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Long, boring, incoherent and a complete mess of a movie
krazyfrog8726 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Let me preface this by saying I'm a big Transformers fan. I love the series. I love the concept. I loved the animated series that used to air on TV. I even loved the previous Transformers movies. (Well, maybe not the third one, but I thought it was okay.) It is one of my favorite franchises and I just watched it being butchered for over two and a half hours.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a disaster. I was thrilled to get the chance to see it before most of the world but ended up being thoroughly disappointed. The movie is 165 minutes of incoherent nonsense and if you thought that's what the previous movies were, well, you might start appreciating them after seeing this.

First of all, it has that god awful Michael Bay humor that we saw in the previous movies. It's not funny at all and there is so much of it so often it makes you cringe. It's like watching a senile old man running naked on the street. It's sad and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

But that stuff was there before as well. What I loved about the Transformers movies, or what anyone loves about them, was watching the robots transform and fight. The previous movies had memorable moments. I still remember the scene from the first movie where Ironhide jumps up and shoots missiles mid-air in slow motion as the woman is screaming below, and Starscream jumping and transforming mid-air and flying off, Sideways getting sliced in half by Sideswipe, Scorponok rising from the ground, and the brief scenes with Demolisher and Devastator in the second movie and finally the Shockwave sequences and that time Bumblebee transforms with Shia LaBeouf still in the car from the third movie.

But nothing of that sort happens in this movie. Other than Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, there are three other Autobots in the movie, all of whom are new. They try to come across as interesting but you don't really give a damn about them. Bumblebee is so seldomly seen on screen you forget he's even there in the movie. And Optimus Prime goes through his usual routine of getting his ass thoroughly kicked in the first half of the movie, only to rise again later, something which has been a common theme of previous movies. This is why I don't feel particularly strongly about the movie version of Prime because he fails so often and so hard in combat it's difficult to take him seriously as a leader.

There are plenty of action sequences in the movie but the first half has about 10% of them. And considering the first half is about 90 minutes long it means you are treated to a lot of talking and other stuff that is either plain stupid or just boring. When sh*t does start hitting the fan later, it's just a bloody mess, with so much happening at once that you don't care about anything and none of it is particularly cool or memorable. There is also the nausea-inducing shaky camera technique being thoroughly abused here, which actually makes it hard to see what's going on because everything is shaking so god damned much all the time. Except when there is a product placement going on, then the camera is absolutely still so you can see the brand name clearly.

The only redeeming aspects of this movie are the exceptional CGI with some stunning 3D and the incredible sound. The movie looks and sounds fantastic and if you do make the mistake of watching it, do it in IMAX like I did because otherwise there will be nothing there to enjoy. (This film does have the highest amount of IMAX footage I've seen in any movie, with practically half the movie being in IMAX. However, I did not like the way it constantly keeps jumping between IMAX and non-IMAX footage between every other scene. This probably won't bother you as much as it bothered me and if you watch it in a regular theater then you won't see it at all.)

Overall, Transformers: Age of Extinction is a horrible mess of a movie and a complete waste of time and money. The previous Transformers movies were a guilty pleasure and scratched a very specific itch for a very specific audience but this one doesn't even do that while inheriting all the flaws of its predecessors. It takes a special kind of idiot to mess up something so simple but Michael Bay does it with aplomb.
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Save your money .. Don't feed the Bay
reddogninja27 June 2014
Worst of the transformers movies. Was okay until about a 3rd of the way through. Mark Wahlberg was better than Shia, but the movie was bloated with too many similar scenes.

Enough chase scenes and slow motion explosions for the whole of 2014. It would be nice to see some sort of characters developed for the transformers. Because they are created as one dimensional punchlines there is no possibility to have any interesting story that involves the transformers interacting with each other.

Wait for the DVD if you must see it, but you wont be missing much if you avoid it all together.
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Barely Tolerable
jnmnc37328 June 2014
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I only went to the release because some parts were filmed in Detroit. The first hour was plot driven and tolerable to watch. Wahlberg is always fun to watch and the main chick is cute but the last 1.5 hours is straight action and no plot and I wanted to walk out before I had a seizure.

Special effects were visually pleasing, but would have been better if I cared what was going on. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater. I tried so hard to be interested in this flick but I found myself looking at my watch obsessively for the last hour.

On the lighter side, the idea behind the plot was interesting and though provoking but poorly executed on screen.

