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In an era of anti-immigrant fervor, this sobering and much-needed look at Latino migration is built on an undeniably optimistic premise: that once Americans have accurate facts, "they rarely allow injustices to stand."
As entertainment, this approach might be questionable. As a service, it would be valuable.
The filmmakers retain a touching faith that most Americans won't tolerate injustice when they know about it. This film is meant to teach them.
As an analysis of the causes of migration, it is one-dimensional and unconvincing. But as a social history of Latinos in America, it is provocative and fascinating. And as an indictment of decades of economic injustice and covert military action committed in the name of freedom, it is devastating.
Village Voice
Harvest of Empire is never quite wrong, but it's effectiveness is inversely proportional to how hard it's trying.
Los Angeles Times
Though its snapshot approach is uneven, Harvest is itself a valuable resource: a good starting point for a fuller perspective on this nation of immigrants.
Cogent documentary makes the persuasive argument for the role that U.S. military and corporate interests have played in the influx of immigration from Latin American countries.

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