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The Old Dark House (1932) 4K Restoration Home Media Release Details & Cover Art

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He played iconic roles like Frankenstein's monster and Imhotep (aka The Mummy), but Boris Karloff also instilled life in so many other intriguing characters, including Morgan in The Old Dark House, coming to Blu-ray (in a 4K restoration), DVD, and digital platforms this October from the Cohen Film Collection:

Press Release: Charles S. Cohen, Chairman and CEO of Cohen Media Group, today announced that the landmark thriller The Old Dark House, starring Boris Karloff, will be released by the Cohen Film Collection on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms on October 24, 2017. The home video release features the dazzling new 4K digital restoration that was screened to wide acclaim at the 2017 Venice Film Festival.

Based on J.B. Priestley's popular novel Benighted, this legendary classic was directed by James Whale in the fertile period between his Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. In The Old Dark House, Whale puts a surprising spin on
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Imogen Poots Starring in Drama ‘Mobile Homes’ (Exclusive)

Imogen Poots Starring in Drama ‘Mobile Homes’ (Exclusive)
Imogen Poots is starring in the Canadian-French drama “Mobile Homes,” Variety has learned exclusively.

Producers are Mike MacMillan, founder of Lithium Studios Productions; Fréderic de Goldschmidt, owner of Madeleine Films; and Eric Dupont, founder of Incognito Films. “Mobile Homes” is currently being filmed in and around the Niagara Falls area.

The movie is adapted from the short film with the same title. “Mobile Homes” is written and directed by Vladimir de Fontenay (“Memoria”). Benoit Soler, whose credits include 2013 Cannes Caméra d’Or winner “Ilo Ilo,” is the director of photography.

The story follows a young woman drifting from one motel to the next with her dangerously intoxicating boyfriend and her 8-year-old son. After a crisis rips their lives apart, she lands in a mobile home community, where the promise of a new beginning for her son forces her to reexamine the very meaning of motherhood.

Mobile Homes” was developed by
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Cannes: Jk Simmons comedy among Ascot Elite buys

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Cannes: Jk Simmons comedy among Ascot Elite buys
Exclusive: Gaumont, The Solution pre-buys among deals.

Euro distributor Ascot Elite has finalised deals for German-speaking Europe on a trio of Cannes market titles, including upcoming Jk Simmons (Whiplash) and Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) comedy The Runaround from The Solution.

Due to shoot this summer in Los Angeles, Gavin Wiesen will direct The Runaround from a screenplay by Seth W Owen about a globe-trotting workaholic father who enlists the help of his daughter’s awkward ex to find his girl during a layover in Los Angeles.

From Gaumont, the outfit pre-bought new French drama-comedy Le Coeur en Braille from Cesar-winning actor-director Michel Boujenah.

Set to shoot this August, Pascal Elbe (The Other Son) and Charles Berling (March of the Penguins) are among the cast of the drama based on Pascal Ruten’s novel about the friendship between a cellist who is losing her sight and a young boy who helps her hide the condition from her
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Us in Progress Wrocław 2014 - What Just Happened?

I have just returned from Wroclaw, Poland where U.S. in Progress, the American Film Festival's works-in-progress event just wrapped. Held October 22-25, 2014, during the 5th American Film Festival (October 21-26), this was the best selection of filmmakers and films I have seen here to date, and I have been attending this event and its sister event in Paris every year since its inception (except for last October which I missed).

Earnest, attentive and professionally engaged, seeking answers about the best ways to complete the films in order to appeal strategically to festivals and international sales agents, the filmmakers discussed how best to further the success of their present and future films as well as their careers as international filmmakers. These six teams of filmmakers undoubtedly benefited enormously from the Polish and European film professionals who shared their knowledge as everyone watched the six chosen films, networking, sharing meals and drinking and who knows what till all hours in three fully packed days and nights.

Debuting filmmakers from the United States. in the only event of its kind in Europe (except for its sister event held in July at the Champs Elysees Film Festival in Paris) were invited (all expenses paid) to this great European city where the only multiplex for arthouse cinema of its kind is flourishing.

