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A light look at the retirement of a hit man. Just OK
kenyajon5 March 2013
Tim Roth plays a hit man on his final job before his daughter gets married. Adam (Jack O'Connell) is an annoying 19 year old who accidentally discovers that his step father is more depraved than he thought. After crashing his step father's Mercedes, he is in his debt and he is given a job as a driver to pay him back. His contact is Roy (Tim Roth) and they go on Roy's last hit together. Wanting to be part of the gangster culture, Adam asks to be more than just a driver and things start to go wrong, especially when 'the girl' gets involved.

The film is quite light hearted, considering its content and, at times is comical. Both lead actors play their parts quite well and create an enjoyable partnership. The storyline is a little week and everything that can go wrong, does goes wrong. I found myself rooting for Adam in the end and, despite being a professional killer, Roth's character is quite appealing.

Overall, a mediocre film that I will not watch again but it was reasonably enjoyable, light hearted and funny in places.
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A film I'd like to make myself
OJT21 November 2013
A little indie gem this from Britain, with a good Tim Roth in the center as a worn out disillusioned hit-man, but it's Peter Mullan which steals the show, with a delightfully nasty big shot criminal.

There's many reasons to like this, if you don't expect this to be an action flick. It's wrongfully labeled so, but this is a a crime drama, or really a road movie, Coen/Tarantino style. 1) Unpredictable mysterious plot (gives a good ride) 2) Great cool acting (stung cool play by all, but the naive Liability) 3) Extinguished filming (lots if great angles and smart details) 4) Delightful score (sophisticated, punky and dirty, would search out several songs) 5) Classic cars (loved the use and filming of the Granada Ghia) And there's more to it. I found myself feeling it as a cozy road movie which we expect to go wrong for some. Lovely lingering excitement, taking you to the next stop on the route.

If you like one of them smart little films with no extra fuzz, just great talent, this is it!
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Saved by Tim Roth
bowmanblue20 October 2014
The Liability is a British film which doesn't really have a budget. Its script is only so-so and the only real star name attached to it is Tim Roth. Luckily, that does seem to be enough to pull it off.

Jack O'Connell plays a young man who gets in trouble with his - slightly dodgy - stepfather and, as a punishment, is roped into the 'family business' and asked to do something equally dodgy, which involves driving hit-man Tim Roth to his next job.

It's a road movie which could be pretty average if it wasn't for Tim Roth's performance. The comedy doesn't always work. The performances can be a bit stilted, yet Tim seems to carry the whole thing on his own and makes it worth watching.

Special mention to the location scout who has found some truly outstanding filming locations around the north of England to set some of the action in.

If you're a fan of low budget British gangster movies (or simply of Tim Roth) then you should give this a go. The ending seems to divide audiences, but the film is enjoyable enough for you to ignore that minor point if it isn't to your taste.
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Definitely Worth Watching
CharlieHound27 January 2013
Totally unbelievable... but humorous! I still can't decide if it's supposed to be a comedy, a thriller or a gangster movie, or all of the above... Or whether it was just a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun for the writer.

The movie contains a complete mishmash of actors. It's like Laurel and Hardy meets Reservoir Dogs and everything about it is just so wrong but somehow it works! I think Tim Roth is the reason this movie worked so well. The guy is an excellent actor. Jack O'Connell played a fairly good part, too, and even though the movie was quite predictable, it was well worth the watch.

Definitely worth 7/10
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Roth Makes it Work
billcr1224 March 2013
Tim Roth stars in The Liability as a hired assassin who takes on a rich gangster boss's stepson on as a driver. The nineteen year old boy, Adam, is eager to learn about the criminal world. Roy(Roth) has the kid drive to a desolate area for a hit. His first test is to cut off the victims hand with an axe to emulate the pattern of a serial killer preying on the area. A beautiful woman with no name (Talulah Riley), a stunning actress, by the way, shows up and throws a monkey wrench into the crime scene. It then becomes a cat and mouse game between the three with some violent moments with occasional dry British humor mixed in. The three main players are all excellent, and although the ending is a bit too predictable, Roth's laid back wise ass attitude makes the film worth watching.
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Best British Crime Drama of 2012/13
tgryffin25 January 2013
Although sometimes aimless, "The Liablity" wonderfully weaves an intelligent story of Adam (Jack O'Connell) by playing to the actor's strengths (slow humor, immaturity, cockiness, and a buckets of empathy). When Adam is asked to become the "driver" for his step-dad's hit-man, we run into Roy (Tim Roth) who also does an excellent job. Tim Roth plays the critical role of reality check for the viewer, questioning Adam at every point, giving the movie a great sense of character depth during the dialogues.

