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Definitely worth seeing!
ahmetkozan25 October 2018
This is truly an amazing show. The issues that the show grapples with and illuminates in each episode are timely and significant. To say that this show deals with the dark side of technology and human nature is to make to simple of a comparison. The stories are mostly set in a dystopian world that is dominated or badly influenced by modern technology. What makes "Black mirror" so great is the attention to detail and inter/intrapersonal relationships and how the main character would feel and experience its brave new world. Well thought out plots, characters, settings and really good storytelling. It asks some hard questions of what and where we really want technology to take us. Or maybe already have taken us. Definitely worth seeing! Treat yourself and watch this. 9/10
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Makes me long for more, and sadder that more are not like this.
janet-42-16747225 January 2015

Absolutely brilliant.

This is NOT anti-utopian, it is an actual mirror of a utopian idea gone terribly wrong.

I've only watched 3 episodes so far and each one has made me think, made me go back and look again, made me ask myself why this had never occurred to me before.

I would call this sci-fi in the richest sense of the genre.... it is not about science, but how science affects human beings. The one thing that never seems to change is us. Technology evolves, mutates, advances and declines, but human beings, our feelings, our courage, fears, and desires remain within us.

I love this show. I hope you will love it too. And I hope you will think.
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Fascinating mix of bleak sci-fi, drama, satire and black comedy
gogoschka-128 April 2015
Amazing British anthology series with a very intriguing concept. The premise: taking contemporary phenomena (ranging from the wild popularity of talent shows on TV to the impact of social media and smartphones on our lives) as a starting point and speculate how such phenomena could/would evolve in the future. Each episode tells a different story with different protagonists and focuses on a different theme. Of course, the series doesn't explore the beneficial aspects or any positive trends - (where would the fun be in that?) - but clearly approaches its topics from a pessimistic, cynical point of view (hence the title). As the show's creator Charlie Brooker ('Dead Set') puts it: "...They (the different stories) are all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time if we're clumsy."

The resulting mix of bleak sci-fi, drama, satire and black comedy makes for highly intelligent Television and ranks among the most original and entertaining shows I've ever come across. The writing and directing are excellent and the cast includes such talented thesps as Domhnall Gleeson, Rory Kinnear, Toby Kebbell, Hayley Atwell, Jon Hamm, Jason Flemyng and Rupert Everett - to name but a few. Unique, fascinating and highly recommended. 9 stars out of 10.

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The best program I have seen in years
Shinitaika21 January 2012
I have only seen the first two installments of this series and but was impressed enough to leave a review. Charlie Brooker has popped out of the internet at times when I least expect it revealing the more unsettling aspects of our culture through his program Screenwipe and others. That was my first exposure to Doug Stanhope, a comedian who among others brings us closer together via demonstrations of how media and technology are changing our society and rarely for the better. Black Mirror arrives in the form of anthologized science fiction in the vein of the Twilight zone. It is a series that examines our society's relationship with the media and how it allows us to both shape our own identity and imprison us in a space where empathy and truth are weaknesses and something to hide in order to get ahead.

I have always been interested in futurists and Brooker seems to fill the requirements for one. There is nothing in the first two installments that do not reflect current trends in our collective behavior but instead extrapolates where current trends in communications technology; avatars, social media and reality television might lead us if we do not seek to preserve what is beautiful and pure about our collective consciousness and humanity.

Having seen reviews here that feel there is no commentary embedded within these stories I couldn't disagree more. As the title suggests, Brooker's Black Mirror shows us a dark reflection of our selves and allows us to evaluate these scenarios through our own emotional filters.

There are no blatant soap box messages but I interpreted the narratives as cautionary tales and would hope that no one, when confronted with them, would hope for these near futures. The only thing holding them back from becoming reality is our own resistance to complacency and purely spectator culture.

