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Review: ‘Lucky’ Takes a Steep Descent into NYC’s Criminal Underworld

It’s taken five years for Lucky (Bari Kang) to save the money and find the footing — no matter how much illegal activity both pursuits warranted — necessary to acquire a bride believable enough to fool Ins and earn his green card. He has a legit job as a mechanic with his “brother” Ricky’s (Daniel Jordano) garage during the day, helps “lose” customers’ taxis at night to earn extra cash from a fence while they receive insurance checks, and even procured himself a license from the shady jack-of-all-trades Sunny (Obaid Kadwani) to look the part of a legitimate immigrant before the law renders it official. Finally the time has arrived to take that next step forward just as fate enters to show this kind-hearted soul the irony of his name.

Kang as writer/director foreshadows this quickly spiraling destruction of his character’s dream by starting his debut feature Lucky
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Review: ‘Dead Bullet’ is a Down and Dirty Revenge Drama

If you’ve seen writer/director Erik Reese‘s debut Train to Stockholm—a personal, introspective drama—the thought of him helming a down and dirty Nevadan desert revenger doesn’t necessarily come to mind. But that’s exactly what he’s done with Dead Bullet, the successful genre jump as good a calling card as any for his talents. Starting closer to his adopted home of Finland, Reese reworked a Scandinavian-set script that didn’t quite come together as he’d like for the sweltering heat and casino bells of his hometown in the American Midwest. Rather than being about millions of dollars, uncut heroin, or illegal weapons sold to the highest bidder, this tale surrounds one hundred thousand dollars in poker chips. Chump change to Hollywood, but everything to Bill Holden (John T. Woods).

Unafraid to throw us into his world of tough guys without remorse, we don
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A Gambler is Out of Luck in Exclusive Trailer for Erik Reese’s ‘Dead Bullet’

Coming off of the drug caper Down and Dangerous, which we covered upon its release, director Zak Forsman has shifted roles to executive produce the new feature Dead Bullet, which comes from the creative collective known as Sabi and stars John T. Woods. Written and directed by newcomer Erik Reese, we’re pleased to exclusive premiere the first trailer, which is bristling with frenetic energy and proves how one can achieve a high quality production value, despite being produced on a micro-budget.

The soundtrack for the Gary King-produced film also features 19 eclectic musical artists from the 60s and 70s as well as some modern-day hip-hop artists. The drama will have its world premiere next month at the Tucson Film and Music Festival, before hitting the festival circuit and hopefully be available to check out via streaming services in the not too distant future. In the meantime, check out the trailer
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‘Mark of the Witch’ Clip Hypnotized Into Letting Go

‘Mark of the Witch’ Clip Hypnotized Into Letting Go
Now available on digital and VOD platforms, the “delightfully deranged” Mark of the Witch (watch the trailer) is directed by Jason Bognacki, and stars genre favorites Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem) and Paulie Rojas (Down and Dangerous, The Last Resort). “Mark of the Witch follows Jordyn, a beautiful young woman (Paulie Rojas) who is driven into a […]
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'Mark Of The Witch' to release on 6/6/16

By Seth Metoyer

It certainly seems like it's been the season of the witch lately, and here's another upcoming gem for you.

The film Mark Of The Witch will be releasing on 6/6/16 on the following platforms Dish, SlingTV, DirectTV, Vubiquity (Verizon), Amazon, Vudu, Xbox, Itunes, Flixfling, Google Play, Vimeo, Comcast (est).

From Director Jason Bognacki, the cast includes Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Starry Eyes and Meir Zarchi's I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu) and rising star Paulie Rojas (Down and Dangerous, The Last Resort).

Check out the trailer below the official details.

From The Press Release

On 6/6/16 Epic Pictures will release their acclaimed new horror film Mark Of The Witch on a digital platform near you!

Labeled by Paranormal Underground Magazine as "one of the most beautiful films about witchcraft ever seen," Mark Of The Witch follows Jordyn, a beautiful young woman who is driven
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Gorgeous Nightmare Mark Of The Witch Gets 6/6/16 Release Date/Trailer

I love me some witch movies, so when news breaks of a new film that falls within that subgenre, you’ve got my attention. One such film that has been making waves within the horror genre is Jason Bognacki’s Mark Of The Witch (formerly titled Another), a film that looks to be quite the homage to all things Argento and surreal. Epic Pictures, fresh off a nonstop barrage of solid releases like Turbo Kid, Tales Of Halloween and Nina Forever, has given Mark Of The Witch a Digital/VOD release date of 6/6/16. We’ve got the brand new trailer and poster for you fright fanatics, so read on and get ready for a witchy good time.

Directed by Jason Bognacki, the film stars genre favorites Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem) and Paulie Rojas (Down and Dangerous, The Last Resort). Mark Of The Witch follows Jordyn,
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Marquand Scores Key "Walking Dead" Role

Ross Marquand ("Down and Dangerous") has joined the cast of AMC's mega-rating zombie drama "The Walking Dead" in a presently unknown role says EW

Several new characters from the comics are expected to be introduced in the upcoming second half of the show's fifth season, with speculation already running rampant that Marquand will play Aaron.

