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Fun Fun Fun!!
LTSmash149 September 2014
Samuel L Jackson is the disgruntled President of the United States who is the target of an attack that leaves him crash landed in the forest of Finland aided only by Oskari, a Finish boy trying to prove himself as a hunter and as a man. WHAT MORE CAN YOU WANT?!

This is the best camp action movie I have seen in a long time (and I'm counting The Expendables). It's so much fun to watch. Onni Tommila as Oskari is so brilliant and hilarious, and stands up no problem to Sam Jackson.

Definitely what you're looking for on a Friday night in with a buddy and a beer.
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Fun Like It Used to Be
carlcasso9 May 2015
I was dragged to this Movie today by my Son. He Dragged me to See Age Of Ultron Last week and even though I'm a fan of Marvel, I thought there was far too much going on in that Movie.

But back to this one. Do you remember the old Bruce, Arnie and Stallone Movies before they got old. This is just like those movies. We get Action, Characters to Care about Action. Funny One liners. Action. And we feel good at the end. Did I mention Action.

Nobody is going to win and Oscar here but if you like bringing your kids to the movies, this is for you.

Great Fun. Just what Movies used to be like.
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A campy B-grade movie perfect for young thirteen year olds jacked up on coke and popcorn
moviexclusive3 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
An absurd story about a thirteen year old saving the President of United States. Checked. Unbelievable action sequences featuring exploding aircrafts and bulletproof protagonists. Checked. One- dimensional villains who have no shame uttering cheesy dialogue. Checked. Throw Samuel L. Jackson into the mix and congratulations, you have Big Game.

Set in Finland, Big Game begins by introducing the audience to young Oskari (Onni Tommila) and the traditions of his small community. Just a day shy of his thirteenth birthday, Oskari embarks on a coming-of- age tradition that requires him to survive and hunt alone in the frigid wilderness of the Finnish Lapland. The son of a hunter who brought back a bear in the same hunting tradition, Oskari has big shoes to fill in order to prove his worth.

Meanwhile, up in the skies, the aircraft carrying U.S President Moore (Samuel L. Jackson) is coming under missile attacks. Forced into an emergency evacuation pod by trusted Secret Service Agent Morris (Ray Stevenson), Moore finds himself hurtling down into the foreign landscapes of the Finnish wilderness. Fortunately for Moore, his pod is discovered by Oskari, who happens to conveniently be within the vicinity of his landing. Unknown to Moore however, is that Morris has gone rogue and is conspiring with Hazar (Mehmet Kurtulus), a psychotic terrorist bent on hunting Moore as game.

There is a difference between films that parody or pay homage to movie genres and films that masquerade itself as one. While one speaks volume of a director's understanding of the genre, the other says much about the director's skills (or lack thereof). Unfortunately for director Jalmari Helander, Big Game belongs to the latter category.

Despite Helander's inclusion of clichés and tropes, Big Game just does not come across as a throwback, parody or homage to the action genre. In fact, Big Game starts off well as an action flick with its premise and characters. As such, oddities in the film can be easily seen as awkward set-ups as long as they fulfill their purposes later in the story. The strange emergency evacuation pod on board the aircraft, for example, can be forgiven as it plays a role in creating the interesting encounter between the President and Oskari.

What is unforgivable, however, is when oddities in plot and logic overpower the main focus of the film. Instead of focusing on Oskari's development and personal growth, Helander decides to, as put across by Kirk Lazarus, "go full retard" and spends his budget on ridiculously exaggerated action sequences. The tonal shift, beginning with Oskari's decision to jump onto a freezer transported by a helicopter, is the "jumping the shark" moment that marks the descend of the film into a ludicrous b-grade movie; so much so that Jackson and Tommila's performances are lost in face of the bizarre comic book violence.

Plot loopholes are also abundant in the film, making the viewing of the film a strange experience. For instance, CIA terrorist expert Hurbert's (Jim Broadbent) involvement in the President's assisnation is not clearly explained; the same with his relationship with Hazar. Felicity Huffman's lack of lines as the bland CIA Director also suggests that the film has been edited and re-edited into a pale translation of the original script.

That being said, Big Game can be enjoyable if you are a connoisseur of B-grade action flicks. With it campy plot and exaggerated action sequences, Big Game is one action-adventure flick that B-grade movie lovers should not miss.
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Above average kid's flick (lets be crystal clear)
A_Different_Drummer24 May 2015
Looking at the other reviews, there seems to be a miscommunication about what type of film this is.