Beyond these philosophical aspects, the program is incredibly well produced and executed in my opinion. The characters and sets create convincing realities and I was never once drawn out of the story due to poor acting, scripting or characterizations. I could not recommend this series more and hope that it will continue on. Congratulations to Brooker and company for their work and their apparent concern for all of us.
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Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
svenvanlathem11 January 2012
This is the biggest surprise i came across these last couple of years. This series is one of the best i've seen. Every episode is unique yet criticizes the same absurd society we're living in. I was shocked at the great filming/acting/directing and of course writing of these different stories. My personal favorite would be episode 2. The most futuristic but also the most accurate representation of what most of our lives look like right now. Just saw in a review that a guy stopped watching after 20 minutes at the second episode. That's the biggest mistake he could do. Definitely the best episode. I wont miss anything else Charlie Brooker does and i'm patiently waiting for the DVD to come out. I hope this also gets a Blu-Ray version and maybe some new episodes after wards?
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Utterly disturbing in the best possible way
ian-j-hannah9 December 2014
The double entendre that is Black Mirror's name summarizes the show perfectly. The first interpretation is that the show looks inwards, at the darker aspects of humanity and society. This is done through the theme of technology, hence the second meaning. The black mirror is the screen that rules our lives.

Each self-contained episode is brilliantly crafted and produced. The stories are compelling and the acting is phenomenal. This show is not for those looking exclusively for entertainment, as the episodes leave you with a distinctly empty feeling. Although this is obviously the intent, one cannot help but wonder at the creators' bleak outlook on the world. The presence of bestiality in the first episode could very well deter some viewers, but I would remind them that the show is Twilight Zone-esque in structure as well as theme. The episodes may be watched in any order, as they are all completely independent of one another. The second episode in particular is storytelling of the highest form.

Black Mirror is disturbing in the best possible way. It unflinchingly explores the issues of society through deeply intimate stories and characters and their interactions with technology. Let me be clear, it will not leave you feeling fulfilled. Watching it was an exhausting experience that shook me deeply. The thought provoking subject matter combine with powerful, desolate stories and excellent performances to create one of the most unique and brilliant shows that I have seen. It not only holds the viewer's attention while it plays, it enthralls your thoughts long after the credits roll.
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Genuinely Amazed With the Pilot and What Followed.
erin_lou1817 January 2012
To sum up this series for me is quite easy, It's a dark look at what could be, and a very deep look at the worst of human nature.

The cast and set are different every time, but one theme I found recurring was that each episode was extremely haunting, and it definitely gets the viewer thinking about what could be if the world was just a little bit different. I don't think Black Mirror will appeal to everyone because some themes are a slightly uncomfortable especially in the pilot episode. So far the actors that have been cast have done an amazing job, and the writers have managed to make some far fetched ideas seem graspable. Basically this series is unlike anything else on TV and for that it gets a big thumbs up from me.

I don't want to write any spoilers, but what I will say is this if you want a drama with dark twist or a series that is completely Original make it Black Mirror.
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Disturbing? Yes, it's "Black Mirror"
Galadai16 October 2013
I found myself irritated with one of the reviewers who gave this mini-series a terrible review because it left him feeling "disturbed". Ermm.... I think that's the intention....

As many others have pointed out, the series is superbly put together: the actors are great; the script, if anything, is minimalist and the production excellent.

This isn't reality TV. This picks out the darkest aspects of how are future in this this modern age could end up, in extremis....

Personally, I think it's a Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Android/iPhone/Tab/internet horror story and whilst I think it's probably too brutal for most people, it is a reflection of how we give up and of ourselves to the digital, overwhelmingly public way that the world now wants us to be.

I love the show. Will it change my FB or other behavior? No but, truth be told, I might be watching out of the corner of my eye....
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Brilliant and disturbing
trabuqueta5 December 2013
Watching it was disturbing and shocking at the same time.

Depressive in a way, but also genius and defying! The way it makes you question and think about reality and our modern technological ages it's brilliant!

And although being fictional and mostly sci-fi, it's so realistic in the scariest way!

