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Following Failing
irisfilm25 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sadly, the show started out with incredible potential but fails critical plausibility and logic requirements over and over. From unmonitored prison visits to overuse of flashbacks to convenient disciples popping up everywhere to violations of every basic police and military tactical procedure, this show has jumped the shark in the first season. Constant capture-escape-capture-escape is already dull. And even though the show was inspired by 24, it didn't even learn the basic lessons from that.

I wanted this to be as good as it could have been. But alas, this show is already failing beyond recovery.

ADDED: Episode seven and this series has gone so far off the deep end that not only is it removed from the DVR but it is not even worth criticizing the events in detail as a spoiler. Bacon and Purefoy remain strong but how many sharks can a plot jump in one hour?

In the next episode, Lucy has a wild scheme to get into the nightclub act by disguising herself as an FBI agent but Ricky catches her and they discover that they're both secretly Joe Carroll cultists. Then somebody else dies. Ooooo.

And then they escape because the FBI or the Police were looking the other way at the critical moment.
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Keystone Kops
proto5723 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Like many here, I was intrigued by episode 1... and thought that a great new show was here. By about show 3, I had filled my quota of suspended disbelief, and could not longer enjoy it... I was just slogging through a painful experience, long enough to see what would happen next.

Trouble is, each time what "happens next" is even more ridiculous than what happened before. The total bumbling ineptitude of law enforcement is laughable. We ought to all go hide in bunkers if the FBI, CIA, local police and prison staff are all really this stupid.

The list of ridiculous events and actions are endless... the woman sneaking from police custody to meet a cultist, on the promise of seeing her son, so she can be captured. The Bacon character entering a house with his back to the front door, looking up a staircase, when he knows there are killers everywhere. A few short words from Bacon, talking a woman out of killing that person with a nail gun, even though she is supposedly totally cult-washed into doing it. No, one minute with Bacon, and she changed her mind.

And having new cultists pop up any time the lazy writers need another one, to kill someone new, or provide some small function. People get captured, then escape, then new ones get captured, and others escape... who will care any more about anyone being captured, or escaping, since it looks so easy, and might happen at any moment, to any character? Meanwhile, I'm no psychologist, but more the reason to make a case WHY these people would be so compelled to follow this douche-bag anyway. I suppose his schwarmy, s*** eating grin permanently tattooed to his face is supposed to be hypnotic, and make people want to torture and kill for him, but to me he just looks spacey and clueless all the time. They don't make the case for him as a cult leader, at all, for me.

And I like Kevin Bacon. I'm even 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon! For his sake, I do hope they cancel this... so this dog can be forgotten, and he can go on to repair his career.

And here I'll add the funniest line from the show. The Bacon character, after being taken off the case, again, for absolutely screwing things up, again, says to his sidekick, "Well... they have to blame SOMEBODY." Really? Do you think? I wonder why they picked YOU, of all people? Its not like you let the guy go like thirty-five times, and got 12 people killed, and 40 captured, is it? No, they just picked YOU out of a hat...
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Going down really fast...
davidm-551-4265055 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I tried and really WANTED to like this show. Kevin Bacon is a fantastic actor. The premise of the show seemed really great, the first episode was good and engaging but by episode 3 it unfortunately all fell apart. First and most of all the storyline is just waaaay too far fetched and unconvincing. Many characters seem just plain stupid (Jordy - if he is such a devoted follower WHY on Earth would he speak and give away important info to the FBI right before killing himself in the hospital bed?!? This might make sense if he was seeking redemption but he wasn't at all. Just because they promised him he would see his God/Leader again?! You gotta be kidding me... and this is unfortunately just one of many completely idiotic points in the whole story so far), zero depth, no believable background AT ALL. Some action sequences - even though they are not crucial in this sort of show - are so ridiculous the whole thing becomes just a painful experience to sit through. With many other shows on TV this will be quickly forgotten and frankly - that is exactly what it deserves. 3 stars go to whoever convinced KB to be on this in the first place, haha!
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About as edgy and new as the moon
etpzachry1 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show is absolutely terrible. For me gore isn't really an issue, but this time it was. I loved the movie Dredd despite it's horrible violence and gore, because it didn't shove it in my face. This show can't get away from it because it's the only thing it really has to keep people interested. But showing a tortured and brutalized dog that's barely alive and suffering or playing a tortured girl's cries for help while having her eyes ripped out is too far. That's trash writing right there. There are plenty of ways to evoke the emotions of fear and sympathy without crossing that line, but when you need to cross that line just to try and stand out you know you're standing alone and deserve it.

