul Pandey breaks his neck. Caught up in the preparations for the elections, Bachcha denounces his brother and continues campaigning. There Chulbul bonds with his father and revels in the news of being a daddy soon. Even his dim-witted brother takes an interest in taking up a job.

But it doesn't take long for Bachcha to remember his brother.

Weak Script Analysis: If you're looking for something new in Dabangg 2, you will be disappointed. Dileep Shukla's script and screenplay is very similar to Dabangg; while this is amusing in some parts, it looks lazy in others. The jokes, action, dialogues seem like fall-outs from the old script. With Chulbul's mother out of the picture, his bonding with his father and brother stick out like a sore thumb. Makkhi missing his wife also seems half-baked. Even Bachcha's late revenge is something the writer alone can explain.
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When will bollywood improve ?
sengupta94423 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Same old non-sense action, killing of people with no gravitational rules.

Talaash was much much better than this crap.

So eye irritating action sequences, it seems salman, akshay and ajay are going in only one direction - to make a fool of audience at any cost possible.

Why doesn't somebody ask these bollywood directors to watch some Hollywood movies or in fact some good bollywood movies themselves .. to learn what kind of movies should be made.

Acting - nothing to say, everybody knows when only mindless action and money is involved then acting has no space and preference. The only goal is to make brainless audience dance for a few moments and nobody cares that some people want to see the acting and story as well.
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Not even Close to Dabangg
thealiahmedawan25 December 2012
I liked Dabangg and I believe it was a great experiment by Abhinav Singh Kashyap and it was different, Since they left out Abhinav Kashyap for the sequel expectations were not that high. well in Dabangg 2 Their was no Such thing as script and sense at all and Every thing was a bad copy of the original film and it was not even close to Dabangg the Music was bad, the item song was not as good as Munni and the direction was Poor. it was not even funny most of the jokes were really bad, the dialog's were poor and their were a lot of Brand Promotions which made it look like that you are paying to watch commercials. Dabangg had some great jokes like "Haathi k neechay agar Kuttay ki dumb ajaey" and The one where Salman said "Hum un kaminoo k bhaghwaan hain" but this humor is missing in Dabangg 2. Salman Khan was Good and he did his part well but the other actors were not that good, Parkash raj's Role was too Small and he didn't had any good dialog's to deliver and his part looked a little experimental, he was try to change his voice, Arbaz khan and vinod khanna were just below okay and Sonakshi's Acting was average. All in all Dabangg 2 is a big disappointment.it will earn much more than Dabangg but its not even close to it when it come to entertaining and letting go Abhinav Singh Kashyap was a big mistake.If you are thinking about watching it Save your time and Go for Tom cruise's "Jack Reacher" or wait for "Matru ki bijli KA Mandula".
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Dabangg 2:Salman Khan works,movie does not!
GaneshKSalian22 December 2012
Dabangg 2 directed by Arbaaz Khan disappoints big time.

Dabangg 2 turns out to be a dismissal when compared to Dabangg.

Although Dabangg had no story.still it managed to entertain but Dabangg 2 has no story as well as there is very minimal entertaining moments.

The movie has dozens and dozens of characters,many of them who are wasted.The action sequences are unexciting,since because it is the same repetitive action which we have seen in movies like Wanted,Rowdy Rathore,Khiladi 786 and even its predecessor Dabangg.

The songs are bad.The music is sonorous.

The dialogs are laughable.

The direction by Arbaaz Khan is done to death Dabangg 2 works only for Salman Khan!Salman Khan,as always,gives a superb acting.

Performances: Salman Khan,as mentioned above is the only saving grace of Dabangg 2.Prakash Raj is good too,but I find his villainous role to be a bit repetitive,first on Wanted,then,Bbuddah,then Singham and now Dabangg 2,he repeats the same act.Sonakshi Sinha is dull.Vinod Khanna is good.

Arbaaz Khan,Deepak Dobriyal,Niketan Dheer and Mahie Gill are wasted.Manoj Pahwa provides some laughs.Kareena Kapoor sizzles in her item number,while Malika Arora Khan fizzles in her item number.

All in all,Dabangg 2 is a bad successor of Dabangg.I am giving it a three on ten.Colossal Disappointment!
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Even Salman Khan can't help this film that lacks a script
parmvir_8723 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of action, one liners and Salman Khan did not help this movie that lacked a script.