I have never written a review before, but this movie was so utterly disappointing that I felt obligated to warn humanity. We are truly living in the age of extinction when we allow a piece of garbage like this to pass as a major motion picture release in the 21st century.
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One of the worst movies i've seen in a long time
alvinmrobles28 June 2014
Ahhh where to start. I usually don't write reviews. But yesterday's disappointment in watching this had to be expressed either through punching an anvil, or writing this review. But i need my hands this week so I'm going to write a review.

I am a fan of transformers, i loved the cartoon series and the first and second blockbuster hit. I saw quite a substantial amount of plot holes in the third installation and I knew it was going to go downhill from there. I had hopes that the age of extinction would clear some of the plot holes i saw from the dark of the moon, and after seeing the movie trailers I became somewhat excited and felt all warm inside.

I brought my two boys with me, bought some overpriced pop-corns and sugar drinks to stimulate my mind so that my brain could focus and absorb the new concept of the story, hoping to satisfy my hunger for unanswered questions that left my joy decimated at the last series.

I like Walhberg during action scenes, but not when he starts making lame dialogues. And those lame dialogues deviate from being a bit funny, to just stab me in my thighs, depending on who wrote the script. Lame dialogues pervaded the whole friggen movie!

There are countless, pointless, perpetually boring ass things that prevented the story, or just the movie as a whole from being appreciated. The characters were annoying, namely Lucas, Tessa and that friggen Shane who is nothing but a disrespectful little sh*t to Walhberg and exhibited this attitude throughout until third quarter of the movie. I'm a dad alright, and I just wanted to punch him the f**k out! And Walhberg should've done the same, what the hell? Few good actors, but the characters were weak.

Every time i thought that the movie was trying to make people laugh, I look around the entire cinema and see people staring at the screen, not laughing. I look at my boys and they're not laughing, and they're the type that laugh at anything that moves. I'm not laughing because my mind is struggling trying to keep that hope alive while at the same time enduring the thought of another ominous outcome, "when is this going to end?", "stop doing stupid things", "stop trying to make me laugh", "just stop talking", "OMG what am I doing here?"

I finish the giant popcorn and my big tub of sugar drink after an hour. I thought that if i just go out for a smoke, maybe i'll be able to appreciate the rest of the movie because my mind will be refreshed. I'll take my time, maybe say hi to that nice ticket collector and make small talk. That's 10 minutes to recuperate. It couldn't be that bad.

I get back to my seat. Nothing changes...

Every new main event that was introduced in the movie was not properly explained in the end. In other words, it just came out of nowhere and went nowhere. This just piled up leaving me with more and more questions. It seems as if plots were inserted in holes and the viewer was left to create his own resolution of it. The story is incongruently incoherent.

Why after all this time, can't Bumblebee talk? With all the autonomous robotic, high alien-technologically advanced race systems that are available that they can't rectify his voice box?? I wanted to see more of the dinobots. And why were they in the... never mind, no spoilers.

Yes most of the action scenes were great, but come on, don't make it lame by adding something that doesn't belong there, like another horrific comment, phrase or something that isn't funny. It destroys the entertainment. In fact, just don't even talk during the action scenes please!

Graphics are awesome. That's the only thing I appreciate.

So unfortunately i left disappointed once again. More than disappointed, irritated and frustrated. I asked my boys what they thought, they said "ummm... awesome?" as if that definition has lost it's meaning and they weren't entirely sure how to make me feel better. I wanted to research on the writers and directors who created this movie to try and figure out how they defiled a great science fiction theme, but I couldn't give a cross-bun anymore. I'll let it roll this time. I feeling a bit better now.

In the end i figure this movie suits those who don't care too much about story lines and great characters and dialogues. Mainly those who like to see giant robots fight. but the movie is rated for matured audiences and robot fights only took place during half the movie. So then I question what are the creators of this film trying to achieve? Use the name for profit and create something primarily for entertainment purposes. But today's audience are rational thinkers who want more than just action scenes and loud explosions. So...
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Pointless, overlong and not funny
johan113814 July 2014
I seldomly write reviews, but sometimes (every 4 or 5 years or so) I just have to warn people before spending hard earned money on something so incredibly awful as this film. I see most films at home but I saw this one in the theatre with my stepson who really wanted to see this. For me it ended up even way below my expectations, which were already very low. Note: I really liked the first one. I don't dislike Bay (even liked Pearl Harbor and Armageddon and Bad Boys II), but this is just simply not very good. It's plain awful actually. Even my 11 yr old stepson thought it was boring.... need I say more...? It doesn't go anywhere, you don't care at all what happens to the characters, human or alien and there is literally never any sense of urgency or peril for anyone involved. Please let another director have a shot at this franchise and let Bay direct another The Rock. And why Spielberg is executive-producing this turd of a movie is beyond me. Waste of time for everyone involved, only good thing is it's making a ton of money for Paramount. Lets just hope they invest in something with more substance.
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Way too long and hollow
jakimiku26 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Set five years after Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction sets out to continue the franchise, taking a new path in more than one way. Lots of explosions, action scenes and robots wrecking cities up and we've got ourselves the fourth one.