Seriously though, the show is just so proud of their lame characters. I get it. You think they're great. The killer is more tech savvy than the federal agents and their tech support, despite no real background in the subject that we are presented. The killer is so much smarter and well planned than the entire police department, feds, and Kevin Bacon. The police are just bumbling around while the cultist are running around like Ninja, even though he only had a short amount of time to actually have everyone brainwashed and trained. The villain manages to gather an entire army of followers and trains them into how to be super stealthy tech ninjas while in prison and manages to craft the most elaborate detailed plan ever. Kevin Bacon is the only person on the planet that can catch the villain because... well... Actually they never explain that. A poor girl had to get tortured and murdered before he decided to check any places with a Poe story theme to it. If only Google had been there to save the day. Also, a killer with an Edgar Allen Poe theme? Wow, how original. This seems more like some first year lit students fan-fiction than anything else. It's just like if Silence of the Lambs was written by a 13 year old.

This is just a bad story, with bad characters, following a predictable and boring plot, in a world filled with simpletons. They try to portray this guy like Hannibal Lecter, a suave and sophisticated genius that perpetrates amazing crimes and helped other serial killers become legends. The problem is that they fail horribly. Hannibal was terrifying because he wasn't trying to impress anyone with his art and actually had studied psychology. He was terrifying because he understood the human mind. This guy is failed writer and a Lit professor. The local Librarian would have been more frightening. The whole failed artist aspect just makes me think of a whiny teenager. They portray the law enforcement as a horrible and incompetent disorganized force. They never manage to look in obvious hiding places, do background checks, call for help, have a weapon ready, do psyche checks on guards, have a radio/whistle/panic button available, a safe house or hotel where all the planning would be voided, or something as simple as recognizing your coworker is acting weird in the locker room.

The plot is more unstable than a house of playing cards. Anyone one whistle blown or caught henchman and the whole thing would have been pieced together in seconds and in plenty of time to stop the next plot twist. And it happens more times than you would think. Spoilers. If they put the last victim in a safe house. If they would have kept their eye on the nanny after realizing that the last victims friends for the last several years were working for the killer. If the nanny didn't get the job, or the gay couple didn't get the house next door, or anyone moving within the three years. If the neighbors of the guard would have realized his house smelled of death and the sounds of tortured animals could be heard from within. If the neighbors would have realized that dozens of pets going missing seems very odd. If Kevin Bacon would have called for help the two times he wandered alone. If the three murdered officers would have called for help in the two different locations and times. If the prison guards were able to stop one man from murdering all five of them within minutes without setting off an alarm. If the gay couples landlord would have done a credit check. If any of the police experts would have thought to look in Poe-themed locations. If the police didn't bring in Kevin Bacon, or at least take him off the case after realizing his involvement. If the police actually tried interrogating the killer and treating him like a criminal instead of a wonderful artist and genius that deserves undying respect. If anyone would have recognized the missing child with the three serial killers. If any of the cultists broke or got caught before the prison break, during the man hunt, or afterward. If any of those happened, the story would have crumbled. Thats a lot to have to overlook in only two episodes. I probably missed a few, and I still got to 18 different points. If you saw the show, try watching it again with those in mind. The show thinks it's great and keeps telling you every second how great it is despite being a poorly thought out train of idiocy.
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Finally, just too stupid......
archmaker125 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I tried, lord I tried. But the umpteenth time the law enforcement professionals did something so stupid it got themselves killed, while the serial killer geek cultists did everything to perfection and/or dropped out of the blue to effect another miraculous escape, well, it was just too much. Nobody was expecting reality, but the body count of prison guards, cops, sheriffs, FBI agents, SWAT operators, US Marshals etc is now in the dozens!