So this reviewer will be crystal clear: from the moment film first went into the camera, this project was intended a family/kids film destined to appear on cable channels all over the world either on a Saturday matinée or in the after-dinner hours.

Aside from Sam Jackson (whom I have been calling in my reviews since the 1990s "the most overexposed actor in film history") everyone else is second tier B movie material.

This is not die-hard "puberty edition." This is about fathers and sons and everything else is secondary to that.

So, now that we are crystal, it is really not bad. The effects are good, the bad guys are convincing, and even the action scenes work well.

Above average kids flick.
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Ridiculous But Entertaining
Larry Silverstein27 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The plot elements here can get quite ridiculous, yet I thought the movie was still entertaining, as it's laced with tongue-in-cheek humor and some good performances.

Samuel L. Jackson gives his usual solid performance as American President William Alan Moore, who's on his way to a G-8 conference in Helsinki. However, Air Force One and its fighter jets escort come under attack from surface-to-air missiles, and with the planes defense mechanisms deliberately disarmed President Moore will be forced to evoke an emergency evacuation plan over the wilderness of Finland.

At the same time a 13-year-old Finnish lad, Oskari, has been sent alone into the same wilderness by his father Tapio (Jorma Tommila), and other elders, to prove his manhood by hunting and returning with a slain animal. Onni Tomilla (the real life son of Jorma) is terrific as Oskari, and he often "steals the show" here, as he finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot to capture and eventually kill President Moore.

The fine actor Ray Stevenson is believable here as a turncoat Secret Service Agent. Also, Mehmet Kurtulus is credible as the psychopath, who regards himself as a big game hunter who wants to capture the President, and then after humiliating him on social media intends to have him stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist.

All in all, if you don't take this movie, ably written and directed by Finnish filmmaker Jalmari Helander, too seriously it can be an entertaining flick. There's also a twist at the end which I thought worked rather well.
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But the acting was not B-class!
cartman_ok29 March 2015
First, let's admit it that this is an adventure movie for boys - and their fathers as well. A story, a fairy tale, with all possible clichés of the genre. This has been covered by other reviewers, no need to add anything.

However, I must thank all the actors. This was a B-class movie with a Z-class budget - with naive and primitive screen writing. Still the actors managed to honor their profession and do a very good job. I have seen many "better" movies with much worse acting. The hero, the Finnish boy, was of course sympathetic as child actors often are. But the biggest thanks goes to Samuel L. Jackson, he really saved the day. Not a blockbuster role, not an Oscar winning role, but absolutely professional performance with deliberate low-key twist. (As long as we forget those awful last lines he had to act-out). To me, this is a Samuel L. Jackson movie.
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Silly and Brilliant at the same time
flingebunt28 May 2015
So Samuel L. Jackson is the President of the United States and is shot down in Finland where the men and real men and the 13 year old boys are out in the wilderness trying to prove that they are real men.

The President of the US of A is just a foil for this Finnish story about Oskari who, on turning 13 must go out into the wilderness to bring back some game. His grandfather killed a bear at the same age, but maybe Oskari is not up to the task?

But then the President of the US of A turns up while being hunted by terrorists and Oskari is there to prove that being strong is not about muscles but about willpower.

So finally we get a story where the US is not all powerful, but seriously doesn't Finland have an air force that could scrambled to search the area? When the US armed services get permission to operate on Finish territory and why wasn't any killed by being hit by a Nokia?

So the verdict. Every stupid moment in this film is brilliant, and most brilliant moments are also at least a little stupid. It works and is worth watching.

What the movie is about is that if you go into the forest it will give you a gift that is meant to both test and reward you.
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Absolutely ridiculous ... Perhaps I'm too serious :)
Peter Pluymers16 July 2015
"Not political, not religious. He is just a certified grade-A psychopath."

I thought "Why the hell not ?" after seeing the poster of "Big Game". An adventure film, clearly aimed at a younger audience, with Air Force One crashing down somewhere in a Finnish forest and with the US president trying to saving himself with the help of a Finnish boy who just happens to undergo a local ritual so he can prove himself to the male population. And after I saw that Samuel L. Jackson also took part in this movie as the missing president, I didn't hesitate for a second. It's true that Jackson played some minor roles before this ("Oldboy", "Reasonable Doubt" and "Robocop"), yet I was pleasantly surprised by his last performance in "Kingsman: The secret service". So I went on the assumption that this was going to be a likable youth film, full of unabashed and not too far-fetched action.

