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Exceptional indie film
thombrown-641-42405627 March 2013
The complications inequality wreaks are deftly illustrated in this highly-polished independent film by newcomer writer David W Ross. The film also comes at a time when Prop 8 and DOMA are under the spotlight so couldn't be more appropriate. I was mightily impressed with the balanced story-telling, the pacing, the high production values and the excellent acting from the cast, particularly Jessica Tyler Brown who surely has a bright acting future ahead of her.

One thing that really makes the film work is the mix of tragedy, comedy, drama and intimacy that brings through the character of the film. Nothing is straightforward in the story, and that's the point with marriage inequality. It inflicts a web of complications and pushes people to break the law to be with someone they love, which can be felt emphatically. The issue doesn't just affect couples who wish to be together, but everyone close to them.

Fortunately the film isn't just a case of watching Jack Edwards's world slowly ebb away, and the anxieties it brings; it also has very touching and humorous moments which don't descend to the farcical. It's this mixture that would bring me back to watch it again. Sure you'll have a couple moments where your eyes may well up, but it thankfully hasn't been over-baked into a Lifetime-style drama. And you will laugh, or at least chuckle at the well-timed and appropriate comedy. I'm still highly impressed by this supposedly little indie film, which punches well above its weight. Go watch it if you get the chance.
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Emotional Film
jsuntwitter27 March 2013
I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the film at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. The films subject is very topical at the moment of writing this with the events around DOMA in the US. Before watching I tried my best to avoid any "Spoilers" bar the teaser so that I don't build up any expectations. I was impressed. The film was so much better than I was expecting for a low budget indie film. The story had a few twists which I wasn't expecting and I loved the way the film ended. I've seen quite a few independent gay themed films over the last few years and the production quality varies dramatically. In this film it was up there with some of the big budget films. I was especially impressed with the soundtrack. I hope they release the soundtrack to buy.

I really got caught up with the characters and laughed out loud in some places and wiped tears from my eyes in others. The story takes you on an emotional roller-coaster.

If you get the chance to see the film in a theater it's well worth it.
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Film of the year and its only March!
pauldrew5427 March 2013
I saw this film at the BFI film festival in London at the weekend and was not really sure what to expect but went in with an open mind, I knew from the first twist in the film after just 5 minutes that it was going to be good.

The film deals with the DOMA issue which is currently big news in the USA but less so here so faced an uphill battle to educate British audiences on the subject which it achieved with ease, The fact that this film was independently produced just adds to the warmth and feeling of the film, It makes it more intimate without the Hollywood gloss.

The film plays with emotions on very different subjects as there are several unexpected twists and turns throughout and you are left not knowing right up until the closing scene what the final outcome will be.

The film has obviously been aimed at the gay market however like only a handful others before it is strong enough in its own right to break away from the genre and become a universal film for anyone to view without the need to be labelled as a gay film.

The acting, production, location and story line is simple yet stunning and the story has stayed with me and had me looking into the DOMA cause several days later - Certainly one of the most impactful stories i have seen in a long time and cant wait to watch again, I strongly recommend this film to anyone you will be left wanting more!
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At last: a studio-quality gay romance
jm1070119 October 2013
Anyone who's hungry for a feel-good, studio-quality gay romance - with crisp photography, classy sets, clear sound, attractive actors with celebrity stubble, hot bods, pure hearts, and plenty of obstacles for true love to overcome - is going to love this movie. There are no others like it. Even lesbians are pretty well represented, within the movie's Hollywood-like straight-acting constraints. It's certainly as good and as believable as any straight romance Hollywood ever made. Even straight people might like it, because there's a very cute child, the gays are wonderfully domestic and straight-acting, and true love is true love regardless of gender.

The fact that this movie's objective - equal treatment of gay married couples under US immigration law - had, to the whole world's amazement, already been achieved by the time the DVD was released doesn't compromise its effectiveness as much as it could have. It really is a very romantic drama much more than an appeal for justice, so while the appeal already sounds dated it's a small enough part of the movie that it's easy to overlook.