Example: Tonight a US Marshal stands in front of a closed door when he knows 2 killers with automatic weapons he's just watched kill his men are on the other side, insuring they'll shoot through same door and kill him. Later Ryan not only fails to retrieve the Uzi off a dead killer, but also gives his only weapon to Claire and is running around unarmed with killers out there, but never mind Claire throws the weapon away anyhow and goes off with the cult geeks...Again! Oh mother......

And so it goes. What a waste of a fine cast! Good production values and the worst, most exasperating, clichéd writing imaginable. It's all the worse because it might have been something. What it is, is lame.
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This should be called "The Screwup"
stefgrig24 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really tried to like this series. James Purefoy is excellent as the brilliant psycho , and Kevin Bacon is not bad at all.

But this turned out to be a comedy. Its just one screwup after another. Almost slapstick. They took it too far. Nobody can be this incompetent. And nothing subtle or minor , HUGE screw-ups.

*spoiler alert* At one point a bad guy cuffed to a radiator suggests the FBI agent leaves the room so he can get better cell reception, and the agent actually does it. I don't mind a bit shallow or cliché , but this is too much times ten. *spoiler alert end*

It is embarrassing to watch.
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The Writers of this Show Should be Ashamed
djlennard20 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show is truly insulting. After the first 40 minutes the writers ran out of any plausible ideas so it's ridiculous situation after situation. Joe, it appears has magical powers that can make anything he wants happen at any time. From a jail cell, he creates a network of followers that he has never talked to with unlimited funds and resources.

His followers are everywhere and in every job when it appears that the police have only 1 or 2 people that can ever try to stop him and naturally they do a poor job of it.

I wanted to like it. I tuned in one more time thinking maybe by some miracle it would get better but it only becomes more ridiculous. Joe's escape from jail was the final straw. The premise to be moved to another jail is bizarre and if that's not bad enough then prison officials, FBI agents and Federal marshals all manage not to be able to put one prisoner in the back of a transport truck and move him. But he then gets magically in the trunk of his lawyer's car and escapes. We all have different tastes in shows but I find it baffling that anyone could find this show even remotely watchable because it's so insulting to the viewers.

I will say the only one on the show's with half a brain is the little boy and I can only hope he can escape this show and never looks back.
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Soooo Irritating
peterclements200411 March 2013
This must be the most annoyingly irritating TV series I have ever watched. I find myself getting really annoyed with the ridiculous incompetence of the entire FBI and police departments, while the aggravatingly smug serial killer reigns supreme. You just find yourself wanting to really slap the characters and tell them to get on with it. For one thing, this guy would be so locked down in jail that he would have no contact with his followers at all, and surely the best way of stopping the entire thing is to execute him. Isn't he on death row anyway. The worse thing for me, is that there is no perceived resolution. If the situation is resolved, then the series is over. This means that you just know that it will go on forever. There is just no satisfaction in this.
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things falling apart
dragokin28 April 2013
When The Following kicked off it had the most gripping start that i've seen in a TV show in years. The cast, the setting, the plot... everything looked very promising. The references of Manson family, Waco siege, as well as serial killers would satisfy even the connoisseurs, with Ted Bundy even being quoted. Unfortunately, this didn't last long and the plot turned out to be the main problem.

As the first season unravels, the villains manage to outwit the FBI and the police on countless occasions. They are well equipped, have former military personnel among them and are functioning as a crossbreed of terror cell and cult.

And at a certain point this becomes irritating, because there is no excuse for the main characters to repeatedly fail miserably in the same fashion. Even the average viewer of TV shows would know some basic rules of police work: Secure the perimeter; Do not engage the fugitives when outnumbered and wait for support; Do not send the people to investigate the vaults without backup, especially when there's a possibility to encounter armed resistance etc.

