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Good movie!
ashleighkillebrew23 July 2013
I actually liked this movie, I don't know why it has such bad reviews. I know a lot of people don't like Tyler perry. But he's not even in this movie. It's not a comedy at all, which is unlike Tyler perry. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kim kardashian isn't as bad of an actress as you think she might be. I was expecting her to be awful, but it wasn't that bad. Obviously she shouldn't quit her day job but it was bearable nonetheless.

The story line was actually interesting, and I love movies with a twist. This movie pulled me in and played with my emotions. It made me ask myself questions and wonder what I would do if I were in the main characters shoes. I would totally watch this movie again!
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Movie Summary
marcj201220 July 2013
"Warning this posting may contain spoilers"

Well I will admit this isn't the best movie detail-wise but I think a lot of people are giving this movie bad reviews because Tyler Perry is sending a message to be faithful in your marriage and people just can't/wont accept that in today's society.

The title said it all "Confessions of a marriage counselor" So we was sorta filled in that the counselor was telling the story about herself. But I feel that this story can relate to a lot of people maybe not the HIV as much but a lot of relationships are destroyed daily because of guys like Harley. And they tend to target women like Judith who feeds into his "temptation" Its funny to me that people considered this movie offensive or insulting that is the problem with today's world people feel there shouldn't be any consequences for their actions when it happens. I hate to get religious here but Tyler Perry used marriage as a perfect example in the movie where the grass isn't always greener on the other said and HIV just turned out to be the result of her actions. People said that she cheated because he husband was not paying her enough attention and forgot her birthday twice still that is not a reason to cheat she shouldn't of gotten marriage if that was the case. Marriage use to be "Til death do us part" but its more like "Til boredom do us part" but maybe 20 years ago that made more sense. I think the movie could have been done differently but like I've already stated this message is most important because I've seen marriages and relationships fall apart because people want to share instead of finding and keeping their own. The one message I've gotten from this movie is to never take anyone for granted because your actions can affect each for the rest of your lives.
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Tyler Perry officially jumps the shark
emartin-128 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There are many things to admire about Tyler Perry. His ascent in the entertainment industry is incredible, and he has used his power effectively to give a voice to the African-American experience the same way Woody Allen has for the Jewish experience. He gives opportunities to young African-Americans actors and veterans such as Cicely Tyson who would struggle to find work elsewhere. Perry is a shrewd, powerful businessman. But he's a horrible director and mediocre writer. His latest project "Temptation" is his worst to date. The premise not only straddles the lines of implausibility, it's downright ridiculous. A girl-next-door-type (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) who is married to a man she has known since they were both 6 years old suddenly decides to have an affair with one of her clients. She also starts to snort cocaine and hang out in seedy nightclubs. A subplot involving actress/singer Brandy is also dumb, and the plot twist at the end is the icing on the cake to this mess. When the credits began rolling, the reaction in my theater felt like a collective "Are you kidding me?" Perhaps it only makes sense that Kim Kardashian is in this movie. Remember in algebra class when we learned that a negative and a positive always equal a negative? That's what the scenes between Kardashian and Smollett-Bell produce. One can act, one can't. You do the math. Perry also needs to stop with the pointless close-up shots and phony eye-drop tears. Although with this flop, it's the audience members who paid $10 who should be crying.
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A sermon effective to those who demanded it
Steve Pulaski30 March 2013
"Overwrought" is the word to describe Tyler Perry's Temptation. Between the simple conflicts, cardboard characters, and stiflingly slow dialog almost entirely erected off of carbon-copy dramas, it shows its agonizingly long roots by taking every possible scenario and stretching it to a length beyond maddening tedium. There's almost no need to even write a review on this picture, because if you're not turned off by the name "Tyler Perry," you're likely turned off by the amateur cast the film boasts, the dopey plot(s), or the presence of the always wooden, never charismatic Kim Kardashian.

Tyler Perry's films have been a roller-coaster for a non-fan like myself. I believe his pictures almost demand the audience to have ability to relate too its characters on screen, and if you don't, then you've demolished one of the crucial ways of being able to like the film as a whole. But if you even if you do have the relatable factor down, there are still a number of other characteristics of his pictures that will do the job of turning you off. The abundance of clichés, stereotypes, senseless slapstick, religious motives, and ridiculous characters is enough to warrant a walk-out.

The film stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Lance Gross as Judith and Brice, childhood sweethearts that are married in an upper-class area. She is a matchmaker, working to become a full-time marriage counselor, while he is a pharmacist and a successful one at that. After six years of marriage, Judith becomes greatly unsatisfied by the drab life she is living, and in due-time because she meets Harley (Robbie Jones), an immensely successful, social-networking pioneer who is in dire need of a woman. From first sight, Judith is mesmerized by his confidence, money, and ability to talk a woman up as big as the house he lives in. We see where this is going, but Judith, who appears very bright and focused - with a mind similar to Kimberly Elise's character in Diary of a Mad Black Woman - doesn't. Soon, they are sneaking around, having sexual fun together, while she is being showered with gifts, all while trying to remain indiscreet to Brice.

