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1 Jan. 2013
George Robinson and the Good Cops declare an alcohol prohibition and no one is safe from their Elliot Ness-like cleanup of Ocean Point Port. Things go swimmingly until an unlikely coincidence creates a rift that could tear the Good Cops apart, forever.
4 Jan. 2013
After suffering through the destruction of the Good Cops as we know them, Perkins discovers that George Robinson has not only broken the Good Cops, he has ruined Sledge's home life as well. A plea for help from Sledge's struggling wife forces Perkins to intercede and save the man he once knew.
8 Jan. 2013
Devil Root
Distracted by the lust of Mrs. Sledge, Perkins reconciles himself with their past relationship while Nicky stumbles upon an idea to save Sledge. The broken but inspired Good Cops call upon the talents of lab expert Ben Beasley, who leads them to the most powerful alcoholic beverage in the world, 'Svalbardian Devil Root.'
11 Jan. 2013
With the Svalbardian Devil Root in hand, Nicky and Perkins call upon their old friend Thatcher to help find a way into George's trust just long enough to spike his drink. An internal battle ensues as Sledge and George fight across the land for control of the remaining Good Cop.
15 Jan. 2013
To Finger a Man
With George Robinson gone and Sledge returned, the Good Cops take on the entire department to discover who's getting the teenagers drunk.
18 Jan. 2013
One Shot, One Kill
The Good Cops fight for the lives, but someone won't walk away from the penultimate battle for Ocean Point Port. This entire episode was shot in one take.
22 Jan. 2013
When Light Breaks the Shade
This is it. Thatcher's dead, the teenagers are drunks, and it's up to Nicky, Perkins, and Sledge to save Ocean Point Port once and for all. Who will live? Who will die? Are you seriously still reading this? It's justice time!

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