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4 Sep. 2011
Seasoned adventurer Charley Boorman brings experience from six continents, while his companion, comedian Sue Perkins, is a rookie tourist whose only asset is a big mouth. Starting from Alaska's coast, they head for and follow the dreaded Dalton Highway. It was built by the oil sector, which generates 85% of the state's revenue, to supply its pipeline staff, private cars like their 4x4 remain rare insects among the company's colossal road monsters. The end of winter is a super-dangerous season, as ice becomes unstable and seeping waters turns into floods, while snow storms remain omnipresent.
11 Sep. 2011
Comedians Rhod Gilbert, who visited the country earlier, and Greg Davies, new to bad roads, cross land-locked Nepal's Himalaya from the Indian to the Chinese border via capital Kathmandu. Their bickering takes a back seat to awe at the mighty but daunting Himalaya and the importance of roads, despite the existence of ancient trade routes by tiny mountain paths mostly a neighbors-sponsored novelty since the middle of the 20th century, for the previously utterly isolated local farmers and towns.
18 Sep. 2011
From the Peruvian coast, professional adventurer Ben Fogle, who knows the country a bit, and comedian Hugh Dennis cross the Andes and follow the historic mission road through Amazonia. They continue even smaller roads all the way to the country's geographical center, where president Pasco planned a new capital, Constitucion, a project which failed so badly it doesn't even appear on recent maps.

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