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Sometimes it was a 10, and other times it was a 3, but I LOVED IT ALL !
dandelionroar8 March 2018
Super fun and imaginative movie. It had a lot of fun surprises. Catchy tunes too! This movie pairs well with cheap wine, maybe a 6-pack of beer, and weed.
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Psycho Bettys are the best!
dwaltzwriter29 January 2018
Four ladies, all named Betty are sent to Earth for new breeding material in a spaceship disguised as a Honda. The leader takes things in hand and chops them off to get the necessary breeding material while the other three Bettys find compatible boys and do it the old fashioned way. Add to that the whole thing is a musical with some great tunes. The cast looks like they are having a blast and I am going to order the soundtrack this week.
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Psycho Film Students from UNM?
bobc-518 October 2018
Imagine an aspiring film-maker/musician has gotten some cool new software, a 3-day weekend off from his day job and a really great name for an intentionally camp low-budget sci-fi movie. With some help from his aspiring actor friends, he'll write and film the entire movie over that weekend. His friends will make sets out of tinfoil and cardboard while he composes and records an original soundtrack using only his computer for instrumentation. They'll do all this while consuming massive quantities of alcohol and possibly some mild recreational drugs, and going all 72 hours without a wink of sleep. The movie they'd make would probably be better than this one.
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88 minutes better spent banging your head against the wall!
imdb-2306824 March 2018
First I'll give you the positives. There was about 4 or 5 laughs. Now the Negatives: The story could have been a 8 minute short as there was dialog that may have been improvised, not of any value, characters just sitting around moaning & periods of silence like they were waiting for someone to improvise something. The balance of the 88 minutes (could not find a version of 95 as IMDB lists) is songs. But the songs were mediocre at best. The sound seemed like it was mixed on computer speakers. (I'm a Composer, Producer & Engineer, which is how I was directed to this movie) Kick drum was obnoxious! I had to fast-forward thru most of the songs. I won't blame the cast because I believe they were given a real weak script. Maybe they were hoping this would be a Plan 9 from Outer Space or Rocky Horror, that would be parodied or mocked? But without either good songs (I'm a huge Rocky Horror fan) or some substance to the story or characters what's the point of that? Can't believe they played this straight or for laughs. Just maybe a huge mistake?. Love to give this 2 stars but I'm upset I wasted 75 minutes (because I fast-forwarded) I can't get back. Finally for anyone that is expecting some R-rated nudity, sex or violence, this film has only brief hints that sex must happened. The title is the most provocative part of the movie.
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A travesty of a film
Leofwine_draca13 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Musical numbers. Shrill acting. Non-professional cast members. No discernable story or narrative cohesion. That's PSYCHO BETTYS FROM PLANET PUSSYCAT in a nutshell; a film so terrible that the appalling title says everything you need to know. The viewer is treated to a bunch of female cast members ad libbing and playing around in front of the cameras until their mind becomes numb to the chaotic awfulness of it all.
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