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Sex & Nudity

  • There are various kissing scenes, between both straight and gay couples.
  • A woman sits on top of a man in bed. She in naked yet only her back is seen as she is facing the man. The man's bare chest is seen before the woman straddles him and then they kiss. The scene only lasts a few seconds though.

Violence & Gore

  • The aftermath of killings and massacres are frequently shown, and this is done in a graphic way, with lots of blood.
  • Most killings are not shown, but the ones that are shown are violent and scary, and often clearly depicted.
  • A lot of people are shot, stabbed, and killed in other various and horrifying ways. Though these scenes do contain a lot of blood and are portrayed realistically, they are usually pretty short in length.


  • Very little profanity used. Whatever is there is few and far between.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No drug use.
  • Occasional drinking, but this goes relatively unnoticed and is non-explicit. Characters are seen drunk at times and one characters is a alcoholic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An extreme amount of frightening scenes. All of the on-screen murders take place during long, shaky shots with no background sound, just the character moving through some dark room, which adds to the level of fear.
  • The first few episodes have a lot of shots where they show the aftermath of brutal killings. These are bloody and graphic.
  • The few on-screen murders that are there are extremely terrifying.
  • A very emotional t.v. Show many characters break down after the loss of a loved one. The episode where mike has to watch his own dad die is very hard to watch and very sad.

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