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This Ip man film proves why directing makes all the difference.
Top_Dawg_Critic4 July 2022
One reviewer stated that it slaps Donnie Yen in the face; I didn't really mind that they cast Tse Miu (who oddly is not listed in the casting) to play Yen's character at a young age, his acting was actually decent. But the problem wasn't that Yen wasn't cast, it's that it lacked Wilson Yip's directorial magic, and Edmond Wong's creative writing - both of whom did all the previous Ip Man films (I've seen them all) that made me a fan of the franchise. The real slap in the face goes to those two, because it's evident this film was missing their magical touches, especially the fight scenes.

Here, you have two directors in this one - Li Xi Jie and Zhang Zhu Lin, and Fang Lan and Liu Bayin as writers, who instead gave us 1980's slow-mo cheesy and sappy scenes. Some of the choreography, especially at the beginning, was just as bad as the writing and directing.

Although the cinematography was up to par as the previous films, and the actual story had its merits, the rest of the production was a let-down of my expectations. Would I recommend this one? Well, if you're a fan of the franchise, it's a decent (but not great) origin story, so I'd say yes. But don't have high expectations like I did, as this production if far from the greatness we'd expect from Yip and Wong. Hopefully this mess inspires them to give up a better origin film. Sadly, it's a generous 6/10 from me, most going to the cast who I'm sure tried their best with what they were given.
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matildabalogun30 June 2022
The story line was boring and definitely not attention catching. The action scenes were really great but apart from that. Boring and totally bad compared to the previous IP MAN movies.
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This just isn't good.
imdb-11641-0550322 June 2022
This doesn't feel like Ip Man at all. Not just that, but as far as martial arts movies go it wasn't even enjoyable. The acting was bad, the story was bad, everything about this felt really sub par. I may have enjoyed it as a bad martial arts movie more if it wasn't trying to pass itself off as an Ip Man movie.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on this. The martial arts felt more 80s martial arts than modern day. The acting was rough, I struggled to watch the fights. This is not anywhere close to Donnie Yen quality.
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Dumb boring movie in slow motion
tranat7123 June 2022
Bad. Just really bad. It seems like everything moves in slow motion, even the fight scenes seem to move in slow-mo. That's so bad.

It's just amazing to know that there are so many bad directors out there making stupid movies.

Just so so bad.
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Shockingly bad
zzzxxxcccvvv-4320214 July 2022
I don't know how to say this politely but this movie is really really bad. It's Incredibly low budget. It feels like a High school project. Just the acting alone this movie deserves a zero. Did the director just pull random people off the street? I don't get it.

The fight choreography is at the level of Charlie's Angels. Seriously, people are getting tapped on the shoulder and flying into outer space. In terms of martial arts it really doesn't get much worse than this.

There is no way your walking away from this film satisfied.
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Slow and boring story, acting not good either.
zachary-6869022 June 2022
Fight scenes are ok which is the main reason I ended up watching, final fight was terrible. Would not recommend, should have just watched the clips on YouTube.

Acting is bad also, especially from the British actors and the music doesn't hold up well in any of the scenes.

Went in hoping it would be good and gave it a chance, doesn't match or compete with Donnie Yen's portrayal of Ip Man.

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Bad in every way possible
akomamail21 June 2022
It feels like a joke without a punchline. It hits every cliché trope on the book with such glaring obviousness that you have to convince yourself it's a parody of the genre if you just wanna get through it.

Every scene is oversaturated to such a degree that at times you feel like you're watching some cheap traveling agency's promotional video, and for some odd reason the action scene's camerawork forgoes the iconic Chinese style of continuous clear shots that make the choreography shine and replaces it with the horrific quick cutting Hollywood style of shooting while executing it in the worst possible way.

Overall this movie has made every single choice a terrible one and lessens an otherwise very decent franchise.
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Shameless disgrace
DigIt18 July 2022
Those responsible for this ignoble movie should at least be fined for defaming the Yip Man legend.

