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Worth Watching
g-luismiguel146 November 2012
If you are looking for the kind of Anime that will leave you sitting at the edge of your chair Hunter x Hunter (2011) is the right one for you.

The story might seem a little childish at first but as soon as it picks up some pace it just keeps on getting better. The characters have deep personalities and each are unique and represent how different people react to different situations which is something that is present in Hunter X Hunter (2011) - the psychological factor. The fights are intense both physically and psychologically and as the Anime progress they tend to become more violent and over the edge.

The soundtrack is beautiful. From the intense/epic classic orchestras to the guitar riffs everything seems to fall into place. Unlike some other Animes the "intros" and "outros" are very consistent and worth listening to.

All in all, this is the kind of Anime that a true fan of this Japanese art will not want to miss.
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Amazing work
evilsweetpotato19 June 2012
Hunter X Hunter 2011 is an amazing work.

I have read the Manga and watched the anime (1999), and it is certified to the origin.

The animation is at the highest quality there is, giving the opportunity to truly enjoy this series. In HD-widescreen, you can really feel the action and connect to the story and the characters.

I am following the new release weekly, and every new episode I am astonished by the high quality of the sound, picture and story which are exactly how they should be.

Hunter X Hunter story is rich, interesting and authentic, and the writers of this new series did a great job transferring and transmitting it.

Another great feature in the new series is the background adjustment to our time - Phones, computers and more electronic devices that were rare and undeveloped in the Manga can now be found and used anywhere, without damaging the story. I believe it even adds to the experience.

This is a must-see show, to any fan of this genre (Especially to whom had seen and/or read Hunter X Hunter), though I would really recommend this series to anyone.
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so underrated in my opinion
Leshom12 January 2014
oh my god this anime is a whole new thing , it is better than one piece naruto and all the long animes , but i gotta admit it starts slow and it kinda feel childish but once you keep going the story takes another level of epicness , in my opinion this anime is ONE OF THE BEST !!! , if you did not watch it yet , go DAMN WATCH IT RIGHT NOW !!! , just to sum up everything , Hunter X Hunter 2011 = Epic and yet i can't believe that this anime is so underrated and only some people are watching it, people are watching one piece and other popular animes and not watching Hunter X Hunter 2011 HUH, thats really sad =(

P.S: when i watched this anime in the beginning i thought it is childish but DAMN just give it your shot !
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The best anime I've ever seen by far!
KenToo9 October 2014
FYI, I'm a lawyer in my 40s, not some kid, and basically ran out of anything on TV that I could stand, as it was all so formulaic and tired and low-brain. Well, I noticed some anime seemed focused on adults (not the sex stuff, but violence and intelligent plots and stuff), so I tried own -- Sword Art Online. It really opened my eyes to these hidden treasures -- the stories blend fantasy elements with action and interesting characters. Really the main thing I noticed was being surprised by plot twists. Whereas an American TV series or movie you can pretty much guess where it's going to go, this took turns and twists that really impressed me with the intelligence of the show. I mean, Lost took a lot of twists, but they were sort of random/contrived, and my final analysis was the writers were just making it up as they went along to avoid answering any hard questions, very stupid and contrived. Sword Art avoided that.

Anyway, after finishing that anime, I tried several more, and while some were good and still better than traditional American shows, none had the intelligent plotting of Sword Art Online -- till I found Hunter X Hunter, which just totally kicked it up a notch in both fantasy elements, interesting characters, intelligent plot twists you won't see coming, and the like. With some bad guys being sort of serial murderer/pedophiles, it's not for kids, but well done...even those pervy bad guys sometimes redeem themselves, at least for a short time.

How the main characters got more powerful as the series progressed, to be able to best stronger and stronger foes (usually) was well thought out, too, and not overly simplistic. The only downside was that by the fifth (?) story arc involving mutant ant people, I felt it had gotten a bit formulaic and I was not buying into how the world was responding to this threat, and felt the series might have jumped the shark, so to speak. However, I stuck it out and halfway through the arc I really started to enjoy it and the plot kept taking interesting twists. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried at least once because there were such bittersweet moments created.