Boy oh boy. I didn't expect this to be such a crappy movie full of improbabilities, ridiculous situations and coincidences. Admittedly, it's indeed aiming for a younger audience, filled with teenage boys, who can have nice dreams that same night after watching such a film and imagine themselves acting as such a hero. But I'm convinced that most of them will shake their heads out of disapproval, while wondering if the makers of this film actually were convinced that they are really so naive.

First lets start with the positive aspects. The scenery is matchless and breathtaking beautiful. I had no idea that Finland looked like that and I was tempted immediately to choose this country as a destination for my next holiday. Onni Tommila, a youthful Finnish actor, performed properly and does his job as the Finnish guide Oskari remarkably well. The entire film is clearly a homage to earlier films with youthful heroism as a central theme. It's a kind of film like "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" in which Short Round plays a prominent role or a typical Spielberg film like "Empire of the Sun". It brings back the nostalgia of fathers going to the cinema with their son to enjoy a cool film for guys. A prerequisite for such films is that the youthful contribution should smoothly transcend the ingenuity of the adults. In other words, the adults are presented as utter fools.

What bothered me the most about this movie, were the totally absurd situations that arose. I admit, when you look at it from the perspective of a young person and you don't take it too serious, it comes across as an entertaining movie. A sort of "Home Alone" in a forest, where you're always a bit smarter and faster than the bad guys. But there are limits. Firstly I would like to purchase the brand of freezer they used here, because I think this high-tech-wonder-equipment is indestructible. Swinging under a helicopter, mowing through the woods, tumbling from a mountain, splashing into a lake and afterwards popping up out of the water like a purebred Russian submarine. And this "undamaged" ! Now that's what I call solid quality. But beware ! Make sure you don't end up inside this miracle appliance, because apparently it can't be opened from the inside. The number of accidental meetings is huge. Coincidentally, the probe with the POTUS is landing where Oskari made his camp. The freezer pops out of the water where Air Force One incidentally crashed. And you just need to follow a suspicious helicopter on satellite, and you end up looking at POTUS. The criminal Hazar (Mehmet Kurtulus) apparently isn't such a hot-shot criminal afterall, because he doesn't even know how to load an automatic rifle. And the way the satellite images are used in the Pentagon to follow the president, is just hilarious.

I admit, It shouldn't always be that serious and occasionally a lightly youth film is also welcome, but there are limits to follies and ridiculous situations. As a boy I'd fall for this blindly. But as an adult, who started watching this film unprepared, it gradually began to annoy me more and more because of the series of stupidities. The final image full of patriotism and heroism ultimately, was a bit too much for me.

You gotta cock it, Motherf …. Oops.

More reviews here :
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Nick Fury loses his way!!!
sanwit25 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Each movie of Samuel L. Jackson I watch, he keeps getting worse and worse. This is the worst so far. Samuel Jackson is POTUS and, he soon manages to land in a forest in Norway where he is hunted by some people...(sic). When they manage to catch him, they put him in a freezer...alive, because apparently they need the body fresh(Seriously?). Yes people, Samuel Jackson outside a freezer is not considered 'fresh' anymore. However, nobody seems to find it demeaning and the story moves forward without any particular direction. There is nothing unique to this movie, and everything seems to be picked up from somewhere and pasted into a meaningless screenplay with awful performances and an almost non-existent story. This movie is devoid of any plot fact, no one seemed to have put any particular thought to making this movie. Do not watch this if you have want to have any sanity left.
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Really really bad
bwdude27 May 2015
I can't remember when I last saw a movie that was THIS mind-numbingly stupid. Compared to this, the Avengers or Snakes on a Plane are factual documentaries!

There is ONE highlight in this movie, the kid actor Onni Tommila. And he is the only reason I found it mildly entertaining, even though he could not save the movie.

Samuel Jackson (does he actually take ANY role that is pitched to him?) is far from his best and his character behaves highly inconsistent. Everything else is so constructed and unbelievable, sometimes it physically hurts!

The sad thing is, with a little more care, better writing and directing, this could have been a quite decent movie.The basic story has potential, but is utterly ruined by constant bull-crap that keeps you face-palming over and over.

