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Weinstein Company Files $10 Million Suit Over ‘His House’ Distribution

The Weinstein Company filed a $10 million lawsuit on Wednesday that seeks to enforce a distribution agreement for the film “His House.”

The company alleges that Starchild Pictures, a London-based production company, entered into a worldwide distribution agreement for the film on July 21. However, according to the suit, the defendants have since tried to back out of the deal.

Attorney Bert Fields filed the claim on behalf of TWC. Also named as defendants are producers Martin Gentles, Ed King, and Steve Schneider, and director Remi Weekes.

The suit seeks an injunction to prevent Starchild from distributing the film with any other company.

Starchild did not immediately respond to a request for comment. King and Gentles launched the company in 2010 with a plan to release genre films. Its titles include “Howl” (2015) and “The Liability” (2012).

TWC filed a similar suit in 2016 against Open Road Films, over the rights to distribute a film based on the Playmobil toy line.

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Major TV Cast Lines Up For Christie's "None"

To coincide with Agatha Christie's 125th anniversary, BBC One and Lifetime are teaming up for an all-star mini-series based on arguably the Grand Dame of mystery's most famous work - "And Then There Were None".

Set on the eve of World War Two, the story follows ten strangers with dubious pasts who are lured to an isolated rock near the Devon coast in southern England. Cut off from the mainland, their host is mysteriously absent.

A recording starts with each accused of a terrible crime. As each member of the party starts to mysteriously die one-by-one every few hours, the survivors realise one of them is a killer and start to turn on each other.

This time out the ensemble will be: Charles Dance ("Game of Thrones"), Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park"), Toby Stephens ("Black Sails"), Aidan Turner ("The Hobbit"), Miranda Richardson ("Harry Potter"), Anna Maxwell Martin ("The Bletchley Circle
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FremantleMedia Takes 25% Stake in Newly Created TV Drama Outfit Corona TV

London – Global production and distribution giant FremantleMedia has taken a 25% stake in Corona TV, the newly created TV production company from filmmaking duo Richard Johns and Rupert Jermyn.

The deal, which gives FremantleMedia a first-look option on all Corona TV output, pushes forward FremantleMedia’s ambition to build its scripted pipeline with projects that will have “an epic and cinematic feel,” and attract international co-production funding.

FremantleMedia previously worked with Johns and Jermyn on the development of “Birds of Prey,” a TV adaptation of the first three novels of Wilbur Smith’s Courtney series, penned by “Layer Cake” scriptwriter J.J. Connolly.

Corona TV is a sister company of Corona Pictures, which was founded by Johns and Jermyn in London in 2009. The company develops, produces and markets feature films and television programs to every country in the world, including the major established markets, and key emerging markets such as China.

In recent years,
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Blue Horizon, Orisa team on WWII love story

  • ScreenDaily
Exclusive: John Wrathall script The Italian Chapel readied for 2015 shoot.

Andrew Bendel of the UK’s Blue Horizon Productions and Cristiano Bortone of Italy’s Orisa Produzioni are to co-produce Second World War love story The Italian Chapel.

Scheduled for a 2015 shoot, the film charts the love story between an Italian Pow in Scotland and a local woman.

The original screenplay by John Wrathall was previously selected for Working Title’s emerging writers scheme and has been developed by Blue Horizon with support from the BFI Film Fund.

Wrathall’s credits include the original screenplay for The Liability, starring Tim Roth and Peter Mullan, and Good starring Viggo Mortensen, which screened at Toronto and was released in the UK by Lionsgate.

Set during the Second World War, The Italian Chapel - based on true events - follows a reluctant private in Mussolini’s army who is captured by the British and sent to a windswept camp on
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Miptv: Fremantle, Corona Set ‘Layer Cake’ Scribe Jj Connolly To Adapt ‘Birds Of Prey’

  • Deadline TV
Exclusive: In a further foray into scripted programming, FremantleMedia is teaming with the UK’s Corona Pictures for a drama/adventure series project based on best-selling author Wilbur Smith’s Birds Of Prey. Layer Cake scribe Jj Connolly has been set to pen the adaptation of the first three novels in Smith’s Courtney Family Adventures series that begins with Birds Of Prey and includes Monsoon and Blue Horizon. All told, Smith’s 34 books have sold over 120 million copies worldwide. The swashbuckling Courtney novels are set against a backdrop of the uncharted Africa of the 17th century, which offers the promise of the adventure of a lifetime and tantalizing riches. The stories chronicle the lives of the eponymous family as they battle to secure the clan’s fortunes in a place where sea-faring empires, privateers, wild animals and settled African tribes and nations fight it out for control of the land and its treasures.
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Craig Viveiros To Helm Ellen Page-Starrer ‘Queen & Country’