For gay men like me, though, and others who aren't particularly romantic, this movie is not so great. The problem is the screenplay, written by David W. Ross, who also stars as Jack.

Nearly every point on which the highly melodramatic story turns is weak at best, and often ludicrous: Drag-racing taxis on a rainy Manhattan street at night? Jack suddenly losing his work visa after 20 steadily productive years in the US? Why? His lawyer says it's "because of 9/11"? Was every gainfully-employed British WASP deported ten years after 9/11? It makes no sense.

And after all those years of obviously successful employment (just look at his fabulous Manhattan loft apartment!), why doesn't he already HAVE a green card, or even citizenship? That's just the beginning; the contrived, nonsensical crises, one after another, are just too absurd to swallow. It's also hard to sympathize with affluent people who repeatedly make stupid choices.

But this is Hollywood (or might as well be). So while I found the movie mostly annoying (a few dynamite turns by Jamie-Lynn Sigler are the only exceptions), I strongly recommend it to my less cynical and more romantically-inclined brothers who've been waiting an unfairly long time for a movie just like this.
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I Do Too
ptb-817 March 2013
This intelligent and charming NY indie feature has a lot going for it. The over-all premise is a sophisticated urbane justification for gay marriage, but it is presented as a family of friends drama with quite legitimate and compelling emotional drive. I live in Australia and saw it as a film festival presentation. At first I thought it was an Aussie film given the initial male actor, but it quickly revealed to be a NY feature and as a result, a feature that's international in tone and heart. Yes it could be set anywhere and about people we all know. Only occasionally does the script seem too TV with some over written sentences too mouthy for an actor, but this is a minor quibble in a strong film that brings forth a realistic relationship quandary among believable 30 somethings. Newcomer dude Mike Manning is a standout in an unforgiving role, and Alicia Witt proves again why she will inherit roles that Julianne Moore will miss out on. I won't see it again, but you should see it and bring along perhaps a friend who can offer intelligent and heartfelt comment over coffee afterwards. I can see a major remake with Gerard Butler and Antonio Banderas which possibly is the real income generator for the producers of this humane film.
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Interesting subject conventionally done.
vauxtc23 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well worth seeing and well filmed and clearly aimed at a wider market than just a gay one. No harm in that but you get the impression that compromises have been made in order to appeal for a wider marketplace even though like many features the finance was apparently difficult to get.

Comfortable professional setting, articulate characters seemingly no money worries but nevertheless the situation the lead characters find themselves in, the element of chance which determines a death, the guilt which follows and so on are all ones which anyone could find themselves in. And it deals with the politically torrid issue of visas, residency and the love which is not recognised by official political and governmental mantras. The acting is generally good especially from the actresses and from the actor playing the older gay man.
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leo_kade26 May 2013
I was amazed at how badly the movie was rated. I thought it was a good movie. Its a cute movie and made me laugh a few times and almost made me tear a few. It really reminded me of my old friend who I miss dearly. It also made me smile thinking about all the fun times we used to have. The actors play the characters great and the movie has a good story. Give it a chance you might be surprised. omg why did IMDb change it that you have to write soo much? Isn't a simple i liked the movie and if you want to find out what its about read the summary or watch the trailer! Now we have to write 10 sentences what is that all about? I love movies and love to rate them but if they lock my account this will be the last review I write. Cant believe they changed this I used to write reviews all the time. Thanks IMDb for ruining your rating system!
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A Great Topical Love Story
danny-r-langrish27 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't know what to expect from this film. I was informed by the writer (David W Ross) that it had sad moments, and I should bring the tissues. So many 'Gay' films are depressing, and always seem to have a sad ending. So I went in thinking, it would be a typical 'gay film', and I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it.

However, the film had a nice little story, which keeps the viewer interested throughout. There is a good balance of characters, whom you get to know well and how they effect the main character, without overloading you with back stories.