We could argue whether the villains are depicted as almighty and the police and FBI as too stupid, yet The Following is not the show i'd recommend.
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Looking at the most recent episodes...
rbridge-622-1263222 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to like this series; I really did. I've always enjoyed Kevin Bacon's work, but this time it's impossible. With regard to Episode 5, I noted that he folks who wrote it are simply not in touch with reality.

What woman would be so abysmally stupid as to think stone cold killers will put her in touch with her child if she willingly puts herself in their hands? What police officer would be sufficiently suicidal allow a felon to approach him, take his gun away, and shoot him? What person, trained or untrained, would be dumb enough to take time out in the middle of a gunfight to turn his back on all threats to commiserate with a child? Finally, the baddie is completely stupid to put a pistol to the back of the hero's head. Anyone today knows that this allows an individual to know where you are and where the pistol is located. The probability that he can turn, bat your weapon away, and pot you before you can pull the trigger is approximately 100 percent.

By Episode 6 it was clear that the law enforcement people are the most clueless, disorganized, and completely inept bunch ever portrayed. The bad guys are the opposite, not to mention ubiquitous. Bacon & Co. are fortunate to take out one criminal every other episode, but when they do three or four crop up to take their place.
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Excellent action, stupid cops.
rdngmikey19 February 2013
I'll start by saying that the show had some good action to it, the actors are well developed and the overall theme to the show is great.Aside from that the show seriously lacks in the general intelligence and intuition of those playing law informant characters. The F.B.I. are after a cult following a brilliant serial killer who is currently behind bars, the members of the cult are supposedly rather intelligent themselves and yet the F.B.I. and the police never seem to be prepared for the twists, never sending enough officers to do a job. Of course if the police were depicted as being intelligent and competent individuals, the producers would have had to hire actual writers to keep the series moving.
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Why is FBI such a bunch of amateurs?
corb0626 March 2013
Really never take the time to write reviews but I felt I needed to say something about this show.

First of all, its nice to see Kevin Bacon in a TV-series. He makes a pretty good performance in the show. Even though he have been holding hands with about 5 guys now as they draw their last breath. Getting kind old...

But the story is really really bad and so unrealistic. FBI, HomeLand, NSA, SWAT they all appear like a bunch of clowns and amateurs. Getting killed all the time and can never catch up with the bad guys. Why is this??? How can a loose gathering of sociopaths be more organized, so infiltrated and stay so far ahead of the entire us law enforcement forces?

The following better shape up, or I am not following any more. Haha!
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Started out great but that was it Im afraid...
Tar Mac12 March 2013
The first two episodes were very good but then it was all downhill from there.

Thin storyline is thin and even the twists are predictable. The FBI's characters are so idiotic that its quite insulting to the real FBI. There is no urgency in the FBIs characters or realism as to how one would expect given that there's a kidnapped child and cult killers on the loose.

And if all else fails throw in some more cult members. How'd a prisoner recruit so many followers from prison is also way to far fetched. It feels as if there are more cult members than FBI, swat, police, etc in the show.

The whole show has just become incredibly frustrating to watch.
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Great cast, garbage plot, going down hill very fast
D H27 February 2013
I watched six episodes. I really tried. The first showed potential, despite plot and plausibility issues. Each episode strained credibility further. It's like the writer just could not see the story's descent into total farce. Characters so implausibly stupid, police and swat incapable of decisive action, and saving characters introduced from nowhere under incredible circumstances. I genuinely feel sorry for the cast. The story is just so bad this writer should never be allowed to work again. Tonight I took it off my DVR. I doubt there will be a season 2, which is a shame for the actors. Sorry guys, it just got too ridiculous and far fetched. The writer killed it.
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The Show Has Gone From "Huh?" To Awful
monticellomeadow13 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the plugs for The Following back in the Fall I thought it held some promise. So my wife and I watched. And watched. And watched. And, wow, is it awful. Monday night we turned to each other halfway through the latest snoozer and agreed we were saying "No More!" to The Following.