In the 'day-and-age' of re-hashed Guy Richie British crime movies, with the same actors, playing the same roles, its really refreshing to see movie that doesn't rely on the same-old intersecting plots, with inconceivable charters. "The Liablity" is also supported by a great soundtrack, some great industrial-cinematography, and solid writing, overall 8/10 and well worth watching.

Think of it as catcher-in-the-rye meets > Léon: The Professional > meets > Skins.
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gth-buildmain26 January 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this film, i was under no illusion that it would be a typical high budget unrealistic disaster and that is why i watched it! i enjoy watching home grown talent in familiar scenery that is well acted, with good plots, good screen plays that suit the actor and do the movie justice. So i personally would disregard the previous comment and give it a watch because i do not know what film he or she were viewing, and it is definatelly not film noir. Tim roth its nice to see you back on form, jack o'connell i thought you did a sterling job, but remember one thing please and that is do not become a danny dyer and become chained to one director because you have a bright future.
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Hit man meets divot with darkly humorous results
FiveHundredFlicks30 January 2013
It's always difficult to watch a film set in locations you know. Sometimes it works and adds a layer of reality to what is after all, just a story.

And what a story.

If you are in anyway familiar with the sort of character Adam is, played brilliantly by Jack O'Connell, you will know hat I mean when I say "Hit man meets divot" because Adam is a div. A chav. Know worra meen? Yuh get me? Adam is an archetype of what's become of working class youth in Britain: feckless, not very bright, sometimes likable but ultimately, a liability.

As the film plays out there are genuine laughs and some really dark moments. Some expected and some totally unexpected.

The Liability is an instant classic but let's hope that it's not a cult classic and it has the exposure to the mainstream that it needs.

7/10 go see it.
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Enjoyable movie if you keep in mind it's more of a dark comedy.
badttboy8 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie should be promoted as a Comedy/Thriller and not as an Action. It is dark comedy and the plot is very unbelievable. The plot was going really good until the Latvian woman appeared from out of nowhere in a remote area. Then to realize later on in the other scenes that she knew and was hunting one of them. How did she find them in the first place and it was presented as an innocent meeting as she appeared to be a lone bag packing hiker/camper and not someone prepared in any way to be on the hunt for villains. If that was not enough, she continued to keep finding in other scenes every time they got separated as if she was using a tracking device or had psychic powers. Oh well. Lucky I did not have much expectations for the plot as I have learned not to anymore or I end up not enjoying a movie. But I felt I had to leave a comment here as I believe it could have been a really great movie had the writer/director taken the time to make some easy logical changes to make it believable. Too bad they did not. Would have then been picked up and done well in the theaters.
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Perfect, enjoyable entertainment
brunetu25 May 2013
This movie is a good break from usual Hollywood ones, in that it doesn't try to artificially fuel suspense (so the pace is not rushed, but at the same time you never get bored - you keep wondering what's next).

The story may not be very original (it's above average TV movies though and it's told in an original style, letting the viewer understand the situation one step at a time), but it's surprising at every step, like good entertaining (especially a thriller movie) should be.

The actors' play is much better than TV-class movies' as well. Although this movie is not meant to be deep (it's not very philosophical, and that's the only flaw I see in it), it does develop the characters (lets the viewer discover them by means of their actions) gradually and you'll be surprised by how much so they evolve from beginning to end.

I'm not a film critic, but I watch a lot of movies and as the other reviews don't give much justice to this movie, I thought I should step in. So this is just me voicing my opinion. I'm also not a native English speaker.
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The Last Hit-man
kosmasp27 October 2013
As the German title suggests ... though it does sound a bit like doomsday or something else. Whatever you think of a title, "Liability" is more accurate than the German title. The thriller is pretty straight forward. The story is self explanatory, but Tim Roth does add a lot of Gravita to it. You could almost say he kind of saves the movie all by himself, even though the female lead is beautiful.

