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The Best Man Holiday delivers a dramedy which reminds you why the 90s/ early 00s were a renaissance for Black films.
Amari-Sali15 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have probably watched the first movie, The Best Man, at least 5 to 6 times since it came out. It was funny, presented new angles for Black actors, and though Christianity, as with most Black films, was in there, it wasn't overdone. As for the sequel, it is rare to get a whole cast to return when more than a decade has passed, and truly I think, when it comes to original movies and not ones based off someone who was alive, this is the best film featuring a Black majority cast in a while.

Characters & Story

In the film, everyone comes back and really the only new editions are the kids of the characters and the obligatory White co-star. For those who haven't seen the first film though, the majority of the casts are all doing White-Collar work. Harper (played by Taye Diggs) is an author, and former teacher at NYU; his wife Robyn (played by Sanaa Lathan) is a Chef; his best friend Lance (played by Morris Chestnut) is a football player who is soon to retire; his wife Mia (played by Monica Calhoun) is a housewife; then there is Jordan (played by Nia Long) who works for MSNBC in a executive producer role; her new boyfriend Brian (played by Eddie Cibrian) who seemingly works on Wall Street; then there is Julian (played by Harold Perrineau) who seems to be a innovator in education, and runs his own school with the assistance of his wife Candace (played by Regina Hall); the last two to mention are Shelby (played by Melissa De Sousa) who is a reality TV star, and Quentin (played by Terrence Howard) who owns a managing firm.

Altogether, they all have the type of lives and careers which make them sound like Cosby Show kids, but they also have quite a bit of drama as well. Most of which is featured in the first movie so I won't go into all that. However, for this movie the idea is coming back together and trying to mend bonds which have weakened due to lack of time, effort and because of bad blood.


Probably the top thing about this movie is the comedy. This is a tad bit of social comedy in the film, but a large amount of laughs come from them cracking jokes on each other. Some of it is just jabs at one another, like the joke about Harper having a low sperm count, but other times the jokes were vicious like the fight Candace and Shelby have. At the same time though, I must also praise the non-comedic performances. Mind you, those who have seen the original, there is a lot of already existing drama since so many people dated each other, had sex with each other, or liked each other, in the group. Due to this, the chemistry between character and their history causes friction. But, naturally there is one thing which brings them together and bond like a family. Unfortunately though, said situation will bring the tears which makes me glad for Shelby and Quentin for comic relief. For, when I say a situation will bring you to tears, I mean that for at least 15 minutes I was dripping tears, sometimes it getting intense to the point I was lightly shaking and the roof of my mouth was hurting. So needless to say, bring your tissues for the writing and performances will test your sense of empathy.


Which leads the few issues with the film. The main issue is that I do feel Harper and Lance's relationship is less natural, in terms of writing and situations, than the rest of the stories. The thing which causes conflict between the two, after they reconcile, specifically is what I felt was sort of forced and was eye-roll inducing. Still, it helped push the story along. The only other issue, and this is really nitpicking, is that Lance brings an almost Tyler Perry style faith in Christianity which only bothered me since I am growing tired of Black characters solely being Christian and not spreading their wings to other faiths, or being agnostic/ atheist.

Overall: Worth Seeing

Usually I count how often I laugh when I see a comedy film, but I enjoyed myself so much I forgot to. Truly, this film reminds me why I watch the original, Love Jones, Jason's Lyric, and other romantic dramedys that came out in the 90s/00s. They remind you, as a movie enthusiast, that there is more out there for Black actors than them doing slave roles, doing buffoon comedy pictures, or doing films based off people's lives. And this isn't to say that there aren't dramatic roles done which are fiction or original, but when do they get the type of push The Best Man Holiday is getting? This is why I think it is worth seeing. Not just because it is a good film featuring Black people, or because it is a sequel to a classic, but because it is a good film period. One that does enough to acknowledge these are African-Americans we are seeing, but in a Cosby Show way so that it isn't trying to alienate a general audience, and speak to more than simply the skin color, and backgrounds, of the cast. Truly, I hope this film inspires another renaissance, for we are badly in need of one.
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Best man needs to write
Prismark104 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A sequel to a film made in the last century. In fact the last millennium! I have not seen the original film so had rely on the opening titles to fill in the gaps.

