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Other reviews are too flowing, but still a good outing.
mccabe-shannon11 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I love Kevin. He is so attractive, seems genuinely nice and acts well I like most of his work. His costar was adorable. And most people are right that they had good chemistry. But they were never together.

I needed more of the first year and then getting to know each other.

I like the idea of changing time periods given that he is deployed but some of it didn't make sense. She loves so far away and then came twice the first year just before xmas and for xmas (yes I get anniversary of moms death) but next year they have the xmas dinner and then she goes back to work across the country then back there? Then a video engagement and then the whole wedding is to be planned by the time he is home? So you've seen each other in person like 4 or 5 days? Not by the time of engagement. Even. By the time of the wedding. Is this a bravo movie?

I thought his mom was adorable. Her grandpa seemed too young.

Also he is close to 40. He shouldn't be that shocked to become a captain.

This is a movie that could have benefitted a ton by another 42 minutes (or hour in the time) I needed to see more about why and how they fell in love and their relationship while he was gone.

Also I can't stand when it's the small town and they don't know each other? It wasn't as if her mom grew up there and she lived elsewhere. She said she hadn't been back since (which we know from hallmark is typically a parents death and in this case was only 2 years). Grandpa knew the family well. He sent the basket to the house and didn't know it was the grandpas? It's all it logical.

With all that said. It's very cute. It's better acted and produced than most. And I love them all. Worth a watch!
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Good Story - Sloppy Soldiers
garysteinweg12 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
First off, it's a nice story. A little far-fetched regarding a romance developing over so much time with so little actual interaction. But, the "military bearing" of the protagonist is eye-popping. It's been alluded to by others, but I'll elaborate a little. First, the hero's hair is much too long, and he frequently appears outside in uniform without his cover (hat). At his wedding he shows up in his uniform looking like he'd just come from a barroom brawl - again no cover, lapel crossed-rifle insignia misaligned, and his ribbons tilting at a 30-degree angle. This HAD to be done on purpose for reason(s) I can't begin to understand. Finally, the girlfriend shows up in far north ice country in a dress??? Again, pickiness aside, it's a Christmassy mooby worth watching.
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debgolda11 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This was a new Christmas movie for 2022. I liked the concept, it wasn't new, I saw a similar one on lifetime a couple of Christmas' ago. I did enjoy the first hour, but then the second hour dragged a bit. I wasn't a fan of the proposal or wedding, which could have been done differently IMO. Wish over the time that elapsed was that we would have seen something change with their hairstyle even just a bit to show the time changed. Enjoyed that it was real snow not fake

Kevin and Kayla are great together though and perhaps they will do another movie maybe a vacation one in Greece?

It was good but I have other Christmas movies that I love much more.
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So-So Hallmark Movie
parksidedrive10 July 2022
First, I love Hallmark Christmas movies. This attempt was a miss. Story is a little far-fetched but acceptable because it's Hallmark.

What does stand out as a glaring mistake: The long hair for the military is way off. The low, low cleavage of the wedding dress was a "what was I thinking" dress faux pas.

Movie had some laughs for all the wrong reasons.

Better luck next time, Hallmark.
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Feel Good Christmas movie
ab-8403810 July 2022
Lots of chemistry and a really sweet story told in this family friendly Holiday movie.

Reminds us of the many sacrifices that our Military personnel and their families make all of the time and especially at Christmas.
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Slow Movie
pattersonjamie-1207910 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this movie as I like both Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace. But this movie was soooooo slow from the get go. The conventions were stilted. The characters were unbelievable.

