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11 Dec. 2012
Anonymous Tip
After receiving a distress call from a luxury yacht in the local marina, Detectives Nicky, Perkins and Sledge uncover a plot that could destroy the future of Ocean Point Port.
14 Dec. 2012
Russian Water Trick
While reporting to the chief that someone is getting the teenagers drunk, the Good Cops learn that they are under investigation by Internal Affairs, but even that won't stop them from uncovering 'The Russian Water Trick.'
18 Dec. 2012
Internal Affairs tests the mental and physical abilities of Sledge, Nicky and Perkins and then assigns a psychological evaluator to monitor their activities. The Good Cops show the evaluator what real detective work is, as they infiltrate the local High School.
21 Dec. 2012
Daytime Blowout
A frustrated "Rookie" inadvertently gives the Good Cops the day off which sends Nicky, Perkins and Sledge to a local bar when they run into an old friend on an impossible case.
26 Dec. 2012
In Deep
After the death of Jean Deaux, a somber Sledge untangles his last words and uncovers a lead that could finally break open the case of the drunk teenagers, but it means they'll have to go undercover, deep undercover.
28 Dec. 2012
After Sledge and Perkins are imprisoned by Internal Affairs, Nicky has to pull out the "big guns" in order to set them free. Freedom however, does not stop Sledge from fighting through an internal crisis of conscience that leads to a most unwelcome visitor.

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