This is the immediate problem of Tyler Perry's Temptation; there are no likable characters (except Brice), no characters with any intelligent judgment, and no characters that extend themselves past formulaic and dull. Take Judith for example, who we are allegedly supposed to sympathize with, even during the instances when she is cheating. We're just supposed to think, "well, it's justifiable since she's upset and Brice doesn't stand up for her as a man should." There's no justification for cheating, but the film makes it out to be up until things go really, really wrong.

It's, too, relevant that the film loves making ordeals out of petty non-issues such as Brice not standing up for Judith when she is cat-called by a group of thugs on their night out. Judith proceeds to go to bed angry and embarrassed by her husband's lack of gall to defend her or even initiate something. A scene not long after shows Harley almost beating a cyclist to a pulp after running into Judith when she was clearly at fault. Is he how men should behave? The film tries to show us that, even though his actions are grossly immature compared to Brice's, he's better because he at least tries.

Tyler Perry's Temptation fails in large part, however, because of its writing. It is an early candidate for the worst written film of the year. It runs on the fuel of inane dialog, corny lines, and senseless drama. Take for example the scene when Harley and Judith are on his private plane, and Harley questions what Judith "dreams about." When she responds, she ricochets the question off of him, to which he replies, "of you?" in a delivery that is akin to primetime soap operas. I can't remember cringing harder to a line of dialog. Then there's a scene where Judith is found battered in a bathtub. When Brice asks her, "where does it hurt?" she replies, "here," while placing her hand on his heart. To see the audience eat scenes up like this makes me deeply, deeply scared to think they have romantic expectations probably not alien to the kind in this film.

The leads aren't dreadful here, as Smollett-Bell and Gross are the kind of actors you crave to watch in better material, but the presence of reality-TV star Kim Kardashian in a film is about as off-putting and as tasteless as the persona she gives on that godforsaken program of her's. Why must Kardashian inhabit a secondary role in this film, let alone a role at all? Why not find a bodacious woman with huge breasts, a huge buttocks, and wildly unrealistic curves with no celebrity appeal for half the price? Perry's name alone is big enough to sell the most lurid screenplay/movie, so why work a role for her? It doesn't matter, though; I'm wasting words. She's about as unappealing and cloying as a secondary character played by an unnecessary celebrity can get. It will take a performance of a true despicable nature to dethrone her from a "Worst New Actress" award at the forthcoming Razzies.

Tyler Perry's Temptation is a sermon that will effectively preach to the choir that has graciously accepted every film he has released since Diary of a Mad Black Woman back in 2005. However, it has become clear now that public success is all that matters to Perry. He no longer seems to have ambition to make films that cater to a denominator other than the lowest or the most demanding. He attempts to get by on melodramatic clichés, laughable dialog, moral preachiness, inclusions of a sappy Christian agenda, and frustratingly inert plotpoints. I wish him well, and hope one day I can recommend a movie by him. I respect him as a self-made filmmaker, but that's about it, I'm afraid.
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Temptation: A Seduction Plot Lacking Requisite Sexual Chemistry
Carlos Holmes30 March 2013
Temptation is a step up from Tyler Perry's previous ho-hum Alex Cross, but it still a far cry from being the kind film one would gush over. The two biggest draws in the film are Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Kim Kardashian. Smollett, who in her last film "The Great Debaters" (2007) gave an outstanding performance in great chemistry with stellar young ensemble, was not as bless with as high of a cast quality. Nevertheless, her acting as the seduced wife Judith was stretched in some new ways in "Temptation" and on the whole she doesn't do badly.

Kardashian, is irritating in her role as Ava, Judith's work colleague, but then again, that is what her character is suppose to be. As such -- many other critics' assessment notwithstanding, Kardashian's acting is neither good nor bad, but simply OK.

As for the plot, Tyler Perry(writer and director) puts forward an interesting treatment of the issues of spousal and professional dissatisfaction, and how that can be used in a seduction passion play. A decent directorial effort, but Perry is still struggling with some filmmaking fundamentals such as pacing, camera angle decisions, and very irritatingly, sound editing. There were points where the critical dialogue of protagonists seducer and seducee was too mumbled to be anything close to erotic.

The film's biggest failing is the sexual chemistry between Judith and Harley(played by Robbie Jones). It just doesn't seem like a credible attraction. Whether the actors, casting or direction is to blame, who knows? But any Perry movie these days has to be considered high profile -- if for no other reason than his large audience drawing -- and as such, anything short of smoking sexual chemistry represents a critical movie failure. I keep rooting for Perry, but this is typical of his best films -- mixed quality, mixed results.
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Resist the Temptation to see this
htolivermd29 March 2013
"Tyler Perry's Temptation"- Once again, an example of a non-Madea Tyler Perry flick where he believes that a handsome face and a stellar smile can make the film work! In this case, he couldn't be more wrong! Temptation delivers very little more than a ridiculously simple and predictable plot, horrible acting, and as anti-climactic an ending as I've ever seen. I mean, honestly, there are two types of people in this world; Those that will think this movie is 'genius' JUST because Tyler Perry wrote it and those who will actually use their brains to finally realize that the garbage he puts on not just the big screen, but cable television as well is nothing more than stereotypical, melodramatic bullshit that characterizes Black people as oversexed animals with no moral core and who love to participate in the drama that each of his literary pieces is based on. PLEASE, if you are one of those who actually use their brains as mentioned above, RESIST THE "TEMPTATION" TO SEE THIS GARBAGE! 4.5/10
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A Little Better Than His Others.
2fresh 2clean7 April 2013
Over the weekend my wife and I decided to see this film because she's a huge Tyler Perry fan and she's been wanting to see it badly. I really wasn't to enthused about seeing this movie because I am not a Tyler Perry fan.

