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  • A crashing meteor wipes out all technology and wreaks havoc on the colony. Meanwhile, Maddy and Reynolds are stuck out in the wilderness, Elisabeth and Skye work together to save a life and Taylor tries to prevent Mira and the "Sixers" from invading Terra Nova. Also, a mystery man makes his presence known.


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  • It's domestic bliss in the Shannon household. Maddy is dressed up and claims to be planning to spend the day doing homework. Of course, the moment her parents and siblings leave, she meets Reynolds for an afternoon of flirting. Taylor and Malcolm, meanwhile, examine as mysterious object that has a kind of DNA password protection on it. Malcolm theorizes that only Mira can open it. That information makes Taylor grimace.

    CUT to the hospital, where Elisabeth lectures dumb teen Hunter for drinking some kind of unfermented historical beverage. One body scan later, Elisabeth discovers that Hunter has a disgusting parasite growing inside him. Jim, in the meantime, takes Zoe to an underground station to get a close up view of "The Eye," a virtual library stored in a liquid memory core. Zoe is astounded. She chooses to explore where she was born -- 2133 in Illinois. "That's where we had to go because we weren't allowed to have you," Jim explains. Zoe then asks to look at a rollercoaster. It's a bonding moment.

    Later, Reynolds takes Maddy to a prehistoric field to see flowers. She is impressed and the two are soon laughing and picnicking. "You're perfect," Reynolds says. The two are about to kiss when Reynolds spots a streaking meteor that crashes into the ground, sending up a huge cloud of dirt ... and a sonic wave. Suddenly, all the power goes out in Terra Nova and citizens run cover. The wave hits the settlement, leaving a path of destruction. A few hours later, Taylor addresses his troops, explaining the wave fried all the electric circuits in Terra Nova. The colony is more or less defenseless. That's bad for Hunter, who is in real pain. Elisabeth is going to have to operate the "old fashioned way."

    Also in a pickle are Jim and Zoe, who are trapped inside the underground station. Jim's communications device is knocked out as are the controls to the steel door. Reynolds and Maddy are also stranded in the woods as their vehicle and weapons no longer works. "We're six clicks out, we can make it before dark," Taylor says. The two begin to hike. Malcolm, in the meantime, explains to Taylor that he can make new chips, but he needs somebody to fix the chip inside the chip maker. And the only man who can do that is apparently bartender Tom. Taylor reluctantly asks Tom for help -- and strong arms him when the smart-mouthed bartender asks for a statue to be erected in his honor.

    Elisabeth, meanwhile, opens up Hunter with a scalpel and begins to pull the wormlike parasite out of his abdomen. It's disgusting. CUT to the Sixer camp, where Mira hears news of the colony's woes. "We're going in," she says. Later, Reynolds and Maddy realize that they're not going to make it back to Terra Nova before dark. So, they smear each other with smelly mud to mask themselves from predators. They seem to enjoy it. It's not so enjoyable when night falls and the pair is attacked by dino predators. Maddy and Reynolds quickly climb a tree. "I think we should stay here until the sun comes up," Reynolds says. Maddy agrees. Jim, meanwhile, finds a hatch in the bottom of the floor. Unfortunately, he is too large to climb through the passageway and pull the manual override on the front door. A very scared Zoe will have to do it.

    CUT to the Sixers, who are using fire to herd an enormous dinosaur toward Terra Nova. "Ram it down Taylor's throat!" Mira yells. Back at the hospital, Skye is drafted into service to pull out the parasite while Elisabeth works on other patients."It kills me that you're in love with Josh," Hunter tells his new attendant. "I always thought, one day, me and you might ..." Just then, the parasite slips out of Skye's grasp and slithers back into Hunter's body. He begins to convulse. Uh oh. Hunter and Maddy, in the meantime, are making out in the tree. "Now we can die," she jokes. CUT to Zoe, who crawls through the hatch and unlocks the door for her dad. Jim puts Zoe into the care of another adult and goes off to look for Taylor. Just then, the big dino BURSTS through the tree line.

    Taylor and Jim fire flaming arrows over the fence ... and ignite a perimeter of gas that has been laid around the outside of Terra Nova. Taylor then realizes that the dino's body is poked full of arrows. "It's a diversion," he notes. "They're probably already inside." Tom, in the meanwhile, has made a new chip -- and hands it over to Skye who takes it back to the hospital. So at least Elisabeth's patients, including Hunter, will be saved. Jom and Taylor, meanwhile, run into the Sixers inside a lab -- and get into a furious fistfight. Both of the Terra Nova manly men do some serious butt kicking, throwing Sixers through glass windows and walls. Still, a lucky Sixer manages to steal Mira's box.

    It looks as if Taylor is going to be defeated by a particularly large Sixer when Tom enters with an old-fashioned gun. When the Sixer charges Tom, Tom SHOOTS him dead. "I only had one bullet," the bartender confesses. Outside, Jim chases the Sixer who stole Mira's mystery box.he makes it outside the fence and hands the box to Mira, who promptly disappears into the jungle. Back at the hospital, Elisabeth uses the chip to turn on the body scanner to locate and kill the parasite. Hunter is saved.

    The next day, all is seemingly back to normal in Terra Nova. Taylor, meanwhile, is upset that Mira knew exactly where to send her goons to find the box. "We have to hunt down this spy," Taylor tells Jim. "This is unacceptable." CUT to Mira, who ventures deep into the woods when a haggard young man appears into a clearing. "Give it to me," he says. "Thank you for finally getting your act together and doing what you were sent here to do." Mira wants to know what the box is for. "My work," says the young man, whose DNA immediately opens the box. A series of digital designs emerge from the box. "Beautiful, aren't they?" the man asks. "So much to do." Mira then calls the man Lucas and warns that Taylor knows something is up. "Dad will have to choose between his flesh and blood and his precious Terra Nova," Lucas growls. So Lucas is Taylor's lost son.

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