It's not about tech... it's about us and our "human nature", the good and the bad, our best and worst as humans and that is definitely the most disturbing aspect of it all.

Worth seeing it all with detailed attention cause it's probably one of the most intelligent and critical TV series done recently!!

Thank you Mr Brooker and all the team!

P.S.: the first two episodes are probably the most disturbing ones and it's curious that all the bad reviews focus only in the first one... Reading those bad reviews only make more sense to the all series idea... Shocking uh? But wouldn't we be all in the pub watching it?
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This is totally different and genius...
sggorgec-15-78018319 October 2012
The creativity is the main problem, especially in modern culture product till 2000's. We always seen main concepts, same approaches and same faces on our TV's, and cinemas. Even trying something different and genius, has become very commonplace. But Black Mirror is totally different and witty. You need only five minute watching to understand this. Different point of view, different stories, different but natural talented faces... Some ideas in this artwork could be disturb you, but this makes it consummate. It questions your life, routines, choices you made, the basic code of ethics you have... At the end, you only feel the happiness of awareness. Thank you for showing me something different than usual, thank you for make me more aware.
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Really interesting and well-written satire
Nomolost1 January 2012
After watching the first episode, I was shocked about the negative reviews it received. I'm going to be honest, it wasn't what I expected but that doesn't make it bad. It was very dark, and very shocking; Had me completely on the edge of my seat throughout. You will have to watch it with an open mind as it is somewhat distasteful and well... extremely far-fetched (Which is pretty absurd for a satire, but I digress.) I did thoroughly enjoy it however, it hit all the right notes.

After watching the second episode, I was left in shock about the jarring contrast from the first episode. It's so different than the prior, it's set in an alternate reality and is just.. unusual. Still dark, still intriguing, but didn't quite capture my imagination the way the first one did.

The third and final instalment was probably my favourite of the 3. It was again, completely unrelated from the previous 2, but it had a really interesting concept and narrative, and was executed phenomenally.

All in all, the series as a whole is very interesting, if somewhat inconsistent.
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An insult to Twilight Zone
jc1305us30 December 2014
I watched the opening episode of this series in that faint hope that a series would come along that MAYBE had some really timeless qualities that the Twilight Zone had, namely, smart, innovative, fantasy, horror, science fiction. What I came across was an absolute waste of time. After watching the series opener "National anthem" I was horrified. Horrified that someone would conceive and execute such a vile, disgusting piece of television such as this. Instead of fantasy, charm, literacy, and magic, we get an absolutely disgusting piece of rubbish. Rod Serling is turning over in his grave after this garbage was likened to TZ by Netflix. Everyone involved in this should be embarrassed, but I doubt that's possible anymore in the world we live in. But I guess that was the point wasn't it? Please do yourself a favor and watch literally anything but this.
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What did I just waste my time watching
dodsonjosh3 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Watched the first 2 episodes with my wife and I have to say this is the most awful thing I've seen in a long time, no real plot and the first episode should have been enough to drive me away but everyone I talked to said the show was good and I thought maybe the first ep just got off on the wrong foot but no the shows rubbish.

I'm shocked this has such a high rating on IMDb and disappointed I wasted a whole night watching this.


Really the first episode is about f$#%ing a pig..... I mean come on who wants to see this, yes I understand the episode was making a point but it was just.....awful.
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pantarei1399 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've read lots of good reviews, so I gave it a shot.

Episode 1 is just so out-of-it and so unrealistic that it made me cringe.

In short: a royal family-member is kidnapped and the prime minister has to do an indecent act to set her free, live on TV. I thought: "No way, they will find a solution to it, because this is what the story about: twisting and turning to come up with something brilliant". Nope, they let the prime minister do an indecent act, live on TV so that the whole world can watch. To make it even worse, his whole staff is pushing him to do it!

