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MPAA Rated R for pervasive crude and sexual content, language, some drug use and brief violence - all involving teens

Sex & Nudity

  • Andrew hires a prostitute for Luke, but they go into the bathroom and only pretend to have sex. Later in the movie, Luke and the prostitute have sex for real.
  • Luke tells John about different sex positions, and mimics the positions, clothed.
  • Graphic sexual dialogue throughout.
  • John has a crush on his teacher, but never has sex with her, when he finds out that she's actually a lesbian. In his drunken depression, he has sex with a random homeless woman. He does this again later in the hotel bathroom, and she fellates him on the bed. All clothed.
  • No nudity in the movie.
  • Andrew is forced to perform fellatio on a pimp in exchange for crack, which he had just smoked.
  • Andrew makes out with John's sister in front of an abortion clinic.
  • Charlie, the school security guard, in his drunken craziness, puts his hand in his pants and masturbates.

Violence & Gore

  • Andrew, Luke and John all wrestle on the hotel bed in rage, and Andrew storms out angrily. It's revealed that John was punched in the face in the fight.
  • While John is having sex with the homeless lady, Luke runs up and pulls her off of him, knocking her out. They believe she is dead, and they give her a funeral, when she wakes up.
  • While giving the homeless woman a home to live in, Charlie emerges from the woods with a gun, and shoots the homeless lady when she jumps out of the bag, and kills her.
  • John, enraged, chases Charlie, beats him up, and tases him numerous times. It's unclear whether Charlie survived or not.
  • Charlie buys a gun, and points it in his mouth, while drunk, playing Russian Roulette. He never kills himself. But he does shoot at a can, failing to hit it.
  • The homeless lady pukes because she is drunk. John then pukes after making out with her, he is also drunk.


  • At least 100 fucks, 25 shits, rare uses of other profanity.
  • The boys listen to a rap song with questionably graphic lyrics, confusing them, except Luke, who raps along.
  • The boys graffiti a bathroom stall, with a crude drawing of a penis ejaculating on a school. They are later suspended from school.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • John drinks out of the homeless woman's flask.
  • Andrew smokes cigarettes in an alleyway with a drug addict, he later gives up smoking.
  • Andrew smokes crack in a car.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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