The movie finds veteran football player Lance Sullivan (Morris Chestnut) and his wife Mia having a weekend Christmas party with their old friends.

Lance has not got on well with his best friend, Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs) for some years. Harper himself is a star writer on the wane with a pregnant wife after having problems conceiving with his wife, Robin (Sanaa Lathan). Harper hopes to do a biography on Lance despite their testy relationship.

Also in the mix is a reality TV star, an educator and his wife who used to be a stripper, a TV producer and Terrence Howard who is some kind of businessman but acts like an overgrown kid.

The producers have done well getting the original cast together after all these years and Malcolm D Lee writes and directs once again.

This is an ensemble comedy drama as over the course of the weekend frictions emerge. This is followed by bad news as one of them is severely ill which leads to gradual healing of some of the tensions.

There is a good mix of comedy and drama, never feels dull but did feel maybe 10 minutes too long and some of the issues that divided the characters might have been resolved too quickly.
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I'm Sure You Heard the Phrase, "Grown Folk's Business"
day_dae18 November 2013
Best Man's Holiday, is a timely-well written and acted movie. It touches on so many social issues people are going through in the now. It is surprising how emotional involved you will be caught up in scenes. It's a roller coaster of highly amusing moments on second, followed by an altar call of your conscience reflecting on unresolved past issues the next. The movie will have you unexpectedly grabbing for popcorn salt covered napkins to use on tear ducts, then laughing so hard followed with, "what if -, thank you, goodness (smirk)…,you have got to be kidding me and oh YES (I know that's right)," moments. And then more need of those crumpled salt and oil napkins you discarded in the empty popcorn bowl.

So warning! Save your eyes, bring tissue and make sure the cell phone is charged. You'll be calling family and friends after seeing this movie. You may end up seeing them sooner than you thought possible or vowed ever to do again.
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Christmas with friends
cinematic_aficionado3 December 2013
Lance and Mia bring together a group of close friends to celebrate Christmas. As it is usual with such gatherings, each group of friends brought along their own emotional baggage and old divisions amongst them resurfaced.

This is an emotional movie. Lance is the central character. He is an enormously successful and wealthy baseball player, yet he is grounded by his love for God and devotion to his family. It is his loyalty to his wife that he will organise the gathering although to him will be particularly challenging.

Such occasions will provide opportunities for people to quarrel, fall out and make up. A shocking revelation will ground everyone. Ultimately, life brings ups and down and in the midst of it all one will need a group of friends that will simply be there. They don't have to do anything as long they are present and available.

Well acted, with poignant conversations this is a movie with which the audience will resonate. It is a shame that the presence of hints and insinuations in the dialogues demonstrate that the obsession with race is still prevalent.
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Surprisingly funny and heartwarming.
judywalker217 November 2013
I am African American but I don't usually go to the typical Black movies because I find them too heavily silly, religious and manipulative so I was surprised as how funny and heartwarming Best Man's Holiday was. I really loved seeing all of these beautiful Black men and women getting together and celebrating their ups and downs. Terrance Howard was great, I never thought he could be so funny. It was great seeing Nina Long and Sanaa Latham who are great actresses and don't get enough screen time (Hollywood just don't tap its Black talent like it should). Morris Chestnut was also great and Taye Diggs (that's not to say that Howard Perrineau, Monica Calhoun and Melissa De Sousa weren't good because they were). Yes this movie is predictable and in some places overly preachy but you'll have a fun time and that's what movies are for.
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Haven't Laughed & Cried So Much In Years
jerrilynnbthomas5 July 2014
I know that I am late to party. I missed the movie in the theater. I just watched it on HBO. OMG Terrance Howard was hilarious. Morris Chestnut was just yummy. The ladies and the rest of the cast were superb as well. I loved the holiday music. I had to stop the movie to go blow my nose because I was crying so much. By now, you probably know what I'm talking about.

It's not often that a sequel equals or tops the first movie. Best Man Holiday is in a category all by itself. I am so proud of everyone in the movie. Individually, they've all done well for themselves. I can't wait for the next installment.