I don't think I ever enjoyed a movie or TV series more than Hunter X Hunter, and with over 150 episodes, that's a LOT of great TV.
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harissiddiqui0011 November 2012
this is everything someone who enjoys animes could ever ask for. let me explain: epic battles that aren't stretched for 5 episodes. the story plot is so twisted but yet there are no flaws or loop holes. the explanations make sense and are fun to listen to. there is a balance between the intense gory moments and the light hearted jokish moments. the characters are liakable, even the villains. its just the perfect anime. and don't listen to those people who say that this version is rubbish compared to the 1999 version. its ten times better. the show might start of a little childish but its picks up the pace in no time. i recommend this to anyone i meet...literally. its just that damn good
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An incredible work that now continues
persa_9714 May 2013
This is a really fun and entertaining Anime that's all about one kid called Gon who is looking for his dad and the paths his dad laid out for him are truly incredible.

He gets stronger at such a strong rate but the series always shows that there are way stronger opponents so he always has someone to fight in the way that his father laid out.

This series shows a lot of fighting to get stronger but it also show that some people are meant to do incredible things. It's also a series that make you laugh really easily with all kinds of spontaneous and stupid humor that i love.

The old one was as great, the only differences are that in this one Killua looks even younger and the last one ended at one moment where something happened that could have ended the series but in this one they continue from that moment.

Watch this series, I beg you, and you won't ever regret it!
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This Is My Favorite Anime And I've Seen A Lot Of Them(one piece,naruto,bleach,fairy tail).
Alexandrspyr8 October 2013
7.6?Why so underrated?This rating doesn't do justice to this show,it needs more recognition. Lets set it right. I have seen both versions of Hunter x Hunter and I liked the 1999 version better so there will be inevitably some slight comparisons in this review to the 2011 one.

Story: Togashi Yoshihiro is a very talented mangaka who managed to create a world of great imagination where he can take you from dark realistic settings to a virtual reality cheerful world.The story progresses in arc format with each arc being connected nicely together, of course there is the main story where the protagonist a small boy named Gon embarks on a journey to search for his father a "Hunter" where lots of difficult challenges and adventures awaits him.Apart for the first few episodes the pace was really good and I never got bored but it still was 10 times better then the old version where the beginning was slow and kind of awful.In the first arc you get to know the world of HxH and it's protagonists, it may take for a while to draw you in so stick with it because it will get epic.

What sets it apart of any other anime at least of this genre if not all anime it's the disruption of a linear plot progress.Plot twists in some episodes are just insane.At some points I literally was in shock and kept thinking about what happened for many days or weeks after the episode. You will never expect for some things to happen.I found the complexity and simplicity of the story in perfect equivalence, it's simple in it's general view but individual elements can be quite complex(eg. a system of a country, fighting system, analytical thinking of an antagonist etc). In short it was an intelligent story with perfect mix of mystery,tension,comedy and action. Don't make the mistake I did when I labeled it as childish when i had seen only 10 episodes, give it a try and you will discover a mature and deep story with the psychological factor being present all over the place. Story:9/10 (I would rate it a 10 but I can't because of the weak beginning).

Art: Animation is amazing in this series, the best of the best.And as it progresses it gets even better especially in the fight scenes where the effects are awesome and enhance the experience.The bright colors is one of the major things that made me personally like 1999 version better, because dark colors used in the old one created a dark atmosphere which suited better for this anime(it felt more epic and created more tension). That doesn't mean I hate the new version though.The designs of each character are unique and suits their personalities quite well which as an effect makes them memorable (one antagonist became one of my favorite antagonist ever!!!). Art:10/10