The positives for this film would be the action, the few comedy scenes, a few good performances and the music. The action was top notch in this film as I found the climax for this film was better than the first film. The few comedy scenes were good such as when Chulbul is prank calling his Dad and pretending to be a girl. Salman Khan, Prakash Raj and Vinod Khanna put up some great performances. Salman Khan keeps you entertained and continues with his witty one liners. Prakash Raj delivered a good performance, but his performance was better in Singham and he needed more screen time in this film. Vinod Khanna had a bigger role in this film and played his character well. Fevicol and Dagabazz Naina are the best songs in this film and they looked good on screen

The negatives for this film would be the script, the awkward romantic scenes and the music. A very poor storyline, but I didn't expect it to have a good one since its a "masala" film. The scenes with Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha are very useless. Sonakshi Sinha cannot act. She has never had a significant role in any of her films as they were only hits because of the lead actor. Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore and Son of Sadaar were hits because of Salman, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. The other songs in this film were crap and useless in the film. The 'new' version of the title song is absolutely terrible as the original song was a 100x better than this one. Pandeyji Seeti is another terrible song which felt like it was forcefully put into the movie. The other romantic song is okay but you feel like why is it there in the first place.

Overall, with its many faults, it is a one time watch for the action, good performances by Salman and Parkash, and a few songs. 5/10 ps Its time for actors like Salman, Akshay and Ajay to stop doing these masala films and choose films with a good script that can also entertain audiences because these types of films are ruining bollywood.
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Even die-hard fans should avoid this lest they die-hard after this
achyutaghosh23 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Bad sequels are a bad thing, especially so if they have high expectations. Truth be told, i had enjoyed Dabangg a lot- it was a standard masala movie but the entertainment quotient was high, the treatment was different, the songs were catchy, it had right mix of emotion, comedy and action, and in Chhedi Singh, a worthy villain. Dabangg 2 on the other hand brings nothing new to the table- stale wine in antique bottle.

Chulbul Pandey is back to clean up a new city this time round- Kanpur, he has a new nickname (Kungfu Pandey) and he has the license to kill, not necessarily thrill. The rest of the original cast including Sonakshi Sinha, Vinod Khanna, Tinnu Anand return to reprise their roles in unimpressive fashion, but the most valuable member of the team, Abhinav Kashyap does not - perhaps he too saw nothing of value in the script, and Arbaaz Khan makes a dud as his directorial debut- not even a patch on the original. the story is largely the same that we have seen in the recent spate of action comedies or whatever you want to call this breed of movies- our swashbuckling, superhuman, club smashing, rod bending, larger than life Robin Hood cop with questionable morals picks up a feud with the local alligator Baccha Singh, played by Prakash Raj (channelizing his Singham act) and his thuggee brothers, Genda and Chunni.

In the meantime he also gets time to romance his missus and banter with his brother and dad. Things turn ugly when Chulbul gives a 180 degree spin to Genda, played by Deepak Dobriyal, who by the way is excellent in a short role. Rest of the movie is an insipid mishmash of unfunny one-liners, forgettable songs and slow motion fights. The feel is almost soap opera like, Salman looks like he is trying to have a good time but also looks tired and his left eye is positively droopy, probably cannot hide his neuralgia anymore. Sonakshi resembles an eggshell, Vinod Khanna rarely gets a good line and Arbaaz Khan is flatter than a railway track. And at the end, the manner in which Baccha is dispatched to his heavenly abode begs to ask the question why Chulbul took 2 hrs to decide his time was up and pump in some lead into him. Perhaps just to prolong our torture?