One star because I can't give zero, and one for the kid.
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I want to call this movie BIG SHAME if i can?
Is this what passes for a decent film these days? Big Game is the worst movie experience i've had for quite some time. it starts off well but dive bombs after about 10 minutes. ( and its only 90 minutes long ) its a ludicrous story, barely enjoyable and everything is based on pure coincidence and circumstance. Jackson is terrible as the President also. Everything is forgettable about this movie. The kid was the best person in this film and he needs a better platform than Big Game. AWFUL!! its very reminiscent of 1980's movies, but fails to emulate them completely. just go and buy Stallone's Cliffhanger Instead. Or go and watch Rare Exports.
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Delightfully Adventurous
Mek Torres7 May 2015
Big Game is mainly about the US President, played by Samuel L. Jackson, rescued by a young boy who is on a hunting mission, which lead the two into an unlikely bond and soon face a band of terrorists. That strange yet magnificent idea easily sums up what you're going to get in this movie. In concept, this is supposed to be Finland's take on the old school Hollywood action movies. It sets in a life of local deer hunters around a preposterous action movie plot and the movie just embraces the silliness, and without any pretension, this results to one of the most delightful experiences one would get in a dumb action movie in a while. And even for a B-movie (if that's what they claim), there is so much impressive achievements to look around, which sometimes the film felt a little too smug about it. But this film offers more excitement than what this rather simple plot suggests.

And just like what the classics do, it begins with tons of exposition, to fully establish the characters and the plot. But instead of being about some regular guy who gets mixed up with a tough situation, we get a kid who already seem competent to the job, but haven't fully earned his skill and experience, yet. It takes long enough to get to the real action, but the real shining moments here are whenever the two misfits interact, trying to bear with each other and contradict with the ridiculous choices one of them makes for survival, in a naturally comedic sense. While the threat still involves some risks and violence, this journey is all lighthearted. The heroes are basically just running around, choosing some crazy ways to escape from the bad guys as adventurous as possible. There's another side to this which takes place in Pentagon where the government officials are searching for the President. These scenes don't offer beyond than serving exposition and reveal needless twists, but isn't as exciting as the actual adventure.

People may still clamor this as a B-movie, but even for that impression, every visual and scale actually look more impressive than most Hollywood blockbusters today tend to offer. It looks heavily CGI-ed and people usually point out the flaws of the aesthetics, but here it's just beautifully bright and shiny that it never really matter if it's real or not. It simply polishes the supposedly dumb as schlock action, which might have lead the direction to somewhat slow the pace for style and swagger that sometimes becomes dragging, but the images brought a huge benefit, anyway. The performances are just delightful. No one might have done it better as this President than Samuel L. Jackson. It may sound like a punchline at first, but then he eventually manages to give something engaging to this character, and of course, Jackson does what he does best. But the actor who really steals the show here is Onni Tommila, who happens to be the the real action hero among the duo. Aside of excitingly pulling off warrior-like instincts, he also manages to get invested to the character's arc and comedic moments. The ones who play the villains stay campy as they should, and there is a surprising amount of other great actors here who aren't nearly as memorable as its stars, but they did their job solidly, anyway.

Big Game is a lot of fun, with a variety of amusingly odd ideas that come off great for a mindless action experience. But the best parts are really when the two heroes are together, trying to fit in from their unlikeness. I guess the only major thing to complain now is there should be more. It's not like that is going to make this a masterpiece, but it does left you wanting more, like we want to see more of these characters and explore more absurdity that this journey can come with. I mean, there's a scene where a fridge, where our heroes are hiding, is rolling down into the waterfall, with Samuel L. Jackson's character paranoia adding up the pricelessness of the scene. And that's just one example of what makes this movie delightfully adventurous.
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Another movie with Tough kid(s) that actually delivers...
Dr_Sagan2 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw Final girl (avoid it), Barely Lethal (avoid it too) and some other movies with tough kids. It might be (again) a trend in "Hollywood".

Anyway this is a movie that actually delivers in terms of action and the satisfaction of the audience.

A 13 y.o. boy follows the tradition of his village in northern Finland and as apart of an initiation he must camp in the woods and bring a big game (like a deer) back to his father who is a great hunter. The movie takes a big turn when it is revealed that Air Force One with POTUS in it, is about to crash at the same woods as part of a conspiracy or terrorist act! The young actor Onni Tommila is suitable for the part and manages to deliver a solid performance. The rest of the cast is good too.

You do have some Hollywood type of action (in terms of visuals and unbelievable situations) and you get to see some wild northern forests which make the movie bearable to watch.

Overall: Check it out. It's not great but it delivers some satisfaction to the audience.
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Mind-numbingly Stupid.
j g22 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It starts out well enough. At about the 50 minute mark, this movie goes full retard. Never go full retard. This may be the worst Samuel L. Jackson movie ever. The kid is not a good actor. This movie feels like a Chuck Norris movie from the 80's, except it's not even good to laugh at. To whomever made this movie: It must be nice to have 8.5 million dollars to just flush down the toilet. Do yourself a favor, just flush the money you were going to spend to watch this movie down the toilet. At least you will save the 1.5 hours. I figured I would waste another 5 minutes writing this review, in hopes that I can spare some unsuspecting people out there from the same pitfall. Please, give my respects to the outside world. I fear that I may never come back to reality, after this poop tainted spike pierced my brain.
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Cliffhanger meets 80's Spielberg...
kepotaz21 March 2015 this relatively small budget Finnish* action adventure movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. (It's a small budget movie in Hollywood standards - with measly 9 million dollars (8,5 million euros) - but manages to be the most expensive Finnish movie today.)