To begin with, there were a lot of weak points, the biggest challenge being the fact that the entire human cast was replaced. I felt that Wahlberg and Tucci did a good job, but the rest of them were terrible. A lot of it has to do with writing: the characters were shallow and didn't have any depth at all. At a running time of 2h45min you think it would be enough to flesh them out but no. Wahlberg's daughter just yells "Dad!" and screams her entire screen time. Her boyfriend is shoehorned in just to complete the clumsy romance but in the end is just a tool to move the plot. Sophia Myles, amongst others, is completely wasted. The fact that Bay chose to concentrate on the humans again, and failed with it again, speaks volumes.

It was, however, good to see how Cade (Wahlberg) first comes across Optimus Prime and being a mechanic/inventor, revitalizes the beaten leader. The focus also shifted from Bumblebee to Prime as the main link to the protagonist, but oddly it was never explained why Bee left Sam in the first place, being his most loyal protector.

Now, speaking of techs in the film, there was a lot of slow-mo. A lot. And it really took away from the action. It is okay to employ slow-mo sometimes, for example when the robots are transforming, but not at every single shot. Moreover, the transformings themselves were weaker than in the previous installments. I mean, in the first one when Starscream transformed into a plane in the middle of the flight or they were fighting/transforming in the narrow street, or in DotM during the fights, this depth was lacking in AoE. Also the fights weren't as good compared to the gigantic robot battles or human black ops tactics in previous films. Lastly, as cheesy as it may sound Optimus Prime riding Grimlock was pretty awesome. Even if Grimlock was in the movie for about ten whole minutes. And Lockdown the bounty hunter as the main villain was also done nicely.

The film is way too long, the beginning stretches a lot, the middle even more, the finale as well. We are treated to a lot of badly written human characters who just slow the movie down and stretch. Even the endless explosions got tiring (boom, boom, boom and slow-mo all the time, why oh why?). But honestly, going in I thought this would be loads worse. In the end though, not as good as the first or the third, but still better than the second (not that this should count for anything as that was plain awful). Altogether, too long, too stretchy, way too much slow-mo, too shallow characters, some decent fights and action, Prime riding Grimlock and Wahlberg being his usual self. Could have been worse but not by much.
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Worst movie this year!
spiderflash14 July 2014
Don't watch it. Extremely long, extremely boring. How many more parts are they gonna make? The story is very confusing and not well thought-through. Everything has already been chewed over and over and they keep squeezing the last bit out of the transformer-idea. The actors apparently didn't like it either because even my little sister could have done a better job. Especially the voice acting for the transformers is very weak and one just feels stupid listening to their voices. I had enough of this movie after a little more than 1 hour. That's more than 1 and 1/2 hours left which I still watched, thinking maybe something would still happen. Guess what? It didn't. Long story short, this movie is really, really bad.
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Boring and forgettable
gogop47-39-1717228 June 2014
First off I am a fan of the previous movies. they were not masterpieces of story telling or acting but at least they were entertaining and somewhat funny. Secondly this is one very very boring movie. there is no plot to speak off, no characters to get any attachment to, no sense of a story what so ever. the only thing that is there is Michael Bays trademark explosions. 150 minutes of them... You could take away every human in the movie and still have the same result. You could take away 100 of the 166 minutes and still have the same result. The fights are a constant mess where you cant really root for someone cause you cant really understand who is doing what. All in all I spent more than half the movie trying to understand where it was going and praying for it to end.
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Honkmeister8313 July 2014
This is one of the worst Michael Bay movies yet.

It never stops, it taught i was going insane... just mindless action with almost no breathers.

Escapism at its worst.

Tough if you like a confused plot, bad performances, disgusting monologue, horrible mindless action, horrible comedy, really bad timing, terrible editing and getting your energy sucked out slowly and brutally during what feels like eons... Then by all means, go waste your money.