Roman Gutek, founder of this festival and the larger summertime Mobile New Horizons Film Festival, owner of Gutek Distribution, an entrepreneur who loves creating new events and projects, took over the giant theater in the middle of this middle-European, formerly Prussian city a few years ago and has introduced more than cinema to a well-educated (top univerisity here is one of the oldest in Europe) young populace. Other successful events include opera, ballet and monthly film events for 35,000 school children. He is now preparing the cinema component for the upcoming celebration of Wroclaw as the European Capital of Culture 2016.

One of his sons is working with the American Film Festival with its artistic director Ula Śniegowska. The other son is a chef and quite active in the gastronomic success of the city. Polish food is what our grandmothers used to make; one of the finest if not the finest cuisine in Central and Eastern Europe. This year pumpkin held center stage, with delicious dumplings and soups. Coincidentally, that other great culinary and cinema city, San Sebastian, also the inventor of the cinema "works-in-progress" industry model, has instituted a gastronomic exchange through the Polish-Basque Cultural Association Arrano Zuria. The project is promoted by the Donostia San Sebastian 2016 Foundation in charge of the European Capital of Culture 2016 in which chefs from both countries exchange and share recipes of both countries for public feasts.

But I digress...the 2014 U.S. in Progress, Wrocław participants:

Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck and Robert Machoian of "God Bless the Child" were articulate and full of anecdotes about how their book-ended story featured Robert's own five children in their own home. The first book-end shows the car being driven away by the mother early in the morning thus leaving the 13 year old daughter in charge of four brothers aged 18 months to seven or eight years. The closing book-end is for you, the viewer, to see as it caps off an almost perfect film. Between book-ends, this family, held together by the sweet and loving older sister, spends an almost real-life day together. Genre-defying, docu-like, so loving and so sad, this is not an easy-to-sell film for sales agents because it fits no preset marketing formula. However, I would venture to guess that If an audience were lucky enough to see it, word would spread about how lovingly effective and how unique it is. Rodrigo and Robert have more films in mind as well which are of the type that you want them to succeed in making. The jury unanimously awarded prizes for the completion to this worthy film. It is not "like" it, but still it put me in mind of Whit Stillman's "Boyhood" because the players are real people basically playing themselves.

"Take Me to the River" the debut feature of Matt Sobel was extraordinarily accomplished for a first-timer. A story about middle-America, a brother and sister find themselves at odds at their large family reunion at the family farm, when their two children are involved in an incident. The "big-city" (not) teenaged boy, the only child of the sister and her city-bred husband, finds his integrity tested in the events that follow. When the professional audience watching this film pointed out similarities to Thomas Vinterberg, Matt was aware and pointed out that his editor, Jacob Secher Schulsinger, was Danish and edited "Nymphomaniac" 1 and 2 as well as this year's Swedish Academy contender, "Force Majeure". On a personal note, we have known Matt for the six years it has taken to complete this film and have watched him as he attended Binger Institute as a post-grad whose college education did not include filmmaking, as he grew personally and professionally. We feel very proud of him and this film which we hope will make it to the top festivals and will be picked up by a top international sales agent to sell to top distributors. Its authenticity is a result of conscious decisions made in the creation of the drama by Matt. A strong and unique film.

"The Homefront" co-directed by Tyler Walker & Fidel Ruiz Healy is another totally unique, stand-alone feature, though it might be put into a genre category of post-apocalyptic, family drama. Only the apocalypse has not yet happened. War is still at a distance while this self-survivalist family of parents and their son and daughter wait it out in their large family house somewhere in Texas. The team of Tyler and Fidel started this when they were 19 years old. Today they are 23 and have more stories in them. It could actually be remade on a grander scale and would attract an audience, given some marketing dollars to get it into play. This is an unexpected story, acclaimed by the jury and awarded post-production prizes including sound and soundtrack composition. Additional links:,

"Nakom" co-directed by Travis Pittman & Kelly Daniela Norris is another of the several co-directed films here attesting to a new generation of filmmakers who work in teams. This team-building is not just in U.S.; I have also seen it in Latin America and the Caribbean that young filmmakers meet in film school or at festivals and go on to create working teams which I think will continue to make films together. In this case Travis and Kelly met in film school and this is their second film together. The first, "Ombras de Azul" is just beginning to make the rounds. They shot it in Cuba. This one they shot in Ghana, in a village in the African plains where Travis spent two years in Peace Corps. It is enacted in the native language with a professionalism that belies the filmmakers' youth. It put me in mind of Tommy Oliver's "Kinyarwanda" which played in Sundance 2011 and whose second film "1982" was also in U.S. in Progress a year or two ago. Tommy has since made three more films.