The female lead might have a reason for being on screen, but ultimately she is just put on. The very ending feels like it is being dropped on the viewer, which is a bad feeling. The main bad guy, does a great job, but he isn't on screen that much, which is kind of a shame. A nice little thriller, nothing more nothing less
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Much slower & less action then expected. Closer to an art house gangster movie then a full on action one. Disappointing. I say B-
cosmo_tiger25 January 2013
"For a guy to get along in this world he has to be very very careful." When slacker Adam (O'Connell) gets offered a job by his moms boyfriend to drive for a hit-man named Roy he gets more then he bargained for. What starts off as a simple assignment takes a turn for the worse as he encounters murders, sex trafficking and double crosses. I was very much looking forward to this movie. The producers of "Snatch" and "Lock Stock" made me excited to see it. The last movie I remember seeing that line on was "Layer Cake" which was awesome. This one started off a little slow and really never hit its stride. Even though it's about a hit-man and deals with murder and mayhem it is not an action movie at all. I kept waiting for it to let loose and really grab me but it really never did. This is closer to an art house hit-man movie then the type I was looking for and I had a hard time staying interested. Overall, slow moving and hard to stay focused on the whole time. I give it a B-.
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To watch once
deloudelouvain9 March 2015
I just finished watching this movie and I expected it to be much better honestly. Certainly when I saw who was playing in this movie. Don't get me wrong the actors were all good. I can't fault any of them for the role they played. It's just that the story is a little bit disappointing. It's not realistic enough and a little bit bland. For a professional hit-man I found that he was doing a lot of mistakes and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I also would not categorize it under humor because you're not going to laugh a lot. Well at least not me because I didn't laugh once. All in all it's not a bad movie. It's just fine to watch once and then forget about it.
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We don't need any more movies like this
waldog200627 July 2013
There's way too much love for this movie on IMDb though I can't help noticing that most major reviewers haven't bothered writing about it. And they're right not to. This is derivative rubbish with underwritten characters, and plotting that doesn't pass muster even if it tries to get by as a black comedy. Tim Roth's character has to be the least interesting assassin on celluloid (or whatever they're using these days): "I haven't killed a woman since 1983." How endearing. Jack O'Connell's character is a moron with sadistic impulses: "Was 'cos I fancied her, that's why I couldn't do it." Presumably, he can only kill women he doesn't fancy. Another charmer. Peter Mullen gets to act nasty with a Scottish accent and use the c-word a lot. Stephanie Beacham lookalike Kierston Wareing is wasted as Mullen's wife. There are no interesting villains, and the only person to root for is on screen for the least amount of time. Each scene is at least twice as long as it needs to be, and the visuals don't make up for the lack of dialogue. I'd rather be eighty-sixed than sit through these 86 minutes again.
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The Liability sets to establish itself as a classic, putting a humorous spin on the dark reality of the hit-man profession.
cf914 January 2013
With all the original elements of a British comedy thriller, The Liability sets to establish itself as a classic, putting a humorous spin on the dark reality of the hit-man profession.

Rising British actor Jack O'Connell stars as Adam the 'Liability', a lazy, careless, immature 19 year old. Adam's mother (Kierston Wareing) is in a relationship with criminal Peter (Peter Mullan) who is portrayed as intimidating to say the least. Irritated, Peter finally has had enough of Adam's slacking and as a result gives him the ultimatum of working on a driving job for a business associate.

Roy (played by Tim Roth) happens to be the business associate, a cool-headed professional assassin. Roth brings his criminal-acting experience from his previous role in the 1984 critically acclaimed British drama The Hit to play. Adam willingly and completely amorally asks tactful Roy to "Give us a go" and show him the ropes in how to dismember a body. The comically charismatic chemistry between both characters throughout the film cleverly develops from a mentor and student connection, to a relationship similar to that of a father and son.

The pair are eventually interrupted by a Latvian woman (Talulah Riley) looking for revenge and bringing a darker plot of sex trafficking to the back story of the characters lives. The connection of the back-story and the Latvian woman leads the duo to a riveting chase, with more twists and backstabbing on the way, whilst still remaining humorous. The violent confrontation ends with an unpredictable, yet satisfying resolution. The Liability has achieved its status as a top British comedy thriller, with the ingredients of top notch acting, amusing remarks and an original plot.
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Gangster Comedy with a Pathetic Storyline
bobbybits1 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Gangster Comedy from start to finish. Nothing intelligent in this film. Showing gangsters as total morons, why? I had certain expectations after reading "Snatch" "Lock Stock" producers. This film is nothing like Snatch or Lock Stock, as a films are comic although within contain a dark sense of realism and are great to watch. Liability is unbelievable, unrealistic, and is so stupid often making it unbearable to watch.