Here's what's wrong with the show: NOTHING ever happens! The writing is so bad that each week the FBI in particular and authority in general is made to look like a bunch of drooling idiots. Anyone with a pulse can see what's happening or about to happen. But not the FBI! Please, come on. It strains credulity beyond the breaking point every single week. Johnny Carson used to have a line about his jokes - You buy the premise, you buy the bit. Well, after a few episodes of The Following, you simply can't buy the premise. A convicted serial killer (14 victims?) is allowed to have such contact while in prison that he recruits and launches "the following?" His conversations aren't monitored/recorded? Somewhere there are people at the Bureau of Prisons falling on the floor laughing. And then this execrable villain escapes not once, but TWICE from a federal prison facility? How can you possibly buy this premise? And every week there is absolutely zero payoff for viewers - unless you're a fan of serial killers. The awful writers of this show, typical of what passes for "talent" in Hollywood these days, throw the viewers a small bone each week by killing off one or two of the ancillary, newly-introduced bad guys. But they are truly characters we don't know or care about. The "real" villains prevail, seemingly multiply, and prosper. And each week the authorities are made to look Dumb and Dumber. This past week, the final straw for me, a new "supervisor" from the FBI was introduced. He did such dumb things you wanted to scream, "Haven't you been watching the previous 6 episodes!!!!!" Kevin Bacon wanders around with a "My career has come to this?" look. The show is boring, poorly written and unbelievably bad. Stay away.
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It's not the show's fault you can't pay attention.
Trixz_r_kidz15 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Upon reading many of the User Reviews for "The Following", I have noticed that the people who bash it have no idea what they are talking about, with all due respect. Most of their "arguments" fall into 3 categories: 1.) The F.B.I/Police are incompetent. 2.) Joe Carroll/The Cult has ridiculous resources and influence. 3.) The convenience of the plot.

So, the FBI are incompetent according to these people. Apparently, you should send a SWAT team everywhere you go, because if you don't you obviously are being a "drooling idiot". People complain about how Ryan supposedly never calls for backup. For example, when Ryan, Mike, and Debra went to the house that supposedly was the home of Daniel Monroe, why didn't they call for backup? There are multiple reasons for this: 1.) They were only there to talk to Daniel Monroe, you don't send a SWAT team just so you can talk to a witness. 2.) Debra DID try to call for backup, but Monroe had a cell phone jammer. When she attempted to walk outside to call for backup, she had to stop because Jacob was in the house. 3.) They didn't get backup beforehand because 3 federal agents is more than enough just to talk to a witness.

Aside from that, the very fact that they found Daniel Monroe is testament that they're not incompetent. According to Roderick, Daniel (the leader of the disbanded militia Freedom 13) was living "off the grid" and Roderick, whom had extensive contact with him, didn't even know where he lived. Some other feats the FBI have accomplished so far are: finding and raiding the farmhouse, killing Paul, saving Joey, finding the house even though Roderick had tampered with the property records, killing Joe Carroll (depending on the outcome in Season 2), saving Claire from being kidnapped by Roderick and Vince at the motel, captured Roderick, saved the surrogate Claire Matthews from being killed by Amanda, capturing Alex Lipton during his sniper shootout scene, deducing the massacre would occur at the evacuation center, and killing/imprisoning most of the cult members.

The next argument made really doesn't make any sense to me. According to them, Joe Carroll and his cult have ridiculous resources and influence.

Let's start with the first; resources. I assume what these people are talking about is the military presence in the cult. This was thoroughly explained, their tactical resources came from old Freedom 13 members due to Roderick's friendship with Daniel Monroe. Their technological expertise came from the Freedom 13 members and Charlie Mead who was a Corporal in a Cyber Surveillance Unit in the Military.

The influence the cult had was due to it's charismatic leader Joe Carroll. He recruited followers from inside and outside of prison, in addition to Roderick recruiting when Joe was in prison. Some people have been quick to say that the idea of Joe recruiting from inside prison is preposterous. However, when Joe was using the internet while in prison, the guard monitoring was Jordy, whom Joe had befriended and manipulated due to his cult susceptibility. As for Joe's ability to get people to do his bidding, that's the whole premise of the show. If you're going to attempt to reject Joe's ability to manipulate being plausible, I suggest you watch a show that isn't about a cult.