I mean, common!!!!! How far away from realism can that be? I know it's not a documentary, but they might as well let some aliens come over and save the girl! There are few nations that give in to kidnapping. They might pay some ransom but they will definitely do it behind the scene. Usually, they crack down on them with brute force. So, to have a minister do an indecent act live on TV to "pay" for the ransom is just ridiculous. No nation that respects itself would even think of giving in to this!! At the end you even know who did it and why... that even ridicules the whole thing to a magnitude of 7.

I thought that maybe the second episode would be good, but it's even worse, because there is no tension behind it. Just something that drags on for an hour or so.
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Overrated and inconsistent
joemeredith-684-44901217 December 2014
I was very disappointed by Black Mirror Series 1 & 2, save for S1E3 - the only instalment NOT written by Charlie Brooker (instead penned by Jesse Armstrong of 'Peep Show' fame), 'The Entire History of You', which on its own is an excellent drama.

I went away from this series with one conclusion; Charlie Brooker cannot write drama well. His talents lie with casting an eye over the irritating aspects of media, succinctly cutting down the pretentiousness and rubbish churned out for our consumption with some accurate criticism and adolescent musings (see: Screenwipe, Newswipe etc.). That's what he's good at! Being funny and critical at the same time.

What he clearly isn't good at, and this is made all the more apparent by the 2nd series of Black Mirror, is fleshing out basic ideas for a drama into anything more than a GCSE Film Studies project with a budget. The characters aren't real, they're two-dimensional clichés. The constant references to social media and modern technology don't feel incidental, but desperate, like Charlie poking his head up from behind a prop screaming "Look how relevant this all is!" Twitter this, twitter that. The stories all feel like conversations down the pub after a few pints, "What if the prime minister had to shag a pig on live TV!" "Why would he do that?" "I dunno... terrorists?" Even with the suspension of disbelief, none of his writing delivers the impact or level of social commentary one would hope for.

'The Entire History of You' did what the other instalments didn't; characters that felt real, a relationship that felt real, underpinned but not obscured by plausible science-fiction. The 'what if' is answered with the expected pessimism present in all of the Black Mirror episodes, but it's still entertaining to watch the story unfold. I wish Jesse Armstrong had written all of Black Mirror, perhaps I would have had my expectations exceeded rather than trodden on.
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I Don't Understand This Show
aarongregoryj10 November 2015
I don't know what too make of Black Mirror. I know I don't like it, but I don't know if it's because the show is bad, or if it's because it's tapping in to something that's going on in the world right now that I don't see, or can't relate too. It makes me feel kind of stupid. I've heard a lot of people praising the show. I keep hearing that it's satire, but I've watched the entire series and not one of the episode makes any sense too me, and I'm no stranger to weird science fiction. I'm a fan of J.G. Ballard, I read a lot of William S. Burroughs when I was a kid, I'm a huge fan of Rod Serling… So I guess what I'm saying is that this is less of a review, and more of a message to anyone who feels the same way I do: you are not alone.
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Truest Heir to the original Twilight Zone
FromDecatur31 January 2014
I found this series extraordinary. It made me feel like I did very young when seeing The Twilight Zone for the first time...a world like ours, but tilted slightly, an engaging story and often a twist at the end. Should you find the subject matter the first episode to be a bit too much, I would suggest skipping it. However, it is a terrific episode and well worth viewing. All of the stories include a tweak in the current world, often in the nature of technology. Be Back Soon has elements of romance to it, while other episodes are more thriller or political in nature. They all belong together but each have their own feel. There are cameos by characters in one episode in others, but it's done as a fun thing to spot, not meant to illuminate the stores, which is why this is definitely episodic in nature. Highly recommended.
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Cold but effective
paul2001sw-123 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Charlie Brooker is a great satirist: funny and clever, and, although often crude, in 'Black Mirror' he certainly isn't pandering to the lowest common denominator (in spite of the fact that the first film is about the prime minister having sex with a pig!). Indeed, he (and his collaborators) show themselves to be skilled film-makers: in this trio of short stories about how technology is changing our lives, two have a sci-fi feels and the understated way with which a future world, subtly different to our own, is conveyed, with a minimum of carefully deployed special effects, is a lesson to Hollywood with its obsession with spectacle and its inability to understand that less can be more. Yet while Brooker's films are delicately made, there's a certain obviousness to the points he is making; while he's extraordinarily skillful in imagining the details, there's less below the surface than you might hope for. I found the middle film the most convincing (and indeed moving), and exactly because it was most explicitly a fable; in the others, Brooker's merciless eye is also not a little heartless. But Brooker deserves credit for not standing still, and settling for making new series of 'Screenburn' ad infinitum; 'Black Mirror' may only be a partial success, but it's bold and fresh and worth watching, even if it's not so much deeper than the world it's taking apart.
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Brilliant brainwash by Endemol
yann-3311 December 2013
Well, I have to admit, I've swallowed it, alright... But when I've got through those two seasons, I felt something odd - why do I have the feeling that this artsy, independently presented thing seems to have a hell of a budget for the special effects department, and why do 90% of the episodes ramble about TV shows or the likes ? Hm. And then I watched the credits - what a surprise !!! Pure, black mirrory irony: the producer of this show is Endemol - pretty much THE production company worldwide who entertains or should I say renders people completely stupid in front of their TV set with exactly the type of shows criticized along the Black Mirror Episodes. Wow. Now you can call me paranoid or a conspiracy addict, but that seems like a perfect marketing strategy to me: Depict those shows, which would eventually come up next, a little irony here, a bit of voyeurism there, see which one pays off in the audience and the forums and here we go for the next-gen batch of stupid game and reality shows. I must say, the best scenario definitely goes to Endemol's think tank. Bravo.
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cliffchuff31 March 2012
absolutely gripping intelligent humorous insight into modern culture with a media savi team of writers.