Kevin McGarry's hair was much too long for the military. He didn't salute properly. Near the end they fly Kayla Wallace to the "remote" location where Kevin McGarry is stationed. Would never happen.
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Not Quite There
momlid10 July 2022
Sweet movie, but lacking in more story, and the biggest problem was definitely the military issues. As my husband said, "If this was a drinking game to drink whenever you find an error, you'd be on the floor before the movie was done." He was in the Army & Air Force for 20 years, and is a military history aficionado. Even I noticed that there was too much long hair and facial hair for any of the US military. My husband noticed too many points to mention, (or completely understand) including all of the military vehicles with civilian plates. Please hire someone to get these things correct! My husband, along with several other US Vets are available!
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I like them together
bkcjohns-23-82018710 July 2022
Cute movie. Love these two together. They are dating in real life. I had trouble with the timeline. The last 20 minutes seemed to happen to all in one day when it should've been a week.
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Come on, Hallmark...
shobbs-8608110 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe I sat through this whole piece of garbage, fully aware that it was going to be bad news and deprivation on top of failed plot lines and impossible time lines. But I did. Where to start? The couple falls in love but hasn't had a real date (yet); then they commit to a long distance relationship where he is in some weird multi-year military assignment that only allows him to come home for one week each year... oh, and he misses his window the 2nd year so he is gone 2 years and she just waits and enjoys her FaceTime relationship until he proposes, comes home early to get married and SKIPS out on the wedding to make the return trip to his base to rescue his buddy? Makes no sense that she waits after that... this is really unnecessary and makes no sense. But wait! She goes to Eastern Europe to a secret wilderness training location to show her support and Do Something. I just wish I had done something about halfway through the movie, like turning it off. This movie, like the 20° below zero outdoor wedding that ends this debacle, will leave you cold.
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Good, but rushed
crosemnnc11 July 2022
I love the leads. I've enjoyed them in other works. They did a good job with what they were given. Just seemed rushed. Falling in love as quickly as they did with little personal interaction. The impromptu trip to where he was stationed was not that believable. Their love for each other was very believable. This could have been alot better. Maybe a two-parter or maybe better writing. But still enjoyed it.
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Should Have Had Army Consultant!
frankjmonaco-4474512 July 2022
Ok, except for haircuts, uniforms and flying fiancés into remote dangerous areas. Not Army-realistic😩 not believable if you ever served! Leads attraction seemed real!
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What a beautiful, heartfelt movie!!!
mrsacos10 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is wonderfully written, the cast knocks it out of the park, so much heart and wonderful moments. I just watched it again! As an Ex-Army wife, it really nails it (minus the "her going to the training camp 😂😂😂)!!! Straight through the heart!!!
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True and Genuine Chemistry on Display
videonutz10 July 2022
Honestly, I was Anxious to Watch this Film for a Very Unusual Reason. Knowing that Kayla and Kevin are an Actual Couple, I wanted to Check Out their On Screen Chemistry. I had Already Watched them in " Feeling Butterflies " and was Unfortunately Surprisingly Disappointed.

Thankfully, This Time They Did Not Disappoint!

They were Absolutely Magnificent. Their Prior Film " Butterflies " Must have Been Filmed at the Very Beginning of their Real Personal Relationship, because the Difference was Like Night and Day. I Believe that the Word " Wow " Best Describes it! Overall, I would Rate the Film as a 7/8 because I found the Necessary Constant Time Shifts Distracting. They Definitely Affected the Flow of the Film's Romantic Storyline. Therefore, I would Apply the Following Overall Rating: Couple Chemistry 10, Romance Story 10, and Production Quality 7.

You' ll Love Watching this Film because the Two Stars Obviously Love Each Other, and Loved Filming it. The Way that they Look, Talk and Act, when they are Together, Is Romance Personified.
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Get a haircut
pdkirk10 July 2022
Another Hallmark movie with military characters that in no way look like they're m the military. Situation the would never occur n today's military, Off putting.
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Hallmark screws up again
caseybones11 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Holy crap, My Grown Up Christmas List was just so bad! So very many things were major eye rollers that I can't see straight.

She is supposed to be some fabulous journalist who is promised a cover story and the best she can come up with is some granny who crochets ornaments?

These two meet on Christmas Eve and don't see each other for, what, a year or so. Yet yet they look exactly the same right down to the hair styles. And this "love affair" dragged on for how many years (it was so boring I lost track of that) and they never, ever change? Grandpa and his parents never age a day?

And don't get me started on the long, decidedly unmilitary hair the dude sported. Or the military vehicles with civilian plates. Or the incorrect uniforms and the dude not wearing a cover outdoors.