This is not a tribute to Transformers. It's a hymn to the mindless, and shallow escapism which has boomed in Hollywood the last 20 years with the coming of the digital era(Even tough there are good digital movies). Not even worth the illegal act of downloading. Glad i got this paid by a friend who insisted i joined. Last time.

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The most boring action-filled movie I have ever seen.
BremenDruid14 July 2014
Let me start off by stating that I am not a huge Transformers fan, I never really watched the show as a kid and I didn't really play with the toys or games. Having said that, I remember being highly impressed with the first Michael Bay Transformers movie when I saw it in theaters. Was it a perfect movie? No, but as far as a mindless action flick went it was pretty good. It had great effects and the action was well done. This movie has the benefit of better graphics, but loses anything else. There is no character development, the dialogue was full of cheesy lines and unfunny humor (there was one character that I actually cheered for when he died because his dialogue was nothing but crappy one-liners), and there was no cohesiveness to the story. The biggest sin that Bay committed on this movie, however, is he made the action boring. When you get to a certain point of this movie and you see another explosion, that looks exactly the same as the last 15 that happened in the last 3 seconds of the film, you start to wonder why you should care for this threat? For that matter, why should the audience care for any of these characters? None of them display anything that makes the audience connect with them, and because of this you don't care for any of them. Sadly Michael Bay has not learned that character development and plot are more important than constantly filling the screen with action. In a good movie you care about the characters, so when a threat comes against them you are emotionally invested in the character and when they come out on top it is all the more rewarding (or crushing when a character you care for loses). This movie is more akin to dangling the keys in front of an infant, it has just as much noise and sparkle and just as little substance.
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Stunning effects will never make up for poor editing, plot and cinematography.
p-fitzke2428 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Like many I grew up with the Transformers, actually during the 1st generation of the show in the United States, vs. a more recent iteration. Thus the Transformers, their universe and their mythology is near and deer to me.

Age of extinction starts out on an incredible high note, and completely falls apart during a movie that could have stopped more then an hour short of the 2 hour and 45 minute run time. The opening shots bring into perspective the creators of the Transformers coming to earth thousands of years in the past. They do a great job teasing the creators as you see a semi-mechanical but mainly organic hand controlling the joystick on an aircraft. Below thousands of dinosaurs are massacred, leading to what I thought would be a set up for the Dinobots, however no connection is ever made to the Dinobots. From there we start out with the typical Michael Bay entrance to a Transformers movie, some young girl wearing little clothing (presumably someone he is trying to date, ala Megan Fox and a Victoria's Secret Model) is shown on the screen, and then the explosions and bad dialogue start as well.

I'm not going to drone on about a movie that really doesn't deserve to be reviewed, however I'll sum up a few other points of this extremely long winded flick. The movie takes a stab at introducing Galvatron and the Dinobots, and does so poorly in both cases. Leading to the question, what can Michael Bay actually do with great mythology and lineage in a franchise like this, with the answer being apparently nothing. There is no drama added to the 5 minutes of Dinobots that we see, with no connection to any consequence or back story that would lead to the belief that these monsters are going to save the day for the Autobots. Some of the human acting was actually quite good, however since there was no real plot line to follow it falls short as there is no consistency in creating a cohesive story line. That is truly at the core of why this movie is just awful in so many ways. Couple that with poor editing (Actors and robots talking but no audio at two-three points in the movie, i.e. bush league production), poor use of some of the greatest characters in the mythology of the Transformers, and all the other idiosyncrasies that have come to be synonymous with all things Michael Bay and you truly have a turd sandwich.

For these reasons and many others I give it a 1 out of 10 and plead with Paramount to please let someone else pick up the Directors chair for installments 5 and 6!
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Age of exhaustion......
FlashCallahan13 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After Bay made his poisonous 'Arthouse' movie, he comes back with all guns blazing with this, the fourth in possibly the worst franchise of all time.

All Transformers are now classed as a threat, so Frasier is leading a literal headhunt for the remaining robots,mot clear the world of aliens and to put more human in humanity.

But he has an ulterior motive of course. Stanley Tucci wants the Transformers metal, so he can introduce a new product called, wait for it, Transformium, to build his own army of robots to bring world peace.

But silly old Marky Mark has decided to work with Bay again, and inadvertently buys Optimus Prime off some bloke for 150 dollars.

And there's two and a half hours of this......