They did not even try to tell something new and even less original: they just patched up a few episodes from the previous fine films with some unbelievable ludicrous evil characters with the gullible heroes they were just dumb enough to conceive.
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It slaps Donnie Yen in the face.
iqgenius-980-22690827 June 2022
I feel like this was a prank that went too far sorta thing. Like they knew it was a joke but after all the work they put into it wanted to see how it would go being a feature film.

The acting was so bad that I feel sorry for the extras having been conned into this obvious train-wreck.

The fight scenes weren't too bad but I feel as though the director kept telling the lead actor to NOT imitate Donnie Yen like they knew they didn't have permission and would be sewed for copyright.

In conclusion, if it were actually possible to sue someone for wasting my time.... I would with this film.
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waste of time
beshahethi25 July 2022
The worst movie I have ever seen this month very stupid and slow.. it should be at least action but nothing British people I don't know where did the come!
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Way off the target
medic199017 July 2022
Poor story line, Weak in the sense that it feels that it has no bearing in Ip man story line whatso ever. There are Way Toooooo many historic inaccuracies in this film. Way tooo many film cuts during the fights scenes as well. Some of the acting was horrible, especially from the so called "Foreigners". This film is only good if you need to put something up on the TV to get some sleep.
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pls no another "knuck off"
amyuzumaki24 July 2022
0 star. Most china love to copy things and make it cheaper? .. it their nature ?... this movie was joke.. btw im not see it , but i know its really bad! Pls stop !
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A disappointment of Martial Arts movie
mailtaskservice29 June 2022
I will not recommend pay to watch because its really wasting money. The story is just below average same as other versus gangster stories. The story nothing to phrase on and very predictable from start to end.

A lot of the storyline are very illogical and total nonsense. The acting are poor and worse the main Ip Man cast a young man still in college but the actor is so old with wrinkles! The make-up is so poorly invested and everything is so budgeted.

The directorship is poor, stunt is poor, story is below average, acting poor, effects poor, stunts poor, nothing is good!

I cannot give more than 4/10 because this is one of the worse martial arts movie I had watched in 2021 and 2022! It really brought down the Ip Man series of movies. The quality is like year pre 1997 when HK movie industry trying to make more money (before HK handover) by quantity and neglect quality.
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Not Really Ip Man But Still a Lot of Fun
tkdlifemagazine22 June 2022
Not Really Ip Man But Still a Lot of Fun. Ip Man has become one of the great Chinese exports, and the subject of numerous films, of the last decade and a half, and the world can not get enough of these action packed, loosely based bio-pics. Ip Man: The Awakening (2022), is the latest film in a series of stories about the life and legacy of Bruce Lee's legendary Wing Chu Master, Ip Man, to hit the US market this week. Here is a synopsis and review of this Well Go USA Entertainment release.

While visiting Hong Kong, a young Master Ip intervenes in a kidnapping attempt, unintentionally igniting a turf war with a ruthless human trafficking ring. In retaliation, the gang kidnaps one of Ip Man's close friends, leaving him with no choice but to challenge the group's notoriously brutal boxing champion head-on.

To be clear this is not part of the highly successful four part, Donnie Yen, series about the Chinese, Wing Chun legend. However, it is based upon the same character.

This film is a prequel of sorts to the Wilson Yip, Donnie Yen blockbusters. It takes place prior to the original Yen film, and prior to the unrelated film we previously reviewed, Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2021). It further varies from the biographical authenticity of any of the prior films. This is a fictional tale featuring a real cultural and historical icon.

For those looking for more of Donnie Yen and the triumphant filmmaking of the four (4) unrelated films, you may be disappointed. However, for those looking to revisit this beloved character in a fun, action packed movie that is cinematically pleasing, this film is a winner. It is engaging from the opening action packed fight scene to the climactic final fight scene.

Miu Tse does a great job in the lead role. Unlike Dennis To's Donnie Yen impression, Tse seems to channel Yen in his interpretation of the role. He does a good job of carrying the film. His fighting resembles Yen. His acting works. His martial arts is high level and very watchable.

The story line involves a young Ip Man's blind quest for justice and righteousness as he takes on serious adversaries in an attempt to stop British, human trafficking out of Hong Kong. While his pursuit is righteous, Ip did not stop to consider the consequences and the collateral damage his actions caused. This sets up the dilemma posed by the film; what is the cost of justice?