Virtually every military-related scene was so ridiculous. The super secret base is halfway round the world yet he manages to drop everything to run and save the soldiers because he's apparently the only person in the entire army capable of it and manages to arrive within minutes of the call - do they have teleportation in the miltary these days? And then she hops aboard some magic starship and finds her way to this super secret base as well, just in time to greet him.

And what was with that hideous bridal gown that was riding so low that you could almost see her nipples except for the bath mat that she had wrapped around her shoulders.

I realize that these two are apparently a couple in real life but, gah, what a lack of chemistry.

Just when you think Hallmark might do something different, they botch it up yet again.
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They didn't get the basics right
jtully1910 July 2022
If you're going to do a movie based on the US military at least have the actors look and act the part. The star says he's a Captain of Infantry. Captains haven't looked like he did since Vietnam when guys tried to look like civilians. I watched 15 minutes and gave up. Just could not get past the optics.

Come on Hallmark. At least require the actors to look the part. For what they're paid it's not asking all that much to get a haircut.
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Isn't it supposed to be cold outside?
Jackbv12310 July 2022
I love both these leads and only partly because I'm a Heartie. I also love Christmas in July and Christmas movies about either Veterans or Active Duty Servicepeople. I wanted this movie to be great and it was OK, but I feel like it could have been so much more.

The story has fresh aspects and also echoes of other common storylines, especially the climax. I think it's great there were no snowmen or snowball fights or food fights or Christmas pageants.

Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace know each other well as actors. In addition to WCtH, they have another recent movie together as leads. They have obvious chemistry. Both of them appear to be go-to actors for Hallmark. I especially like something about Kayla Wallace.

There were some very romantic moments early on and then pfft. I won't go into what, but the movie quickly had the two leads separated, at least physically, most of the time. I want to call a lot of that "place holding" in the story.

I often say that Hallmark type movies and realism don't have a lot in common. I thought there was a lot of that here, but the most glaring was some of the attire just taken for granted in a snowy environment especially a week after Christmas.
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The best Hallmark movie in a long time!
theheartieobserver10 July 2022
This movie was phenomenal! From the emotion, to the story, to the wonderful performances of Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace, this one has it all! I loved the deep, heartfelt conversations and the beautiful scenery as well. The story also breaks the cookie cutter formula of typical movies in the same genre, which is so refreshing! I would highly recommend. It's one of a kind and well done all around!
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Was sort of OK, But
mnapflorida10 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
There are too many glaring military errors in this movie, and the continuity was off. Kevin McGarry did not represent a US Army Captain at all, especially with the long hair. The storyline was different but really fell flat. Too bad, I had hopes that this would be one of the better Christmas movie.
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Great scify, rom-com, campy, drinking game movie
scottdavort10 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Me and my wife enjoy watching Hallmark movies. We don't expect epic productions, with multimillion dollar graphics budgets. We understand fully what these movies are about. We enjoy them.

But this movie takes the Oscar for epic writing by the young adult category. Let me explain, while in some movies you may find errors like v8 sounds on Teslas or things that move from scene to scene. These errors happen, sometimes you can't afford multiple editors.

But here, this takes it to the next level, willingly. These actors really had to work hard at not laughing or crying. Having been placed in epic situations by some of the most epicly bad military command in history. They did great.

In this universe, the military command of well groomed, shampooed hair operations are ready to take on the bad guys. Soldiers are sent to remote special ops to dark bases which can only be reached by teleportation (or heli) once a year. Around Christmas. Our hero is determined to complete his mission.

The Army while claiming to be training some of the most hardened soldiers for WW3, seem to place critical infrastructure in random mountain places unlocked in trail cameras. While evading bears (or whatever is in these mountains) certainl radio signals are also lost. When one soldier crashes in the woods, since there is nobody equipped to find the soldiers in the epic snow storm, Army command decides to call in their best... From thousands .. of miles ...away. Time is of the essence. Or not. These poor soldiers stranded in a mountain that eats radio waves are most likely popsicles for wildlife by now. Our hero however, bending time and space gets there in 20 minutes. Hair intact having skipped his wedding.