First off, this movie was just as predictable as his others. Just like some other Tyler Perry movies my wife and I saw together, I was commentating some parts of the movie to her before it even happened. Now there was one part towards the end that did take me by surprise.

When ever I get the misfortune of watching a Tyler Perry film, I can sit through the entire movie and not crack one smile, but Vanessa Williams(Janice) and Renee Taylor(Chapman) had a couple of funny parts that did make me chuckle a bit.

With all that being said, this movie was a little better than his others. Now I still wouldn't pay to see it in a theater or buy it on DVD. I would just wait till it got to RedBox and pay $1.31.
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Tyler Perry's Conceit
imdb-4531 March 2013
I guess it's official - if the name "Tyler Perry" is on a product, it's as spoiled as old milk. I won't bore you with too many details. Kim Kardashian stars in this movie as an actress. If that doesn't say it all, nothing else will. Vanessa Williams can't do a French accent if her life depended on it. And the story line... a preachy sermon that lets us all know about how black people should act... or get punished for their haughty misdeeds. Wow. Tyler Perry should be punished for charging money for this conceit of his. Pumping out garbage regularly, if his name is anywhere in the vicinity, get ready for made for TV nonsense and raunch if it doesn't have to confine itself to the rules of the airwaves. Don't say you weren't warned - I just saved you $10-15.
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Oh my God did i really spend money to see this ?
pjth196531 March 2013
Please i would like my money back. Tyler Perry movies one expects to be entertained have some laughs and go home smiling. Nothing serious or mind boggling deep rooted drama.

Kim Kardashian ruins this experience like no other, talk about wooden cant speak understandably nasals along lifeless and ruins the fun of going to the movies.

Please there must be some consideration that for a family it is $80 a trip to the movies cost and than to get put this inability of acting on the screen is pure fraud. I feel defrauded. do not go to see this it is simply not worth the price of a DVD.

trash pure trash thanks to the casting of Kim.
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troykiick7831 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am fond of Tyler Perry, I like his work. But this one misses the mark. In fact, it's no where close. I clicked on the "contains spoiler" box only because I really hope someone will read this and just avoid wasting 90 minutes of their life. The spoiler is this movie is a joke. Really. I found myself laughing, not because of the comedy (which is absent from the movie), but laughing because of how bad it was.

An extremely predictable plot laced with laughable acting make this movie a complete waste of time...and money! Of course, any movie that casts Kim Kar-Trashian with more than 30 seconds of script is sure to be as garbage as one may expect. Not that she ruined the movie, but it was definitely an extra kick in the teeth to an already straight-to-DVD B-movie at best. This is a movie you get payback on one of your friends with; but watch out, after watching this movie they may not be your friends anymore!
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Seriously...what is going on in this movie?
lauramichlew0430 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely assumed that after releasing The Family that Preys and Mr. Deeds (two of my favorite movies from Tyler Perry) that Temptation would have been phenomenal. However, slap me twice because I must have been having a nightmare; this movie was remarkably horrible and a major disappointment. Even if one could forgive Tyler for the underdeveloped storyline, the lack of continuity and bad acting (from some characters) it is hard to forgive the amateur directing and production choices such as: stretching out obvious parts of the storyline, but leaving us to assume and fill in the gaps to very important parts. I was left with a plethora of wonders about this movie. Some I will elaborate on, but others I will put it out on the table, because I am sure many others are wondering the same thing.

Question : How did Harley find out it was Judith's birthday to send the flowers? And why wasn't it evident that they were sent from him upfront? OK, I get it. Harley is a predator sociopath who had Judith on his radar from the moment he stepped into the practice, but really are we supposed to assume "this guy" forgot to place a card in the flowers he so obviously wanted Judith to know came from him? Come on…DUMB

Question: Why was the blame only put on Judith and not on Brice or Harley? Seems like the men got a free pass in this movie; both Judith and Karen suffered the consequences from Harley's seedy ways but he was able to live and play as usual (not a good moral for the players and STD spreaders out in the world). Oh and Brice, as innocent as they tried to portray him had a huge role in Judith straying. Why wasn't this addressed? There wasn't counseling to fix him or them, just the destruction of Judith. However, Brice was able to live happily ever after with a younger wife. Huh? Let's get real, whatever problems that are prevalent and brought on by you in a first marriage, if not fixed, will exist in the next marriage. Sorry I didn't buy that happy ending.