Sound: There was only one thing I hated about the sound and that was the opening song(I always skipped it), the end song though was quite enjoyable. As for the soundtracks I can say they were epic especially in moments of tension or mystery. I didn't quite like the happy go lucky background soundtrack but that was only at the beginning, I actually appreciated it more cause it made the moments of tension feel 10 times more epic!!! Voice actors are all good except for the one of Kurapica who's voice I didn't like but I may be influenced by the old version. The voices for the 2 main protagonists are especially well picked up.Although I prefer the 99 version sound and voices better I will stay objective and rate the sound a 9. Sound:9/10

Characters:Most of my favorite characters are from this show and as you can guess characters in this show are amazing, there is no one who is underdeveloped or one dimensional. Lots of hours have been spent in developing each of them making them unique and memorable in their own skin, some will be mysterious and threatening like no other you've seen,some others intelligent and patient another might be compassionate and vulnerable.What is truly amazing though as I mentioned before is the presence of the psychological factor. Which means that no one will act always the same in different situations just to follow their stereotype as the situation changes.What I mean is that your expectations for some characters being one thing will be diminished into being the complete opposite. That's why the plot twists are amazing and logically and emotionally feel correct. Characters:10/10

Overall:Hunter x Hunter 2011 is the best anime than any other at this genre I've seen.It blends together and balances exceptionally well themes like drama, mystery, comedy and action.I enjoyed this series so much that I am actually thinking about rewatching the old version first and at some point the 2011 again. I hope you will give it a try because I honestly believe you will enjoy it very much.I recommend this series to everyone and it doesn't matter what genres you like more, just trust me and give this series a go but stick with it cause it's kinda slow at the beginning. Overall:10/10

*This is my first review so forgive me for any mistakes*
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a breathtaking experience a true piece of art.......
abhi0713 March 2014
I want to share a lot about Hunter x Hunter i want to go on and on but i am not a professional reviewer or writer but i will try my best.

I agree with others who reviewed Hunter X Hunter , that it has a childish like beginning . When i start watching it i did not plan to watch it further because of the above reason but i give Hunter X Hunter a chance and watched few episode and i was amazed by the story and the characters it got me hooked really.

I am a anime lover and watched almost every famous title out there for example: One piece, Naruto, Bleach and much more. The story of Hunter X Hunter is about a twelve year old boy named Gon Freecss who has been told that his parent were killed in car accident but in reality they are alive and later he found out about his father by his father's old acquaintance that his father is alive and he is famous hunter. The show has many incredible fight sequence, The characters in the anime are super, since they all have their own ability and unique appearance. You will sit at the edge of your seat when the fights commence, and as the episodes progress our heroes face new difficulties, while still keeping the crazy humor,

The genre itself is a ACTION,THRILLER & this has everything someone who enjoys anime series could ever ask for. I recommend this series to everyone and it doesn't matter what genres you like more, just trust me and give this series a go but stick with it cause it's kinda slow at the beginning. Overall:10/10

Meaning of Hunter in series as below The Hunters Association is responsible for the testing and licensing of "Hunters" a person that has proved themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in the world or do almost anything. Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world.
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It's really good.
superprohunter4 October 2016
Hunter X Hunter may seem childish and goofy at the beginning, but it's actually one of the darkest shows I've seen, it's not your typical, Togashi did a marvelous job with Yu Yu Hakusho but IMO he has excelled himself with hunter x hunter. Very interesting characters, good story arcs, and the usual dependable themes. Beware if you are going to become an hunter x hunter fan craze cat you need to stay loyal to the series, because it is well known for being on hiatus. Interestingly for a anime it doesn't necessarily work on the lines of "I have more raw power than you therefore I win". In hunter x hunter it is more the case of how the powers are used, you can be weaker than your opponent yet you might win because of a special skill you have for example. The battle system in hunter x hunter is the most interesting I have encountered.
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Astonishing Remake That Refreshed One of the Best Animes Ever Made
ali-hp8 September 2013
It's a remake of the Hunter X Hunter 1999 and its Ova : Ova 1 2002 and Ova Greed Island 2003 and Ova 3 G.I Final 2004 . The remake was so Loyal to the original anime But some little Scene were Cut to save some time for the new Episode that will added after it Complete the Original anime episode . The New Show was so Refresh When I watched the old one I was so angry Because of the Clarity wasn't cool But Now it Gives you a Feeling that it's Not the Remake its so much Better in the Story and in the Graphic Quality in the End I Enjoyed it as the same I enjoyed the old one and Now with the new Episode that Came out I can Say I enjoyed it more so I Give my thanks to the Creator Of this Great Show Good Job.
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A show that is really down to earth.
launchingin_5432131 August 2013
This show is about a boy that lives in a small island with his aunt.He goes on a journey to becoming a Hunter in order to find his father. On his way he teams up with other hunters like Leorio(In search for riches), Kurapika(in search for vengeance), and Killua(in search for Fun) in order to survive the strictest, and dangerous Hunter Exam. He also encounters a lot of interesting people that are either helpful, or looking for trouble.