As expected, I hated this film, I wasn't looking forward to it, but I give any film a chance. I like the majority of the directors work. I think The Island is a hoot, and The Rock is still one of the best action movies of the last twenty years, but since the first Transformers, I feel like he couldn't give a damn about the audience, as he knows that they will pay to see this anyway.

Heaven knows why the film is as long as it is, its a film about robots fighting other robots, and at 160 plus minutes, I really think he's bitten off far more than he can chew. The film is written horribly, the script is laughably horrid, and the film wreaks of stereotypes, racial ignorance and is awfully sexist toward females.

The action scenes are all confusing, and again, for the fourth time in a row, you cannot make out who is fighting who, and it's just more of that at the end.

I was so close to walking out around the ninety minute mark, and although lots will say, 'well what did you expect?' Or 'leave your brain at the door', well allow me to retort, I expect to be entertained when watching a movie, not offended, and as for the leave your brain.... Statement, that's just for people who are in denial at just how bad the film actually is.

But to console my self, after the film, I had a Bud Light, bought some Beats Speakers, Gucci Sunglasses, my girlfriend some Victorias Secret underwear, and my daughter a My Little Pony.......I can't for the life of me understand why, probably some subliminal advertising I saw somewhere.

The cinematic equivalent of a portaloo, and the biggest mistake I've ever made going to the cinema.
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Produst placement and more product places
Chad_vvvv14 July 2014
If you seen any of the other 3 movies you seen this one.

On the other hand there is so many product placements in this movies It does it make worse. There is even a two minute long light beer ad in the middle of the movie. Of course 5 minutes later they're smashing into a Victoria secret truck. Then they are drinking some Asian brand milk. Before this there are half dozen car model ads. There are product banners on all the buildings. They Drink brand soda with crazy long camera holds. There is a product placement every 5 minutes and this is no joke.

Its also really weird how they say the girl is 17 years old over and over. Then they have a "thing" about how its legal...I see no point in this at all.

I would skip this movie. I don't plan on ever seeing another one.
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Wait for the DVD or for it on cable.
wolverineyg27 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I've been a fan of Transformers since 1984 (I was 7) but damn it Michael Bay, you and your writers put the worst POS movie out there possible. I thought Transformers: Rise Of The Fallen was horrible (#'s 1 & 3 I enjoyed), but this Transformers made that one look like an Academy award winner. This film was so bad I thought about walking out a few times. Mark Wahlberg was so damn horrible in this film (sad because I like a lot of his others) as well as Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor that I actually was praying that Shia Labeouf (who I couldn't stand and thought Walberg would work out much better) would jump out at some point screaming, "OOOPPPTTTIIIMMMUUUSSS!!! Kill all the other human actors who suck except Kelsey Grammar!" just to save this film. I went to this to see the Dinobots and they ended up being basically background extras in a super cheesy, explosive, mess. There was so much you could have easily rewritten that would have totally changed the way this film turned out. My fiancé', who knows nothing about any past Transformer genres or who the characters are except Optimus, Megatron & Bumblebee and who enjoyed the first 3 films thought this film was horrible! Never thought I'd say it, but please don't make TF5 and when you said you were never going to make another after the third one you should have taken your own advice. The title "extinction" fit this film well.
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really horrible
lutfigallaro28 June 2014
this is the really the worst movie i have seen this year.Let me make this short .It is extremely boring .I wanted to get out of the theater is mid way.plot is confusing.action and graphics are excellent,but whats the point when there is no story.above average acting,repeatedly irritating jokes,unnecessary music .music is good but it is added at unnecessary places.the movie could have been wrapped up in 30 min but it almost stretched for 3 hours.older actor was definitely a better wont be able to sit throughout the film if you haven't watched the other parts,but even if you have watched the other parts it wont make much of a difference.Don't waste you time and money for this movie.
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Even for free... its not worth the time
marc547721 September 2014
I got to watch this movie for free and let me just say that it is bad... So bad that I actually feel ripped off despite getting the rental for free.

The 1st indication that we were going down the wrong path was the short jean girl who is the "responsible one" of the family. Then we have prototypical retarded inventor... yes the guy who is super smart is also the dumbest guy in the movie because, you know, as intelligence goes up you actually become stupider.

