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Colin Farrell: Victor



  • [last lines] 

    Darcy : Did you choose not to kill me 'cause I've got a wife and a kid?

    Victor : No. I didn't kill you because they've got you.

  • Victor : Alphonse. Don't go anywhere.

    Alphonse : You coming for me?

    Victor : No, I'm coming for her.

  • Alphonse : I set a trap, Victor. I said whoever walks through that door at nine o'clock was going to have a real bad night. The person doing this to me - he's hurt. Someone who lost someone. Like the people in the picture. And he's in a great deal of pain because of that. And it's a pain I've caused. Then he kills Paul, and found he was in both feet. Victor, I want him to know something. I want him to know that if there's anything left in this world that he still cares about, I'm going to find it and I'm going to burn it down. He's probably wondering right now what I'm thinking. What my plan is. And how much I know. Wouldn't you be wondering what I'm thinking?

    Victor : I would.

    Alphonse : You know, you're the only one I can trust Victor. You know why?

    Victor : No.

    Alphonse : Because you saved my life at Harry's. It would be something, though, if you saved my life only to be the one who kills me.

  • Beatrice : You speak French?

    Victor : I'd like to.

    Beatrice : Yeah?

    Victor : Sure.

    Beatrice : Another language?

    Victor : Hungarian.

    Beatrice : You're Hungarian?

    [Victor silently nods] 

    Beatrice : You don't have an accent.

    Victor : I work very hard to get rid of it.

  • Beatrice : I was involved in a car accident last year. I was a beautician before. They rebuilt part of my face, but it's... it's kind of hard to give advice on beauty now. And, uh, I have to smile a lot in my job, and most of the time it hurts to smile.

    Victor : I don't get to smile so much. My work.

    Beatrice : No?

    Victor : No. Maybe you and I should switch jobs.

  • Beatrice : I swear sometimes. Especially when I drink.

    Victor : Me too.

    Beatrice : Fuck.

    Victor : Shit.

  • Victor : I thought you talk a lot.

    Beatrice : I thought you don't.

    Victor : It must be the company. Usually I don't.

  • Beatrice : Have you made any progress?

    Victor : I will.

    Beatrice : I know. Because I realize now that if I call the police and tell them what I saw, it's not prison you're afraid of. It's that you won't get to finish your revenge.

  • Victor : I don't want you to do that. Bring me food.

    Beatrice : My ma likes to cook. It'll just go to waste otherwise. I'll wedge it in between the mustard and those plastic explosives.

  • Albanian Hostage : We killed you. We killed you all. We killed you all!

    Victor : I swear on their graves you didn't.

    Albanian Hostage : We killed you all!

    Victor : I swear! I swear on their graves you didn't!

  • Gregor : What happened to that girl? That girl you told me about, across the way from you. You ever meet her?

    Victor : Yeah. I met her.

    Gregor : And?

    [Victor doesn't respond] 

    Gregor : You didn't die two years ago.

  • Valentine Louzon : Thank you for returning my Tupperware.

    Victor : Of course.

    Valentine Louzon : People usually don't, like it comes with the food. Free Tupperware! Do you like the food?

    Victor : Yeah, the food was... it was very good. Beatrice didn't tell you?

    Valentine Louzon : She was nervous you wouldn't like her cooking. I always told her the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. One of the ways. She'll keep you well fed, that's for sure.

  • Beatrice : He didn't pay!

    Victor : Stop saying that! I understand.

    Beatrice : You're going to do it.

    Victor : What I did has nothing to do with you!

    Beatrice : You have to do this. He ruined my life. I have nothing. I am nothing. I want it done as soon as possible. Then I will forget. I will begin my life. And I will forget that I ever met you.

    Victor : [yelling]  Do you know what it is to kill a man?

    Beatrice : I will forget that I ever met you.

    Victor : Well it's not a bug! It's not a rat!

    Beatrice : I will never kill a bug or a rat. He's much worse than these things!

    Victor : You don't know what you're getting into with me. You've no fucking idea!

  • Victor : My real name is Laszlo Kerick, and I was born in Hungary. A few years ago my wife and I came to America. I was an engineer before. We came here looking for work. Took an apartment in a building. It was a building they wanted to control.

    Beatrice : The men I saw?

    [Victor silently nods] 

    Victor : They got most people out of the building. One night they came and they fired some shots. To scare us, so we would leave. A bullet went through a wall and my daughter was killed while she slept.


    Victor : We were going to testify. My wife and I. But the man responsible for it all, Alphonse - he gave his orders to make sure he never went to trial. And they were followed. He was afraid to use his own guys, so they sent a crew of Albanians after us. They killed my wife, and they thought they killed me too. And they should've made sure of it.

  • Darcy : Laszlo fucking Kerick! You made me a douche, Laszlo Kerick. I've seen your hard work. I've seen your fucking pictures. You put Paul in the freezer.

    Victor : This has nothing to do with you. I sent you to my apartment to save you. Alright? You were not supposed to go inside.

    Darcy : Yeah, but I did go inside. I was worried about you.

    Victor : I don't wanna fucking kill you. Take this opportunity and let her go.

    Darcy : You lied to me. You fucking lied to me. The godfather of my son!

    Victor : Let her go... let her go.

    Darcy : You listen to me. You get in your shitty car that does start, you start your shitty car and you drive your shitty car to Alphonsis. We'll be waiting.

    Victor : Fuck.

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