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Season 5

13 Mar. 2017
Young & Punch Card
Gabi and Josh use their punch card for the first time and jump into the world of no-strings sex.
20 Mar. 2017
Young & Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day, but thanks to their punch card relationship, Gabi and Josh are free from impossible expectations until they both become convinced that the other bought them a romantic Valentine's gift.
27 Mar. 2017
Young & Kiki
Josh and Gabi have to work together to save the dog of a business mogul or else risk losing out on a lucrative deal.
3 Apr. 2017
Young & Josh's Dad
Josh's father Matt contacts his son for the first time asking to meet. When Josh refuses, Gabi takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Yolanda is convinced she'll die at the same age as her mother, and goes on a strict diet.
10 Apr. 2017
Young & Softball
Elliot and Josh join a LGBT softball team which makes Josh's Dad mistake him for a homosexual. Meanwhile Yolanda and Sofia try and cheat their way into wining a cruise.
24 Apr. 2017
Young & Couchy
Sofia's boss Logan gives the girls a new couch, but there is one problem - it's super ugly. Yolanda reunites with the Rabbi from Elliot's wedding and starts dating him behind his mother's back.
1 May 2017
Young & Bridesmaids
Gabi and Sofia learn that their old nemesis is planning a tropical destination wedding so they angle to become her bridesmaids for a free vacation.
8 May 2017
Young & Vegas Baby
Gabi has a quarter life crisis, but finds purpose when Mrs. Wilson, who has the same birthday as Gabi, tells her about her long lost love, who they track down in Vegas.
15 May 2017
Young & Hold
Gabi and Josh's friends-with-benefits relationship is put to the test when one of them meets someone else; Elliot battles with a squirrel he discovers in Josh's penthouse; Sofia uses Gabi and Josh's relationship drama as fodder for her article.
22 May 2017
Young & Amnesia
Gabi tries to get Josh to snap out of his amnesia to remember that he loves her.
20 Jun. 2018
Young & Downton Gabi
Gabi and Josh enjoy their "official" status. Elliot and Yolanda become worried about changes. Josh discovers Gabi's messy side.
20 Jun. 2018
Young & Third Wheel
Josh sets up Sofia. Gabi doesn't think Sofia finds the right match. Elliot seeks relationship help from Yolanda.
27 Jun. 2018
Young & Communication
Josh tries to get space from Gabi without hurting her feelings. Yolanda and Elliot try to meet their celebrity neighbor.
27 Jun. 2018
Young & Handsy
Gabi panics over Josh. Elliot and Yolanda try to get Bruno Mars concert tickets. Sofia starts a job as a ride-share driver.
11 Jul. 2018
Young & Mexico, Part 1
Gabi takes Sofia on a last-minute vacation to Mexico to cover up the fact that she forgot her birthday; while taking care of Josh after surgery, Elliot and Yolanda accidentally ruin his new multimillion-dollar purchase.
11 Jul. 2018
Young & Mexico, Part 2
Gabi's attempts to reunite Sofia with her vacation love, Juancarlo, create even more problems for Sofia's love life; Yolanda becomes strangely drawn to Elliot's piano playing.
18 Jul. 2018
Young & Motorcycle
Gabi is excited when she inherits a motorcycle, but Josh's reaction to her new bike is not what she expected; Sofia is nervous about taking the next step in her relationship with her new boyfriend, especially when all of their plans seem to go awry.
18 Jul. 2018
Young & Bullseye
Gabi and Sofia organize a double date in the hopes that their boyfriends will become friends, but when the guys don't hit it off, their conflict spreads to Gabi and Sofia; Yolanda meets a handsome doctor when he confuses her with his online date.
25 Jul. 2018
Young & Magic
Josh decides to finally reveal a deep secret to Gabi - he's a magician. Sofia is terrified to introduce her stern grandmother to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yolanda's pen pal is being released from prison, and wants to meet in person.
25 Jul. 2018
Young & Yacht'in
Josh takes the gang for a getaway on his new yacht, where Gabi hits it off with the yacht's chef and receives an amazing opportunity; Sofia has a terrible misunderstanding about her boyfriend; Elliot and Alan meet a flirty steward.

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