Those two horrible character were just the opening volley to the rest of this travesty, that they to pass off as entertainment. We have government agents that are even dumber than those in real life as well as transformers with horrible lines and attempts at comedy that just made me cringe in embarrassment. I don't usually ascribe to hate mongering of directors or writers but I think that this was the death knell to Michael Bay's career. He was never great, but he is just getting worse over time. Skip this movie. I enjoyed an Adam Sandler chick flicks more than I enjoyed this and after this retarded movie, I probably owe the wife a dozen more chick flicks...
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How much more Michael Bay garbage can we handle?!
jvic526 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If it were possible to give a movie a negative score it would most certainly be this awful piece of Hollywood CGI garbage. I am not one to hate a movie solely on the fact that there is a lot of CGI used. I think it is a great way to help TELL the story and use it as a tool to help move the plot along. But when a movie is entirely based off of CGI special effects action scenes it takes away from the plot itself. In this movie the plot is VERY straightforward, one doesn't have to try and connect the pieces or think too hard on what is going on. If I remember correctly there is a fight scene about every 15-20 minutes all throughout this 3 hour hell ride. By the time the end fight scene rolls around you will be begging for it to be over and quickly.

I just don't understand what happened to Michael Bay. He had a few movies that I would consider good, even some that had a solid plot. Special effects always seems to be his Achilles heel but movies such as "The Rock", "Armageddon", and "The Island" all had semi-decent story lines. If you have seen any of his other movies you also know that product placement is something that he always does in his films. You will see advertisements for "Bud Light", "Victoria Secret", "Chevrolet", along with many others. Just another way he has sold his soul to squeeze as much money as he can out of society.

Rant over now let us get down to business....

Mark Wahlberg, how are you still getting acting jobs? Is it just me or does this guy play the same roll in almost every movie he does. The overly cocky, smart-ass, bad-ass guy who is not to be messed with. He had two terrific performances in "the fighter" and "the departed" and instead of building off of those two performances to establish himself as a very solid actor he sells out to take cheesy, awful movies. Deep down I don't think he is the best of actors to begin with so maybe this is the best we will see from him from this point on. In this movie expect the exact same character he has been playing only this time he is the father of the "hot" girl in the movie. Played by Nicola Peltz who did a so-so job throughout the movie. She had some scenes where she wasn't a complete bore to watch. That was my biggest problem with this movie is that there was just nothing to latch onto. You couldn't sink yourself into the story or into the characters without there being a bomb or other type of explosion going on somewhere. Jack Reynor who played Peltz's boyfriend actually did a good job as part time comic relief part time hero. Hopefully he won't sell out to the teen girl movies I'm sure he's been getting offers to play. Obviously both Reynor and Peltz are attractive individuals, I only hope that their success in future movies is more than skin deep. Kelsey Grammar, Stanley Tucci, and Titus Welliver all give solid performances, or I guess I should say as solid as you will expect out of this movie.