Craig Viveiros To Helm Ellen Page-Starrer ‘Queen & Country’
Craig Viveiros will helm Queen & Country for Chernin Entertainment at Fox. The project, which will star Ellen Page, is based on the Oni Press comic book series Queen & Country written by Greg Rucka. Page will play a British agent who goes on the run from her own people as she tries to bring down a terrorist on English soil. Viveiros made shorts and commercials, including the award winner Back To Back. Viveiros then produced, wrote and directed his debut feature film, Ghosted, which starred Art Malik, John Lynch and Martin Compston. He then moved to Haiti to work as a volunteer at the country’s film institute and returned to England to make The Liability with Tim Roth, Peter Mullan and Jack O’Connell. “I’m thrilled to be working with Fox and Ellen in the task of bringing Tara Chace and Queen & Country to life on the big screen,
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Ellen Page’s ‘Queen and Country’ Draws Director (Exclusive)

British director Craig Viveiros has come on board to helm Ellen Page in spy thriller “Queen & Country” for Chernin Entertainment at Fox.

The project, based on the Oni Press comic book series “Queen and Country” by Greg Rucka, centers on a British agent Tara Chace going on the run from her own people as she tries to bring down a terrorist on English soil.

Variety reported in September that Page was attached.

Peter Chernin is producing through his Chernin Entertainment banner, along with Jenno Topping. John Rogers is penning the script.

Viveiros began his directing career making shorts and commercials and helmed the short film “Back To Back.” He also produced, wrote and directed his debut feature film “Ghosted” starring Art Malik, John Lynch and Martin Compston.

Viveiros then moved to Haiti to work as a volunteer at the country’s film institute and returned to England to make “The Liability,
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Director Craig Viveiros to Helm Queen & Country

Variety reports that Ghosted and The Liability director Craig Viveiros will step behind the camera to helm Queen & Country , the live-action adaptation of the Greg Rucka comic series that will star Ellen Page. Published by Oni Press, Queen & Country launched in 2011 with the following official description: Follow British intelligence operative Tara Chace and her fellow .Minders. across countries and continents as she thwarts terrorist plots and protects the interests of her queen and her country. Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping are producing with Ryan Condal having handled the most recent draft of the script.
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Mark Kermode's DVD round-up

Flight; Wreck-It Ralph; The Liability; I Give It a Year

From the moment an upturned aeroplane clips the steeple of a church as it plummets Icarus-like towards Earth, it's clear that Flight (2012, Paramount, 15) is more interested in cod metaphysics than spectacular aerodynamics. Opening with sozzled jumbo-jet pilot Whip Whitaker knee-deep in the sins of the flesh (drugs, booze, lust), this moves us briskly to the cockpit from whence he will attempt to save the lives of his passengers with a head full of cocaine and vodka and an oxygen-mask chaser on the side.

The question is: does Whip manage to do something miraculous despite being as high as a kite or because of it?

As the conflicted anti-hero at the centre of the drama, Denzel Washington does a bang-up job of juggling the charismatic and the bedraggled in a manner that effectively captures the spirit of a soul in torment.
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Exclusive Clip From Tim Roth Crime Thriller ‘The Liability’

Directed by Craig Viverios, dark comic crime thriller The Liability sees the ever-excellent Tim Roth lead as an aging hit man, forced to pair up with Jack O’Connell’s boisterous teen Adam on ‘job’ in the North East of England, after the youngster gets on the wrong side of step dad mobster, Peter Mullan. However, unlike a host of British genre efforts, the well-paced road movies boasts a number of surprises as the mismatched duo’s road trip turns somewhat sinister with the arrival of Talulah Riley’s mysterious Latvian stunner.

Check out this exclusive and intense clip from the film just released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK.

Why not click on the following links to read our review, as well as our interview with the director.