The last common argument is that the plot is apparently convenient and doesn't make sense. Some alleged examples of this are Claire's surrender to the cult, the followers conveniently appearing, Joe escaping from prison twice, and the house the cult lives in.

The first is Claire's surrender. Claire gave herself up to the cult in order to see her son, it's not like she arbitrarily did it for no reason. She even said when she did it "take me to my son". If your son was kidnapped by a cult of serial killers and the FBI had not found him in a considerable amount of time, I doubt you would be thinking clearly.

As for followers "conveniently" appearing. The only possible instance of this is the blonde police officer from the raid on the farmhouse. But, Roderick had assigned her there beforehand, it's not like she joined the police force the day before.

Joe escaped from custody twice causing people to ignorantly say "look! the police are stupid!". Jeez, if only I could think of another serial killer who did the EXACT SAME THING. Ted Bundy, the murderer of 36 women escaped from custody twice, and he did it without the help of a cult of serial killers.

Last, "how does a cult of serial killers live in a house without being discovered?" Well, Roderick was the Sheriff of the town in which the house was located. He had access to the property records and modified them to essentially hide the house. Plus, they didn't have any neighbors.

In conclusion, most of the arguments made against this show can easily be debunked. Also, most of the reviews don't even bring up actual points, they just say "The writing is bad" without giving any evidence to support it.
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Spell derivative
gs2021 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Let's see.....the phantom who only gets caught when he wants to and can cut down armed police and prison guards who are trained to handle the extremely violent, like wheat. The monster with a personal and alarming relationship with his captor. A monster who unlike the very plain and uninteresting real life serial killers we know of, is a tenured and inspiring college professor. The physically and/or mentally handicapped crusader who is re-called because he is the only person in an entire population of professional criminal hunters who can re-capture the monster.......flashbacks......oh, Jesus god......flashbacks......are clearly the story telling technique most beloved of Satan. And lest we forget the re-kidnapped sole survivor/witness, of course, who may or may not survive, who in this version, does not survive because of course, as we all know, the police can never protect anyone. The younger prickly, irritated associate investigator, the accommodating and deferring young acolyte investigator who wants to learn........and on and on and on. The only person missing so far is the surly senior officer who constantly scolds our hero but wait, this is only the first episode. The most satisfying part of the show oddly was the flashback of the original shooting and presumed capture of the maniac. The second best was the gratuitous breaking of the maniac's fingers by our hero although the maniac didn't seem bothered by that as much as I would have liked. I am a big proponent of the breaking of maniac fingers by the way.

Even though the best crime stories have an element of truth to them just like the best legends and myths, in this we are asked to believe in a creature that is a mix of edgar allen poe, jim jones, and lepke buchalter or albert anatasia if you prefer, with an added dash of Bundy for lack of anyone else with an advanced education to model the professor aspect of the maniac's character. Interestingly, he is not a doctor or psychiatrist which the writer's probably avoided for obvious reasons. If you were going to try to realize such a person it probably would have been better to go with someone raised in a school run by Nazis. At least there is no right wing religious implications so far, thank goodness or badness or whatever. There is also the obvious insult to policemen everywhere which we won't bother to pursue here. All in all, the word derivative came into and stuck in my mind like some pernicious intrusive thought that would not be pushed aside. I hope it gets better but I think for instance, like our hero's heart trouble, it will become tiresome before too long and there is always the danger that the writers will run out of everyone else's ideas anyway.
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j-m-c-025028 October 2014
The most pathetic show EVER. Can't believe a show with such potential turns out to be completely ridiculous waste of time. Warning: don't watch this show. You will regret it. The show is all about catch-release-catch-release and very boring. After several episodes you start to ask what is wrong with the writers. There is no intellectual discussion of the issue of life and death, the nature of mind manipulation, the motive for crime, or the mental and psychological struggle of the people involved in the plot. The story is highly implausible, even for a show meant to be purely entertaining. The writers should be ashamed. The cast is great, but wasted on terrible story writing. The rating of this show on IMDb is the one that is the farthest from my judgement that I have seen yet. Terrible horrible show
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This show has no Following
Craig Anderson3 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show had so much potential. So much in fact that my wife and I got the season pass on Apple TV after the strength of the first episode. Well that was a mistake, every week we downloaded the latest episode in the desperate hope that they had somehow turned things around, but nope, it just kept getting worse.