Best Man Holiday is not your stereotypical black movie. It just happens to have a cast that is predominately black. Grab your popcorn and a box of tissues and get ready for a dynamic movie experience.
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Terrence Howard is my favorite actor in the thing.
Hellmant8 January 2014
'THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Sequel to the 1999 ensemble buddy film 'THE BEST MAN' reuniting the friend group, 14 years later, for the holidays. Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Regina Hall, Harold Perrineau, Monica Calhoun and Melissa De Sousa all reprise their roles from the original film. Malcolm D. Lee once again wrote and directed the movie. It's funny in places and sentimental enough for a Christmas film; about what most viewers will expect I think.

The movie finds Lance and Mia Sullivan (Chestnut and Calhoun) having a weekend Christmas party that they invite all their old friends to. Lance is retiring this year, as a star running back for the New York Giants, and Mia has some tragic news she's kept secret from the rest of the friend group. Lance hasn't been on speaking terms with his old best friend, Harper Stewart (Diggs), since the events of the original movie. Harper is now expecting a child with his nine-month pregnant wife, Robin (Lathan). Making things hard for them is the fact that Harper recently lost his teaching job, which he hasn't told Robin about, and hasn't written a hit book in years. At the advice of his agent (John Michael Higgins) he's thinking of doing an unauthorized biography on Lance. He'll of course have to smooth things over with him first in order to do so. Each of the other friends has their own drama and troubled relationships.

I never saw the original 1999 hit so I can't honestly say how this sequel lives up to it but I'm guessing fans of the original film would be pleased. It seems like your average old 'friends reunion movie'. Perhaps it's a tad too melodramatic (in places) but there are enough decent laughs to keep it entertaining. My favorite performance is by Terrence Howard, who undoubtedly has the most comedic role, but he is also my favorite actor in the thing. I don't usually go for these types of films but I definitely wasn't bored (for it's 2 hour-plus running time) and I'm pretty sure fans of these flicks will be more than pleased.

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Greatest Comedy/Drama ever!
reggie80316 November 2013
I am a heavy moviegoer and have NEEEEVER wrote in the message section about a movie before. This movie was well written n delivered excellence in every way. Acting performances were outstanding to a perfect 20 out of 10. Felt real as if a camera was just following them the entire time. Everyone involved in the making of this movie has raised d bar so high low minded individuals will low ball this merely because they share opaque mindsets N don't understand!!!!! Too many times black movies get low rating because I simply believe the folks who are rating them do not understand the lifestyle of beomg an African American. Therefore if its not stereo typical, then it s don't make sense.
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Quality with no Quantity
sches2617 November 2013
To sum it up the movie didn't get any support financially (according to the news sources and cast) and the cast, directors, and writers produced a great movie. It was refreshing to me to see black people portrayed as successful professionals.I loved the story and being able to follow the characters.t connected with people on so many levels not just the African American audience. People black or white will always go out and support great quality movies. I hear a lot of people bringing up color in discussions about this movie. The truth is I did go to see the movie because it was an all black cast. I also went because I knew the actors involved were serious about their craft. At the end of the day the only color that matters is green, and they deserve the green for a job well done. I can't wait until the DVD comes out! To everyone that made this film happen: thank you for fighting for quality movie despite the obstacles and lack of funds compared to other movies that came out ....
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The Best Man Holiday Review
Dfschohr-532-54965817 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Having just seen the first film The Best Man (1999) a few months ago and having enjoyed it, I was excited to see what director Malcolm D. Lee had in store for his beloved characters in, The Best Man Holiday.

Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs) is in the midst of financial problems, with a baby on the way, and no one wants to publish his new novel. Harper starts pondering the idea of writing a biography on his estranged friend and NFL running back Lance Sullivan (Morris Chestnut). Christmas is around the corner so Lance and his wife Mia (Monica Calhoun) invite the whole gang over for the holidays.

The whole cast is excellent. Taye Diggs gives another great performance, nice to see him making films again. Morris Chestnut and Monica Calhoun are remarkable together, such great on-screen chemistry. Nia Long and Regina Hall are both hilarious and both deliver superb dramatic work. Terrence Howard scores eighty percent of the laughs and also has some truly heart felt scenes. This is such a big cast, and everyone plays off of each other extremely well.

