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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • A female Chimpanzee gives birth. No nudity is seen, but you can see her reactions. Very Brief.
  • Malcolm and his wife kiss.
  • Two-second kiss in one scene

Violence & Gore

  • This movie's trailers trumpet the big battle scenes where apes ride in on horseback with spears and blazing guns.
  • And that clash is indeed the core of the story.
  • Both sides of the man-ape equation fear for their survival and rage at each other with explosive might.
  • The results are only sometimes bloody but nearly always intense and perilous.
  • Caesar is shot and the ape village set on fire as a way to push the whole community toward war.
  • And once that battle breaks out, RPGs and automatic weaponry destroy buildings, landscapes, men and apes alike.
  • A score of apes are crushed by a bus as it rolls over.
  • And many more are smashed by debris from a tower detonated by blocks of C4 explosive.
  • Simians strike metal structures and platforms when they fall from great heights.
  • Apes grab and, you might say, manhandle innocent humans-slamming them to the ground, dragging them off and throwing them into cages.
  • Koba, an older and war-hungry ape, points to his many ugly scars-gained while he was a lab test subject-and speaks of mankind's savage ways.
  • He later grabs a machine gun and riddles two men with bullets, point-blank.
  • He jumps on an armored military vehicle, crushes and pummels its human occupants and uses its large-caliber gun to slaughter even more.
  • After an ape follower refuses to murder a fallen human, Koba grabs the more conscientious ape and throws him to his death off a precipice.
  • Early on, the ape hordes go hunting, felling antelope and a bear with spears.
  • Caesar's son is raked by a bear's sharp claws, the young ape's chest torn and bloodied.
  • Caesar (an ape) leaps onto Koba (an ape) and suddenly starts to strangle him. An orangutan tells Caesar to stop it and he does. Koba is still alive.
  • Koba shoots two men with a gun.
  • An ape murders a man waiting in a car.
  • We see Koba jump onto a bear's back with a spear and stab the bear, breaking the spear in the bear's head and killing it instantly.
  • Much of the violence here consists of gunfire where humans and apes are killed, and fistfights between apes at times.


  • One f-word and at least a half-dozen s-words join a handful of uses each of "a--" "b--ch" and "h---"
  • Jesus' name is misused once; God's is exclaimed a time or two as well.
  • Many brief mild to moderate profanities
    • "Jesus Christ!"
    • "Who the hell are we gonna blame?"
    • "Dude, shut up or I'll kick your ass!"
    • "I'm the asshole."
    • "Holy sh*t!"
    • "Bullsh*t!"
    • "Son of a b*tch" is used a few times throughout the movie.
    • "Oh my God!"
    • At least one clear use of the 'f' word which is said at the near end of the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Carver smokes a cigarette.
  • Men drink from a bottle of booze while testing weapons.
  • Two men are shown drinking alcohol from a bottle.
  • A man smokes a cigarette in a car.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Koba has a scarred and angry face which may be frightening to children.
  • A bear suddenly bursts out of some bushes roaring.
  • A man is captured and surrounded by gorillas and a chimpanzee with a huge spear aimed above his neck that wants to kill the man. He has to plead with the apes while they consider killing him.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Caesar and Koba fight and after Koba is defeated and pleads for his life Caesar kills him anyway.
  • Koba shoots Caesar, who is presumed dead. Later on he is found alive and has surgery to remove the bullet
  • Koba murders a young ape that questions his orders by dragging him to a balcony and throwing him over the edge while other apes watch.
  • A small-scale battle between humans and apes occurs, mostly this consists of people being shot by apes and vice versa using machine guns and rocket launchers. This is an intense battle scene with apes shown burning to death and being blown up. The scene concludes with the annihilation of the human defenders and then the apes use a tank to break in and capture the civilians.
  • A man uses a bomb try to try to blow up the apes and he kills himself and some of his friends when he detonates the bomb

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man suddenly encounters two apes and shoots one of them on impulse. Soon he and his friends are surrounded by numerous apes armed with spears. The apes are ready to attack. After a lot of tension the apes begin shouting loudly at the humans to "Go!"
  • A baby ape uncovers a sawed off shotgun, resulting in tension.
  • Very brief moments include disturbing images and iconography. Two scenes show the contents of a sketchbook detailing everything a boy saw happen while there was anarchy. Several scenes have graffiti in the background raving about 'Simian Flu' and choice phrases about the end of the world. Animal skulls and bones have been arranged into 'scarecrows' by apes. Buildings are in ruins and overgrown and so are some iconic landmarks, constantly reminding the audience of the post-apocalyptic setting.

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