Yes, the shirt does come off, Munni returns along with a tandoori chicken impersonating Kareena, and the ending promised more sequels- In the current mood of things I feel the next city Chulbul will clean up is Delhi, hope Abhinav Kashyap is back again. Yes the action is plenty, the cinematography largely good, and the movie will rake in big bucks. And why not, Salman Khan has done what even SRK failed to do, that is, clear the field - no major movie releasing in this holiday season in fear of Dabangg 2. External forces are in its favor, but not internal. Neither bigger and neither better than the original, Arbaaz Khan makes the mistake of sticking too close to THE formula. Even though this will be Bollywood's most successful franchise, a terrible story is a terrible story, and for me, even Salman Khan cannot save this turkey- Dabangg 2 gets a 5/10 and my advice to soak in the holiday spirit, watch The Hobbit again.
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Movie is one time watch if songs are skipped.
vijay-atwork1321 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Like some last movies of Salman Khan this movies is also disappointing one. Pandeji has taken transferred to Calcutta for wider business. He entertain well till interval with his unique and dabangg dialogs as well as acts. Pandeji troubles his dad and brother makhiji with love. But as he creates problem to local villain Bachaji as police officer the story seems to be started but it doesn't. Bachhaji's gang don't respect police which Pandeji can not accept. He meets Bachhaji in some party and introduce him self in stunning way. bachhaji's young brother is warns Pandeji's father and also troubles one local girl. When girl's father file FIR, Pandeji decide to teach lesson. Just before interval Pandeji kills Bachaji's brother in horrible way when he starts behaving more than his personality deserves that is the scene one would love in movie. Pandeji's brother turn into hero and joins police to be some thing, to earn name like Pandeji but fails when Bachaji kills Pandeji's bachha in Rajoo's womb in presence of Makhi Pandey. Pandeji gets angry when Rajoo ask him to take revenge. Pandeji enters into Bachaji's padav in stunning style, kills whole Bachhaji gang, Bachaji's brother, Bachhaji and movie ends before some story starts.
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lacks the Midas touch of abhinav kashyap
hvivek135-433-10958022 December 2012
when i saw dabanng 2 yesterday i felt disappointed,the movie clearly lacks the Midas touch of Anbhinav Kashyap. It just cannot set the bars set by dabanng. If u are a Salman khan fan you would love this movie. But if you are in search for content along with southern masala blam blam then you will be left hungry. Songs are good enough but it feels really irritating when you get less of a story and more songs popping in between every now and then.You can see "kung fu pandey" pulling out all kinds practically impossible stuff in the entire movie, its OK upto some level but an overdose of it kills the entertainment quotient. The biggest flaw of the movie is the director feels uncomfortable stepping out of his comfort lines and has just built up on the pillars of dabanng and there is nothing new in it. Give it a watch if you are a salman fan
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Absolutely Nonsense Foolish
priyadarsha22 December 2012
Absolutely nonsense movie, extremely foolish actions, baseless story, cheap song, weird acting & style of Salman Khan. Most of the times, camera appears to focus only on Salman Khan's face with so many Salman's extreme close up and close up scenes. There is no or negligible cinema in this film. It seems like Salman Khan's family has given up good writers and directors and have started their own home production to make cheap movies. please compare this movie with Life of Pi and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, then you will realize where Dabangg 2 stands against these 2 high rated movies. Do not spend money on this artless movie. Only if you are Salman's great, great fan, watch this movie and you will be amazed to see his God like actions. In India, many people are crazy for only songs and if the song is hit, they watch that movie. Very few people watch good cinema. If such movies prevail in India then good film directors will have find their place in Hollywood with James Cameron, Ang Lee, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, etc. making only English movies.
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dabbang 2(worst movie ever)
gauravohm23 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It is one of the worst movie i have ever seen complete wastage of time. please don't watch this movie "unwatchable".I agree with the daily review of this movie "you'd feel like a moron spending the last day on planet Earth filling your mind and lowering your IQ with rubbish like this" this movie is "filth". After watching this couple of shitty movie from salman khan like bodygaurd ,dabbang,wanted and ek tha tiger.I just like to say to him please "stop making movie".This kind movie make whole Bollywood look bad.if you don't agree with me i will post some others critics review like The Indian Express rated the film 2.5 out of 5 stars and said "Arbaaz should have given himself some more time" to make the film watchable. Hindustan Times gave the film 2.5 out of 5 stars and said Dabangg 2 does not match "the zing of the original" and "there wasn't one line that stayed with me after the film".In last i just want to request viewer to stop watching this kind of movie.
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There is no 0 in the rating or i would have given it !
drsamonline1 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My contain spoiler this movie is nothing but cheap advertising move , as you can see an ad every now and then in the movie, as if this movie was made for advertising.

direction is at its worst, its like they made this movie while playing a game of rock, papers, scissors... lets make a fight scene, not lets make a song and now lets do a song again... there is no connection of story in whole move.. the only connection is of the starting of the movie and ending of the movie and rest is just a masala time-pass full of item songs...

my advise... don't waste your money or time because this movie is not worth it
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One Time Watch---if you are forced to
ajitvik26 December 2012
Useless Story,In fact no story at all..the production team knows people in India have no brains anyhow..so why bother with the story? show some stunts,some action,some over acting by Salman..some songs in the middle,some half nudity and you can make a hit..

do you need to give a social image like tare ground par or 3 idiots?? no ..you don't need because masses like no brainier movies so that is what we will make..

Stupid Action where people are flying like Monkeys,at least show some realistic action or tell that people fighting are gods not humans.

Stupid Acting by Cow Sonakshi Sinha,she is not worthy of the film industry..she is best suitable for background artists.

Prakash Raj is wasted.he is used better in Singham,he does not look menacing,in fact it seems that his performance in dabangg2 is a spoof of his earlier performance,what a joke?

Arbaaz Khan was Not needed...

Mahie Gill looked good..but was not needed either..(Used to increase the running time)

The good part?

Silly jokes sometimes bring smile to your face.Slapstick humor revisited. The running time of the movie,yea its just 2 hours 10 min..so good,thats the best part in fact.