Well worth a watch for the will he won't he suspense of the first episode.

make some time in your schedule to see this and look forward to discussing it with people afterwards.

Looking forward to this writing team coming back with more funds to deliver bigger and better.

the ten lines of text minimum is a real pain when you are in a hurry to watch the next episode.

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poor writing and concepts
kingeider-189-36507818 December 2014
Charlie Booker is a good (maybe great) comedy writer. He's not good at dystopian fiction. A lot of good actors in these episodes and the series really swings for the fence, but it's a strikeout. The ideas are thin, the dialog is wooden and the concepts are pretty lightweight and at the same time, pretty repulsive. Sort of a "Idiocracy" feel to the series, with the current state of affairs brought to some sort of futuristic territories, but no humor and very little to recommend it. I watched the first one, the one about the return of the dead thru software, the one about the special Disney punishment village and the one about the "American Idol"/Hunger Games kind of TV show, with the avatars and all that. None of them really any good, and a pity to see Mike Smiley and some of the characters from the Thick of It wasted in this. I spose they enjoyed the paycheck
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Pure Paranoia
spuzer5530 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry Charlie Brooker, but this series seems as though written by an aging populace preaching resistance to change. The ideas portrayed are clear, but they only paint a one-sided perspective that's biased towards the negative, with scientific or moral dilemmas purposefully ignored or emitted to promote it, and doesn't hold up to further scrutiny. It is well executed visually, perfectly acted, shot and written, and episodes start from the right vantage point to yield maximum effect. It's with the message that I have the biggest contention; There have and always will be negative obstacles to any progress: Technology has revolutionised fraud and theft, provided new forms of bullying, sensationalism and public humiliation. But it has transformed the world enormously for the better, improving access to information, communication, commerce, increased globalisation and productivity. Such challenges breed discussion, promote awareness to decrease prevalence, and offer possible improvements to laws and regulations. As problems evolve with and because of technology, our ability to combat and prevent them evolves as well. Here are the issued I encountered for each episode (SPOLERS AHEAD):

1.1: This premise hinges on a man who recognises the actor brought in and posts his picture online, thus alerting the kidnapper to the deception. If such a critical and decisive operation were to take place, one would expect it would be handled with more professionalism and secrecy. The actor is walked to the entrance in the open, and the man takes the picture with no protest or rebuke before or after the incident (although the actor is 'rushed in' as if the phone was a gun. An outrageous scenario orchestrated for plot development? I think so. The Prime Minister's wife also appears to be exceedingly insecure about people's perceptions of her. One would think someone in her position would be better accustomed to sensationalism, scrutiny and disgruntled public opinion. You also wouldn't need to be in the public eye to know that comments on some websites should not be taken seriously.