It's no secret that it covers the debate about gay marriage and equal rights, which is very much in the now, with #DOMA in the USA and the Gay marriage debate in the UK. But even though that's the main point of the story, its not all heavy political jargon and debate. It's about equality, but told in a way that is enjoyable and easy to digest.

The film also brings up a few 'what would you do in that situation?' subjects, which promotes conversation with friends and family, long after the credits roll.

The film also looks well shot, and some great cinematography. The script is good, with some great funny one liners (apparently it was originally a comedy, in a previous incarnation). It moves along nicely without moving too quickly, or plodding along too slow.

It has a nice ending too, which restores my faith in 'gay' cinema.

So all in all a great film, with some heavy subjects, but told in a way that keeps you entertained, some giggles and some great characters. It shows you can educate the viewer, without preaching or overloading.

Thoroughly enjoyable
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A great movie, truly amazing with an important message
harvey-laura27 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Thankfully after a much anticipated wait I was lucky enough to see this fabulous movie in London @ LGFF on Saturday 23rd March, and it was so worth the wait & did not disappoint me.

From the opening scenes, I was enticed into the story of Jack Edwards & walked alongside him in his journey to find happiness at the end, and what a journey it was. I did not see all the twists in the story coming, but they were amazingly told & acted by the whole cast, keeping me on the edge of my seat as to what was coming next (sign of a great movie in my book).

The screenplay story being told is emotive, passionate, heartfelt, informative & relevant. There are 'tender' moments, 'laugh out loud' moments, 'hot ;-)' moments & 'OMG how dated are those laws' moments, this movie tells & highlights the important message of 'Why is one love more acceptable than another' love is love & all love should be equal because we are all equal, and I hope this movie succeeds in helping to change laws so we can all be free to love whoever we desire with no discrimination.

This movie belongs on the big screens worldwide, and I for one hope to see it there, so that I can see this amazing film again & again, this movie can be enjoyed by everyone & anyone who has a open heart, I cannot recommend this film enough, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see 'I Do' grab it, I know I would...xx
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Do you love me? I Do!
gradyharp1 June 2013
It is refreshing to discover a little film that deals with important issues and respects those issues to the point of avoiding cliché and parody. I DO was written, produced and stars the very talented (and handsome and hunky) David W. Ross who has composed a story that deals with the now newsworthy attention on Proposition 8, the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), immigration issues, and the spectrum of the gay community, and from these poignant issues he delivers a touching, humorous, tart, and ultimately deeply moving film.

Jack Edwards (David W. Ross) was born in England but came to America to study Photography and is successful in his art but lacks a significant other: we get the message that he has transient affairs with men who disappoint him. We meet Jack in a restaurant where he is joining his brother Peter (Grant Bowler) and his wife Mya (Alicia Witt) to hear that Mya is expecting. The happy trio leaves the restaurant and in hailing a cab, Jack drops his wallet and when Peter attempts to find it Peter is killed by an oncoming car. Devastated, Jack assumes Peter's role with Mya and when her daughter Tara (Jessica Tyler Brown) is born, Uncle Jack helps Mya raise her (Mya is in Nursing School and needs supportive assistance). The relationship is warm and each of the three enjoys each other's presence - young Tara is utterly accepting of Uncle Jack's being gay - a fine lesson for all adults...

Jack is notified that his Visa is expiring and he must return to England unless he can find a way to attain a Green Card. A very fine councilor, Gloria (Patricia Belcher) is strict and warns Jack that unless he finds a way to stay he will be deported. The idea of getting married as a means of obtaining a Green Card is raised and Jack's close friend, the lesbian Ali Federman (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) has just been dumped by her lover Christina (Ashleigh Sumner), and agrees to marry Jack to support his staying in the US. Meanwhile Jack, who usually has one night stands with such hunks as young Craig (Mike C. Manning), meets an architect from Spain, Mano Alfaro (Maurice Compte) and the two share many traits and philosophies as well as a powerful physical attraction and they become a couple. Feeling abandoned by her soul mate, Ali decides to ask for a divorce and this creates a real crisis that must be solved. But in the end the need for real love and for family and for meaning brings this beautiful story to a meaningful end.