Salmon khan's acting which is the saving grace of the movie..I liked his acting from hum agape Han Kan,I think he is good actor but often makes mockery of himself by limping like a monkey when he is dancing.

but this time around I felt his acting is umber class and worthy of a film fare nomination..

Go Watch This movie for Salman..Over the top Acting of his but still entertaining..


1 mark is for Salmon..

otherwise I would give it 4.
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Waste of Time & Money!
bbbaapp27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Being impressed with Dabangg (1), went with high expectations of rib-tickling entertainment in this sequel. OMG, what shoddy piece of direction & story line. The movie tests your patience & you feel like a stale dish with bad taste has been served in front of you in a restaurant while you took your wife out for dinner. The jokes misfired multiple times & it looked the dialogs were written on the sets of the movie. There was so distasteful attempt to promote a mobile phone, money transferring website that I felt I am watching a commercial for which I have paid. Poor job! It is a flop show. Someone rightly said, the movie was as dumb as Makhi Singh's character. As a analogy, first movie was Chulbul Paney & Second movie Makhi Singh.
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Absolute Nonsense as expected.
vibhusharma28 December 2012
Absolute garbage and non-sense movie. Salman at his irritating best. most overrated actor in the movie industry. These people think that public is dumb, which is very true. if Indian public can watch this movie and like it, i have no more words where the country is going.

The Songs are pathetic. item number 'Fevicol Se' is so lame shows desperation of the producer Arbaz khan to match up with 'Munni badnam hui'.

The Screenplay and storyline is very week. Mufaddal Fakhruddin wrote "the screenplay and script is majorly lacking, and whatever story it does have is stretched out in a way that it becomes blatantly obvious.

The dialogue is trite, there is no depth to the characters and most of the effort has been applied to the elaborate fight sequences. With the emphasis on violence and the objectifying of women, it's a step back in time, where the women are either dutiful, temple-going housewives or cleavage-baring prostitutes".

And there is a rumour they are going to make Dabbang 3. just pathetic.

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Dumb-bangg 2
iamwhatiam899027 December 2012
First things first, Dabangg was way better than Dabangg 2.

I'm not a huge Salman Khan fan. Yes, I like him and I liked him better in Dabangg. Dabangg was something fresh. Though it had all those 'typical' action stuff, it was funny, witty and watchable.

Dabangg 2 does not have that dabangg-ness! In fact, I felt, the songs were not that great at all. Not very pleasing to my ears. It's like they've just been copied and pasted into the movie. Fevicol Se was okay but when Malaika came on the screen, she brought a smile to my face. She's so elegant!

The dialogues in Dabangg were much much better. Here good dialogues and all the funny stuff were few and scattered.

In the end, Dabangg 2 didn't have that punch like Dabangg. May be a one time watch. Those who haven't, just wait for some time. A television premier will be around the corner.
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Salman needs to grow up
afterbuddha8 March 2013
Why did I watch this movie?

I thought after the so called success of the stupid movie Dabangg, this will be well made by Arbaaz Khan. Thought Salman's ideas would be interesting. but alas!

Watched this movie and the first few minutes in the movie I got confused if I was watching the part 1!! There was no creativity just silly fights and senseless comedy.

Its time for Salman to grow up and keep his attitude low and focus on better scripts. If his movies do 100+ crores, it doesn't mean the movie is good. Its just some crazy blind fan followers going and watching the movie and over all benefiting the producers.

The item song Fevicol is cheap. Arbaaz has used a lot of slow motion to show that his direction is good. now thats a joke! Sonakshi Sinha should retire after this movie. She hardly has any role in the movie and the acting is overacting. Its a shame to see Sonakshi getting the attention for nothing.

People should stop watching such movie...and not encourage such foolish scripts and acting.
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Indian version of Spaghetti western
gmrocketman22 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie faces criticism from people that this is a regular action comedy flick with no storyline but actually the fact is that they are unaware of the fact that this is Spaghetti Western genre. The story revolves around a fearless, humorous, witty Cop Chulbul Pandey(Salman Khan) referred to as Robin Hood by people he is loved by. In this sequel, he is promoted and transferred to Kanpur(a bigger city in the state of Uttar Pradesh) and he continues to be the same or becoming more fearless but is challenged by Baccha Yadav(Prakash Raj) who is the dreaded gangster in the city. Now what people don't know is that the protagonist in a Spaghetti Western suppose to have these witty, humorous and specialization in gun-fu skills. This genre was mostly used by American - Italian director Sergio Leone which made Clint Eastwood what he is today. I think this is a good (if not best) Spaghetti western made in India. If you closely observe the movie you would get the Spaghetti Western reference in this flick. Other Indian movies of same genre include Dabangg and Bullet Raja. While the Prequel was a better version of this genre but this is a good product.
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