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Cullen Hoback: Self - Narrator



  • Himself - Narrator : Mark Zuckerberg had asked me to please not record him. So we shut off the main camera. But since Mark doesn't seem to mind storing our data after we think it's been deleted, this only seemed fair.

  • Himself - Narrator : Do you think privacy is dead?

    Himself - Unofficial Spokesman, Hacktivist Group Anonymous : It may be certainly dying. Whether or not it... For privacy to remains dead unless it has a fundamental shift in the dynamics by which are decided. I mean, the only effective response is to monitor and change the behavior and the tendencies of the intelligence industry, law enforcement and all that and even companies. And that's very unlikely.

  • Himself - Narrator : There's a major difference here. Mark losens up after he thinks we stop recording. And you see that? That right there. That's a smile. Mark Zuckerberg smiled at me. And you know why? Because he thought I had stopped recording. And he was relieved. Imagine what a relief it would be if all of these companies and the government stop recording everything we do. If we could just make a simple request to them. Something that Mark Zuckerberg had asked us for. "Can you please not?" Can you please not record us, monitore us, and share information unless we ask first? We need terms and conditions that are reasonable and we need privacy policies that promote the most basic principles of our democracy rather than taking them away. Or, as a young senator once said, before he became president...

    Himsef - President : [cut to an archive footage when Obama was senator]  We need to find a way forward to make sure that we can stop terrorist and protect privacy and liberty of innocent Americans. We have to find a way to give the president the power he needs to protect us, while making sure he doesn't abuse that power.

    Himsef - President : [cut to a speech during his presidential campaign]  And that simple principle, that there's somebody watching the watcher whether that's an issue of freedom of the press or an issue of wireless wiretaps, that simple principle is one that we can't give up and we don't have to give up.

    Himself - Narrator : Well, Mr. President we are watching. And I guess we have to ask ourselves one simple question: do we agree?

  • Himself - Narrator : Do you think privacy is dead? What are your real thoughts on privacy?

    Himself - Founder, Facebook : Are you guys recording?

    Himself - Narrator : Hmmm, we are.

    Himself - Founder, Facebook : Can you please not?

    Himself - Narrator : I can stop, yeah.

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