The cast is exceptionally fine - without exception (little Jessica Tyler Brown at times steals the show but that is due to the brilliant lines Ross has given her) - and the cameo role by Mickey Cottrell as Sam, Jack's mentor in Photography and dear friend, is particularly meaningful to the story. But one of the most important aspects of the film is the very positive light that it sheds on equality of people - gay and straight - and how that honest depiction of people of all sexual persuasions can and do live bonded by the importance of the family of man. Highly recommended.

Grady Harp
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gay male chick flick
londonviewer23 March 2013
I saw this at this year's London Lesbian & Gay film festival ... and whilst I normally stay for the Q&A after each film ... this was one of the few that I couldn't bear to!

Don't get me wrong, I was carried along the emotional roller coaster with everybody else - I was welling up with the best of them ... but ultimately it was a fairly trashy film.

Some of the clichés and poor writing was simply inexcusable ... and some of the scenes felt as clunky as a home video. And some of the acting was fairly grim too!

Highlights were the male bodies, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and the beautiful Mike Manning.

If you want a slushy cry-fest, go for it, just be prepared for the issues listed above!
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Beautiful yet very allegorical
Remy_Azhary4 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is a beautiful story with an unexpected twist even. I would say it's very timely and quite allegorical considering the same-sex marriage law that has now being legalized in the States. Too bad it doesn't receive much publicity in the mainstream media.

Although it's an indie film yet it had all the qualities of an excellent film. It had all the elements of human relationships. Even from a non-American's perspective, I can relate to them.

If there's one word to describe it is "dilemmas." Grieving over his brother's death, supporting the latter's wife and daughter, facing political dilemma about his green card and his ultimately sacrifice for love.

This movie had all the possible elements of a an excellent film.

Very Oscar-worthy if I may add.
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Please don't!
cekadah17 September 2015
Well this little ditty has every sappy melodramatic cliché ever thought of, and with a twist too! Well maybe not.

Here we have Jack & Peter Edwards, brothers. Peter & wife Mya meet Jack at a fancy fancy eatery to proudly announce to Jack that Mya is pregnant and they are joyful that Jack is going to be the gay uncle! All is right in their world ... oops, not so fast ... Peter gets run over by an automobile that very same evening, and the movie just started! Poor Peter!

Jump forward eight years. The daughter, Tara, is now eight years old and ever-so sweet. Mom Mya is studying to be a nurse and Jack has been a comfort and a supportive uncle. All is right in their world ... oops, not so fast ... Jack receives notice that his visa is about to expire and he will have to go back to England! He has family, a job, and has been a fine member of the community in NYC. But 9/11 changed everything he is told, so get ready for a rough ride. So Jack gets his lesbian studio assistant to marry him so he can stay in the USA. Perfect solution ... oops ... turns out if you marry after visa expiration notification you can get into some deep dodo. Lesbian chick wants to bail out on this deal ... no jail time for her. Poor Jack!

Jack just happens to meet a lonely Spanish/American guy at an art opening! Things get hot between them. Spanish/American guy to the rescue, let's get married ... all is right ... not so fast. The gay marriage deal isn't going to work either. And on and on the story goes. Little Tara gets sick, Jack and Mya have a falling out, Spanish guys father falls over dead (and Spanish guy gets all upset over this even though he hasn't spoken with his father for 20 years and dear old dad tried to stab him once!) You can just hear the weepy violin music in your head - such drama!

Guess what - happy ending! Turns out Spanish guy inherits a famous vineyard, Jack goes through with divorce, little Tara gets well, Mya aces her nursing test, and Jack flies off to Spain to jump into the eager and now wealthy arms of Spanish guy. All is right in their world.

Now the twist - two gay guys instead of a guy and a girl. Big deal.
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