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deric-151248 August 2020
I grew up listening to Death Row Music. Dr. Dre, 2Pac and especially Snoop Dogg. To this day I still think that this is and will always be the best era for rap music period! If you listened to Death Row music you knew who Suge Knight was. Suge was always the big scary looking dude that ran the record label and didn't take crap off of anyone. This documentary was done very well by a legit movie director (Antoine Fuqua) who made the Equalizer films and Training Day! It has great interviews that Fuqua did with Suge personally and has AWESOME old footage of Dre, 2Pac and Snoop. Regardless of your feelings for Suge if you liked the music you'll like this documentary.
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huotjaioo59 March 2019
Be Hubble & remember where you came from, SugeKnight. This show was pointless in my opinion & filled with lies instead of #Facts. Again, I hope you don't take this to heart or personal....Just a MANS opinion to another man. pEAcE
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Respect for Suge Knight and Antoine Fuqua (Producer)
pupdogg30 April 2021
This was one of the most genuine documentaries I've seen in a while. I grew up in the 90s (the greatest era for rap music) and if you did too, you sure as heck knew who Suge Knight was. I never liked Suge Knight due to the pre-convinced notions about his personality fed to me via the media. However, that changes today. After watching this documentary, I have a lot more respect for the Suge Knight and the producer of the documentary. I won't give any spoilers but you can clearly tell that Suge is the type of person who some would call a man of his word! You can tell that his personality was molded into what he became due to his surrounding and by his life experiences. The most heart warming scenes were those of his parents and other family members talking of him. They all loved him and still do. As a human being, I have made mistakes too but considering the environment Suge was in during his legal proceedings, the system did a better job of framing him as a criminal instead of incentivizing him to be a community leader. No, I'm not trying to cheer a murder but also note that if the system tells you someone is a murder and you believe that, you better look into your own beliefs. All of us humans have evolved from animals and I believe that we all still exhibit some of those traits one way or another. So, save your judgements for a different day and watch what this man has to say. Some will understand and some won't...and that is OK! Anyhow, without turning this into a book, I'll end with one thing that stuck with me that Suge said. He said that if he was to do it all over again and rewrite his life chapter, he wishes that all black people in positions of power would help and encourage each other instead of letting jealousy, hate or greed take the best of them. Warning: This documentary will leave you with a more sour taste for personalities like Jimmy Iovine and Puff Daddy. I've always thought of them as snakes 🐍
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Judge the documentary, not the man.
jthrasher-2368018 February 2019
This documentary is put together very well. If you read most of the reviews it will be made obvious that they are about Suge Knight himself. The documentary uses 2 main elements, Suge Knight's own words and documentation to substantiate his claims. A review should be unbiased. Not being able to stomach the main character is a irrelevant. Don't watch the documentary if you cannot stomach it's content and definitely don't write a review for a film you didn't finish. It's a shame that people cannot get passed their own self righteousness and judgements to learn about a culture they know so little about. They just end up building metaphorical walls.
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What a piece of crap
danseacat30 October 2020
Suge Night is the same as any money hungry money seeking soulless entity. His speech and emotions are as empty as any politician. People like him should be wiped from existence. I've seen so many con men like him rise. Trump is a prime example. Heartless piece of crap souls deserving the harshest of karma and retribution.
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