Adam and Peter are hilarious. Adam the teenager is funny throughout, though becomes tedious when his involvement is nothing more then stupidity. dad Peter the Don is great about the only character worth watching. Roy the hit-man looks like a telly tubby and acts the same.

I was enjoying this film somewhat casually up until the Lativan gets involved with the storyline. From this point there it is plot hole after plot hole woven together to make this film unbearably ridiculous. She robs their car after failing to be shot instantly. The keys were in the car it was unlocked and she sprinted to it so quickly from 5 yards distance from a gunman. They proceed to hijack a 1970's camper van at gunpoint and then stick up a service station threatening customers with a gun. 7000 pounds = 140 50 pound notes. There is no way that there was much more the 20 notes on the ground and 50 notes didn't fit in the coffee cup. Why would they all be 50 pound notes? One thing I really hate with a lot of films recently is the way they show 6 million dollars or something equally as unrealistic fitting into a hand bag. She knew exactly where the camper had gone after the service station, the factory. Also knew where to turn up at the end. I am sure there are so many more holes this film is totally incoherently stupid.

There is comedy throughout and in abundance, the storyline is absolutely pony. The title has warned you 3 out of 10
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Utterless worthless
heavyfootedsgte26 January 2013
At the time of this writing, it has a rating of 7.9 from 74 users. wow. I know it's a small sample size, but geez....

The movie offers absolutely nothing new to the genre and has no value what so ever. The movie does nothing good. The pace is slow; dialogue is dim-witted; plot has little intrigue. Roth's character is the worst. Completely void of dimension or personality. Or reason for that matter. The Kid is annoying and naïve, but doesn't earn any sympathy. It is a British film, but I assure you nothing is getting lost over me due to my American nationality. It's a bad movie no matter where you are from.

This review is poorly created, but this film doesn't deserve a proper analysis. NEXT!
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much better film than the reviews would indicate
A_Different_Drummer15 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One of the great unanswered questions for film historians of the future to ponder is whether "QT" really did anyone a favour when he pioneered an entirely new genre of movie that looked at hit men as more than one-dimensional...? (Although arguably he was copying the French, who, moreso than most, had played with this kind of film before). In any case, over the last 20 years - this review written in 2014 -- film-goers have seen more movies about hit men than they ever wanted to. Combine this with the more recent phenomena of the hardcore "gang" movies coming out of the UK (seemingly endless and non-stoppable) and it is easy to see how reviewers and audiences alike could become so jaded that they miss the gems. This is a gem. I am a big fan of Roth (see another side of him for example in The Legend of 1900) and I think he elevates any film he is in. The script is especially clever. It melds the whole hit-man counter-culture story with a nice twist on the old "coming of age" theme. Geez, there was a time Dustin Hoffman could have played the boy! The whole production works well, is engaging, and the twist at the end is just plain fun. Recommended.
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Just doesn't have enough meat on the page
adamscastlevania225 April 2015
(50%) Rising star Jack O'Connell comes very near to shinning in this crime drama, but sadly the film just doesn't have what it takes to supplement his talent owing in no small part to a script that just is quite as good as it needs to be. So this is no classic, but it's still a decent watch and way better than the lower end British crime/hooligan sludge you see cluttering the direct to DVD section. Tim Roth is as you'd expect in support (perfectly fine), and the direction tries to lift the somewhat awkwardly told plot, it's just a shame this just doesn't have the depth. Overall not a bad film at all, and worth a look for O'Connell in a early starring role, just don't expect a low budget marvel.
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Good premise, plenty of potential
Leofwine_draca24 February 2015
THE LIABILITY is an interesting little UK thriller with a good premise: an ageing hit-man takes on a young driver to chauffeur him around to his latest hits. Despite the low budget of the production, such a premise allows for plenty of potential, especially when you put Jack O'Connell and Tim Roth in the central roles.

And, let's be fair, O'Connell and Roth are the reasons to watch this. O'Connell shot the film when he was still working on his profile, and it's full of the same youthful energy and character as his role in TOWER BLOCK. Roth is more subdued and laidback, but there are flashes of the old brilliance here and there.

