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London FRIGHTFEST 2012 SCREENING: 'PAURA 3D' '..felt genuine fear when the lights went out'.
markgordonpalmer29 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers

A vibrant horror movie, suitably sick and tense, with three wayward youths having fun at a posh guy's villa and reaping the payback big time.

The woman in this cellar was a mess of mystery; I couldn't make out whether I felt sorry for her, or just wanted to forget the evil beast forever by the time the end credits rolled.

The long, languid build-up worked - making the grisly horror towards the end of the movie, even more painful to watch. Nice to see some equality in that a man and a woman were chained up in the cellar at the end, though less equality that the woman was naked and the man had his trousers on. I saw one thing in 3D that I hope I never have to see in 3D again. It didn't belong to the actress, but to a stand-in random porn star. Although it felt a little out of place, visual extremes like this in a horror movie are brave and subversive. The soundtrack with creepy gargling and whispers was excellently Suspiriaish and the 3D was used to good effect, especially (and exceptionally) in the opening colourfully and trashily-animated credits straight from the pages of a Brothers Grimm book that featured a little girl exploring a mysterious forest and not liking what she finds - her 'guardian angel'(or maybe she is liking, I'm not sure quite). In the closing sequences, with a flickering flame in front of us, the 3D added a subtle intensity.

I enjoyed the frenetic energy in the chase sequence and felt genuine fear when the lights went out at the film's climax with just a lighter to give us hope. 'Felt genuine fear' in a horror movie - that's been a long time coming!

mark gordon palmer
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kosmasp15 October 2012
The good news is, this movie was developed as a 3-D project and therefor a lot of planning went into the staging of the shots. According to the director over 90% were shot in 3-D and only some difficult shots were rendered in post production. You can see the passion the filmmakers have with this one and their other movies.

Of course even if you give them the benefit of the doubt, the 3 main characters in this do have quite a few flaws. It might be hard to sympathize with them, but that is up to you. Strange and crazy behavior aside, the movie does have some really scary set pieces (one towards the end, the other reviewer is also referring to). Not a great movie, but a more than decent effort, that might satisfy your horror needs anyway
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