"Flycatcher" changed its name to "Pangea" as a result of "Foxcatcher". Director Malcolm Murray wrote this with his wife, Liz Tran. HIs previous film, "Bad Posture", completed in 2011, has been written about in New York Times, Village Voice, Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire, Filmmaker Magazine, Local Iq, Hammer To Nail: Top Ten Films of 2011. It showed at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and he was named in Ten To Watch: Best of Iffr.

"Stinking Heaven", directed by Nathan Silver, reminded me to Lars von Trier's "The Idiots". It stars up-and-coming Keith Poulson who just played in "Listen Up Philip" and is to be seen in several other pictures.

The 2013 U.S. in Progress partners (who also provided the prizes - post-production service packages) include Platige Image, Di Factory, Alvernia and Soundflower Studio. This year, Chimney has joined the ranks, while prizes are also being offered by Producer's Network at Cannes and Ale Kino+ (TV rights acquisition offer).

In 2013, top prizes went to the producers of the film "Sun Belt Express" (dir. Evan Wolf Buxbaum) and "Lake Los Angeles" (dir. Mike Ott). Both films had their world premieres in the U.S. and screened this year in competition as part of the Spectrum section at the American Film Festival.

The best films from the last Paris (during the Champs-Elysees Film Festival) and Wrocław editions constitute the core of Aff repertoire and, after their world premieres, will compete in the Festival's Spectrum section. These include Onur Turkel's "Summer of Blood," Leah Meyerhoff's "I Believe in Unicorns" as well as "Sun Belt Express" and "Lake Los Angeles."

Importantly, reps of the top European distributors and sales agents can see unfinished projects and offer feedback and deals at the early stages of production (before screenings at Sundance or Berlinale) enabling the films to break through to the European market.

The 2014 U.S. in Progress formula is expanded to include a location scouting tour in Lower Silesia (in partnership with the Wrocław Film Commission), as well as a presentation of Polish projects looking for American co-producers. Polish filmmakers are increasingly seeking North American partners and are interested in learning more about new and alternative ways to produce and finance films outside the mainstream system.

For more information about Us in Progress visit Here
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Q&A: Harlan Coben Chats About ‘No Second Chance’ And Career Switch

Q&A: Harlan Coben Chats About ‘No Second Chance’ And Career Switch
While at Mipcom to present his first TV show, “No Second Chance,” popular American crime novelist Harlan Coben sat with Variety to discuss the new direction that his career is taking. The writer is back in France for “No Second Chance,” almost a decade after teaming with Guillaume Canet on the French adaptation of his book “Tell No One,” which turned out to be a hit in Gaul and abroad. And this year, Coben boasts a slate of TV projects in France and in the U.K., as well as three Hollywood movies based on his books – “Six Years,” “Missing Me” and the English-language redo of “Tell No One” — in development. Commissioned by French commercial network TF1, “No Second Chance” is an action/thriller mini-series that will be directed by Francois Velle (“Bones”) with Alexandra Lamy (“Never On The First Night”), Pascal Elbe (“The Other Son”) and Hippolyte Girardot (“The Girl King
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Q&A: Harlan Coben Talks About ‘No Second Chance’ And Career Switch

Q&A: Harlan Coben Talks About ‘No Second Chance’ And Career Switch
While at Mipcom to present his first TV show, “No Second Chance,” popular American crime novelist Harlan Coben sat with Variety to discuss the new direction that his career is taking. The writer is back in France for “No Second Chance,” almost a decade after teaming with Guillaume Canet on the French adaptation of his book “Tell No One,” which turned out to be a hit in Gaul and abroad. And this year, Coben boasts a slate of TV projects in France and in the U.K., as well as three Hollywood movies based on his books – “Six Years,” “Missing Me” and the English-language redo of “Tell No One” — in development. Commissioned by French commercial network TF1, “No Second Chance” is an action/thriller mini-series that will be directed by Francois Velle (“Bones”) with Alexandra Lamy (“Never On The First Night”), Pascal Elbe (“The Other Son”) and Hippolyte Girardot (“The Girl King
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TF1 Intl. Sells Harlan Coben’s First TV Skein ‘No Second Chance’ (Exclusive)

TF1 Intl. Sells Harlan Coben’s First TV Skein ‘No Second Chance’ (Exclusive)
Paris– TF1 International, the sales arm of France’s top commercial network, is upping the ante on original drama series with the acquisition of two high-profile projects: “No Second Chance” and “Call My Agent!” which will be shopped at Mipcom.