This show is clever and really insane. The animation is really well done and the characters are so lovable and it really feels like they are your friends.

This shows is really shy and it feels as if it deserves more recognition.

A great show!
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This is the best anime I have ever seen.
blakfox77713 September 2015
I do not think I will ever find an anime that is better than this one. EVERYTHING about it is perfect. The story, the fantasy, the themes, the feelings, the soundtrack, the characters... Oh, the characters. I swear- - The two main characters? I care about them more than half the people I know in real life.

I've watched quite a lot of anime, and a lot of them had a few qualities about them that were outstanding. One Piece has a great sense of adventure, Cowboy Bebop has an incredible moving story to tell, Death Note had a great perspective on morals... Hunter x Hunter HAS IT ALL!!

Do yourself a favor. Watch this anime. But don't go complaining to me once you finish it and realize that everything else pales in comparison.
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seriously guys a must watch anime
gouravmandloi20 May 2015
After watching hunter x hunter i can say it is one of the best anime about which not very much people know but those who saw this they can understand what i m trying to say.The anime begins slowly but after a few episodes you will get dazzled by the offering of its characters,storyline,music,surrounding it has almost all of it a legendary anime should have.Seriously guys if you haven't saw this anime i won't consider u an anime fan.I can say it is better than one piece,naruto,and even on same level as full metal.The characters in this series specially killua and hisoka are great and will make you think about them but there is just one problem that the episodes should be more the series is incomplete because of its writer but although it is surely a legendary anime which is fully packed and will keep you binded with it until last episode.Without any hesitation go for it
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My favorite Anime of all time
tomcatchi2 April 2015
I'm gonna keep this short and simple. This anime is a must watch for anyone, This is the only anime i can think of that might be better than attack on titan. After all, more than 5000 people rated this show, and it has a 9.1 Rating. This is an anime where you meet plenty of new interesting characters and you understand them very well. Every character feels connected to the viewer. This is a show that can hit all time highs and drop down to the lowest of lows. It can be very emotional in some episodes but damn, If a animated show can make you cry then it's well written. If it can make you so happy that you don't stop smiling, it's well written. Every anime watcher needs to give this a chance if you haven't already, Will not disappoint. Remember to come back and write a review after you finish all 148 episodes! Season 2 WHERE U AT?!
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benjamincoger14 January 2014
If your looking for spoilers then you're reading the wrong review but I will tell you to get off of this site and check it out!! I've watched a lot of anime and in my opinion this is by far the best one to ever grace us with its presence. The storytelling of this anime is on another level, that is only outdone by its fight scenes. Don't get me wrong it has its classic good guy/ bad guy theme but the storytelling of this anime /manga has elevated that theme and has you rooting for the bad guys while hoping some of the good guys make it through to the next episode. If your tired of the same old rehash then please check this out!
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You MUST Watch This Anime Before you Die. Better than the Best. You are Missing Out.
serbian_00731 December 2014
If you haven't watched this anime, your life is INCOMPLETE. An epic out of this world adventure between three friends whose friendship never dies. I have never had more fun, never laughed more, and never felt more emotion than after watching Hunter x Hunter. Every anime series I have ever seen pales in comparison. Hunter x Hunter is better than Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, better than Death Note, better than Naruto, better than One Piece, better than Steins;Gate, better than Attack on Titan, better than Code Geass. My eyes have been opened after watching this series: Hunter x Hunter cannot be rivalled. If Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a 10, Hunter x Hunter is a 15, no joke.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) has better script, better characters, better acting, better scenery, better pacing, and better story than every anime I have listed above. It's a journey; it's an epic adventure; it's a coming of age; it's out of this world. It's a shame a lot of people don't know about it just because it doesn't have an English dub; it's a shame it only has a few thousand votes on IMDb. If only everyone knew what they were missing.

