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Unbelievably Bad
seshperankh10 July 2013
I didn't expect much from this movie. It is a cheap knock-off of Planes after-all. The summary read like some 'Thunder-birds Team' movie. Alas no. The film is a scattered mess.

Actually I found the planes and robots to be kinda creepy. Characters are introduced that do not move the story. The main character Ace makes you dislike him. yes characters have to be simple in animations. Especially something for kids. They can be done well however. Look at Shrek and Lightning McQueen. The toys from Toy Story. Simple characters that kids and adults like. The main characters here give you nothing to like about them. The dialog is cringe inducing and the action non existent. The animation isn't cute or entertaining either.

A boring movie written very poorly is all this turns out to be.
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gsmom6823 April 2013
Don't waste your time or your money. No plot, no character development AT ALL. It doesn't make any sense and there's nothing to keep even a young child's interest. We took our 4th grade classes as a reward field trip, and literally had the theater stop the film after less than an hour because the kids were completely not interested, all of them. It's like a really bad Saturday morning cartoon where someone tried to borrow ideas from successful animated films, but just jammed them all into this one with no real understanding of what actually makes a good animated film. Hint: It takes more than good animation. This is at the top of my worst movie I've ever had to sit through (even partially).
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Umremittingly Awful
forlornpope14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My wife bought this to distract our 2 1/2 year old son, to mixed reviews. Initially he hated it because the constant crashing and chaos disrupted his primitive sense of orderliness. For some reason he now tolerates it to the point that he will request it and then ignore it, then get indignant if I shut it off.

I'm not sure what the worst part of this movie is. The awful, ripoff voice work? The creepy animation? The excessive number of nominally overlapping plot lines? That the soundtrack is an apparently random mash-up of terrible songs? The anthropomorphous planes and plane slaves (or whatever the robots are) that somehow have the ability to die from lack of oxygen and cold? (Spoiler: they don't, but you'll wish they had).

I'd advise against watching this movie under any circumstances. But if you're feeling bad about any of your life decisions, just remember that someone spent $20 million on this.
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