Question: What was the point of Brandy's character, Melinda…Karen…What's her name? Although this character was new to the area it was obvious she was uncomfortably spooked. However when you dive into her story, it appears this girl was running from a ghost that wasn't chasing her. Yes, Harley was an abusive obsessive prick, but it didn't seem he was fazed by Melinda in the slightest. He wasn't stalking her, calling her, nothing to prove that he was obsessing over her to the point she couldn't move on. In the end Harley literally appeared surprised by her existence. Melinda/Karen seemed to be a useless additive to the movie.

Question: Was Judith on drugs? When did she use? And why the heck didn't I see her use? It is not a wise move to have the audience guess or assume a character is on drugs…it is better to know. For all I know, Judith could have been a really intolerant drinker or the sex could have really just made her that week in the knees….who knows? I don't. Was Judith addicted to that stuff? Show me next time. I don't pay to see a move to fill in pot holes of assumptions. (STUPID)

Lastly, what was the point of casting two actresses to play Judith to emphasize age if none of the other characters were going to have new characters? I get trying to attain mystery in the story by casting another character to play an older Judith, but really? I was hip to that game when I realized Judith didn't grow up with a sister (like, immediately). You can't pass mystery then completely destroy it by creating a story where the main character is the only child. So, that brings me back to my original question, what was the need for the older Judith? With advancement in makeup techniques Tyler could have easily allowed Jurnee to play her older character. Besides, leaving the original character to play Brice and leaving the young brandy to play the same character without any indication of age (not even a weave change) were amateur mistakes. It all made no sense. It would have been better if Judith had a younger sister, died, and let her younger sister retell her story. That story line would have been thicker than the thin shallow story we were handed. (Shame on you Tyler.)

Other questions I refuse to delve into: Why were Judith and her husband living as if they were below the poverty line? She had an advanced degree working at a top firm and he was a pharmacist. So why the "we're barely making it" air? What happened after Judith quit her job and obviously did not start the practice? Did Judith ever mend her relationship with her mom? Hell, what happened to her mom after being thrown to the ground? What happened to Harley...did they really not turn him into the authorities for knowingly spreading HIV? Why the heck was Judith limping at the end?

All in all, this movie was lacking; lacking sustenance, connections, solutions, it lacked everything. There were big big holes that continued to get bigger. Tyler next time please fill them in, while filling me in, and don't keep me guessing.
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I had to see for myself...
Mira86 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
... if this movie was as awful as the reviews stated. It was.

It's just...it's just SO bad. It's so bad it's like a parody of itself. Where to begin? The acting is horrible. The plot is implausible. The dialog...who talks like this? No one I've ever known in my life. From the big parts, like Judith, to small parts, like Crazy White Lady Who Works in the Drug Store - no one acts or speaks like a normal person. And who has a window in the middle of their house that goes from the bedroom to the kitchen? "I need to be able to see into my kitchen. And this will come in handy in case of a dramatic fight scene later." Kim Kardashian is the worst though. Her entire part consists of wearing tight designer dresses, and yelling at the lead character for not doing the same. In a film of shallow characters, she's the shallowest.

In this film, Tyler Perry insults black people, white people, men, women, Christians, Southerners, drugstore employees, and anyone with eyeballs.
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Universally panned soaper earns low marks as old fashioned morality tale from a different era
Turfseer13 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
With an extremely low score of '27' on Metacritic, Tyler Perry's Temptation was universally panned by the critics. On Metacritic, Perry managed only 1 positive review, 2 mixed and 11 negatives. Still, the first week the picture came out, it managed a #3 ranking at the box office. Based on his own stage play, Perry has been quoted as saying that the film version is the best thing he's ever written. In reality, Temptation is no different than most of the soap operas out there today. It's a cheap little story, with thin characters and an over-moralizing plot.

The protagonist is Judith, a marriage counselor, who provides a cautionary tale of infidelity to a client, pretending that the subject is her sister, but is actually her own life story. During the overlong narration at the beginning of the film, Judith's story is explained in a flashback that serves as most of the film's narrative. Judith married her childhood sweetheart, Brice, who works in a pharmacy. They supposedly have a picture book relationship but it appears Judith is a bit of a social climber, desiring to start her own match making business.

Meanwhile, Judith's actual job is working for Janice (Vanessa Williams), who runs a high-end match making agency, seeking clients of substantial means. I found it difficult to believe that Judith could have lasted more than a few days there, as she constantly makes it clear that she resents working at the tawdry agency. Kim Kardashian, plays her bitchy co-worker, Ava, who criticizes her for dressing too conservatively and the two exchange barbs until Judith's sudden about face at the midpoint, when she embraces a new world of 'depravity'.

For most of the film, Judith is a rigid, unlikeable character, egged on by her mother 'Miss Sarah', an old-fashioned, fire and brimstone Christian, who predicts her daughter's fall from grace. Perry can do little with Brice, a cookie-cutter 'nice guy', who exhibits few personality traits of interest. All Perry seems to know about Brice's involvement in the pharmacy business is that he must constantly toil, taking care of the 'inventory' which makes him tired, and less attentive to Judith when gets home. Note that it's really irrelevant what kind of work Brice does, as it could be any type of business. Perry is not concerned with fleshing out his characters by focusing on the idiosyncratic details of their lives—only the tawdry plot which will be discussed in a moment.