I wish that I had seen the original series growing up; how different might my childhood have been; I grew up with Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and similar shows. My first time watching near the end of 2014, and Hunter x Hunter is now my favourite anime of all time, no question about it. The main characters of Hunter x Hunter (2011) will stick with me for the rest of my life. I have never laughed more than with Leorio. I have never cried more than with Killua and Gon who show the real value of friendship. The lessons I have learned from this show about friendship, love, and family have impacted me greatly.

Thank you Hunter x Hunter. After binge watching every episode within one week because I couldn't stop myself at the bliss, I have been reborn. Best Anime of all time, without a doubt. I have nothing more to say, except that you MUST watch this anime before you die. YOU MUST. YOU MUST. YOU MUST.
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surpasses any normal standards of what an anime should be
jumpliff13 September 2017
When I was younger I used to be really into anime. The amount of anime I have watched totals to about 50, and I can honestly say Hunter x Hunter is one of around five anime I do not regret watching at least a little, the others being JJBA, One Punch Man, NGE, and Soul eater. I carry a lot of regret for other titles I've watched, but hxh holds as one of the best shows I've ever watched.

Characters: The characters alone merit this show deserving a 10. Every single character is deep, dynamic, and interesting. The main characters, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio are all unique and contribute greatly to both the narrative and intrigue of the show. Every villain receives development most shows rob villains of. Every character feels like a real person, with real emotions and reasons for the decisions they make. I can hardly think of another show that does characters as well as hxh.

World: Frankly, I can only think of two pieces of media that have EVER done world building as well as hxh. Those are Homestuck and Avatar: The Last Airbender. hxh can't really be trumped when it comes to world building. The magical beasts, crime-ridden cities, deep network of influential and ominous criminals, unexplored lands, heroic hunters, and fiercely powerful beings all blend seamlessly into a world that I can hardly help but think extensively about every once in a while when I'm bored or my mind wanders.

Plot: Like most longer anime, hxh follows story arcs that tend to be rather distinct from each other. The direction in the beginning very clearly follows Gon's desire to find his dad. As any good anime should do, hxh has reason for, and connection between, each arc. Each of the main characters has their own distinct goals, and it would spoil part of the show to elaborate beyond that, but the goals of each character culminate brilliantly to advance the plot of the series.

Overall, hxh is deserving of a 10 in every single area. In my own opinion, it's the best anime I have seen to date, as well as one of the best shows I have ever seen. Watch hxh to be exposed to a beautiful and rich new world, with deep characters that leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Watch hxh; I promise you won't regret it.
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rueryuzakil26 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When I searched up this anime on INDB, I was expecting the rating to at least be above 9. This comes from a person who has seen Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Death Note and Attack on Titan. Although, I haven't seen the 1999 version, the 2011 version is obviously superior in terms of animation quality. Niw, this anime has no low point. It kicks off a little extravagantly, but the Hunter x Hunter world is thoroughly explored , with no rock being overturned. Its pacing is perfect, it has the perfect blend of comedy and darkness. Everything has a greater meaning that would just blow your mind.