Malcolm D. Lee has a few films under his belt, and he can add The Best Man Holiday right near the top. This works on so many levels. Most heavy-handed religious films I try to steer away from, because they are extremely typical and most characters are stereotypes, but this one works. The film does have a few scenes that I believe could have been cut out or rewritten, especially a a child birthing scene that is ludicrous and sucks you right out of the drama that has just unfolded. Overall, the film is worth the time, I give The Best Man Holiday an 8 out of 10.
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Best Man holiday... get your Kleenex ready *spoilers*
happycalamity3 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Best Man Holiday is a sequel to The Best Man 1999, which centered on actors Lance (Morris Chestnut) and Mia (Monica Calhouns) wedding. Where Harper (Taye Diggs) is Lance's best man in that movie it surfaced that Harper had written a book about the couple as well as their friends from college. In the book harpers character sleeps with Mia's character when Lance puts two and two together he is furious the wedding almost doesn't happen. But he ends up forgiving Mia because he had cheated on her several times before. Any way The Best Man Holiday is based 15 years after the events of Best Man. In The Best Man Holiday Lance and Harper are not friends they are polite but that is only because they have mutual friends you get the impression harper hasn't seen Mia or Lance in years. Harper is on hard times his wife is pregnant he has lost his job and hasn't written anything good in years. So when he gets Mia's invite he sees it as an opportunity to get the inside scoop on Lances biography. Hilarity ensues for the next 40 minutes while the whole gang gets back together at Lances mansion for the holidays. Then there is a sudden shift and the movie that was advertised as a comedy changes completely. There is a major bomb shell dropped on the audience and from there on out there are very few jokes mostly tears up until the end of the movie. Alright now on to the individual characteristics acting was good very emotional and believable performances from each of the actors the movie really thrives off the group dynamic and the s@*t talk between the men and women. Cinematography is pretty standard nothing new just your basic romantic dramedy. Story wise it doesn't feel like the movie gives you the story that they advertised. This movie was marketed as a laugh out loud comedy and it was until about 40 minutes in then it did a screaming 180 towards drama and tears. It was a strong albeit cliché story but I left the movie feeling sadder than uplifted as I usually feel after a good comedy. Overall if you want a cliché story with some good bits of humor but an overarching feeling of sadness this is for you.
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A great film that blends comedy and drama
davispittman27 December 2017
The Best Man Holiday (2013), which is a follow up to The Best Man (1999), is a very well made film. Some say that sequels are cursed or whatever, but that is definitely not the case with this sequel. It boasts a great cast, which includes: Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Terrance Howard, and more. They all give fantastic performances, especially Diggs and Chestnut. Chemistry is another big thing here, because truthfully a movie such as this one can't work at all without good onscreen chemistry. The connections these characters have with one another, the friendships and romances, are all shown in a raw way, and it works so well. Your attention is aure to be held all the way through, I know mine was. The writing is funny when it needs to be, and it's beautiful and dramatic when it needs to be. This holiday film comes highly suggested, I had never seen the original 1999 film, but now I am encouraged to go do so. 9/10 for The Best Man Holiday.
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What a great movie
kasabre287 December 2013
This movie really came full circle. I laughed, I cried, then laughed some more. felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotion, but in a very good way, both the story and the characters were so well developed. This movie really taps into what friendship and forgiveness, and love should be I could relate to something about all the characters. Even the title is perfect because the message is so deep that it renews life's true meaning at a time when we are in the middle of the most materialistic holiday of the year. This movie really brought me back, and reminded me of my blessings, what a great message for us all Thank you 10 stars ...Go see it
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Comedy all the way?
AlexandraBello15 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I understand that this movie it's a sequel to The Best Man, which I watched a long time ago and barely remember. So this review is coming from a fresh audience member's perspective.

First of all, the trailer was amazing and very inviting, although a little misleading but not so far from what I watched.

I loved, loved, loved the writing (dialogues) in this movie, Malcolm D. Lee did such a great job with building the subplot underneath the story, where all the characters have depth and their own agendas. There was a great dynamic between the characters and the lines were so real and just at the right moments.