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The Liability – review

Watching on mobile? See the trailer here

The hit man has been a recognisable figure in our dramatic literature since at least the time Richard III and Macbeth hired anonymous murderers to do their dirty work, though the actual term didn't become widely used outside the American underworld until the 1960s. There are now so many around that they take in apprentices, especially when they start ageing. In serious Hollywood thriller The Mechanic (1972), hitman Charles Bronson offers informal indentures to Jan-Michael Vincent, as does Jean Rochefort to Guillaume Depardieu in the French comedy Wild Target (1993). A tradition of sorts is now developing. In Stephen Frears's The Hit (1984), dead-keen pupil Tim Roth is taken on as assistant to jaded hitman John Hurt, Thirty years later, in The Liability, Roth has become Roy, a middle-aged hitman who engages a teenager to help him carry out his final killing.

The Liability is a black comedy,
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The Great Gatsby, Beware Of Mr Baker, Fast And Furious 6: this week's new films

The Great Gatsby | Beware Of Mr Baker | Fast And Furious 6 | The Stoker | The Liability | Rangeelay

The Great Gatsby (12A)

(Baz Luhrmann, 2013, Us) Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Elizabeth Debicki. 143 mins

No one's disputing that Luhrmann can put on a show, but can he tell a story? In a way, F Scott Fitzgerald's 1920s parable is a perfect fit: a study of surfaces and seduction and the hollowness of the wealthy. The hedonism and vulgarity are ravishing to behold and the hand-tinted-photo aesthetic is gorgeous. When the fireworks die down, however, that artificiality works against the romantic tragedy, and the characters are too flat to really stir any great emotions. Maybe that's the point.

Beware Of Mr Baker (15)

(Jay Bulger, 2012, Us) 92 mins

When it comes to great rock bio-doc material, Ginger Baker doesn't disappoint on any front: prodigious talent, eventful career (Cream, Blind Faith and Fela Kuti
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The Liability Review

Director: Craig Viveiros.

Starring: Tim Roth, Peter Mullan, Jack O’Connell, Talulah Riley.

Running Time: 82 minutes.

Certificate: 15.

Synopsis: Adam (Jack O’Connell), 19, agrees to do a day’s driving for his mum’s gangster boyfriend and is soon pulled into a world of deceit, violence, murder and sex trafficking. Who knew being Tim Roth’s chauffeur was so demanding?

This cat-and-mouse British thriller manages to separate itself from the pack just long enough to entertain, largely thanks to its principal cast and dry script. Jack O’Connell heads up proceedings as typical lout and layabout Adam, who, after smashing up his mum’s boyfriend’s car, agrees to a driving job to make amends. Unluckily for him, said mum’s boyfriend is actually a gangster who sends Adam to drive for ageing assassin Roy (Tim Roth).

Craig Viveiros treads a fine line between light humour and serious drama in his second feature film as director,
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The Liability – review

A downbeat Brit thriller that shows some flair but doesn't really come together

Craig Viveiros, who made the prison drama Ghosted, has concocted a flawed but interesting downbeat Brit thriller with some creepy, leftfield jolts, calling to mind Mike Hodges with a twist of Tarantino. Jack O'Connell plays clueless 19-year-old Adam, the "liability", whose mum Nicky (Kierston Wareing) is living with Peter (Peter Mullan) a scary villain. Peter dislikes his gormless and annoying stepson but, for reasons that become clear, gives him a job in his organisation driving a hitman around. This is the gloomy and ill-tempered Roy (Tim Roth) who has to be chauffeured up to the north-east to kill a Latvian bad guy and make it look like the work of a local serial killer who is cutting off his victims' hands. Of course, Peter and Roy are not telling Adam the whole truth. It doesn't entirely work,
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Movie Review - The Liability (2012)

The Liability, 2012.

Directed by Craig Viveiros.

Starring Tim Roth, Peter Mullan, Talulah Riley, Jack O’Connell and Kierston Wareing.


When a nineteen-year-old crashes the car of his gangster stepdad, he is forced to drive a hitman to his next job as payback.

Gangsters in real life are, inherently and on the whole, a seemingly unlikeable bunch that you wouldn’t want to meet. But on the other hand, everyone has their good and bad points. Whether it is, for example, because they’re doing bad things for a heroic end, or maybe they’ve been forced into a position with no exit. Trying to find the good in someone, or something, is what I found myself doing with The Liability.

