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17 Apr. 2016
Departure × and × Friends
Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss catches Whale Island's monster fish, the "Master of the Swamp" to gain permission from his Aunt Mito Freecss to take the Hunter Exam. Aboard the ship going to the location of the examination, Gon impresses the Captain when he predicts a violent storm approaching and meets Leorio and Kurapika.
24 Apr. 2016
Test × of × Tests
Gon, Kurapika and Leorio reach Dolle Harbor and told by the captain to head for the cedar tree on the hilltop behind the city. The three are stopped by a group of masked people and an old woman posts a riddle requiring them to choose between 2 possible answers.
1 May 2016
Rivals × for × Survival
Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio arrive at Zaban City, the venue of the Hunter Exam, where they meet Tonpa another friendly veteran examiners.
8 May 2016
Hope × and × Ambition
Gon befriends Killua. Leorio nearly gives up, but Gon waits for him until Leorio gains the motivation to catch up. Later, the group shares their own reasons of becoming Hunters.
15 May 2016
Hisoka × is × Sneaky
The marathon through the wetlands starts, with Leorio and Kurapika getting separated from Gon and Killua. In the fog, many applicants try to take down Hisoka.
22 May 2016
A × Surprising × Challenge
Gourmet Hunters Menchi and Buhara task the applicants to cook a pork dish with meat from the worlds most dangerous pig for the second phase, to the annoyance of applicants.
5 Jun. 2016
Showdown × on × the Airship
Chairman Netero sees and challenges them to a game that involves getting a ball from him, telling them that they will automatically become Hunters if they succeed.
12 Jun. 2016
Solution × Is × Majority Rules?
For the third phase, the candidates are abandoned at the top of Trick Tower, wherein long-term criminals are kept. They are given 72 hours to get out alive and pass the exam.
19 Jun. 2016
Beware × of × Prisoners
Gon faces off against Sedokan and Majitani faces off against Kurapika who reveals a startling and scary secret.
26 Jun. 2016
Trick × to the × Trick
Leorio has to postpone the start of his match until Kurapika officially ends his. However, his opponent is unconscious and cannot surrender. Leorio eventually begins his match, in which the game is gambling.
10 Jul. 2016
Trouble × with the × Gamble
Leorio's match continues and he struggles to think of bets he is certain to win. Killua faces a serial killer in a fight to the death.
17 Jul. 2016
Last x Test of x Resolve!
The group must spend the 50 hours Leorio gambled away in a confined room. Once they are out, they must decide by majority on which path to take: one takes 45 hours and allows all 5 to pass, the other takes is faster but only 3 can pass.
24 Jul. 2016
Letter × From × Gon
Mito reads a letter from Gon recapping his adventure so far.
31 Jul. 2016
Hit × the × Target
After exiting Trick Tower, the contestants are taken to Zevil Island to begin stage 4. Each contestant picks a number out of a box and must hunt the contestant with that number on the island.
7 Aug. 2016
Explosion × of × Deception
Gon is relying on Bloodcrazy Butterflies to find his target, Hisoka, before waiting for the perfect time to use his skill with the fishing rod to snatch Hisoka's tag. Meanwhile, Leorio is tricked by Tonpa and loses his own tag, but Kurapika helps him recover it.
14 Aug. 2016
Defeat × and × Disgrace
Kurapika and Leorio are being stalked by Hisoka, but they managed to negotiate their way out of a fight. However, the encounter leaves Hisoka aroused, so he leaves in search of a new target. Gon is able to use his fishing rod to snatch Hisoka's tag right when Hisoka attacks his target. However, as Gon tries to escape, he is attacked by another applicant and loses his tag.
21 Aug. 2016
Trap × in × the Hole
Killua grows tired of having Imori shadowing him so he challenges Imori to a fight.
28 Aug. 2016
Big × Time × Interview
Gon and his friends have been trapped inside a cave by poisonous snakes.
11 Sep. 2016
Can't Win × But × Can't Lose
Gon and his friends have advanced to the final phase of the Hunter Exam.
18 Sep. 2016
Baffling Turn × of × Events
Gon wakes up, and finds himself being congratulated by Satotz for being the first person to pass the Hunter Exam.
25 Sep. 2016
Some × Brother × Trouble
After winning the exam everyone is on their path. Gon,kurapika and leorio team up to help killua.
2 Oct. 2016
A × Dangerous × Watchdog
After arriving in the Republic of Podokea, Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika board a tour bus to Kukuroo Mountain, where Killua lives.