“No Second Chance” is an action/thriller mini-series based on Harlan Coben’s eponymous bestseller. Coben is set to showrun “No Second Chance” with Francois Velle (“Bones”) on board to direct. The project marks the first French TV adaptation of a book by Coben. It’s also the author’s first time as showrunner.

The American writer is no stranger to France. He co-wrote Guillaume Canet’s hit thriller “Tell No One” based on his own novel. Back in the States, one of his recent crime novels, “Six Years,” is currently being adapted by Jonathan Stokes for Paramount.

Produced by Sydney Gallonde at Vab Production, “No Second Chance” stars Alexandra Lamy
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Film Review: ‘Last Weekend’

Film Review: ‘Last Weekend’
The lifestyles of the rich and petulant require a certain amount of critical distance to be relatable — or even watchable — to unaffiliated viewers. There’s a bit of that perspective in “Last Weekend,” albeit not nearly enough to make this Lake Tahoe-set seriocomedy a more insightful than insufferable portrait of the unsympathetically self-absorbed. Starring Patricia Clarkson as persnickety matriarch presiding over a holiday gathering of bratty offspring and their variably long-suffering partners, the pic reps a smoothly crafted debut feature for co-directors Tom Dolby and Tom Williams. But its eventual reach for warm-and-fuzzy emotional catharsis rings hollow among characters that never become more than disagreeably shallow products of unexamined privilege. Prospects look minor for Sundance Select’s planned late-summer theatrical and VOD release.

The Green clan’s lakeside Tahoe “cottage” — as distinguished from their San Francisco home and a second vacation house somewhere — is an expensively rustic affair with umpteen
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French Film Festival UK to open with Chomet

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French Film Festival UK to open with Chomet
This year’s French Film Festival UK, celebrating its 21st edition, will present Sylvain Chomet’s Attila Marcel as its opening night gala.

The touring event, founded in Scotland, will welcome Chomet to screenings in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow of his first live-action film. His producer Claudie Ossard will also attend.

Attila Marcel, which premiered in Toronto, is about a mute young man being raised by his accentric aunts; a neighbour gives him a magical potion that unlocks his repressed childhood memories.

Richard Mowe, director and co-founder of the Festival, said: “We are delighted that Sylvain who continues as patron of the event, will come back with such a wonderful gift. When we saw him at the ceremony for his honorary degree he promised we would have the premiere of his new film - and he has been as good as his word. We are hosting a gala party for him and the film at the Caledonian
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Raphael Berdugo of Cite Films, Paris - France's Most Prolific Distributor?

Faith Connections is a new film by the Director Pan Nalin, an Indian filmmaker living in France which will have its world premiere in the upcoming Tiff Toronto Film Festival Doc section.

The film's background is an amazing Indian pilgrimage ritual which is done only every 12 years and involves 100 million people who gather in a sacred place on the Ganges River to bathe and celebrate religious rituals.

The three interconnected but parallel stories involve a yogi who finds an abandoned baby, a 10 year old orphan who is homeless, and a poor family, villagers, whose 2 year old boy disappears during the pilgrimage and they fear kidnap.

This Indian French co-produciton Faith Connections was being sold and was produced by Raphael Berdugo, it has recently been bought by Sophie Dulac Distribution who acquired the rights for France distribution.

Raphael Berdugo is a very busy guy. His acquired and produced films, sold by his sales agent brand Cite Films are successful, of the highest quality and widely honored. He does his own sales and attends the Markets at Festivals such as Cannes, Tiff Toronto and Berlin.

The Other Son (Fils de l'Autre) 2012 has been picked up for Us by the excellent Us distributor Cohen Media. In Tokyo Ff 2012 it won the Grand Prize and Best Director honors for Lorraine Levy.

Miele 2013 was honored this year at Cannes Film Festival with inclusion in the Certain Regard section.

