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  • Flash ahead to Walter's 52nd birthday: he's at a Denny's, disheveled, hair and beard unkempt, using a false name and a New Hampshire driver's license, paying a guy for a car with weapons in the trunk. Back to the immediate aftermath of Gus's death: Skyler is dazed at Walt's murderous success, Walt and Jesse make peace, and Hank visits the burned-out lab. Walt remembers the surveillance cameras Gus used at the lab, so they turn to an angry Mike for help. Can they get rid of the digital evidence in police custody? Is hubris going to trip up Walt?

  • In the aftermath of having eliminated Gus, Walt now has to deal with the consequences. Mike goes after him but Walt convinces him they are all better off. He is concerned about surveillance system Gus had set up in the lab and learns from Mike that Gus used his laptop as the monitor. Unfortunately, it's now in the police evidence room but Jesse has a possible solution: a very large magnet. The police also find a new piece of evidence. At home, emotions are running high and blowing up Gus hasn't made Skyler any less afraid of Walt. Skyler learns the her old boss Ted and awakened from his coma and Walt learns from Saul for the first time about Skyler's loan to pay off the IRS.

  • Now that Gus is dead, Walt, Jesse, and Mike work to cover their tracks. Skyler panics when Ted Beneke wakes up.


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  • Walt is at a Denny's looking quite different to the Walt to whom we are accustomed: he's in dirty-looking clothes, has a beard, a head of closely-cropped hair, and is wearing different glasses. He tells the waitress it's his birthday and she says if he shows ID he gets his meal free. He hands her a New Hampshire license. A man walks in and Walt follows him to the bathroom.

    Walt passes him an envelope full of cash and the man hands him keys, making him promise "it" isn't going over the border. Walt says "it" is staying in town and asks about an owner's manual. On his way out of the place, Walt leaves a $100 bill under his untouched meal.

    In the parking lot Walt presses the buttons on a vehicle remote entry device and follows the "chirp" to another vehicle. He opens the trunk and finds an M60 machine gun along with about a thousand rounds of ammunition.

    Back in present day a frantic Skyler speaks with Walt on the phone, asking if he knows about the crazy news that not only is Gus dead, but he was apparently some kind of drug kingpin. He says only that "It's over. We're safe." She asks if he was behind Gus's death and wants to know exactly what happened. Walt responds: "I won."

    Walt gets home and immediately starts cleaning up the bomb-making supplies that had been left out. He pours himself a drink, then remembers something. He grabs a potted plant and puts it in his trunk. He returns to his drink just as Skyler and Walter Jr. walk through the door. Walter Jr. tells his dad the DEA thinks the whole Gus mess is over and that Hank is going to be a hero.

    Back in the bedroom Skyler gives Walt the cold shoulder, telling him she's relieved but now is scared of him. After she leaves Walt stands up and says "Oh shit."

    Cut to Hank and Gomez in hazmat suits examining what seems to be the remains of Gus's underground lab. It has been torched rather effectively, leaving two bodies that are beyond any recognition. Hank looks up and sees something on a shelf. They wonder if it might be a camera.

    We see Mike near the border being told that Gus is dead. He gets in his car and begins speeding along a dirt road. He almost runs into a car with Walt and Jesse. Mike jumps out of the car and pulls out a gun, preparing to shoot Walter. Jesse stops him, telling Mike that Walt has something important to tell him. Mike lowers the gun and Walt reminds him that Gus videotaped everything they did at the lab. They need to get to the footage before the police do. Mike says the recordings went to a laptop in Gus's office at the restaurant. The three of them head out with Mike at the wheel.

    We see a police investigator grab the laptop and place it into evidence as Hank watches carefully.

    Mike, posing as a postal investigator on the phone, speaks to a desk sergeant and finds out the laptop is already in the APD's evidence room. Mike wants to leave the country but Walt is interested in breaking in. Mike thinks they're crazy for even considering getting to the computer. Walt's plan is to get an explosive device capable of wiping the laptop clean entered into evidence. Jesse suggests using a magnet.

    The guys pay a visit to Old Joe and inquire about buying the magnet he uses to pick up cars and place them in the compactor. He thinks their plan is potentially feasible and they decide a U-Haul looks like a good transport option. Mike still thinks it's a terrible idea, but Jesse convinces him it's a three-man job.

    Saul pays Skyler a visit at work and tells her the police may get in touch with her about what he calls an "incident with Beneke." She asks if Ted is dead, but Saul tells her that, actually, Ted "just woke up."

    The guys test the magnet with a laptop Jesse holds in his hands. The magnet destroys it, then pulls it out of his hands into the side of the truck. Walt wants Old Joe to double the amps.

    Skyler visits Ted in the hospital. She starts crying as soon as she sees him. Ted is wearing a halo-type neck brace and his head is shaved. He says the authorities know only that he tripped and fell and swears he'll never say anything to anyone.

    That night Mike goes to the police station. After disabling the camera he breaks through the security fence and lets the U-Haul through. Walt and Jesse pull the truck up the exterior wall next to the evidence room. We see an interior shot of the officer guarding the evidence area. His computer stops working and gradually all the metal objects in the room start sliding towards one wall. A siren goes off and Jesse wants them to leave. Walt cranks up the juice to full blast and the U-Haul is pulled onto its side. Officers rush outside but find an empty U-Haul.

    On the ride home Walt assures Mike there were no prints and nothing is traceable back to the salvage yard. Mike wants to know why he should trust Walt: "Because I say so."

    The next morning the cops go through pieces of evidence piece by piece. They get to the laptop and report it as damaged and in pieces. We see that the frame of one of Gus's photos was also broken. This has now revealed what looks like bank account information that had previously gone unnoticed.

    Saul tells Walt about Skyler helping Ted to pay off the IRS. He's upset Saul never told him about her giving away more than $600,000 of his money to the man she was sleeping with. When Walt starts yelling at him, Saul says "we're done." Walt walks behind the desk and gets in his face: "Were done when I say we're done."

    Walt tells Skyler he heard what happened to Ted. She says Ted won't talk and Walt proceeds to lean in for a hug. He says "I forgive you."

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