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19 Oct. 2011
Two cops stakeout a villainous "perp", while a third cop handles an "undercover investigation.
26 Oct. 2011
The Nightflasher
Perkins and Nicky are called in to face The Chief, to explain their recent disaster of a stakeout. We learn of the existence of a horrible criminal known as "The Nightflasher."
10 Nov. 2011
Sledge remembers the day that he and his wife were flashed. Nicky learns that Sledge has a "bad ticker", Perkins and Nicky hatch a plot to ensure that Sledge's family is cared for, after Sledge's impending death.
17 Nov. 2011
Desert Highball
Perkins and Nicky lure Sledge to the desert with an eye for killing him, so that his family can cash in on the enormous police life insurance policy. Sledge somehow survives, but cartoonish madness ensues.
7 Dec. 2011
The Human Hourglass
The Good Cops arrest the nefarious bartender and bring him into the police interrogation room. After he fails to give them the information they need to catch the 'Night Flasher' the boys are forced to use non-traditional tactics.
22 Dec. 2011
Wire Tap Commandos
After finding a hot lead on the true identity of 'The Night Flasher,' the Good Cops stakeout what could be the largest gathering of Night Flashers in Ocean Point Port history. With time running out and evidence mounting, the boys are forced to make a decision that could cost them everything.
2 Dec. 2011
Win a Date with Perkins
Perkins shows up to the home of the "Win a Date With Perkins" contest winner, only to learn that he is at the wrong home. They go on the date anyway and madness ensues.

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