It concerns Irene, nicknamed 'Honey', she devotes herself to people looking for help, and tries to alleviate their suffering even when they make extreme decisions. One day she has to cope with Grimaldi and his invisible malaise. Italian Directed by Valeria Golino.

The film received a Special Mention at Cannes by the Ecumenical Jury.

It is currently seeking a Us deal and one interested company, among others, has been the Us giant Participant.

Slightly Sane also is by the above Director Pan Nalin is a tough story set during the chaotic 1947 Partition between India and Pakistan. It involves insane people and a man who goes to an asylum seeking revenge for his wife's death against a locked up rapist there.

Code Name Madeleine is based on a true story, final script is pending. Set during WW2 an Indian girl with a Us mom lives in France and decides to return to Indian high family roots after her dad dies. When the War begins she returns to the UK, is recruited as a spy and sent back to German occupied France.
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18th Annual St. Louis Jewish Film Festival June 9-13

The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival, held annually at the Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema (1701 S Lindbergh Blvd #210, St Louis, Mo 63131), is one of the local Jewish community’s most popular and highly attended events of the year. Each year, the festival presents international Jewish films, both documentaries and features that explore universal issues through traditional Jewish values, opposing viewpoints and new perspectives. And each year, the fest packs ‘em in so get there early – it’s first come first serve for seats and those Frontenac theaters aren’t very big. Attendance is always through the roof for this thing, a testament to the group’s marketing and choice of programming. Guest lecturers are brought to the fest to discuss and illuminate the subjects of these films. This year’s St. Louis Jewish Film Festival runs Sunday, June 9th through Thursday June 13th.

The 18th Annual St. Louis Jewish Film Festival
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Like Father, Like Son | Review

Blood Ties: An Elegant, Yet Familiar New Film from Koreeda

Children switched at birth and discovered years after the error is the well-worn melodramatic scenario that master filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda manages to make potentially one of the most elegantly simplistic entries into said familiar territory with his latest film, Like Father, Like Son. A scenario generously used throughout the history of cinema (and more recent titles like The Other Son and Midnight’s Children come to mind), Koreeda deftly examines a quietly moving nature vs. nurture sequence of events that manages to be generously moving despite feeling familiar when compared to other entries within Koreeda’s impressive oeuvre.

Beginning with his preschool entrance exam, we are introduced to six year old Keita (Keita Ninomiya), who is being interviewed by a panel of adults concerning his family background. We quickly pick up on the fact that Keita and his parents,
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When Are Films Political? When They Involve Lebanon and Israel

One of the most interesting U.S. Distributors these days is Cohen Media Group. Its films are daring and interesting, ranging from documentaries like Chasing Madoff and Frozen River to multi-award winning Spanish film Blancanieves. Later this month it will release the daring film The Attack based on the best selling novel L'Attentat by renowned Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra.

The Attack, directed by Ziad Doueiri and written by Ziad Doueiri and Joelle Touma won three honors at the recently concluded Col*Coa, the second largest French Film Festival in the world after Cannes. The Col*Coa Audience Award, the Critics Special Prize and the new Coming Soon Award, a prize given in association with Kpcc 89.3, to a film presented with an attached U.S. distributor.

“Stunning.... a film of intelligence and emotional power. Quite apart from its social importance, The Attack is a damn good, pulse-pounding mystery.”Victoria Ellison, La Weekly

“Chilling, brilliantly filmed and inherently fascinating. The film unfolds masterfully, without a single false step. It’s hard to imagine any audience remaining unmoved by this mournful tale. -- Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

Cohen Media Group's principals are stellar and yet not flamboyantly "Hollywood". Charles Cohen, Chairman and CEO has developed the spectacular Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood as one of his real estate projects. I love how its red glass hull looms over my own neighborhood in West Hollywood and how I can write every day at the beautiful West Hollywood Library whose glass wall compasses the entire Pcd as the view from my seat.

Partner Edmondo Schwartz personifies the modern hybrid of both entrepreneur and financer. His interests encompass the real estate, entertainment, restaurant and financing fields. He is currently President of Ems Enterprises, a full service real estate firm; General Partner of The Saike Group, an investment-banking firm; and President of Burritos International, a restaurant concept development company, which owns, operates, and develops fast food restaurants. In the past, Schwartz has also served as President of Empire Pictures, a distributor of foreign and independent films in the theatrical, DVD and television markets throughout the United States. Mr. Schwartz currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Bergen Performing Arts Center. He is a former board member of the Make a Wish foundation of Metro New York and was involved with City Meals on Wheels.

