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2 Jan. 2014
Miracle Car, Glass Harmonica, Yankee Spy
Don Wildman investigates a bright yellow car that once represented the promise of an automotive revolution, a mysterious musical instrument, and a strip of paper with a secret message that was passed across enemy lines.
9 Jan. 2014
Strangers on a Train, Madame Tussaud, WD-40
A black and white negative containing an image of a deadly weapon, The likeness of one revolutionary woman, A large missile that led to the creation of a product that's found in nearly every household in America.
16 Jan. 2014
Psychic Horse, Strange Story of Rubber, Pulaski Axe
A small book with notes from a strange encounter with an animal, a gray slab of material that revolutionized industry after an accidental discovery, and an innovative tool that changed heroes' jobs.
23 Jan. 2014
Funhouse Mummy, Playboy's Gold, Lawn Chair in the Sky
A pistol that's tied to one of the most bizarre series of events in the history of the Wild West, a Model B Wright Brothers Flyer that once belonged to a wealthy rogue, and an ordinary lawn chair that's been rigged to fly.
30 Jan. 2014
Outlaw Marshal, 76 Days Adrift, Diamond Hoax
A deadly weapon from that played a central role in a duplicitous plot, a device that sustained one man on the high seas, and a set of 5 glimmering gemstones linked to a supposed land of riches.
6 Feb. 2014
The Cinder Woman, Milgram Experiment, Gold Accumulator Hoax
Don Wildman examines a set of binders that contain clues to an incendiary tale of a woman who met a bizarre and combustible fate, a box that was used in a shocking experiment and an over-sized iron pot with metal rods.
20 Feb. 2014
Blonde Butcher, Charley Ross, Southern Sasquatch
Don Wildman investigates a handcrafted doll that is linked to one of the most memorable criminal cases of the 1930s, a glass bottle with a secret message, and a wire mesh screen that served as a window into a scary encounter.
27 Feb. 2014
Failed Assassination, Max Factor, Martian Monkey
A pin that's connected to a devious plot to assassinate the president, a bizarre contraption that was designed by a pioneer in the glitzy realm of Hollywood and a strange being that some believed was evidence of a close encounter.
6 Mar. 2014
Civil War Prostitutes, Art Hoax, in Cold Blood
A glass vial filled with a silvery salve that was used to wage a battle against a medical nightmare.
13 Mar. 2014
Baseball Stalker, Peggy Shippen and Moon Hoax
Don Wildman investigates a baseball bat linked to a case of fanatical mania, a set of letters that turned a infamous tale of deceit on its head and ornate wallpaper that reveals an astounding tale of astronomical intrigue.
20 Mar. 2014
Annie Oakley, Project Chariot, Old State Prison Haunting
Don Wildman examines a pistol linked to a legendary love story, a plant specimen that points to a toxic tale of abuse and a pair of cement shoes from a prison used to punish a convict.
27 Mar. 2014
Damascus Missile, Eye in the Sky, Soapy Smith
Don Wildman examines scraps of metal linked to a nuclear nightmare, a pair of binoculars wielded by a high-flying visionary and a life-sized effigy that immortalizes one of the West's most notorious cons.
3 Apr. 2014
Son of a Gun; Whale Rescue; Bottle Popping Poltergeist
Don Wildman examines a bullet that is connected to a shocking tale of seemingly Immaculate Conception, a machine used in a animal rescue mission, and a deck of cards linked to a spine-tingling investigation.
12 Sep. 2014
Brassiere Brigade; Flight for Life; Unusual Murder Defense; Connecticut Haunting
In the Season 7 premiere, the host looks into the story of a brassiere that gave lecherous schemers an unexpected boost. Also: a plane that soared to safety in a daring rescue mission; and a religious icon allegedly scorched by the forces of evil.
19 Sep. 2014
Circling the Skies; Lady & the Panda; 12 Years a Slave
A high-flying stunt that changed aviation history; and the story of a panda discovered by an unlikely heroine. Also: The host visits the Edwin Epps house in Louisiana and learns about the cruelty of slavery and one man's quest for freedom.
26 Sep. 2014
Love Canal; Duquesne Spy Ring; Survival in the Colonies
The host examines a property deed that's tied to a catastrophic environmental disaster; investigates why a shortwave radio was once seen as a threat to U.S. security; and explores a dark moment in the history of Jamestown, Va.
3 Oct. 2014
Doyle & Houdini; the Poison Squad; the Great Imposter
A feud between Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini is examined by the host, who later looks into the history of "Poison Squad" experiments and the beginnings of food and drug regulation. Also: the story of a jaw-dropping feat of trickery pulled off by a great impostor.
17 Oct. 2014
Tootsie Roll Miracle; Singing Convict; Operation Paperclip
Host Don Wildman examines the Tootsie Roll candies that once saved the lives of a courageous band of soldiers, a guitar owned by a legendary musical jailbird, and a bicycle that helped launch humans into outer space.
24 Oct. 2014
Cold War Checkmate, Radioactive Scout, Southwest Outbreak
Don Wildman examines the badge that inspired a teen to undertake a nuclear experiment, a chess set used in an unparalleled match, and the eerie animal specimens that once spread the fear of death across the southwestern US.
14 Nov. 2014
Skull in the Ashes; Nazi Art Hoax; Hunger Strike
Host Don Wildman examines a damaged metal identification tag that played a role in a bizarre crime, a painting by a man who pulled off one of the art world's utmost deceptions, and a pin that represents a push for equality.
21 Nov. 2014
Mail Missile, Dare to Dream, Child Warrior
Host Don Wildman explores a postal box that embarked on a gravity-defying journey, a Viking vessel that sailed into the annals of modern history, and a handmade talisman that weaves a tale of terror and resilience.
28 Nov. 2014
Robber's Bride; the Night Disco Exploded; Escape by Sea
Host Don Wildman examines an old Concord stagecoach that symbolizes a broken dream , a collection of melted vinyl records that sparked the decline of a cultural marvel, and a ship model that represents a bid for freedom.
5 Dec. 2014
Dramatic Defection; Wrong Way Flight; Cowboy's Revenge
Host Don Wildman examines a revolver that was once featured in a hostile situation, a bare-bones plane that speaks to a perilous adventure, and a set of mug shots that represent a link between a crime ring and an unlikely hero.
12 Dec. 2014
The Kiss That Saved a Million Lives, Heist of the Century, Lorenzo's Oil
Host Don Wildman examines the cast of a woman who helped save thousands of lives, a surfboard that speaks to one of the nation's most notorious capers, and a mysterious plant that offered unlikely hope.
19 Dec. 2014
Porcelain Twins; the Warden's Wife; Lost City of Atlantis
Host Don Wildman investigates a china doll that speaks to a mystifying tale of deception, a bullet-marked sleigh that stands witness to a violent ending, and a set of stones that hold a possible clue to a lost civilization.
26 Dec. 2014
Dial M for Missing; 7 Dollar Renoir; Secret in the Attic
Host Don Wildman examines a ragged tome that may explain the disappearance of a mystery writer, a Renoir painting believed to have been purchased at a flea market , and a police ledger that tales the tale of a cagy love affair.
4 Dec. 2014
To Catch a Fake, Tiny Coffins of Edinburgh, Tjipetir Mystery
Host Don Wildman examines a forged European painting that fooled museums everywhere, eight tiny boxes that look like coffins, and a mysterious rubber block that was found washed up on a beach.

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