Sadly, my enthusiasm surrounding THE LIABILITY gradually faded as the story progressed. The first half is decent, hinting at great stuff to come, but it all falls apart in the ridiculous and under-written second half. The introduction of Talulah Riley is the point at which it all becomes a little silly and more than a little dull, and even Peter Mullan's best psycho routine can't save it.
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Different and enjoyable
MattyGibbs15 July 2014
The Liability is a darkly comic crime thriller which at least tries to be different from the usual crime thrillers that are churned out ten to the dozen.

It's a slightly surreal film in some ways probably due to characters, some of whom appear almost comic book like although the plot itself is definitely grounded in reality. I found myself hooked from early on and was intrigued to see how it all ended. There are a few scenes to make you wince and a bit of violence but nothing most won't have seen before.

The cast is very strong. I particularly liked the performance of Jack O'Connell as the young lad. He is an actor I've seen in a few other films like Eden Lake and Tower Block and plays the cocky disaffected youth to a tee. Peter Mullan as the villain is excellent. Tim Roth is also good although I wasn't quite what to make of his character or The Girl played by Talulah Riley.

I found this a very enjoyable film that offered something fresh to the genre. Well worth watching.
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nogodnomasters5 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Peter (Peter Mullan) is a crime boss who deals in human trafficking. His step-son Adam (Jack O'Connell) is the "son he never wanted." Peter has Adam work for him to pay off a debt. He is to be a driver for Roy (Tim Roth) a quiet reserved hitman as opposed to the chatter-box Adam. As expected things don't go right, but then the film adds an additional twist to it.

The movie is a substandard grindhouse. The music, action, killing, and dialogue are a cut below. Roy steals a Grenada to perform their hit as the car is hot wired, yet has no trouble opening the trunk. Peter lives in a huge house, yet Adam's bed is right next to his mom's and Peter's bedroom. While this makes for film continuity, it is indicative of the missed details and missed opportunity this film had. May be worth a rental to British crime film fans.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, rape.
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A day with a hit-man!
Reno-Rangan14 October 2015
A typical British dark comedy-thriller. I said that because I loves movies like 'Wild Target', 'I Hired a Contract Killer' and now this one. It gives the pleasure to enjoy those running and chasing and mistakes, sometimes very edgy. This is the story that happens within the 24 hours of a 19 year old carefree Adam. When takes-up the driving job to a hit-man, he goes all sorts of difficulties and overcoming it is the remaining narration.

Recently, Jack O'Connell is soaring high with the movies like 'Starred Up', '71' and three Academy Award nominee 'Unbroken'. I would say this film is the turning point in his career. In the earlier films he was merely hanging around with his roles, but he showed lots of promise with this one. Now he's the Britain's latest young sensation and Hollywood is showing interest in him. It's just a matter of time to grab his own spot there.

It is so sad that from the movie posters to promos are not enthralling and the online ratings for it is too low. But it was twice better than what do you see. Of course it was a slow start, but after the opening few minutes, it was completely a different movie and very entertaining. Obviously not a large budget movie, with a limited cast and a decent story, betters the quality that require to be a laudable product.

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Much better than expected
tr918 August 2014
The Liability is a good little film. It is about Adam who crashes his mum's boyfriend's car so he is sent out to work as a driver for hit-man Roy. Sounds like a simple storyline but it takes a few twists and turns and in the end I felt like it done most things right.

The film is straight to the point and doesn't try to be anything special. The acting is good. I was very impressed with Jack O'Connell who I loved in Skins. Tim Roth and Peter Mullan were also very good.

The film has a nice mixture of action and tension as well as a bit of comedy for good measure. It's quite a serious subject but Adam sees the lighter side of things. The last 10-15 minute of the film was more dramatic and serious and I liked how it ended.

Overall I thought it was a good film that deserves a higher rating. It's a low budget film so don't set your expectations high and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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Sometimes protracted, but with good performances
BeneCumb8 February 2013
The Liability is rather atypical British crime film, no Guy Ritchie or Danny Boyle, resembles rather Scandinavian ones - no big criminal groups, focus on landscape, long journeys, no funny lines/dialogs. However, the famous British black humor is present... The plot is versatile, at times even too confusing - for a film less than 1,5 hour - but very good male performers: Tim Roth, Jack O'Connor, Peter Mullen. All proved quality in British movies with twists. Roth is the best, most renowned and he was the reason the film caught my eye. Actresses are not catchy, Talulah Riley is just a beautiful chick, her character is too arid. Thus, I have quite ambivalent feelings about this film which is definitely not to everyone's taste - too dark and gloomy.
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