On the filmic side of this company, partner Steve Scheffer served over twenty-five years as a senior executive at Home Box Office (HBO) primarily as President of Film Programming responsible for overseeing the acquisition of all motion pictures for HBO as well as HBO’s investments in and production of theatrical films. Prior to HBO, Scheffer held executive positions at Time Life Films, Allied Artists, Polydor Records, MGM and Columbia Pictures.

President Daniel Battsek most recently was President of National Geographic Films, where he acquired projects for development/production, operated a boutique theatrical domestic distribution arm for art-house titles and documentaries including the Oscar-nominated Restrepo, and oversaw National Geographic large-screen and IMAX projects. Prior to joining National Geographic, Mr. Battsek served at Miramax Films, where as head of international he established a very positive image and reputation for himself. He was instrumental in acquiring, green-lighting or distributing such renowned and award winning films as Tsotsi (Best Foreign Language Oscar), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Queen, Happy-Go-Lucky, No Country for Old Men (Best Feature Film Oscar) and There Will Be Blood.

And worker bee, Gary Ruben, Executive Vice President at the Cohen Media Group, has headed his own company and began his career in the first days of video, working with Media Home Entertainment as head of acquisitions so many years ago. Over 25 years of experience in the motion picture and television business, he formed and ran First Independent Pictures, a specialty distribution company, was Executive Vice President, Sales and Acquisitions for Artisan Entertainment, was at October Films, where he held the position of VP, Ancillary Distribution and Library Acquisitions.

A new addition is John Kochman who is helping Cmg with French films. He is also Unifrance's long-time New York-based director.

Cohen Media Group has Blancanieves now in U.S. release and coming soon are The Artist and the Model by Fernando Trueba and sold to them by 6 Sales, The Attack, In the House by Francois Ozon and also screening at Col*Coa, Terraferma, You Will Be My Son. Past films included The Other Son, The Thief of Bagdad, Tristana, Farewell, My Queen; The Lady, Delicacy, Chasing Madoff, Frozen River, My Afternoons with Margueritte, Oranges and Sunshine.

The Attack directed by Ziad Doueiri is a Lebanese feature, an intense drama about an Israeli-Palestinian man whose life is shattered after discovering the secrets his wife has kept from him. Co-written by Joelle Touma and the film's director Ziad Doueiri, the film stars Ali Sulliman (Paradise Now) and Reymonde Amsellem. It was in the Official Selection: 2012 Telluride Film Festival, Official Selection 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and received Special Mention of the Jury at the 2012 San Sebastian Film Festival and was the Winner of the Golden Star (Best Film) at the 2012 Marrakech International Film Festival.
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Austin Jewish Film Festival Starts Tomorrow Night

The always-popular Austin Jewish Film Festival is back with a selection of stimulating films. The fest starts tomorrow night (Saturday, April 13) and runs through Friday, April 19 at Regal Arbor. Tickets and festival badges are still available, and some noon screenings are free.

Austin Film Society is co-sponsoring two of the fest's movies this year:

The Other Son (pictured above) (Lorraine Levy, France/Israel, 2012) is a powerful, yet hopeful, portrait of two young men -- one Palestinian, one Israeli -- switched at birth. They learn to transcend cultural, national and religious boundaries after they meet. [screening info]Out in the Dark (Michael Mayer, Israel, 2012) joins the growing list of well-made Israeli films exploring gay life in Israel. In this film, we see the difficulties of love between a young Palestinian student and a slightly older Israeli lawyer. In a well-acted but tough role as a homophobic cop, new Austin resident Alon Pdut proves
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"The Other Son" Overcomes Melodrama and an Identity Crisis