The film's fight choreography is mixed. Tse and some of his costars are clearly adept martial artists, but it seems many of the others are not. This leads to many choppy fight sequences and super close up shots, which deprive the audience of the full flavor of the fights. On the other hand the film manages to do a good job setting up a climactic fight scene which pits Wing Chun against Batitsu, the British martial art of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. This art blends Boxing, Japanese Jiujitsu, Savate, and Cane fighting. This fight scene is as close as the film gets to the original films.

The film, like many Chinese films, has many Nationalistic themes.

This film surprised me and I think it will surprise martial arts film fans, whether you have seen other Ip Man films or not.

I recommend it.
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Solid extension of the Ip Man legend, even without Donnie Yen
lotekguy-129 June 2022
Ip Man is a historic Chinese martial arts master who inspired a nation in his era, and a raft of movies ever since. Most memorable for Western viewers would be the four films starring Donnie Yen from 2008-19. Besides being an accomplished fighter and actor, he achieved the rare feat of making all four excellent, without the usual sequel dropoff. Well, to be honest, #3 had a bit of a quality dip, before rallying for #4, which was arguably the best of the quartet.

Even though the last of these was titled Ip Man: The Finale, that qualifier apparently only applied to Yen, not his character. The Marvel Universe isn't the only place one can blow right past what sounds like a series-ending name. Did anyone really think Avengers: Endgame would be the end of a franchise? In this extension, a younger version of Yen (nice-guy good looks, projecting integrity and humility beyond his years), Miu Tse seems a worthy successor in both requirements for the character.

Reworking a premise that's been oft-used since the Hong Kong chopsocky factories of the 1970s-80, Ip Man plays a superb fighter, going to the big city for the first time, with no idea how much corruption he'd be facing. In this case, it seems to be set the 1930s, with some of the British occupiers rounding up young women for human trafficking on a major scale. They're supported by cops on the take, and even natives more interested in a paycheck than in their fellow citizens. Ip Man is compelled to give all the baddies a beat down, despite losses and setbacks along the way, for the sake of the women and for Chinese pride against the invaders.

The script follows formula, honoring the hero and tradition. Miu Tse should be a rising star with a bright future. One interesting novelty is the villains' use of a uniquely British, largely forgotten, martial arts form called bartitsu, which combines elements of many disciplines from Western boxing to several Asian specialties, usually wielding a cane or other stick. It's rarely been part of any films in the genre. Sherlock Holmes mentioned it in passing once. Colin Firth's character in Kingsman: The Secret Service deployed a variation, though not calling it by name. Portraying the epitome of the dignified gentry, his stick was, of course, an umbrella.

The film is very efficient, running only 80 minutes. If you find the early fight scenes hard to follow (camera too close, edits too choppy), don't lose faith. The later ones deliver the action with all the visual and audio quality fans will expect. It's almost as if the crew learned their craft on-the-job, ending with far more polish than they started. Overall, a worthy debut in a classic role. Though not rated at the time of this review, I'd describe the violence level as a strong PG-13, just on the restrained side of an R.
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robdcrotts4 August 2022
What in the sappy piano goofy giggling squinty eye Brittish guy slow mo is going on here..it's like the love child of over sensitive Brendan Fraser from Bedazzled and Steven Seagal directed this crap. Tough to get through. Just, walk away.
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No idea why people disliked this film
joash-arch28 June 2022
It's a sweet, small film about hong kong and china.. it's not brilliant, it's not boring and it lacks a really good plot. Still the fights are wing chun and the acting is not bad. If you like the genre you will probably have fun.. no idea why people wrote the other reviews.. i enjoyed it.
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alizhear22 July 2022
The slow motion it's very low quality which ruin any scene that use it in the Movie, but luckily they did'nt use it a lot.

The Main character is good, and hes development not that bad.

The Side characters, they simple return from death in final scene, which is very weird.

And the acting and some dialog its so cringe.

The Villain don't have any interesting character.

Overall, its amuse me, and good to watch.
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