1.2: I don't believe spending your life peddling for credits while living in confined cages under an advertising regime resembles a realistic premise, but perhaps it's not meant to be - the episode's sole purpose is to make an abstract comment about the nature of media, advertising and commercialism. As the world becomes more connected, the representation of an individual as a virtual caricature becomes more common, but only because of the nature and prevalence of such interaction. Technology is not responsible for this, human nature is. We have always objectified those furthest away from our grasp, and technology brings us closer to the same extent that it leaves us behind a barrier.

1.3: Is this technology wrong because of the scenario offered? Would objectifying memory cause more conflict than resolve, and signal the end of indiscretion and privacy? The answer is no, or rather no more than presently. We often recall and deliberate over our past experiences, and this technology wouldn't change that. Regarding the main story, we are presented with an impossible scenario (possibly the worst) and asked to choose between truth or privacy. If you are in a relationship where the question "Show me where you were last night?" consistently surfaces, trust issues or relationship flaws very likely exist. This is in contrast to what one would envision to be the typical application for this type of technology; Domestic disputes and crimes would be recorded just like everything else. They could be erased through force or intimidation, but it's very likely that such a system would have a backup capacity (much like Facebook does when you delete an account), so that deleting wouldn't stop the perpetrator from getting caught. This hypothetical scenario could in fact dramatically reduce the rate of crime committed, not increase it.

2.1: Be Right Back has a similar conundrum. This is a world where an artificial body can be grown and moulded from powder in hours (and stored with an infinite battery pack), but an artificial computer isn't able to properly mimic human reactions to emotions if it doesn't have 'sufficient data'. Contrary to what is stated, people have all types of online interactions these days that go far beyond pleasantries and encompass most of the emotional spectrum. For missing data, it wouldn't be hard for a system to calculate the best response specific to any individual for any given situation or emotion. By that time we would also have cars that drive themselves, avoiding accidents altogether. In fact, the Google driver-less car already exists. A better premise could focus on how surrogates would be treated and the legal implications of their existence.

2.2: If we possessed the technology to wipe away sinful memories, then this would be the most impractical use of it imaginable. Repeatedly wiping the memory of a criminal for continuous emotional torture and entertainment would be deemed highly immoral by any present or future civilisation. What would be the point of torturing someone who doesn't know what they've done wrong? The implications of memory wiping have been addressed in numerous films, notably Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. For criminals, it could offer a blank slate or a second chance at life. For others it could wipe away traumatic and debilitating experiences to improve quality of life. These are all moral and legal grey areas, but still offer more realistic scenarios than shown here.

2.3: Not much to be said here. Could the team behind a satirical blue bear ever be approved to run for public office? The answer is no.

Constructing incomplete, cynical and misleading scenarios that only work to spread fear is simply pointless and counter-productive. A superior show would examine both sides and predict the future more accurately. A more pressing threat (possibly worth being a little paranoid about) is artificial intelligence, but this far exceeds the scope of this series- clearly this isn't the programme to watch if you're looking to educate yourself about science and technology.
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Watch the original 2 seasons
BlueRoseNya29 May 2017
A friend recommended this show a while ago and to pass the time in between new Twin Peaks episodes we decided to binge this series. The first season kept us hooked really well. Original writing, super sharp editing, decent acting and class. The next few episodes in season 2 were still good and exciting. A lot of nice atmosphere, which I love.