Though an interesting concept for its allowance of demonstrating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of two families, Lorraine Levy's The Other Son (or Le fils de l'autre) finds most of its success as a story of two men figuring out how much of one's identity comes from genetics versus environment. Despite a bit of melodrama stirred up to unnecessarily create more strife from the film's child swap than really makes sense, The Other Son stays on track and gives both boys the room required to think things through and come to terms with their newfound heritages and decide how they're going to affect their lives. Mehdi Dehbi and Jules Sitruk shoulder weight of the film with a lot of support from the couples playing their families (with Emmanuelle Devos doing more than her fair share - if only because most of the story happens on the Israel side
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Blu-ray Review: Lorraine Levy’s ‘The Other Son’ Transcends Cultural Boundaries

Chicago – Remember that episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” where Rob and Laura Petrie become convinced that the baby they took home from the hospital is not their own? Imagine if they were right and that 18 years had passed before they came to this crushing realization. And imagine if the birth parents weren’t a kindly black couple, and instead the Petrie’s sworn enemies?

That’s what occurs, more or less, in Lorraine Levy’s deeply moving French drama, “The Other Son,” in which two sets of parents—one Israeli, the other Palestinian—learn that they’ve been mistakenly raising each others’ child. Instead of devolving into a knee-jerk melodrama where speechifying compensates for character depth, Levy’s film unfolds into a warmly humanistic, richly empathetic portrait of families learning to transcend the boundaries of their culture. Since Levy is neither Israeli nor Palestinian, she’s able to bring a clear-eyed,
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Cohen Media Group Buys Ben MacIntyre’s WWII Spy Tale For Miniseries Treatment

Frozen River producer Charles S. Cohen has acquired rights to Ben MacIntyre‘s bestseller Double Cross: The True Story Of The D-Day Spies, with plans for his production-distribution company Cohen Media Group to turn it into an international miniseries for cable and broadcast. The final installment of MacIntyre’s World War II trilogy is based on the efforts of five Allied operatives who specialized in turning German spies into double agents. They greatly aided the success of the D-Day assault and eventual Allied victory. The first two books in the trilogy from MacIntyre, an editor at the Times Of London, were Agent Zigzag and Operation Mincemeat; Crown published Double Cross in July. Stephen Dembitzer negotiated the rights deal on behalf of Cohen and CAA’s Robert Bookman on behalf of MacIntyre. On the feature film side, Cohen Media recently released Lorraine Levy’s The Other Son, starring Emmanuelle Devos and Pascal Elbe,
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Argo & The Other Son: The Discreet Charm of Relevance

As Susan Sontag noted, "Existence is no more than the precarious attainment of relevance in an intensely mobile flux of past, present, and future." 

Ben Affleck's Argo and Lorraine Levy's The Other Son, both centered in the Middle East, put to use the past to comment on the present and, in a sense, predict the future, with seesawing views of optimism.

Affleck, who turned 40 this past August, has apparently channeled his aging testosterone away from tabloid-worthy lasciviousness and toward life-affirming artistry. After Gone Baby Gone,  The Town, and now Argo, there is no longer any doubt that the star of Chasing Amy and the Oscar-winning co-screenwriter of Good Will Hunting is now permanently ensconced among the A-list of American directors.

Argo, a recreation of a loony, covert CIA plot to rescue six Americans from Iran during the Carter era, is a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat-grabbing thriller that works even if you already know the ending.
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Ship Of Theseus wins award at Tokyo International Film Festival : Film Festivals & Markets

Anand Gandhi’s debut feature Ship Of Theseus won the Best Artistic Contribution Award for its Director of Photography Pankaj Kumar at the Tokyo International Film Festival that concluded on 28th October 2012. The Grand Prix of the festival went to The Other Son a film directed by Lorraine Levy who also received the best director prize. The audience award went to Flashback Memories 3D directed by Tetsuaki Matsue. Here is the complete awards list and the statements of the winners and the Jury comments Read More...
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Israeli-Palestinian Drama 'The Other Son' Wins Tokyo Film Fest

  • The Wrap
Lorraine Levy's Palestinian/Israeli drama, "The Other Son," won the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix, the top award at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival, on Sunday night. Levy also took home the best director honors at the festival, which marks the final go-round for festival chairman, Tom Yoda. The special jury prize went to Kang Yi-kwan's "Juvenile Offender." Seo Young-joo, who stars in the film, was awarded the best actor prize. The best actress award went to Neslihan Atagul for "Araf -- Somewhere in Between." Tetsuaki Matsui's "Flashback Memories 3D," about a
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