This movie is an example of great writing and the cast is amazing of course. They were all in character, even when not in the foreground; which makes the story more interactive and enjoyable.

The movie felt like forever and it's longer than most comedies (120 min) but I didn't want it to end, because each of those characters were so fun, with their own personalities and issues that they quickly start feeling like family.

I like dividing this movie in: Before Cancer and After Cancer because the movie turns 180 degrees after Harper learns about Mia's disease.

As soon as the little girl said something about her mother feeling better now, I knew that Harper's question to his wife about Mia's weight had to do with a lethal disease, which was the reason that brought them all together for that particular Christmas.

I think the best character and performance was Terrence Howard's, even though they all were really good.

After the disease takes the foreground of the story, the movie changed from a comedy to a tragic drama which reminded me a little bit of Tyler Perry's 'Why did I get married" sequel. It all starts with comedy and then drama, boom, boom, boom all the way to the end.

I think that the movie works though but if we are drawn to the theater seeking for comedy, things could get dramatic and dark but not that much.

I cried my eyes out anyways, and the drama got me involved and emotional; so I have to admit that it worked. I noticed that males were the ones giving the worst rating to this movie, which makes me understand that half of the movie was targeted to women (in the part where they ALL get constantly emotional).

The message of the movie was wonderful, where in the worst cases one women that slept with her wedding's best man, gets really sick and has a death wish for his husband to finally forgive who used to be his best friend 'Harper'.

This woman 'Mia' finally lets go of her body when she finds closure in her relationship with her best friend 'Jordan' and her husband's evolution and growth.

Watching the 1st movie does help because we understand that the 1st movie was pretty dramatic so this one would be somewhat, despite the misleading trailer.

I consider this is a must watch film because of the character's development and the story lay out; even if you didn't watch the 1st one, because the Director makes sure to have this movie, be self explanatory, to fill those in who haven't experienced the first one.

I do want to note that comedy dramas are not that unpopular, we even saw Insidious bringing some comedy into their plot; the issue is trying to sell this as a pure comedy, when it was a mixed genre, very strong on opposite sides.

If you wish to find out about the story line, there are great reviews here on IMDb, however this one is personal opinion about the movie.

I give this movie 7 IMDb stars!

© 2013 Alexandra Bello
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Feels like time spent with old friends (****)
filmfanperspective5 May 2015
A harsh pinch of my arm as the lights dimmed reminded me that I was, indeed, awake. 1999's "The Best Man", one of the more under- appreciated and well-made films about friendships and relationships I've ever seen, got a sequel. More than anything, it intrigues me that a modern-day studio would greenlight this film and designate it for wide release. Perhaps since the popularity of the leads has reasonably increased over the years, they felt comfortable enough. I shouldn't worry either way about why this exists, and simply be thankful that it does. This is a well-made, humorous, emotional, logical, and sensual film, succeeding on every level. The filmmakers care so much about the characters that we can't help but care for them as well. If not for a slight misstep towards the end, I'd consider "The Best Man Holiday" to be one of the best films of the year.

In a lesser film, the plot would seem forced and typical- Harper (Taye Diggs), the 'best man' from the original, is a struggling novelist now, having found little success since his page-turning debut that spawned the problems in the first film. He and his pregnant chef of a wife (Sanaa Lathan) receive an invite to spend the holidays at the not-so-humble abode of Lance & Mia Sullivan (Morris Chestnut & Monica Calhoun), along with all of the friends we remember from the first film. Harper gets advice from career-driven Jordan (Nia Long), his confidant and former almost lover, in the form of a book suggestion- Lance is retiring from the NFL soon, and his best man Harper should pen the biography of the football legend. Keeping that in mind, along with his financial troubles, Harper begrudgingly accepts the invite. After all, the events of the last film left him and his best friend estranged for years, with only occasional contact- not the ideal close friendship.