To make it better, his soon to be wife also makes it there just to see them come back from the mountain rescue. The soldiers tired and limping from what looks like perhaps a pulled hamstring.

But when it comes to communication with soldiers, pay attention to the official Army command letter. The Army has a 10 year old with scissors sending out their special ops letters. Overall. This completes the trifecta for a great movie.

Get ready for a brain bending, drink inducing epic love story. This army of great hair special ops and his lonely, very lonely Christmas writer will keep you hooked through this epic Hallmark movie.
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A New Classic
jkscarlett10 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I am a fan of this director, Andrew Cymek, and he has directed yet another wonderful movie. The story covered a five year period of a blossoming love story. The two lovers are separated much of the time because of the one character's Army responsibilities. It is a tale of love, loss, duty, and the beautiful Christmas spirit, realistically portrayed by a talented cast. Kevin McGarry is Luke the soldier, Kayla Wallace is the journalist ,Taylor, who learns what's truly important in life and magical at Christmas. I was a puddle of tears twice in the movie as these two delivered a magnificent performance that reminded me of the quality we used to see in Hallmark Hall of Fame productions of years past. It is a shame that there were so darn many commercials we had to sit through in order to watch the movie ,and I am certain more magic between these two actors was left on the cutting room floor because of it. Do yourself a favor and experience this new Christmas classic. You will love the dance, I promise. I loved it.
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Better than the usual!
ppenny-7639013 July 2022
We all know from the beginning how Hallmark movies end. They are very predictable, and the ending is always happy. But honestly, isn't that why we watch them? At least for me, if I'm not in the mood to be shook up in anyway, and believe me I like well crafted horror flicks, or torn to pieces emotionally, I will specifically make sure I have recorded a few Hallmark movies to fall back on if the world is too much. What I particularly appreciated about this movie was that the two lead actors were extremely believable and very good at their craft! I really don't think I need to say much more than that. I appreciated it for believing it, and that cannot always be said.
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Good idea, bad fanfic style execution. Painful.
Lily-3210 July 2022
Like most Hallmark movies these days it looked like a good idea and the trailer gave us hope and showed us potential. But the execution fell very flat and the only good thing was that experienced actors barely salvaged at least their roles.

The plot progression was ridiculous and most of the interactions were awkward. Things felt disconnected and at times unclear for the sake of lazy cookie cutter ad ins.

Their first introduction felt forced and contusing as in many other scenes.

And the dialogue? Again, I'm more impressed with actors who can make bad dialogue less painful even if unsalvageable.

How is the name Luke not Christmas like when the most quoted version of the real Christmas story comes from the Gospel of Luke?

The contriving is strong with this one. Up to and especially including the grand gesture. Like most things in this film, there was potential but it missed the mark by a lot.

And despite screen tags some of the timeline was quite confusing.

I could go on but I won't waste more time. I suppose it could grow on me but I'm not holding my breath.

It reminds me of bad song-fanfics I used to write before I learned a good idea does not equal a good execution and not everyone is a writer no matter how much they wish to be.
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Better than Expected
evaready10 July 2022
So much negative press about HC, recently. I enjoy XMAS in July, with oh so predictable movie plot lines but this one was different. It enjoyable & fun to watch. I appreciated that it wasn't the same old actors. They can stay @ GAC😀
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cwmaranatha10 July 2022
I don't usually rate movies especially with 10 stars but this one... well I can't keep quiet about it. I know rating a movie 10 isn't taken seriously BUT this is the first one I've seen that warrants 10 stars. The acting superb. The script brilliantly written and executed by Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace as well as all the supporting cast and that's rare! This beautiful, family friendly romantic Christmas story is unique in that it has depth as well as all the feels that a Christmas movie should have plus the chemistry between Kevin and Kayla is tangible and genuine, not faked as some movies do and I can't recommend this film enough. If you do choose to give it a try I'm 99.9% certain you won't be disappointed and for me... well, Santa has come early this year!!!
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