The main plot of Temptation involves Harley, a social media magnate, who is one of Janice's clients at her match making agency, and who she hopes will invest in her company. Harley hardly seems like a Bill Gates type but more like a slick player from the sports world (note again, the characters' professions are irrelevant and interchangeable). He ends up falling for Judith and two thirds of the movie seems more like a story ripped from a Harlequin Romance, with Harley courting Judith at such venues as his private jet, breaking her down and eventually seducing her.

From true romance, Perry shifts gears in the third act, attempting to turn his soap opera into a sordid thriller, a la Brian de Palma. Suddenly Harley has morphed into a drug-addicted monster and sucks Judith into the sleazy club world (not very good for his image as social media magnate but more believable as a superstar pro football player). Harley the monster throws Judith's mother to the ground while she's conducting a prayer service with her friends and then ends up beating Judith up, who Brice saves after his co-worker at the pharmacy reveals that Harley did the same thing to her and gave her HIV.

The worst part of Temptation is of course Mr. Perry's proclivity toward old-fashioned moralizing. An affair in Mr. Perry's mind can only result in the worst type of consequences. The woman ends up with the 'devil' himself (the repulsive Harley) and is then scarred for the rest of her life. As Judith hobbles down the street at film's end, the scene reminds me of the nightmare sequence from 'It's a Wonderful Life', where Mary Bailey ends up a spinster, working at the public library. Here too, Judith will remain a spinster, joining her boring mother, at church services. Perry takes the side of moralizing Christians, promoting the dictum: 'if you cheat, you pay'.

Like most melodramas of this ilk, Tyler Perry doesn't know how to create characters that resemble real people. They are only cheap cardboard cutouts, placed inside a narrative that's been done to death, for years. The fact that this film was financially successful, only goes to show that the tastes of the majority of film goers out there today, are on a very low, aesthetic level.
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keangrad139 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Here is a brief list of what I found to be some of the main flaws of this film.

1. First of all, I know it's been said in some of the other reviews before me but; the husband, Brice (Lance Gross) should have played the Harley character, the guy who Judith has the affair with and Harley (Robbie Jones) should have played the husband. I just did not find the guy playing Harley to be attractive at all so I could not get into this idea that a woman would go for him that easily. Point is, if you're going to make a movie about someone having an affair, at least make the "temptation" tempting!

2. My next problem with this film was that the characters were well developed but it took most of the film to get this done which ended up leaving about 30 minutes to really get the action going. Basically, Judith gets involved with this guy, starts doing drugs and leaves Brice all in the last minutes of the film. I agree with the development of characters in a story but we already know from the trailer that this is a movie about a woman cheating on her husband; just get to the point!

3. This next reasoning I have was sort of my fault; but I still have to say that I do not want to hear a Sunday morning service when I go to the movies. And I should have known from previous Tyler Perry's films and plays that he does put in a bit of his Christian beliefs into his work but this film was so over the top in that area that is was borderline offensive.

4. Finally, I just have to say that if you think giving someone a sexually transmitted disease at the end of every film you make is the best way to get your audience to connect with your characters/story, then you have so much to learn. This is not only insensitive but shows a lack of creativity and growth as a writer, director and producer.
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Are you serious?
shai_t7 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First off the stupid French accent that Vanessa Williams' character has is uncalled for. It was distracting from the beginning of the movie and toward the end we find out that she was just faking it. Why put it in the movie? Some things that I don't understand besides the accent. Why was Kim K in the movie? She was expressionless except when Judith asked her for the makeover. Brandy's character and the subplot was pointless.

Some reviewers who gave it a plus mention that Julie was tired of her mundane relationship. Where in the movie do you get that? She was content with her relationship until Harley said that sex should be random... then she made an ass of herself while trying to get Bryce to have sex with her in the kitchen. WTF was that anyway? Julie is a hard-working, educated woman who wants to be a marriage councilor. She doesn't appear to be easily influence until she has sex with Harley and starts taking drugs. Really? Who's life experience did you pull this from? She went from this goal oriented woman who loves her husband to a cracked out drunk woman who's willing to give up everything for some good sex? She was upset with Bryce because he forgot her birthday for the second time in a row. That's supposed to encourage someone to cheat? Anyway, he made it up to her at the end of the night and she forgave him... but apparently not.

Harley is an intelligent business man who is looking to invest in the company Julie works for, right? He was also passionate about her and trying to help her out. How did he turn into this drug abusing, woman beater while still remaining successful? If Tyler Perry's movies are to teach a lesson then the story should be at least believable.

Both Julie and Harley turn into these extreme doped up characters... it makes no sense. If Harley was the only one who changed then I would understand but both characters just did this 180 in the space of 2 minutes. It's like the script was written by two people who wanted their own way.