The old group does reunite, but it doesn't always feel so good- the bachelor Quentin (Terrence Howard) has finally found his niche as a 'brand manager', capitalizing on others' dull minds with his sharp wit. Murch (Harold Perrineau) is doing exactly what you might think he'd do- running a school for underprivileged children, married to Candace (Regina Hall), the stripper with a brain who blew his mind in the last film. Shelby, Murch's former girl, has blown up in a big way, starring on a reality show about single housewives or whatever it is that wealthy, shallow people do for fame. That doesn't mean she's happy. Mia? She's been busy raising four children and doing exactly what Lance predicted of her; being happy and content as a homemaker (or so we're led to believe).

There is an inevitable tension as this group, 15 years older, tries to manage their emotions around the holiday season. For those not aware of the original, Harper had concealed a secret that he once slept with his best friend's girl. Once the truth sees daylight, emotions get the best of everyone, and revised understandings must be established in a short time to see the wedding through. Clearly, those involved with the events of the first film still carry the associated feelings with them. Things aren't quite 'the same' as everyone reconnects, and the film does a fine job taking us to the logical next step in the character's emotional journeys.

This is all standard fare, and if it weren't for the care given to the script and the love the actors put into their performances, it would be forgettable. I felt, as other critics have, that the film was similar to a 'reunion' TV episode- everything here feels familiar and established, evident in the involuntary grin appeared on my face multiple times as a result. A particular scene halfway through the film is an example, as the four main guys serenade the ladies in 'airband' style to the tune of New Edition's classic "Can You Stand the Rain". At the very least, it hearkens back to the best moment of "The Cosby Show" when the Huxtables 'airband' Ray Charles. At best, it's one of the coolest, sweetest moments you'll ever see in movies. For me, the scene encapsulates the reason for loving these two films- the heart displayed on-screen, coupled with the charisma of the actors, is uncommon and welcome.

The aforementioned misstep comes from the unfortunately perfunctory and inaccurate way Malcolm D. Lee handles the football scenes toward the end. Lance is nearing the all-time rushing record, and attempts to break it in a Christmas Day game. The announcers (Greg Gumbel and Eddie George of all people) reference his ascension toward that goal right after Lance catches a pass out of the backfield. Call me crazy, but those aren't rushing yards. Also, the film handles a pivotal character arc mostly with grace and dignity, but the surrounding football events don't match up well, creating an awkward, corny moment in a film devoid of them in all other scenes. I won't give away the arc I'm referencing; suffice to say it's another thing the film generally handles well.

There is a clear hint that a third film will follow. If Malcolm D. Lee treats that material with the same respect and love as he has with the first two films, it will be a welcome treat. After all, these are wonderfully written characters. They aren't swinging magical hammers, shooting flaming arrows, traveling back in time, or anything of the like that's catching the theater by storm lately, but they offer a welcome, adult respite. I only wish more films had the gall to give us funny, complicated, sexy, cool, and flawed characters like these.
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Has it really been 14 years???
max84318 February 2014
Can't believe it's been 14 years - in real time. The actors look fantastic and still have their characters locked in. Can't wait to see the next Best Man offering, evidently filmed at the same time to save on costs. Good idea.

I, too, wish all the cursing and foul language had not been in front of the children - and my late grandmother would have been shocked, I'm afraid! But everything else is so well done.

Many of us experience similar ups and downs in life no matter what our financial circumstances so it was interesting to go through this sliver of life with the upper % - speaking purely from a monetary point of view of course.