The plot kind of cnters around friendship, purpose and fate., but is very complex

In fact, each arc is so good that you won't be able to decude which one is the best. The character are very likable and complex, the fight scenes are amazing and this is a series that just keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Of course, the only bitter pill to swallow is that this series has an ending. Although its manga is still running, its very unlikely that we'll get another installment to the franchise soon.
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Greatest anime ever.
superproherohunter1 October 2016
If you want awesome fights that drag out for 30 episodes and have explosions and crap then it may not get good for you. It is more intelligent and dark and it involves minimal to no ass pulls so the plot is very well though out. The first 3 episodes are pretty dull but then it gets decent and once you get to the phantom troupe are (Starts episode 36) you wont want to stop assuming this type of anime is in your taste. I also have to say you cant just skip straight to the Chimera arc because what this anime does best is character development so you wont have the same feels when you watch the Chimera Arc which BTW is one of (if not) the best arc in anime history.
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Go and watch it now!!
azivolic24 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
***so.. I in my opinion, this review doesn't contain ANY spoilers, but just in case, reader beware*** This is, hands down, THE BEST anime series ever and I am puzzled why it's not more popular. I usually don't watch shounen but - boy, was this great! Animation was flawless (at least in my opinion), every single arc was fantastic (even if it doesn't seem so in the beginning), characters were AMAZING... at times you get some super creepy and pervy moments, but that just make it better. Bright, optimistic and funny at one moment, and dark and sad at other. The most entertaining emotional roller-coaster. I developed serious feelings toward this anime and I felt super depressed when it ended (temporarely I hope). This is the best FEEL-GOOD anime I have ever watched and I seriously recommend it. Go and watch it now! go go go :)
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One of the best
rogofer1 July 2017
I have only seen the first 50 episodes but I'm pretty sure it's one of the best animes ever. OK, maybe the first arc is not that good... keep watching and you won't be disappointed. It has adventure, fantasy, action, fights, revenge, friendship, awesome characters and a fantastic soundtrack. I will update the review once I watched all episodes.
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Too Good...The world needs more Anime like this.
rajani-meet10 June 2017
I don't often write reviews, but I felt I have to for HxH.

After watching Naruto, Bleach, One piece (still ongoing and should go on forever), steins gate, psycho pass, full metal and few more I can assure you this anime should not be missed at any cost.

I was so addicted to this one, I used to take the laptop to my bathroom to watch the episode. really gutted the manga artist had to take the break due to his health issues and it has not been resumed since then but nonetheless 148 episodes are mind-blowing.

will not spoil the story but killua netero and kurapika are really special characters.

Don't F**IN MISS IT.
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Colorful Adventure Anime with some Dark Elements mixed between
jimniexperience19 January 2018
Adventure anime

Follow Gon and friends as he follows in his father's footsteps to become the greatest Hunter in the World

Good supporting cast: an assassin and his family ; and a boy with crimson eyes, a fallen clan, and a quest for revenge ; the villain Hisoka