If you are the kind of person that watches horror movies and shouts at the victims when they do dumb things, DO NOT watch this show. It's not even the victims, it's the cops that bumble around like complete and utter morons. This guy is supposed to be the most wanted serial killer in the country, and the police have a task force of dozens of officers, and yet they only ever send THREE PEOPLE to investigate, and one of them is a recovering alcoholic with a heart condition. They regularly 'surround' a building only to forget about the bloody massive side door which the cultists conveniently all stroll out of. In one episode Kevin Bacon and Gormless McGee (I can't recall his sidekicks name) actually travel in a car together to the crime scene. Within moments Bacon is captured and tortured, and it literally takes ten minutes for his partner to show up and save him. What the heck was he doing for ten whole minutes? Some kind of union sanctioned smoke break? In another episode a guy in witness protection shows off pictures of himself in his FBI jacket - i mean seriously, why even bother changing your name?

I'm actually wondering if this show is brilliantly meta. You see the contrived plot is that the main bad guy is a writer that is penning a novel, based on the terrible atrocities he is committing. He's referenced as being a terrible hack, which is ironic because all the characters in the show are paper thin and the plot is awful, but perhaps its all intentional? Maybe the entire police dept are secretly followers, acting like total dimwits because the novel told them to...Mind blown. At the very least it's ironic that a show about a terrible writer has such terrible writers!

I can't spoil the ending (I don't mean I won't, I mean I can't spoil it more than the writers already did) but the cliffhanger ending made me want to punch the TV. If they find a way to spin this into a second season it is proof that TV executives are dumber than the police force in this show.
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"The Following" is my new addiction!
starrlitegm21 January 2013
This new television show is well written and brilliantly acted. I am thrilled to see something on the air that actually promotes thought. Unlike reality TV, this show has twists and turns that will catch the viewer totally by surprise. As a former literature major, I loved reading Edgar Allen Poe. This show will surely bring back an interest in his works. So kudos to the writers for actually being intelligent and my hope is that viewers will be challenged and continue to tune in. I know that I have had my share of mindless television and look forward to seeing another episode of "The Following" next Monday night. I guess you could say that I am a "Following" follower. Now, how about setting up a Facebook page so we can Share, Share, Share...? *smile*
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Extremely simplistic - not worth your time
Attila Ruboczki27 February 2013
The only reason I've been watching this since episode 1 is in some blind hope of a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately there's no sign of it, every episode is as bad as the previous ones, or even worse. Finally I'm giving up.

Shockingly superficial developments, lack of the slightest resemblance of rationality and unbelievable/unrelatable characters, no patience with the writing. It seems more like theatre than TV, everything is exaggerated to a point of hilarity. No subtlety, it's all very quickly done with little appreciation of human nature. Tries to live off its shock value, both in the gratuitous violence and the ridiculously simplistic unrealistic developments and characters.

To me the acting is also poor, especially of the followers, they are so theatrical, doesn't suit motion picture. Kevin Bacon is also unimpressive but there's not much he could have done with the lousy script. It's all very lifeless.

Very disappointing, spend your time watching some insightful documentaries instead.