(SIDE NOTE: No plot is discussed in this review - because you can find the plot summary elsewhere (look up), also because I don't think the plot of the movie is really important in this case.)

Big Game is unapologetically old school (that school being founded in 80's Hollywood) in it's aspirations. There's non of the grittiness and wannabe-maturity or seriousness of recent Hollywood action movies targeted at younger audience (like Hunger Games, Man of Steel etc.). There's direct references to 80's Spielberg movies like E.T. and Indiana Jones, but the movie it resembles most is Cliffhanger, the mountaineering action from 90's starring Sylvester Stallone. It's no coincidence since Cliffhanger was directed by the first and so far only (but not for long, seems like it) Finnish-born Hollywood action director Renny Harlin, and the writer-director of Big Game, Jalmari Helander (whose second feature film this is), Finn himself, was a young man dreaming of becoming a filmmaker when Harlin had his heyday in late 80's and early 90's with movies like Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger, and Harlin was a big deal in Finland (and I guess in Hollywood too) at that time (not so much anymore).

Big Game is a love letter to the movies of Helander's youth. Usually there's certain amount of self-consciousness in backwards looking projects like this, but Big Game is no parody or ironic postmodern pastiche (or something). Helander takes it seriously (without being too serious). Yes, it's predictable, clichéd and formulaic but at the same time heartfelt, joyous and mostly fun (also relatively short with 90 minutes with no really dragging moments), and part of the fun comes from being familiar with the tropes the movie plays with and the willingness to embrace them earnestly**.

It's a film made by someone who watched Hollywood action movies as a kid and played the scenes of those movies in forest with his friends with sticks as machine guns*** and Big Game is direct continuation of that kind of childlike attitude to movies. It's not a film for the more jaded viewer who wants to be surprised with something completely unseen before or who wants "believable" action or more mature or gritty touch from his/her action and adventure movies. Helander made a movie that he loved watching in his childhood and that's both the strength and the weakness of the movie. What are your feelings towards these kinds of old school action movies and whether you are willing to embrace the cliché and take a more childlike perspective to the movie will probably determine whether you will appreciate Big Game or not.

I personally thought it was fun to watch, even if it didn't bring anything really new to the table (in fact it found the old leftovers and served them with fresh dressing). Movie like this could be really stiff and boring if done poorly (it has actually pretty impressive action scenes with such small budget), or armpit-fartingly tryhard and unfunny (Snakes on a Plane), but thanks to the cast - especially Samuel L. Jackson ("Get these *beep* terrorists out of these *beep* Finnish mountains!)**** and young Onni Tommila whose unexpected relationship carries this movie through the more cliché-ridden landscapes - and the earnestness of the director, it managed to breathe some life into the already-done-to-death tropes of the genre and gave the world what it didn't know it needed: Spielberg-flavored Renny Harlin!

6/10 (little above average, fun to watch)

*Co-produced with UK and Germany and shot in Germany, with largely German crew.

**Clichés are not clichés (used too often) without a reason. Usually they were effective and cool the first few times but later became overused and too familiar. In a movie like Big Game you sort of have to be willing to see the original power of the cliché and let go of the impulse of trying to outsmart the movie. In short: it requires a childlike perspective. (Of course every bad movie would seem better with childlike, i.e. uncritical, perspective, so forget what I just wrote and see for yourself.)