Features more melodrama moments than action For the softer hearts to relate too

-------------------------- The Grand-master vs the Ant King is one of the Greatest Anime Battles in existence
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a top tier shonen with a lot of depth
jameslevay6 December 2017
Hunter X Hunter had a slow start but when it got good it got real good. The battles are intense and super strategic. The characters are awesome too Killua and meruem are my favorites. The soundtrack is amazing and it has some really sad moments that will make a grown man cry. Gon is a really likable character he's 10 billion times better than Naruto. I highly recommend Hunter X Hunter especially if you like other great similar anime Like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Yu Yu Hakusho.
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There will never be an anime as good as Hunter X Hunter
hacenemiro6 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you ask me, there is and will never be an anime as good as Hunter X Hunter. No anime has ever accomplished what Hunter X Hunter has. And in my honest belief, there will be no anime that will ever do so. This anime knew what the viewers wanted, like as if the audience had decided what the anime should do next, except with a better twist, a thicker more fluid plot, a humorous laugh, epic fights, and an ultimate finish. This anime knew when to stop and when to keep going, when to be all about friendship and trust but at the same time keep it toned down so that people could feel the true effects of comradery and being friends. They knew when to add epic fight scenes, and when to get serious upon being jokeful and laughing. This anime had kept things within limits, not too little so that you won't enjoy it, but not too much so that you feel as if you had had enough of it. It made you feel the ultimate impact of things, it didn't rely on simple tactics or surface reasonings to decide the outcome of this anime. All throughout the anime, it had not disappointed once. Every moment had been fun and enjoyable, with great quality and not a single drop of disappointment was spilled. It had a fluid story, one that didn't feel random and contrived, but one that flowed smoothly and made you feel as if you were watching one consecutive story. Not a jumbled mess of random occurrences, based on coincidences and, "when I felt like it." I'm not going to play koi, I'm talking about Fairy Tail. The difference between these animes, at least the major ones that I had clearly noticed, are three things. One, Fairy Tail almost never stayed within reasonable boundaries, logic was thrown out, and this made fights become contrived and boring. Relying on the "doing it for my friends," tactic, gaining their comrades immense amounts of power for almost no logical reason. Secondly, the comradery was too much, it simply became corny and annoying after a while. This made the audience rather bored with no effect intact, hunter x hunter knew when to stop, which helped the audience feel the full message, but at the same time, not getting so overwhelmed by it. And lastly, the random jumbled story that Fairy Tail has, the events and story archs simply came one after another. There was no logical flow to it. It had more felt like a multitude of plays rather than one consecutive show. Hunter X Hunter had a fluid story, it made you feel like everything that happened made sense. *Small Spoilers* The hunter x hunter exam begins, killua meets his brother, killua gets practically hypnotized and gon and his friends search for him, they save him, they need to get stronger so gon can punch hisoka in the face, they go to the tower of heavens. Even only going this far, there feels to be a continuous story, although I won't explain why Gon must punch Hisoka in the face... as I have probably already spilled too much, everything has a reason, nothing is coincidence. There are two last things I would love to point out before ending this review, it is that Hunter X Hunter, had made me feel more emotion than clannad, more hyped up adrenaline than Fairy Tail, more joyous and laughing moments than Beelzebub, and honestly, is the best anime to such date. Hunter X Hunter always stayed within reasonable boundaries, as said before, so jokes, action scenes, even the sad scenes, all seemed natural and flowed well. They didn't put the scenes there so it could make you cry, there was a reason these people were crying, it didn't go too far either so you could feel the affect of every moment. Even the jokes themselves, they managed to make me laugh to the point of not being able to breathe because I got the jokes, they played humor on what you might see in actual life. Its reasonable and logical, making you feel everything but without going too far. The second thing I would like to add, as said probably numerous amounts of times in here, is that Hunter X Hunter, is logical and reasonable. It doesn't rely on simple tactics to base the anime off of. No matter how many times you promise you're going to win, whether your friends die or not, you will not be able to beat an opponent who's stronger than you. This is something nearly ever shounen anime breaks logic of, cough cough FAIRY TAIL... If you're weaker than them, you train, you get stronger, and you fight them. If you won, it isn't because you gained tremendous power losing a friend, its because you worked hard at it. Hunter X Hunter understands this, and follows this, it feels like as if everything was staying in logical boundaries, and it made the anime more enjoyable overall. It made the action more enjoyable, it made the experiences more realistic, it made the moments stupendous. Even scenes that were sad, it was nothing like Clannad, that don't get me wrong, it was sad indeed, but it also went overboard. I could not feel the affect of the moment, only the tears because the scene knew how to be sad, but it felt almost forced, acted, somehow. In Hunter X Hunter, even though I had not cried I felt the affect of the moment. And that is what made me feel even more sad than Clannad itself. This anime had stayed great until the very end, not a single moment had I regretted it, and at the end it only got better. Everything was wrapped up, no misconceptions were left behind, and it left with an epic finish. There is no other thing to call this anime, a once in a literal life time anime, but a masterpiece.
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