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Gets better with each episode
Elizabeth Rose12 January 2012
It took me several episodes to start really engaging with this show, and I credit the performances of the cast to keep me coming back. But this episode was the whole package, and I feel like my patience has been supremely rewarded. As a huge fan of Hitchcock, I love how the writers wove an homage to *Rear Window* into the weekly POI process (amusingly), even while including a meaty flashback and two additional story lines that progress the larger narrative and mysteries without weighing the viewers down. And there was a lot to absorb in this ep. (I was shaking my head after thinking about all that was covered.) In the past when they've tried to build on the back-story, it seemed cumbersome, but ever since about ep. 8, it feels like they're finally finding a balance that works. And the bigger mysteries are not sacrificed in the process. POI has found its feet and it's become MSTV. (Must-see TV.)
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Great Episode
mdc0175712 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Best episode yet, it really focuses on " the machine" capabilities and I like the flashback to 2005 showing the history of Finch's involvement. I can't wait to see how much Det Carter gets involved now that " she's been in the deep end " The CIA mystery continues to arouse my interest on who Reese is or was and I thought the Elias character would become more involved this season but the show continues to amaze me with the continual twists and turns and divulgance. Todays show also was a great twist having Finch be the frontman and Reese manning the computer ( both did well with each others duties LOL ) I wonder what will happen to Det Fusco now that Finch has an " ally ", we shall be looking forward to next week to see what happens
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"Rear Window"
upal_arafat26 January 2018
Felt like this episode was inspired by the Hitchcock's classic "Rear Window." well executed though.
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