***DISCLAIMER: This might've never happened, but it feels like it.

****There actually is no mountains in Finland.
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Great Big Fun. Big Time.
Eric_Cubed29 August 2015
I can't understand all the haters out there hating on this one. It brings the cinema back to life the way other gratuitous movies like Armageddon, Goonies and The Rock did. It's a mix of Spielberg and Roland Emmerich. It's big, it's fun, adventurous and endearing, total adventure escapism, the way good movies should be. The cinematography is beyond astounding, and 1/2 the acting is really good. But, 1/2 the acting is really, really bad unfortunately, especially Samuel Jackson and his entourage. I kind of feel bad for Samuel Jackson in a way. It's only been recently that I haven't wished for or expected him to say some pulp fiction gangster lines in every scene. Somehow he looks depressed in this movie. Maybe because he can't say some bad-ass gangster lines? I would kill to see a pulp fiction spin off of his character, maybe roaming the world like Cain from Kung-Fu and, like the A-Team, doing good things and saving people. Or, glorious abandon, his pulp fiction character meeting up with the A-Team? Only in my dreams.
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Save your time
danieltcv7 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I fell victim to another brainwash called Big Game, an American movie featuring Samuel Jackson's face and the Bratislava Radio Orchestra (epic music guys, worth it!). At the time of writing the movie had 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Spoiler alert obviously, although you must not watch the movie unless you have murican flag on your wall, murican pants and tattooed one or more presidents on any parts of your body.

The movie starts okay - a boy in some far away, wild country, is to become a man by proving he can hunt on his 13 birthday. The country we later understand is Finland - a country with universal health care.

The boy has a typical character bad day - he doesn't really fit the expectations of his father or his tribe but he is allowed anyway to go and prove himself, a leap of faith provided by a not-so-moving dialogue between the father and the tribe's senior.

We then see the president of the United States of America, the greatest country in the Multiverse, played by Samuel Jackson, an American, riding in the mega presidential airplane of the United States of America, the only country in the Universe together with fighter jets that are ready to fight anyone who doesn't agree with anything Murica says.

Then he is betrayed, plane is shot, communications lost, plane crashes, his staff is killed and he lands in an emergency hatch in the Finish woods where he meets the boy.

The hatch can't be opened from the inside so the president writes the code on the muddy glass from the inside. 1492. Patriotism, madafaka!

The boy opens the hatch and the president, I am not joking asks the boy:

"You don't know who I am?! I am the President!!.... (waits for reaction by the FINISH 13 year old boy)... OF THE UNITED STATES OF America"


I am not especially patriotic about Bulgaria. But I think I might be offended if my country was displayed as a middle of nowhere forest where the people are kind of primates. And Hollywood decided to compare America with Finland... Oh, my Random... Where is Finland compared to M in terms of education, health care, democracy levels?

The movie goes very quickly downhill from there. Turns out there are terrorists who want to... well, we never really understand what they want to. Every scene is full of display of some American flags, satellite live coverage of the situation over the finish forests, panic at the Pentagon, the president claiming stuff as the property of the USA (the greatest... oh whatever). We never understand the characters motivations to kidnap/kill the president, there are just a lot of explosions. Including blowing up a lake for some reason. There is also the ala Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull "Fridge is the ultimate survival place" and a decision by the president to enter a trap plane under water.


Samuel Jackson is cast as the quote "the weakest president in the history", not the badass he knows how to play. Well, he does say at almost the end "Madafa..." but is cut midway I guess cause the movie was made for children. Although it was rated >12.

I understand if the movie should be targeted at children. It could be seen fun and you know, bring patriotism. But then why do we have >12!?!

And how Rotten Tomatoes gave it 80%

Yes, I know it's about money and patriotism and Americans love this. Just I wish we displayed more independent movies or the movies just reverted to telling a good story rather than flashing bombs, explosions and ending the world behind CGI, blue/green screens and maybe flashing actors face (if it's not too much).
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Ignorance irritates me
stinkfist-6006028 November 2017
I hate when somebody (usually Americans) making movie about real world using real countries/towns names etc and they do not care if anything they show about real place it's true. They act like every watcher of their movie is an imbecile and know nothing about the world. I'm writing it because movie is placed in huge mountain range in Finland (It is not a spoiler cause this information is given in first 3 minutes of the movie) and THERE IS NO MOUNTAINS IN FINLAND AT ALL. This is not a secret knowledge at least they could write fricki'n Finland in google earth. So as I say Ignorance irritates me and I could not give any more than one to people that do not respect their watchers.
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Brings to me some good childhood vibes...
tinovalkki1 April 2015
Big Game isn't even at least as good and original movie than Helanders previous movie Rare Export was. Big Game is actually B-class action movie with quite bad script. As a action movie Big Game is very mediocre action movie, but with it's boyish charm it is great tribute for those great action movies from eighties. Big Game has fine boyish charm, which remind me my childhood Steven Spielberg movies. With this charm combined with reality that this is the most expensive Finnish movie so far and verity for that Jalmari Helander is self learned movie maker without any movie studies you can't just pass this movie and see it as a mediocre action rumble. In reality movie has many flaws an quite bad script, but despite that it is at the same time quite enjoyable movie. Movie shooting is beautiful and descending of Air Force One is first class and well done CGI-effect. In some scenes you can unfortunately sense acting in front of green screen, but even with it flaws movie is quite enjoyable to watch. Big Game could be little longer movie. Now with too long epilogue movies action with Onni Tommila and Samuel L. Jackson feels a little too short. Few extra scenes would make it better, because now it feel to end too soon. Movie script is quite mediocre and coarse and not so original like Rare Export was. With all it austerities it is still enjoyable boyish action movie with quite less violence. Hopefully Jalmari Helander has guts to say yes to Hollywood near future. I would love to see another great director in the helm of big budget Hollywood production near future.
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While it may seem ludicrous at times, Big Game catches the audience's interest with hearty humor and lively visual.
quincytheodore19 May 2015
Adding to the series of recent movies involving President of The United States being in peril, Big Game is also presenting a quirky and amusing angle on the premise. Having more action than expected and lightly humorous, it hits on the right spot with just the right amount of casual fun. Some of the scenes are ridiculous, though the strange duo and witty material will be an accessible delight for audience.