Harley is suppose to be stalking Brandy's character, right? How the hell does he find time to be a stalker and be successful in business? After Harley has sex with Julie for the first time she tells him that she never wants to see him again. In the next few scenes she takes a call from Harley and asks him why he hasn't called her and why is he ignoring her. Did the editor skip an important piece of the story here? When did she change her mind? Bryce goes to "rescue" his wife who's doped up and drunk at the club. They both come out and start talking... Julie tells him some crap about getting Bryce some counseling... Isn't Julie the one who needs counseling? I'm going to stop here because this movie was just confusing and poorly written.

Tyler Perry failed miserably on this one too.
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*SPOILER ALERT* When are we as Black people going to get MORE??! *Spoiler Alert*
lanik73 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First off, as soon as I saw the Jurnee Smollett look-alike, I knew exactly where Tyler Perry was going with this so called "narrator/sister." The movie is so predictable its ridiculous. A 'good girl" that grows up and wonders what she's missing? Wow, sounds like a lifetime movie to me! However, I was hoping for a big chair clenching twist, but I was severely let down. If the twist was supposed to be that Brandy (have no idea what her name is in the film) contracted HIV from Harley and that of course, Judith does also....then Mr. Perry failed horribly. It was so ridiculous to me how Brice went in and started beating the hell out of Harley and Harley never retaliated. Sure, he was supposedly drugged up (even though this is never shown in the film) but the fact that the most climatic scene of the movie was only one-sided was a major disappointment for me. Also, Tyler Perry seems to be recycling lines, the infamous "Well i'll enjoy the ride on the way" from Sanaa Lathan's character in "A Family that Preys" (his best film yet) was used in this film in basically the exact same mother/daughter scene. All I did throughout the movie was roll my eyes at the mediocrity of it all. THE ENDING, is what really took me for a loop! How in the world did it seem like the main characters Brice and Judith aged about 15 years while Brandy looked the exact same or maybe even better than before. Brice's new wife looked as young as Judith was the majority of the movie. Also, when Brice turned around and revealed the horrible Bill Cosby gray hair piece on his head, I couldn't control the giggles that escaped me. BOTTOM LINE IS, IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET, WAIT FOR THE LIFETIME PREMIERE!
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wait till it's on netflix
Carla Louise30 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
terrible...terrible... absolute waste of $14.50 where I do I begin? Bad casting, BAD ACTING... the story line wasn't written well, people catched on to the twist not even half way through the movie. Harley should of been played by Brice and Brice played by Harley. Don't even get me started on "Ava" she was casted because she already has a massive fan base to you could cash in on the premiere. You can't cast a Kardashian, they are toooo distracting / Khloe would of played that role better. The scene where Harley gets all aggressive with the guy on the bike - totally unnecessary. They've been together for 19 years, and she has a full blown affair less than 2 weeks with Harley and gets "the monster" - so unrealistic. Sorry Tyler Perry, the story was developed too fast, the casting was off and so much more!! And Janice having that horrible French accent was a waste of effort. Renee Taylor and Ella Joyce were the only good actors in this abomination called a film. I'll give 3 stars because Brice has a good body, and a few funny jokes were cracked. Other then that everyone - wait till this gets on NetFlix/DVD/Hbo - don't waste your money!! (good trailer though)
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A Family That Preys type plot...I loved this movie!!!!!
Topaz192225 July 2013
I was surprised to see so many low scores and negative reviews of this movie! Sure, it was like a lifetime movie and sure the plot was predictable, but if you like movies that you can relate to then this is a great one because temptation and the ability to stay away from it is something that we all deal with at one point or another.

I can admit that I began losing interest in Tyler Perry films due to them all seeming to recycle the same actors who seem to be caricature-like. However, if you loved "The Family That Preys" and its plot and message, then you will definitely love this movie. I mean, throughout the movie, I was constantly told to be quiet because I couldn't help but be mad at the actions of the lead actress! I just couldn't keep quiet. Some people feel that the plot of a woman who cheats on her soul mate of 19 years is impossible but it does happen! I don't know about anyone else but I loved it!
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Even by Tyler Perry's standard this is bad!
doc adams9 April 2013
Whether its dressing up like a trans gender obese woman with a big mouth or making cheap formula movies after movies this movie set new standards for being bad. Tyler Perry needs to understand that just trying to make money off every cheap and low budget movie should not be his goal but sadly it is. His thinking behind these movies are if you keep the budget extremely low and then have a fan base (obviously of a particular race) you will always make money off that movie not matter how bad it is and now matter how low the gross is, the movie will still be profitable. This leads to deterioration of standard of movie. Has anybody noticed all of his movies are made according to the same formula with awfully written story line and worst acting possible. Thats why nobody really casts him in other movies. The only role played by Tyler Perry I have seen is Star Trek. He is not selective in choosing movies. He is just not chosen by directors to be in their movie simply because it casts a bad shadow on their movie because of his low standards. He needs to improve the story lines, raise the budgets, get good actors, have some substance in his movies and stop thinking about profit so much.
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over hype
jtatum25 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had high expectations of this movie before I saw it. The commercials play out as a steamy drama but really this movie is dry and predictable. The only thing I really got joy out of, was looking at the two leading men shirtless. The acting was laughable and the storyline went too fast. I figured out that Harley was Karen's ex in the beginning of the movie and quickly was able to put the pieces of the rest of the movie together. I was even able to say some of the character's lines before they did. Overall this is not an in depth movie that makes you think about life choices, it's a play that is portrayed as a movie and didn't make it out of its play stage. It didn't have enough passion and at times became very preachy and boring. I love Tyler Perry but he shouldn't have done this movie. Maybe with different actors and actresses this movie could have lived up to all the hype.
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Makes you wonder...
jerome15722 July 2013
This movie stuck to the point and felt a bit predictable at times. However, I sense a neat trick of Tyler Perry's : To stir up emotions among viewers and let THEM be the surprise factor. In other words, the marvelous part of the movie experience is essentially witnessing the variety of debate points raised.