So with this sub-par cast, horrible storyline, and CGI special effects action scenes please see this movie with LOW expectations. The plot itself doesn't make any sense. There are so many parts in this movie where I was thinking to myself, "how did he know to do that?", "how did he even get his cell phone number?", "how did they survive that?". My biggest complaint was how Optimus Prime was supposed to be "fixed" by Wahlberg because he couldn't function without proper assistance. And then 10 minutes later he fixes himself and turns himself into a "cool" semi-truck. There are just so many moments where the story turns on itself because of garbage screen writing. The horrible part was there is no explanation to the questions I had because there is no way to explain it during the movie. Bay just doesn't care anymore because he knows we will continuously pay to see such horrid garbage. IF you see this movie and I hope you don't, please pay attention because I promise you will be asking the same questions I did. If any of this movie is appealing to you and you find it in anyway "amazing" do yourself a favor and stop watching movies. This next line is the only real spoiler of this review.... I will bet anyone a million dollars that you can guess how this movie ends!! Yes that's right, Optimus Prime pulls out his giant sword and cuts the evil decepticon robot in half. Exactly like the other three movies. I implore you, please do not waste your money or time seeing this movie in theaters. Wait for it to come out on Netflix, do not give Bay or Hollywood anymore money. We need to wake up as moviegoers.... when will enough be enough. We are smarter and better than this America. The only reason I went to see this movie is because my ticket was paid for me by a friend, I would not spend one cent on another Bay film. Please heed my warning..... stay away from this film at all costs!
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Seizures for all
hyteck99 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
An old truck was found by the hero. Shortly after that, shaking cameras, flashing lights, and fast moving shiny things attempted to induce seizures in the audience for about 2 hours. When I came too, I remembered there was this large robot with a glowing blade riding on the back of an even larger robot dinosaur recently put threw a temporary jaw-ectomy. The human hero nodded his head as he observed this from a distance as if to say, "This makes perfect sense to me." The human hero then picked up his very tiny gun , and shot parts of bad guys like they were made of graham crackers. I can only imagine he must of been using special ammunition, perhaps hollow points filled with good intentions. Then the hero robot left. The End. ( I don't think you will like this movie very much.)
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awful film, predictable plot, pointless effects
dengjingyuan4 July 2014
This is definitely one of the worst films i have ever seen. To start with, i should say that i was transformer fan and used to read the Marvel comics. However i almost dozed off in the middle of the film and the only reason i didn't was that the film kept booming all the way through. I cannot stand the tedious plot- if there ever was a meaningful plot- from the beginning, almost. When the monologue of the CIA officer started, you basically got a clue what was going to happen: a new villain comes, cooperating with some secret government divisions and almost defeating Optimus, and Optimus finds some new fancy magic to kill the villain. And sadly as it turned out that the guess was right for the most part. The film is full of slow motions that proved to be unnecessary and time-wasting, and CG effects that proved to be pointless when there is no plot. What is the point of special effects after all? To serve the story and create visual impact of course. But haven't we seen many films with those explosions and fighting before? This is not 1980s when the special effects are so groundbreaking that people all went to watch Star Wars for the new effects. The CG effects in films cannot be seen and treated as an END, but a MEANS. Surely CGs can be an end, but only to programmers perhaps, definitely not to audiences. Yeah I know you can make Optimus riding a dinosaur but so what? Bay understood this the whole other way around: the point of the plot seems to be creating more opportunities to present all the CG effects. The characters, both human and alien, were poorly created. The transformers from the first film of the series seemed to be made for fighting and had no culture or society of their own. Any fantasy or science-fiction film should at least explain a little bit about that or otherwise those fighting machines do not seem to be realistic. There was NEVER a complex plot happening amongst the transformers, which, ironically, the comics did an excellent job in. The only transformer character in whom some efforts were put into is Optimus, who nonetheless appears as a fighting machine, more so than Megatron in the comics, and lacks proper leadership and sophisticated mind. He does not seem to be charismatic and the only reason he was the leader seems to be that he is a greater FIGHTER than anyone else. Where is the prudent and messianic Optimus? Where is the lovable bumblebee? Most of the human characters can simply be eliminated from the film and no different will be made. And I still don't understand why Wahlberg's character keeps finding troubles for himself and his daughter even though they are safely out from the fight. Tucci's character is simply moved by an ambiguous call from Wahlberg and changes all his plans and thoughts, too gullible to be believed as realistic. The CIA officer actually can be used to create a moral dilemma in which people have to choose between the safety of their own and abandonment of the faithful allies and of course that didn't happen. I saw no romance between the lovers. Going through some escapes doesn't mean two people automatically love each other. There are lots of screaming of the two though, but doesn't seem like romance to me. The protective dad enjoys dragging his daughter and her boyfriend into troubles which he has no reason to concern. SAVE YOUR MONEY, PEOPLE.
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Awful movie
achintyaghosh_online11 July 2014
How come Michael Bay has made this movie? And how come anyone expect to viewers watch such a awful movie!! The rating of the movie may please be changed to "strictly for infants" instead of "PG-13".

No story, no thrill!

Its just 2&1/2 hours of time waste.

Why the Megatron (regenerated) robots where transforming to car and trucks? They could have been a helicopter or a supersonic jet! They are build to take any shape they want! Thus could have saved some time of the viewer. Looks like Hollywood directors have started to follow a few Bollywood directors! To extend the movie they can go up to any extent.

And how transformers managed to destroy if the Megarton with superior technology are designed to destroy the transformers!! I've never seen such a waste movie ever!
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Well Extinction is right
switch1214 July 2014
This movie has to be the last nail in the coffin for Micheal Bay's Transformers franchise , the over use of lens flare is super annoying in 3d and gets old very fast , the random explosions that go off time and time again get old very fast , the use of particle effects is very cool in this movie and certain points it works very well but ... there is times in the movie where the particles kinda take over the screen and just distract you from the movie.

The amount of random chase scenes is insane and in my opinion their not done well at all , the tracking on them is done so bad that you get the feeling that the characters can teleport from one place to another.

