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MPAA Rated PG for thematic material, some violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There is absolutely no sex or nudity
  • The principle of the school talks about the character's sister being pregnant, and how he protected her from someone calling her names.
  • A character talks about how her sister may like a boy, and later in the film they hold hands.
  • The husband and wife kiss, a few hugs with characters. Very clean.
  • A man is shown shirtless while entering an ambulance.
  • A character in the beginning of the film makes a remark of how pretty the main character's daughter is, nothing sexual or graphic happens.
  • A man touches his girlfriend's buttock. Brief and barely noticable

Violence & Gore

  • There's no violence in this film except for when the characters are running at meets, sometimes they push other characters to go faster and further to win.
  • A boy on a football team takes a couple of hard hits.
  • The main character's daughter drives around to celebrate her birthday, while driving a car appears in front of them and the character who's driving girlfriend goes ''why can't they leave you alone" The scene cuts to the main characters husband on the phone implying something bad has happened. The character was involved in an implied fight, she is seen bruised, another character is taken into an ambulance, it is later announced when the daughter speaks about what happened saying it was a ''blood bath'' and knives were involved. Nothing is shown.
  • A character washes off blood from the incident in his parking lot the next day, again nothing shown but is implied and discussed.
  • A character's father is clearly abusive, he begins to talk to his wife saying ''it's all her fault'' why their daughter is pregnant, he then throws a beer bottle. a character stands out side of a door and listens to the fighting, and we do see them fighting, the man then runs and punches a wall. Though he is sort of stopped. Later on, a character is on a bridge thinking about suicide, due to the incident, discussing how he was in the way while he tried to stop his father from punching the wall. While trying to stop him, he was punched by his father, a bruise is seen on his face, another character talks him out of suicide, and says what he will lose if he goes through with it, he pulls him off the bridge, and nothing else happens.
  • The opening scene is how a coach threw a cleat or shoe at a football team member, it shows him getting hit in the face with it, and blood is on his face for a few seconds.


  • Three uses of "God" and one use each of "damn", "hell", "ass", and "crappy". A character slips in a "bulls***" with a sneeze. A few uses of ''shut up'' and ''jerk'', as well as some mild ethnic epithets.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Social drinking on a couple of occasions - no drunkeness.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several characters encounter a group of thugs, resulting in an offscreen altercation. Afterwards, one character is seen bruised, another character is seen being taken into an ambulance with a stab wound, while another character describes the event as a bloodbath and that knives were involved.

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