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  • An increasingly unstable Tyler crashes Daniel's intimate birthday celebration; Conrad and Victoria use Charlotte as a pawn in their bitter divorce battle; Emily's plan starts to unravel.

  • Daniel delights Conrad by rejoining the family firm, even considers dropping out of Harvard at least a semester for it, but actually intends, naively, to help Victoria's divorce case as her spy. Tyler goes to extreme lengths to rescue his blackmail bid, even violently overpowering Nolan to steal the incriminating recordings back, and when that fails takes Daniel's birthday beach part guests at gun point, but his brother, San Francisco surgeon Alexander Barrol, arrives just in time.

  • An unwelcome and unstable visitor makes a nightmare of Daniel's intimate birthday celebration with family and friends; Charlotte becomes a pawn in Conrad and Victoria's bitter divorce battle, and Emily watches her ultimate plan begin to unravel.


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  • At an outdoors dinner table, the show's principles are frozen in shock as a drunk-looking Tyler points a gun at Emily's head.

    But two days earlier...

    Daniel tells Emily he has a birthday coming up and he's worried Victoria will go overboard. Emily suggests a clambake on the beach. He loves the idea and says he'll tell his mother it was his idea.

    Conrad drops by to talk to Daniel. He doesn't want to lose his kids and admits hiring Tyler was a mistake. Conrad says he'll fire Tyler and Daniel tells him he'll return to work. After Conrad leaves Daniel calls his mother to say he's in place to help her obtain information that will help her in her divorce action. He tells her wants a clambake and Victoria immediately knows it was Emily's idea.

    Emily apologizes to Nolan. She says she's made sure Victoria knows Amanda is in town. Nolan is tracking the GPS on Tyler's cell phone.

    Conrad and Victoria have their first divorce discussion with counsel. In return for surrendering claim to all their other properties, Victoria wants Grayson Manor. Conrad is seeking full custody of Charlie. Since the prenuptial agreement from 25 years earlier was signed while she was pregnant, Victoria's lawyer wants to throw it out on grounds of duress.

    Tyler tells Conrad he no longer wants to work for him. Tyler says he has video of Frank tossing Lydia off the roof and a recording of him discussing framing David Clarke. He wants Conrad to make him an offer or he'll turn what he has over to prosecutors.

    Huntley (James McCaffrey), her attorney, wants Victoria to expose Conrad's infidelity in open court. She's not sure, but tells him that she's lying about having been pregnant when she signed the prenup. She had already miscarried.

    On Huntley's way out of the house Emily spots him. She flashes back to confronting him just after her father had been murdered in prison. She shows him evidence he didn't use for her father's appeal and says "they got you, didn't they?"

    Present day Emily asks Victoria for a picture of her and Daniel she wants for a scrapbook. Emily brings up Amanda and says she and Jack are working on the party. She asks if they can spend the night after the party.

    Nolan directs Emily to the video camera Tyler had left in the guest house. She also spots his meds and calls the doctor on the bottle. The doctor is on leave "after the attack" and says detectives have been searching for him for weeks. Tyler returns and can't find the camera. Emily watches through a window as he destroys the room in a rage, focusing on a picture of Emily and Daniel.

    Emily tells Nolan that the anti-psychotic Tyler was taking is a serious drug. Not taking it could cause violent episodes. She wants Nolan to call Tyler's brother. The brother Alexander, a doctor, agrees to come immediately. Nolan arranges for a private jet to fly him in from California.

    Conrad tells Victoria about Tyler's blackmail attempts. He's figured out that Tyler is no longer in school and they wonder if he's been planning this for years.

    Emily shows Daniel and Ashley the bottle of Tyler's meds she found.

    Declan tells Amanda it's weird he's helping plan a party for Emily's boyfriend. Amanda asks Jack about Emily. She sounds a little jealous.

    Jack drops by on Tyler. He says "we're done" and tells him to leave. Tyler threatens him with the information he has and Daniel starts to call the cops. Tyler leaves.

    Before the party Emily asks Jack about Amanda. He says it's hard for her to be happy. Emily flashes back to the two of them as kids.

    Jack tells Emily he's making sure the gun is somewhere handy. She gets a call from Nolan, who says Tyler's GPS is showing he's on a plane for San Francisco. She invites Nolan to the party.

    Nolan hangs up and Tyler shows up from behind him with a knife in his hand. He wants back-ups for all the files and the video from the camera, and stabs Nolan in the shoulder with a knife to force him to comply. Tyler looks at the live video image of Emily and Jack talking about him. He says he shipped his phone to San Francisco ahead of him.

    Emily and Daniel talk poetry.

    Tyler has tied Nolan up on a chair inside his home. He struggles to get free.

    At the party Emily makes a crack about Tyler and Ashley seems a bit defensive. Amanda is formally introduced to Daniel's parents. Victoria flashes back to a long-ago conversation with David who wants her to meet Amanda. Amanda says she's thinking of moving there permanently.

    Alexander knocks on Nolan's door but the gagged Nolan can't get his attention.

    Dinner is served at Daniel's party under a canopy on the beach.

    Nolan finally gets Alexander's attention and directs him to a spare key.

    Nolan calls Emily to warn her that Tyler is on his way. Tyler answers the phone.

    Victoria gives Daniel a "memory book" for his present, something very similar to what Emily had told her she was making for him.

    Emily goes inside to get the cake. Tyler surprised her from behind looking for the camera. She starts ripping at him and slips something into his pocket. He grabs the pistol and points it at her.

    Emily comes outside with the cake. Tyler is following her with gun drawn. Victoria begs him not to hurt her children. Tyler wants to play "truth or die." If somebody doesn't answer a question truthfully he'll shoot somebody. He asks Conrad what really happened to David Clarke. When Conrad doesn't answer he points the gun at Emily. At this moment Alexander and Nolan arrive. Alexander says he wants to go talk about things "just the two of us." Daniel tackles Tyler and knocks the gun away.

    The police leave and Conrad tells Victoria that Frank's wallet was found in Tyler's jacket. He's now the prime suspect in Frank' murder. This means Conrad is no longer being looked at and Victoria and her legal team can have the "battle royale" they want.

    Nolan mentions to Emily that the police didn't find any cartridges in her gun. She was apparently prepared.

    On their way home Amanda says something to Jack about maybe their being more to the David Clarke story than they've been told.

    Huntley drops by Victoria's place late that night. He's found a doctor willing to falsify documents to say that she was still pregnant when she signed the prenup.

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