I'd feel guilty giving it 1 out of 10, after all I did struggle through a few episodes. So I give it 3, cos I'm having a good day.
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The Following- A new compelling TV series
pastoref121 January 2013
The writing was good creating tension and setting the scene for following episodes. The play between Kevin Bacon's character as the flawed former FBI agent and James Purefoy as the serial killer is excellent. Purefoy's character is both frightening and compelling fleshing out a complex character that plays well against Kevin Bacon's powerful portrayal as the former FBI agent. Good first start. Similar to the FBI character in The Red Dragon, Bacon is struggling to come to terms with his experience with the killer. The supporting characters are also very good and there are enough twists and turns to satisfy most of those who like thrillers. The one flaw is that in a one hours time limit the end became a bit predictable. However, this is forgivable because of the quality of the writing. It leaves enough hanging to compel me to watch the next episode.
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The Wallowing
alex-369-86778628 February 2013
What started out as quite a promising series, with the decent-enough pilot episode, The Following has unfortunately taken a slow, but noticeable nose dive in quality, until it has reached a nadir in the latest episode (6, I think) where it has started to resemble a facsimile of the numerous other boring FBI/CSI/NYPD shows, only not as interesting, with clunky and unintentionally funny dialogue. People keep banging on about the amount of blood, gore and violence, and there is a portentous disclaimer before each episode highlighting this fact for the squeamish and weak of stomach, but in fact the show is disappointingly bloodless (not that that should every really be a selling point), I've seen more violent episodes of Eastenders. The characters are almost all totally unlikeable and unconvincing, and the the baddies and goodies all supremely incompetent. Kevin Bacon spends most of the time looking uncomfortable, and out or breath, his dicky ticker issue being rammed home at various points by a loud thumping heart noise in the soundtrack. I don't think I'll bother watching any more of The Following, I might do something useful, like re-grout the kitchen floor.
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Off to a great start.. and a great deal of idiots..
Andrei P.22 January 2013
I'm going to make this special - 2 reviews in 1. The first will be about the actual series and the second about, well.. idiots.

First thing's first. It's certainly a great start - and I'm not talking just about the good, tragic, dramatic plot but the cast too. We all know that having Kevin Bacon in a movie is a great plus but having James Purefoy as the charismatic serial killer is absolutely amazing. The characters fit on Kevin and James like a glove and they, developing a "nemesis relation" really highlight one another.

The start of the series was off the charts, it was action filled, in a word - extraordinary! Half way through it, I immediately asked myself: How can they keep this up for at least a season?! The answer came in no time. Excellent! Now for the second part of the review. After delighting myself with this first take on "The Following", I jumped back here to see how many people felt just as excited about this new series as I was. Unfortunately, I immediately saw a great deal of idiotic, so-called reviews.

I feel I have the right to call them idiots for a simple reason. Through the magic of deduction, those who complained and rated this '1' read the description (at least the one here on IMDb). Now, I ask you this: You have to be an idiot to read "psychotic serial killer" in the plot and expect him to plant flowers and feed the children in Somalia, right? Damn right! I urge these people to go back either to "Lady and the Tramp" (which was good by the way).. or to those that paid for the disgusting reviews.

Final note: This review is posted after the 1st episode and my rating is 9/10. This will probably (hopefully not) drop as we advance into the story.


After season 1 addition: Americans / Brits.. if you feel your cops are smarter than this, then.. you've been fooled by all the Sherlock Holmes movies. They are damn straight dumb, and they don't give a s*it about you.. just like in The Following.
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Chillingly sinister, an animalistic villain and tragic hero.
johnnymacbest21 January 2013
After watching the series premiere of "The Following", it left me with an impression that I simply couldn't find anywhere else as the story unfolded in such a terrifying way. Although some may complain that it moves by a little too fast(which I admit at times it did), that's only a small qualm as the performances and main plot make up for it with various twists and turns throughout the story. Kevin Bacon was simply incredible as the worn down FBI agent with a tragic past that has yet to be explored further as the show progresses, but James Purefoy is MARVELOUS as the twisted serial killer. With his manic stare and smile, you're not really sure as to his true motives. This makes him more dimensional yet at the same time diabolically and devilishly sinister; playing mind games with the protagonist with his schemes of mass murder and mayhem. Purefoy is a beast of a man that no one wants to mess with.

"The Following" is one to watch. I'll be tuning in to the next episode to see how twisted and horrifying the world will be in the eyes of the hero and villain in a battle against good and evil. If the quality of this show keeps up, I'd expect more seasons.
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