A lot of good feeling in this film, along with the anger and sadness. Real life - in a gorgeous setting.
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Another Teddy Flix Movie Review: "Best Man Holiday (2013)"
tedrico21 February 2014
Emotion Packed, Heart-felt, BLACK DRAMA AT IT'S FINEST! Shot primarily in Toronto, Canada ... this film truly felt like a Christmas Movie! If you aren't choking and tearing up by the 1 hr. 45 min. mark of this film, you may need to check if you are still human! This film far surpasses that of it's original 1998 prequel in every category ... for within "The Best Man Holiday" exists tension, strife, rivalry, haughty looks, lust, faith, belief, hope, seeking, miracles, jealousy, envy, ... did I say strife ... LOL! But despite all of the things the spirit of God flows throughout the film from start to finish! I'd like to see this kind of directing in all Black films, for Malcom D Lee shows us that not only can he make us laugh hysterically, as in "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins", ... but he can also make us cry as I did and I'm sure, a vast majority of viewers have & will. The music score in this film rates A+ and the cast members selected for this sequel could not be a more perfect selection. Terrance Howard's comedy, wit, and sarcasm is an added plus towards helping us, the viewers, return from a state of tears, back to a state of laughter. I rate this film 5 of 5 stars.
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Great Film!
Tmpthatsme16 November 2013
Excellent movie! Excellent cast! It's a sequel so if you haven't seen the first movie you shouldn't be rating it! They did a great job of bringing the characters back that we love & in Grand fashion! This Series is a African American Cult Classic. To give an example.This cast is "The Breakfast Club" for African Americans & we are just happy to see them all back together again! The movie being good is just an extra bonus! The acting in this movie is very good & you will laugh & be sent to tears then back to laughter! It's not just a chick flick either. They definitely have some scenes that are just for the men It's amazing to me how everyone almost looks better that they looked in the first movie! I Guess black doesn't crack...LOL! Don't believe the haters it's an awesome Flick. go check it out!
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Perfect holiday film for adults
DarkVulcan2919 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I did not see much of The Best Man(1999), But I was really interested in seeing this film after seeing the trailer. I better warn you, if you think this is gonna be just a comedy think again, don't get me wrong it is pretty funny, when the funny bits come up, but be ready to cry, cause the dramatic moments are so touching it will leave an emotional weight on you.

The cast are pretty terrific no one really stands out, I hope there will be Oscar nominations. It's a well made bittersweet film, balances the comedy and drama parts perfectly. The Christmas setting I also liked. Will there be a third Best Man film, time will tell, in another 14 years maybe.
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More drama than comedy
scottyxl3 April 2015
I started watching this movie thinking it was another black comedy (I love those) so I was a bit disappointed because there where not a lot of funny scenes (though Terrence Howard was funny as hell). After I realized it wasn't a laugh your ass off comedy there was a lot more drama. I must say that in the end I really enjoyed watching this, it just took me a moment to switch.

Only after watching this movie I read that it was a sequel. That answered a few of my questions about the character development and plot.

I really liked the plot though and the character development was good, so I'll be watching the 3rd movie when it comes out.

So if you're into black movies and don't mind drama this is one you should definitely watch.
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Best Ever!! My new favorite of all time!
tamashere9 February 2014
Wow, how is it that a sequel can be better than the first?! Fabulous director, cast and storyline is the answer. Amazing! This is the absolute best movie I have seen in an extremely long time. I laughed, cried, was totally blown away and really needed this. The cast feels like family and that made all the difference in the world. Granted it was devastating with Mia's passing, but so great to see they kept faith and God throughout the storyline. I so appreciate that there was no fear in showing how we can have faith in God despite the circumstances. His understanding will always be so much greater than our own but we must never stop trusting Him. Malcolm D. Lee, you are brilliant! Can't wait to see what you come up with next and DEFINITELY can't wait for another Best Man movie! What, Quentin's getting married?! Set it up for the next one! See you in the theater and at the checkout counter! I have to have them all in my movie collection!
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The previews don't do it justice.
justaperson11018 November 2013
I saw 12 Years a Slave the same day (just half-an-hour before) and I'll tell you I NEEDED The Best Man Holiday after seeing 12 Years a Slave! :-) Anyway, the previews don't give away any of the story line, which was marvelously written and performed. This story was deeply moving and the transitions and transformations of some of the characters was very endearing. The way the friendships move in and out in natural progression was, dare I say, realistic in nature.

The chemistry between Mia (Monica) and Lance (Morris) has always come off as very natural and so naturally believable.

And I won't give away the plot except to say the previews don't nearly give it away, THANKFULLY. GO SEE IT! I'm going to see it again. It was that good!
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HORRIBLE script for GREAT actors
elanoredavis19 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sure that I'm the ONLY African American to HATE this movie. Back in 1999 I LOVED the original "The Best Man". Flash forward 14 years later, I have outgrown the 1999 movie BUT I was hoping the characters in the movie had grown as well (especially since they are slightly older than me, in real-life and in character). Unfortunately this was not the case. If the second movie was released 1 or 2 years later (instead of 15 YEARS) the script would have made more sense. Instead you have ALL the character holding grudges for things that happened 15+ years ago.