In the comics, Aaron is an openly gay recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a walled-off community just outside of Washington D.C. which becomes a safe haven for the characters for a lengthy period.

Producer and comic creator Robert Kirkman did tease that a very prominent gay character from the comics would surface in these next few episodes, and many believe Aaron is the character he's referring to.

The eight-episode run kicks off next month.
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Ross Marquand Joins The Walking Dead Season 5 - Will He Play 'Aaron'?

THR report that relative newcomer Ross Marquand (Down and Dangerous, A Lonely Place for Dying, The Congregation) has joined The Walking Dead as a series regular for the remaining episodes of its fifth season. They say exact details on who he'll be playing are still under wraps, but since we know a gay character from the comics is set to debut when the show returns, could it be Aaron? If so, he could well serve as a lead-in to the Alexandria Safe-Zone storyline that most fans expect to see next. Of course that's all just speculation as Marquand could be playing someone else entirely -- though something tells me it won't be brick shithouse baddie Negan anyway! What do you think?
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I Made a Movie Worth Stealing: My Experience with Piracy

The other day I saw a discussion on Facebook about whether or not filmmakers should watermark the screeners they send to film festivals. Filmmakers generally seemed to be for it. Festival personnel seemed generally opposed, some citing it as a red flag for the filmmaker’s naiveté – like the people who ask you to sign an Nda before reading their screenplay. In the past, I never felt that obscuring the picture with some text was going to stop the sort of person who was set on pirating my movie, so I didn’t bother with it. Besides, I might argue I had yet to make a movie someone would want to pirate. However, with my latest feature, Down and Dangerous, we had a genre picture with muscle. Its potential to garner eyeballs was greater than anything we’d produced before. So if it were to appear on torrent sites, I wanted at least to know where it
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Film Review: ‘Down and Dangerous’

Film Review: ‘Down and Dangerous’
The ’80s are back in cheap, imitative and soulless form with “Down and Dangerous,” a low-budget, Kickstarter-backed drug thriller from writer-director Zak Forsman. Relying on a synthesized score, over-saturated cinematography and frustratingly cliched dialogue, this is an extremely generic, truly empty tale of a drug smuggler involved with cops and criminals alike. Despite some initial teases in shot composition, nothing much sticks out beyond the generalities at play. It’s hard to believe the film will find much of an audience beyond its social-media backers.

The project’s weird background perhaps explains some of the limitations: Forsman’s father, Robert Sabbag, authored a 1998 memoir titled “Snowblind: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade,” which was promptly bought for movie adaptation but has yet to make it to the screen. Unable to license the rights, Forsman instead crafted this original story made in his father’s honor, although there’s hardly anything original about it.
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Cocaine and Principles Make Uneasy Partners In Down And Dangerous Trailer

'My father was a cocaine smuggler' sounds like a great inspiration for a movie. Filmmaker Zak Forsman credits his father, who briefly worked in the drug trade, as the creative spark behind Down and Dangerous, which will enjoy its world premiere at the Phoenix (Arizona) Film Festival with screenings on April 5-7. The film is an original project that benefited from crowdfunding. Here's the official synopsis: Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed to carry a gun. When violent mid-level traffickers coerce him into designing a foolproof plan to bring several kilos of cocaine across the México border, he maneuvers to rid himself of their hold over him once...

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‘Down and Dangerous’ Trailer is a Crowdfunded Cocaine Thriller

Haven’t heard of Down and Dangerous? You’re not alone. It features no big name stars (except Judd Nelson!), doesn’t come from an established director and hasn’t been anywhere near a studio, but the action thriller from Zak Forsman scored $38k through a slick KickStarter campaign (I hear they even auctioned off the C in the director’s first name). It was his pitch video that impressed then, and it’s the production’s trailer that impresses this time around. The plot focuses on an incredibly crafty cocaine smuggler (John T. Woods) stuck between the Feds, violent traffickers and a beautiful woman. No ground broken there, but the film comes directly from Forsman’s father’s experiences as a cocaine smuggler in the 1970s. Plus, the trailer is high quality in just about every regard, including its levels of Judd Nelson-ness: Why, it’s a veritable lesson in the cocaine trade. Down
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Watch: First Trailer for Kickstarter-Funded Film 'Down and Dangerous'

A smuggler bleeds like anyone else. He just gets more chances to prove it. I think what they prove here is how far you can go with a little bit of money. Our friends at The Film Stage have tipped us to a trailer for Down and Dangerous, directed by Zak Forsman and The Sabi Company, a cocaine smuggling drama starring John T. Woods (Heart of Now, S-vhs). Forsman is well known in the crowdfunding world for his many projects, but this is his latest, an impressively well-made microbudget crime thriller called Down and Dangerous that looks like it belongs at major film festivals. Give it a shot, you'll see it actually looks great. Watch the first official trailer for Zak Forsman's Down and Dangerous, found via The Film Stage: Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer (Woods) is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade,
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