Some major debate items:

1. what makes a happy marriage? 2. who is really at fault when one's spouse cheats? 3. how hard should one try to be faithful? 4. why did people expect hot steamy sex in the movie?

The answers to these questions say more about viewers than we might care to admit. Makes you wonder....
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Perry knows how to write relationships
Dan Grant2 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Tyler Perry is like the John Hughes of relationship movies. He has an ear for dialogue and he allows you to become immersed into the world you are watching. Temptation is a pretty simple movie. It's really about a woman who is unhappy with her marriage and then gets seduced by a rich man and his lifestyle. That's the pitch. Now if you or I pitched this to some studio, they'd throw us out and maybe even have us beaten up badly by security for wasting their time. But because it's Perry and he pretty much owns the studio that makes it (Lionsgate distributed) then he is free to make what he wants.

Seduction is somewhat over the top. I have read the reviews on IMDb from all the people who hate it and the problem they have with it is that the character arc seems to extreme. I disagree. Judith and Brice have known each other since they were kids. They married and they are the only people they have been with. Brice isn't a bad guy but he is just starting out in life. He is pragmatic (to a fault) as he feels that they won't be ready to take any financial risks until they are in their forties. Judith has a degree in something, forget what it is, and she wants to open a marriage counselling business. But all she can get right now is work at an on line dating company. Here she creates questionnaires for her potential clients. This on line dating site is for the rich and more rich and soon, there is a potential investor who comes into the picture. His name is Harley and he catches Judith's interest right away. After many times turning him down, she finally gives into seduction and the rest is a path to hell.

The thing about the characters, at least Brice and Judith, is that they are not bad people. You hate what happens to them, but you can understand how it happens. It's human nature to want more, maybe not everyone, but most people want more than they have. And it's as old as the Adam and Eve story. You have plenty but there is that temptation. The shiny red apple. In this case that shiny red apple is Harley. Tall, impossibly good looking, loaded, perfect body and charming as hell. The temptation is there and Judith has two choices. One, stay where she is at or two take the plunge and go for the home run. But once you swing for the fences, you enter into a world you know nothing about.

Besides the script being well written, the performances by our three leads is what carries the film. Tyler Perry seems to find beautiful black people and plucks them from obscurity and into his films. Jurnee Smolett Bell is beautiful and she is fantastic in here. She goes from sweet and innocent to a vixen and a cold hearted diva. Robbie Jones plays Harley and he has the task of being charming and evil all in one film and he pulls it off beautifully. But my fave performance was that of Lance Gross, who played Brice. Strong, insecure, hurt and damaged. His arc in the film is the best of the three. I have never seen him in anything before but my buddy (who has seen a lot more "urban" films than me) has and said he is good in everything. I think you could see a lot more from Lance Gross in the future. He has leading man good looks and he has leading man range.

I love Tyler Perry movies. That's no secret. Maybe it's why I seem to like this a lot more than many others. This was a great movie and one that surprised me.

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tyler perry temptation
syndi729 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Overall I will give the movie a C+, and it will get that because I had issues with the fact this is a young couple who graduated college and grad school. Brice is a pharmacist, even starting out pharmacist make a good 80-120,000 thousand per year, and with her added income this can only boost them into upper middle class. I don't know if you ever been to DC and seen how black folks live, but they do alright. Their little quaint house just wasn't cutting it for me, they couldn't of been that poor. I also had a problem with the transition of the story, at times it moved to quick, like when Judith got hooked on cocaine, really one hit was all it took? It was powder not crack! The last part I had a scratch my head moment on was this movie seemed like a "Crying Game" everyone, I mean everyone was seen crying and at one point it got ridiculous, the on flow of tears were unbelievable. The movie did provide some laughable moments, like when Vanessa William character Janice voice changes from the elite Parisian voice to the ghetto GA voice, and I must say Kim Kardashian as Ava the workplace fashionista did a better job than what I expected, but her own choice in fashion made me have a "who is this talking fashion with no fashion" in a Dwight Eubank's voice from Real Housewives of Atlanta season 1 moment, the first dress you see her in was worn at least once by every basketball wife reunion there ever was, but her fit was tight which made her looked bulky and she appeared very fat on camera, and at one point you saw the cellulite. And lastly, the part of Judith after all the drama was played by Candice Coke, who in no way in heck looked at all like Judith, it just didn't add up, because we all know how beautiful Jurnee is, no way even after the Rihanna/Chris Brown beating she takes in the movie, didn't leave her looking that bad. It was definitely a lot of come on moments for me.
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It sucks
honore-conish8 April 2013
I usually love tyler perrys films but this one was a HUGE disappointment for me. Very predictable and seemed more insulting to women more than inspiring. The whole point seemed to me as don't go running off to someone who seems more exciting when you have a pretty good guy already. I mean Judith wasn't happy with the husband either and the film seemed to forget the point that she tried to "spice things up" but he wasn't even trying to respond and he forgot her birthday for two years in a row. How she retaliated to her unhappiness was ignorant, gullible and weak but if your significant other won't even try to keep things interesting with you even after bringing to their attention then the odds of them lasting weren't good either with or without the other guy. I just felt the husbands faults should have been more incorporated than it just being one sided.
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Good but still lacking.
TrueEssence29 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Temptation", is a movie that I wasn't particularly interested in but willing to see because of Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Robbie Jones. Read at your discretion, spoilers are below.