Story follows The President of Unites States (Samuel L. Jackson) and an ordinary Finnish boy Oskari (Onni Tommila) who is undergoing traditional coming of age ritual. Oskari must prove himself by hunting a game from the forest, but a strange encounter with The President will distract him from his goal. This may be the weirdest duo of buddy action flick, but at this point Samuel L. Jackson could probably deliver any bizarre character asked of him.

The President is not the usual action character, in fact compared to the pursuers he is largely outclassed. It's a playful personality with more emphasis on comedy than his usual brash attitude, although the film doesn't deprive audience from his trademark mockery. Oskari is also far from a secret service agent, he's just a young boy and eager to prove himself.

The large difference on both characters play to their advantage in creating a few chuckles. Some other notable names for the supporting cast such as Victor Garber and Ray Stevenson also are appreciated. Casting isn't far from their usual roles, and they adequately presentable here.

Script is pretty good, the jokes are spot-on without being overly crude. The film has light-hearted vibe, engaging on simple theme fitting for a family movie. Visual is unexpectedly vibrant. There are several moments worthy of any action movies. These few high octane shots balance the silly antics. Its foreign setting creates a more refreshing outlook than the usual city environment of the genre, it's definitely a better view than being confined in White House again.

Visually fresh and charmingly witty, Big Game is a simple yet entertaining action comedy.
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A fun Finnish romp
DerangedZCore18 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's been five years since Rare Exports came out from the not so well known Jalmari Helander, and what a fun experience that was. A great package of comedy, thriller and creativity that made quite a name for itself abroad. As a proud Finn myself, I enjoyed the film a lot and when the news from Big Game came out, it looked like the director was going for the same approach again. And the expectations, it surely did exceed.

Just the few minutes of the film give the right harsh feeling as we follow Onni Tommila's character throughout the barren landscapes of Lapland. The cinematography emphasizes the tough nature of the north seamlessly, and when that gets combined with young Mr. Tommila's believable performance, it's not hard to get sucked in.

Yet the high point of the movie is definitely the chemistry between Tommila and good old Samuel.L.Jackson. We get to understand the hardships both face: the former wants to impress his father and the hunting tribe despite his young age, and the latter is on the highest position of power yet lacks the confidence and skill to carry it out. The witty and funny banter brings out new sides from both characters constantly, as they leave behind their misunderstandings and uncertainties in order to survive while being hunted.

The film is not perfect: the story can get predictable at times (but not really boring, as there are a couple of surprising twists near the end), and some of the action stunts are rather overblown. But when Big Game is watched in the right mindset, these problems actually work to the films advantage. Overall, it's a sharply filmed and wittily written little fun ride, if not as impressive or creative as Rare Exports.
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Enjoyable adventure with its tongue in its cheek
If you have seen Rare Exports and you enjoyed it then you will like this film . It is very much the same kind of European action film slightly quirky and humorous the characters have some depth and their motivation is there. This is not another mindless action at 100 MPH Hollywood Block buster though some will expect this just because Samuel L Jackson is in it. Though his role in the film should see this kind of cinema reach a wider audience which can only be a good thing .When you have 90 minutes to spare and feel like some mindless entertainment you could do much worse than this

If you enjoy this film then seek out Rare Exports you will be rewarded with some great cinema
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Sam Jackson Sets a New Standard for Dumbest Big Screen US Prez.
J_Brian18 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Horrible. First... I like Sam Jackson a lot and his talent in wasted on crap like this. He couldn't even say "motherf*cker" (I can't even write it here)... they had to mask out the "f*cker" with machine gun fire.