SPOILER (don't read the rest if you have NOT seen the movie) 1) I didn't get why Robin (Sanaa Lathan) was mad at Harper. She seemed to be upset with him before she knew about the money problems. They have been married 15 years and together 17 years at this point but she was STILL jealous of some chick he almost had sex with???? 2) I expected to see some explanation why the white guy was not there with Nia Long's character. I was waiting to see if the family had a problem with her being black. I get that he was going to see his family in Vermont for Christmas but she was with the friends the entire week. He spends the first night with her and the next morning he says, "I know you love me but sometimes I feel like you don't need me." and she says, "I DON'T!" I'm like okay Ms. Independent. Who says that??? She is so in love with this guy but says I don't need you??!!! (or maybe Lee thinks ALL financially independent BLACK women behave this way) 3) WHY is Lance still mad at Harper for having sex with his girlfriend (not yet married) while they were in college (one time) when he was the biggest HOE on campus having cheated on her 100s of times but he can't let go of 1 time that happened 17+ years ago??? Especially when this man is his best friend (who has been with his own woman for 17 years)? 4) The light skinned chick with the reality show (Shelby)-- goes on and on about a black mans penis in front of women she has no history of a friendship with in the first movie. She didn't hang with them. She was JUST the girlfriend of the dude who married the stripper. BTW not all black men have big ones most are average to below. But she feels free to say how she wants to suck it and put it up her butt in front of these women. Hmmmmmm Why would she want her wimpy ex-boyfriend back who is now married to an ex-stripper/hoe after 15 years??? She didn't love him when they were together she just controlled him. Why was she in the movie anyway.

5) Terrance Howard's character is the same in his 40s as he was in his 20s????? That part just didn't make sense to me. Howard is a GREAT actor who has YEARS and years of experience but Lee doesn't take advantage of this asset.

6) All of the characters are educated, rich, famous people but they curse and fight in front of the kids???? I expected them to be more "Boo-Gee" bourgeois and less "Hood" ratchet. Lee had at his disposal a GREAT group of actors/actress that he did NOT take full advantage of. The movie could have been soooooo much more.
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soap opera in a movie
frommetou356 August 2014
people who like this movie is who like soap opera ... if you sit with yourself for 5 minutes closing your eyes ... you can imagine third and fourth sequel of this movie ... the characters in that movie is typical with no surprise in their ideas or situations ... the story is nothing and cannot add anything new for the first movie ... even the actors performance is average ordinary ... there is no surprise in there performance at all ...or super acting. then some events in the movie is fabricated ... like the scene of delivery of the baby ... and the scene of Reconciliation between different actors ...

weak movie .. but entertaining like any soap opera
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Comedy With Drama
stevendbeard15 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "The Best Man Holiday", starring Taye Diggs-The Practice-t.v., Malibu's Most Wanted; Regina Hall-Death at a Funeral, Malibu's Most Wanted; Terrence Howard-Iron Man, Big Momma's House; Nia Long- Premonition, Big Momma's House and Morris Chestnut-Kick-Ass 2, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

This is a comedy/drama sequel to a 1999 movie called 'The Best Man'. This one has a big reunion of all the original characters-college friends-for a Christmas holiday celebration at Morris' house. Morris is a big-time football player who serves as the host. Taye is a frustrated writer that has not had a best-seller in quite some time and had a falling out with Morris after the first movie. Terrence is the single guy and Regina & Nia are wives/girlfriends of various other characters. There are several sub-plots going on, including Taye wanting to re ignite his career by writing an autobiography on Morris, Nia dating someone that she is not sure is the right one, Terrence smoking weed and getting into trouble. But be warned, it's not just a straight flat-out comedy. It is funny-with Terrence having the funniest lines-but it does take a more serious turn near the end of the movie, when someone dies-a lot of people were crying in my theater. It does end with a hint for another sequel. It's rated "R" for language and sexual content-including partial nudity- and has a running time of 2 hours & 3 minutes. It's not one that I would buy on DVD but it would make a good rental.
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