The movie starts with a female marriage counselor explaining to a woman about the dangers of having an affair; she said it was her sister. So we are introduced to Judith (Smollett-Bell) and Brice (Lance Gross) who grew up together fell in love and got married. Later, Judith is now 25, unhappy with her job and life. Brice is oblivious to her unhappiness and doesn't particularly notice her as much anymore. She wants to own her own counseling firm but is forced to work at a Matchmaking agency as a Therapist. She meets Harley (Robbie Jones), this very good looking and successful man. They begin working together because he is thinking of investing in their company. He is attracted to her and has no shame in admitting multiple times even though he knows she's married. She continues to tell him that she's married and doesn't fall full victim to his moves but it's clear that she is attracted to him as well. I mean, I don't blame her; Jones is alluring, dangerous and sexy in this film. After steamy words from Jones, she tries to spice up her sex life with Brice but he only wants to do it in the bedroom. She goes out of her way to meet up with Harley in the park where they both ironically run. Jones being so good is probably why every time he was on screen I was completely attentive.

Judith continues to attempt to thwart Harley's advances; she doesn't really start giving him more attention until Brice forgets her birthday (But Harley somehow knew it and sent her roses) and they go to New Orleans for business. Harley and Judith share a moment in his private jet, then he comes on to her rather strongly and at first she fights him, but he's consistent. That moment started it all. Her mother visits and knows something's up when she meets Harley. This is also where things in the film begin to feel rushed. The first part of the movie focused on Judith's interactions with the people around her which helped to see her unhappiness but once the affair actually started, if you blinked you missed it. That's how I felt. I went to the restroom and when I came back, I was lost. I was only gone for 2 minutes and I felt like I missed a LOT. The movie was in a song montage and I was like "umm?" Apparently her mom slapped her, said some words and Judith ran out.

Anyway, Judith is now outright cheating with Harley. He's buying clothes and things, she is on his arm out in public, they buy a building for her firm and I guess she now is doing drugs. I must have blinked and missed her snorting it earlier but that sparked her addiction, she also quits her job. After speaking with Melinda (Brandy Norwood), Brice goes to Harley's house to find Judith and he drags her out of the house, she tells Brice he's a good guy but not a phenomenal guy and that's what she wanted. She wanted to feel alive but not with him. Harley goes with Judith to her apartment to get her laptop and her mother was inside in a prayer circle. Her mother tries to keep Judith from leaving and Harley manhandles her to the ground and drags Judith out. They leave, get back to his place, they argue, she says "just because your mother abandoned you in a crack house does not mean you can abuse mine" or something like that. His face... now you knew he was completely crazy because his reaction to THAT... wow. Basically he beats her up.

Melinda and Brice are talking and she tells him she has HIV... yeah. I rolled my eyes too. She reveals that Harley is her ex as if we haven't already figured that out yet. I mean I hope people have. I knew it in the beginning. Perry probably thought he was being smart with all of these twists but no... He's predictable as always. Brice goes to save Judith who was beat up. After taking her out, he returns and hits Harley; Melinda comes in to stop him. Harley sees her calls her by her real name "Karen" and they both leave. We come back to the present with the Counselor, the young woman says she'll end the almost affair. Turns out Judith (Counselor) contracted HIV as well. She is no longer with Brice, he is married with a son, Melinda is still alive and working in the Pharmacy but Judith is alone.

It was pretty good. I enjoyed watching Jones and Smollett-Bell the most. Gross did his role well, Brandy's character was unnecessary. I guess in the play her character is the twist, it didn't do anything for the movie. Brice could have gone and saved Judith on his own without Melinda telling him it was Harley she was running from. Kardashian is ugh. The ending baffled me though. Older Judith is clearly played by another actress however when we go into the pharmacy, Melinda is not only alive but looks completely the same but Brice (still Gross) is old. We have no idea how far the present is into the future but really? Brice looks like a grandfather with a 5/6 year old son and a 20 something looking wife? Melinda looks 26 still? Judith has HIV as well but is a different actress? Sense? None. It went to fast after the turning point with the affair, I guess the idea was to set up as to why she started the affair but during the affair was really quick. The climax was pretty good though.

Not one of Perry's best… if he really has any but worth a watch.
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