In this movie, the POTUS repeats several times how he has the power to command the greatest army in the world, yet, he's a f*cking idiot who doesn't seem to know how to take care of himself and needs a 13 year old to survive. I had a hard time deciding which was more retarded: this movie or the POTUS.

It started out really good and had a very good premise - The POTUS is lost in the wilderness of a foreign country - hunted by terrorists - and his only saving grace is a boy from a local village. Very cool.

But the execution was just flat out lame and it seems the creators were trying to join Maze Runner and Hunger Games on the whole teen empowerment band wagon.

There were some scenes that had promise, but too many plot holes, inexplicable situations, simple coincidences and good luck really made this a sh*tty movie. The kid didn't really do much to save the day that the Prez couldn't have done himself.

Lots of things p!ssed me off- -Here's the one that ruined the whole movie for me from the start - Air Force One is traveling at, let's say, around 600 miles per hour, and the Presidential escape pod is ejected out of the rear of Air Force One almost a full two minutes before the jet liner is shot down. After the jet is shot down, it is still traveling at a high rate of speed and nearly crash lands on top of the kid while he is traveling through the forest, headed in the same direction. Suddenly, he comes upon the President's escape pod... just ahead of him. How the hell is this possible? If my math is correct, a plane flying at 600 miles per our is traveling at a rate of 10 miles a minute. If the escape pod was released two minutes before the plane was shot down, wouldn't it land around 20 miles BEHIND the kid and not 20 feet in front of him?

-The Prez wasn't smart enough or was too much of a pussy to jump out of the damned fridge while it was being pulled through the trees by a helicopter, yet the kid could still run and keep up with it. And climb back on it!

-The Prez couldn't just tell the kid to take him back to his village and find help?

-Plus the kid was too dumb to return to his village for help with a stranger he finds lost in a forest, especially after nearly having the entire damned Air Force One fall right on top of him. You'd think that would be a hint to find help.

-A helicopter dragging an object through such a heavily forested terrain and nothing snags on a tree to bring the chopper down? Bullshit.

-A guided missile that doesn't totally destroy a plane the size of Air Force One - it just knocks it out of the sky? They must have bought on Blue Light Special from K-Mart.

-If the plane wasn't completely destroyed - just did a belly landing into a lake - how could there be no survivors on board? It wasn't even completely submerged.

-Satellites can actually be used to find the POTUS, lost in the wilderness, by simply zeroing in on a stray helicopter?

-A terrorist, who orchestrated this entire kidnapping, starts a countdown on a bomb to kill the Prez and ends up left behind with it and rather than disarm it, he fights with the Prez instead and, then, during the fight, we discover that he doesn't even know how to chamber a round in a machine gun?

-AND FINALLY -The kid shoots an arrow, while parachuting, at a bad guy sitting in the door of a hovering helicopter, from a distance of probably 30-40 feet, and hits the guy right square in the chest? He barely even had the strength, earlier, to send the arrow 15 feet and now he has enough strength to not only shoot an arrow 40 feet, but his target in a straight flight against the vortex of down draft from the rotor blades of a hovering chopper. Wow. I don't think even Rambo could do that.

I know that, sometimes, you have to suspend disbelief when watching a movie, but this one expects you to be full blown retarded.

Avoid this movie unless you have kids who just want to see another tween play soldier against a bunch of professional bad guys.
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Sit Back. Relax. Enjoy the show.
Vikesh Mirchandani5 June 2015
Finnish director Jalmari Helander's action-adventure throwback to the 80's and 90's, Big Game is a hugely enjoyable film for all ages.

When Air Force One is shot down by terrorists leaving the President of the United States William Allan Moore (Samuel L. Jackson) stranded in the wilderness of Finland, there is only one person around who can save him: a 13-year-old boy called Oskari (Onni Tommila), who is coincidentally in the forest to prove his transition from a child to a teenager by hunting down a deer and showing it to his kinsfolk. Of course, under the circumstances, the two characters meet.

What follows is an entertaining if preposterous and campy action film complete with mega explosions & wide panning shots and plenty of character moments too, particularly in the comparatively slow first half.

The pairing between Onni Tommila and Samuel L. Jackson is deftly handled, with both characters complementing each other through witty banter, strong action chemistry and motivational tales.

The villains are campy, over-the-top and fun to watch. However, one thing that doesn't work is the political drama/backstabbing in the Pentagon, which ends up feeling unnecessary and needlessly convoluted.

Overall, while the action tends towards the preposterous, Big Game charms and beguiles for a satisfying movie experience.
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