But when season 3 started everything seemed different. It went from clever to mediocre acting and shallow writing. And these predictable plots are worked out in an action-for-the-sake-of-action package. So then we lost interest.

The page turner effect vanished somehow, it's almost like the later episodes are student films, which is a shame really, I'd prefer it if shows just stopped when the inspiration is gone.

Nevertheless, the first two seasons are definitely worth a watch.
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Dark & Gripping
mutatd30 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This ridiculously short series is brilliant. There are three episodes, each a bleak and dark story about how the modern, internet and technology filled world could plunge us into hell. The first, is one set in the present. What is so fantastic, is that it is something that could happen tomorrow. The fictional princess is kidnapped by an unknown person and a video ransom is posted anonymously on YouTube bizarrely saying that unless the (fictional) prime minister had sexual intercourse with a pig live broadcast on every British television channel in four days, she would be killed. The story is gripping, the actors are brilliant and realistic, and the episode is also fabulously directed, adding in little things such as over the course of the four days the prime minister's hair seems to thin out of stress of knowing what he must do. This episode certainly shows you just how terrible the internet could be if it gets into the wrong and powerful hands.

The next episode is one about a hopefully-far future, where everything is commercial and false, and everybody is trapped and must play games to make false money to spend on false objects. They feed out of fake food-dispensing machines, which gives out fake, packaged fruit. It is an entirely commercial world, and there appears to be no outside. It shows two attempts to escape from the drag that life has become, each working, to an extent, before it becomes just as fake and dull as before. The way this is done is by going on an exaggerated, satire of a talent show and winning it. It features a lot of references to how people take the Nintendo Wii and gaming seriously, internet advertising and how wrong it seems and talent contests and how much they are a scam. A lot less realistic, yet again it is thoroughly entertaining and makes you think about how that could be where the world is going. The animation and product design is fantastic and so realistic. This episode also casts Julia Davis and Rupert Everett as the evil talent show judges who both do brilliant acting.

The third is a dark 'love' story set in the near-future about how wrong it could be if people could re-watch their memories and show others. People seem to be forced to have small chips implanted behind their ears so their vision is being recorded and can be played back on any screen using a small tool and a super-fast, Wi Fi that is everywhere. It's idea is that people could become obsessed with the past and search their memories for tiny details, eventually causing insanity and a bad ending. It follows a man who obsesses over the behaviour of his girlfriend at a party the last night and the idea that she is having an affair with a man he clearly hates who was at the party. It (very psychologically) goes through him trying to find out whether she is having an affair or not, and eventually completely loosing it and using the memory-viewer, proves that she is. The 'proof' though, is never revealed to be completely genuine. In the end, he realises his life has been ruined by the memory-viewer, so, using a blade and tweezers, cuts out the memory-viewing chip. The product design and effects were the best yet, the chips behind the ears and the creepy way in which when people view their memories their eyes glow a dead white, which adds to the foreboding and tense atmosphere.

I never knew how intelligent Charlie Brooker was until I saw this. Utterly phenomenal. I have never seen anything like this on Channel 4 and certainly recommend it to anyone who is open to wacky ideas and darker subjects.

Thank you for reading.
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Twilight Zone? Maybe the failed 2002 version.
jdi-620 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I can't understand why this show has such a high rating. I've long come to not be able to trust IMDb review ratings. I noticed that most of the 8-9 star reviews are from outside of my home country of the U.S. Many things don't always translate across borders, so I can say those reviews are wrong or bad.

I can only speak from my perspective of being an older American male who grew up on the original Twilight Zone TV series. From my perspective, Black Mirror is slow, boring, and it is an insult to the original TZ show to have this show compared to it. The TZ made clear points by usually having a discovery twist at the end of the episode. I don't believe this show comes anywhere close to that.

Black Mirror is not something I'm going to do what I consider to be wasting my time watching. I tried to watch a few episodes from the different seasons, but It's just not a very good show in my opinion.
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