9 Oct. 2016
The × Guard's × Duty
Gon and his friends have decided to pass through the Testing Gate to see Killua. Zebro takes them to the servants' quarters where they meet Seaquant and rest for the night. They discover that every thing in the house is extremely heavy, so they decide to train so they can be strong enough to open the Testing Gate on their own. Meanwhile, Killua is being tortured by his brother Milluki until he is ready to apologize to his mother. Killua learns from his family that his friends are at the estate to see him. Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika are able to open the gate after ...
16 Oct. 2016
The × Zoldyck × Family
We witness a few flashbacks from Killua's earlier childhood, mostly between him and Canary. When the flashbacks end, Kikyo, Killua's mother, tells them that Killua cannot see them as he is in solitary confinement. While speaking with the trio, Kikyo suddenly begins screaming to "Father" that he not do anything hasty. Killua's grandfather, Zeno, arrives in the dungeon and tells Killua he can go, despite Milluka insisting Killua isn't genuinely sorry yet. Killua is summoned by his father, Silva. With help from Canary, who is concerned about Killua, Gon and his friends ...
23 Oct. 2016
Can't See × If × You're Blind
Kikyo confides in Gotoh, the family butler, how emotionally distraught she is over Killua leaving again. With his father's approval, Killua makes his way to the butler's quarters. He instructs Gotoh to let him know the moment Gon and the other arrive. Gotoh complies, but internal dialogue reveals he has other intentions. Canary guides Gon and his friends to the butler office. There, they meet the butler Gotoh, who challenges them to a coin game so he can determine if they are worthy of being Killua's friends. Leorio and Kurapika are disqualified for guessing the wrong...
6 Nov. 2016
Then × and × After
A letter from Gon arrives at Whale Island for Aunt Mito. A recap of episodes 14 to 25.
13 Nov. 2016
Arrival × at × the Arena
Gon and Killua go to the Heaven's Arena, a place where they can train and earn money by fighting other opponents. Gon and Killua quickly advance to the 150th floor, beating their opponents with a single strike.
20 Nov. 2016
Nen × and × Nen
In Wing's room, Gon, Killua and Zushi are being taught by Wing. He explains the 4 main principles: Ten, Ren, Zetsu and Hatsu. He demonstrates how Ren works, by giving Killua the idea of killing him. Because of the strong pressure, Killua was forced to stay back. Wing advised them to train with Zushi and start mastering Ten but Killua suggests that they should leave. Killua reveals to Gon that Wing was lying all along. Back in Wing's room, he notice Zushi's Ten in unstable. Zushi is troubled because Wing lied to them. Wing only said that for them to know what the other...
27 Nov. 2016
Awakening × and × Potential
Gon and Killua's aura nodes finally open thanks to Wing's help. He teaches them how to pass through Hisoka's barrier of Nen. A few hours before midnight, Gon and Killua come back to the hallway that Hisoka is guarding. They successfully pass through and Gon challenges Hisoka to a fight. Hisoka only replies that if Gon manages to win even one match, Hisoka will accept his challenge. The two successfully register before time runs out. After registering, they are confronted by three fighters from the 200th floor, namely Gido, Sadaso, and Riehlvelt. The two leave and head...
4 Dec. 2016
Fierce × and × Ferocious
Gon continues his fight with Gido and begins to understand how the Dancing Tops technique works. After he understands the principle behind the technique he is able to evade the attacks. However, he is not able to go on the offensive because of Gido's Tornado Top defense. Gon continues to fight and manages to release some of his hidden talents but eventually loses the fight. After the fight is over Master Wing chastises Gon and forbids him from learning any more about Nen until his injuries heal. Kurapika is denied a job at the Agency and meets a stranger who tests his...
11 Dec. 2016
Destiny × and × Tenacity
One month after Gon is seriously injured (and banned to directly practice Nen or be part of any match), the 2-year-lap revenge of the Nen-user Kastro against the magician Hisoka is about to start in the Sky Arena. Castro shows confidence, remembering an old saying, "not to fight If you do not have a chance of winning" in this game. Facing to the game, he is also filled with a fearless smile secretly.
18 Dec. 2016
A × Surprising × Win
Kastro and Hisoka face off in Heaven's Arena. Kastro goes on the offensive and appears to have an advantage. Hisoka is unable to dodge because Kastro creates a Nen double that hides behind Kastro's attacks. Despite losing both arms, Hisoka is confident and performs magic tricks, appearing to reattach one arm. He artfully and secretly uses his Hatsu, "Bungee Gum", to kill Kastro with the playing cards from one of his tricks. After the fight, Machi, approaches Hisoka and uses Nen to sew both of his arms back on. She has a message from the boss of the Phantom Troupe. ...

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