Im not one to right reviews to movies but in the case the movie made me so angry I had to .
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The biggest and the worst "Transformers" movie yet!!!!
ivo-cobra88 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) is a big disappointment, my god, what a boring movie, almost 3 hours, the only saving grace is the excellent picture and sound!!!! I like the 1st and 3rd movies but this just drags and drags one. The film is simply the worsts of the quadrilogy so far. Dinobots? You got to be serious! I love Transformers (2007) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) to death!!! I like a bit Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but this movie is the worst boring movie in the series ever! Gosh 3.hrs long movie I have fall a sleep by that time. I watch only twice and I want watch it anymore.

Awful, horrible, terrible, messy, pathetic and tedious are just a few words I would use to describe this movie. I mean I love the Transformers movies sure their ridiculous and dumb but their just so much fun and they have some of the best action sequences. However "Age of Extinction" is the worst one yet it's even worst than "Revenge of the Fallen" the movie is almost 3 hours long and the story is completely incoherent. Every character is stiff and completely unlikeable. There's no explanation on what happened to Sam, his girlfriend, parents or the other Autobots from the last film. The story makes no sense at all. The plot changes every hour and it's awfully exhausting and confusing. The action sequences are shorter and less exciting. It's not even fun it's so overly serious without any humor. Worst of all it's feels so empty without Shia LeBeouf I like Mark Wahlberg, but he doesn't have the humor and emotion that Shia brought to these films. I could go on and on, but even by Michael Bay standards this is horrible film that's a waste of time and money.

From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes the worst 'Transformers' ever! With humanity facing extinction from a terrifying new threat, it's up to Optimus Prime and the Autobots to save the world. But now that our government has turned against them, they'll need a new team of allies, including inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and the fearsome Dinobots!

I am giving this film 1/10 sorry if you disagree with me, but that is just my opinion and the fourth Transformer movie sucks!!! I am a big fan of Transformers I grew up with transformers cartoons, this movie the most long over boring lacking, awful film! This movie completely ignores all the previous three films, there are no Deceptions in this film no Megatron a big nothing is in here! + this movie was not enjoyable at all it wasn't.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a 2014 3D science fiction action film based on the Transformers franchise. It is the fourth installment of the live-action Transformers film series. It is a sequel to 2011's Dark of the Moon, taking place five years after the battle of Chicago. Like its predecessors, it was directed by Michael Bay and written by Ehren Kruger, with Steven Spielberg and Bay as executive producers.

1/10 Grade: F Studio: Paramount Pictures, Hasbro Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, John Goodman, Kelsey Grammar, Frank Welker, Peter Cullen, T.J Miller, Ken Watanabe Director: Michael Bay Producers: Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce Writer: Ehren Kruger Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 2 Hrs. 45 Mins. Budget: $165 Million
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Just a waste of time
sparksm716 June 2015
Transformers The Age of Extinction is the worst movie you could possibly waste 3 hours of your life on. It disappoints in every way. Move on. It is predictable, patronizing, stupid, and any other negative adjective you can come up with. Markie Mark was in on this to make money. I have seen him act in Reservoir Dogs and many other movies that made me want to like him.This particular film is no more than a blatant attempt to make money.The story is bad. The acting is bad. The entire movie is bad. I would expect something like this from Shia Le Boeuf, but not Wahlberg. i guess the restaurant biz is not so good. This movie is a complete and utter failure and a total waste of the intellectual mind. Do something else. Please.
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just start at the end
oglesbyseven16 June 2015
This was three hours of film seemly put together by someone who was given really expensive equipment and had no clue of what to do with it. I am all for mindless entertainment (actually prefer it) But this movie lacks any continuity and is actually insulting on some levels that the action would make us feel better about this non-story. It seemed to say here dummy give me $15 and I will give you robots fighting and porn style dialogue. I saw it on Netflix and I am still disappointed in myself for not turning it off. I hoped against hope that it would be redeemed. Oh, Lockdown was the coolest bot of all four movies, He was human like in his coolness, if not complete stupid for leaving his prizes in a part of the ship that could be jettisoned. Ey Yi Ey. I am a fool. TRAIN WRECK
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ewaf5827 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When you have a good script and the story driven by good well acted characters any situations the characters find themselves can generate tension and excitement because you have empathy with them.

Michael bang bang thud thud blow everything up in sight Bay either doesn't understand this or doesn't care.

Aliens succeeded as an action film because you cared for the characters - this new Transformers film fails at every level but will make a ton of money because Hollywood is programming us to want more bang bang thud thud.

Some cold turkey is required to get mainstream audiences off it.

Films as bad as this are like substance abuse
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