Adam (O’Connell) smashes a car up while checking his phone, gleefully takes a photo of it and walks off without injury or lesson learnt. So we have unlikeable character number one.
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Star Trek Into Darkness is light years ahead of the competition

A smooth landing for the Star Trek sequel plus ongoing love for Iron Man 3 means cinematic coffers should live long and prosper

The winner

When the Next Generation cycle of Star Trek movies sputtered to an end in 2003, Nemesis closed out its run with a mediocre £4.8m in the UK, down from previous episode Insurrection's £7.7m. Paramount and Jj Abrams craftily reinvented the brand with the 2009 reboot, debuting with a tasty £5.95m (including £872,000 in previews), on its way to a total of £21.4m. Now comes the sequel, Into Darkness. Given the expanded fanbase established by the 2009 film, and the addition of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch as the Star Fleet's formidable new foe, it's no big surprise to see numbers rise. Even so, Paramount will be more than happy with the achieved result: £8.43m including previews of £1.57m. That's a 42% rise on the debut last time around. Sequels do usually
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The Liability Review

  • HeyUGuys
It seems cameraman-cum-director Craig Viveiros fancies himself as a bit of a ‘British Tarantino’ with his second feature, The Liability. He even employs the services of one of Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs’ actors, Tim Roth, to evoke that clever magic. Indeed, at the heart of this road movie is a more superior, darkly comedic thriller itching to unfold. Thankfully, due to the central and intriguing father/son relationship between ageing hit man Roy (Roth) and his haphazard apprentice Adam (Jack O’Connell), this commendable attempt at deadly humour does not fall short, even though there are other, more daring possibilities Viveiros could have explored to make his film feel less déjà vu in plot.

After trashing his step-father Peter’s car, 19-year-old Adam is forced to pay off the damage by the sinister, violent gangster (Peter Mullan) by driving a mysterious associate of his called Roy across country in an ageing Ford Granada.
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Thn Talks ‘The Liability’ With Director Craig Viverios

The UK is well known for producing pretentious period costume dramas or sweary crime thrillers, and while the latter are usually woefully filled with a forever familiar rogues gallery, director Craig Viverios’ latest genre caper is thankfully genuinely refreshing. Tim Roth leads as an aging hit man who is forced to pair up with Jack O’Connell’s loud-mouth lackey on the job in the North East of England after getting on the wrong side of step dad kingpin Peter Mullan. However, the darkly comic plot involving the mismatched duo hides something surprisingly sinister with the enjoyable banter giving way to some genuine hostile intensity. It’s a gripping road trip that is anything but ordinary in the well-worn genre.

We were able to put some questions to the director Craig Viverios about his vision.

How did you become involved with The Liability?

I became involved in the film after
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Film Review: 'The Liability'

  • CineVue
★★☆☆☆ The second feature from Craig Viveiros, The Liability (2012) straddles a number of interesting sub-genres (road trip, gangster yarn, the world-weary hitman). It's a shame these outwardly intriguing elements have to do battle with a predictable and pretty contrived story. Even an impressive visual canvas eventually plumps for style over substance as the script begins to drag and the pace slackens. A teen tearaway (Jack O'Connell) trashes her criminal stepfather's prized automobile. As a means of paying off his debt, he's given the job of driving a professional killer (Tim Roth) to a grizzly job up in the North East.

As their long journey unwinds, an unlikely bond develops between the pair, with the young upstart taking an interest in his passenger's macabre occupation. Before it all turns into a mutually cheery apprenticeship, a young Eastern European traveller (Talulah Riley) interrupts their disposal of a victim. Escaping from the duo, her
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My inspiration for The Liability: Cohen and Tate and its brilliant screenwriter

A British hitman movie, starring Tim Roth, owes a debt to a little-known 1980s Us noir thriller, superbly crafted by Eric Red, which deserves to be better known

Twenty years ago, when I first started reading credits of movies I loved to see who'd written the screenplay, one name leapt out at me: Eric Red. In the space of three years in the late 1980s he wrote the terrifying Rutger Hauer road movie The Hitcher and two brilliant genre movies for a young director called Kathryn Bigelow: the trailer-trash vampire movie Near Dark, and Blue Steel, a feminist cop movie with Jamie Lee Curtis as a rookie up against an amorous serial killer. The first two of those have gone on to become bona fide cult classics. But Red remains little known – as does the film of his I really loved, one he wrote and directed in 1988, Cohen and Tate.
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