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It's not as bad as everyone says...
Luke Taylor21 May 2013
In 'Revolution' the power is out, militia has taken over and the government has fallen. I feel as if the reviews on this series don't do it justice. It could be argued that it isn't the most realistic portrayal of what would happen if the power went out but, who actually knows what would happen? For me, I watch movies/series to entertain myself and this is exactly what this provides, entertainment. I don't watch movies or films and question their attempts to get it close to reality, I appreciate the entertainment. The character development is good in my eyes, 'Monroe' and 'Miles' used to be leaders of the 'Militia'. Miles dropped out from power and Monroe has now gone insane with his power, after killing thousands they are both pretty much cold- hearted, which leads to some gruesome deaths. They keep dropping clues and hints about how and why the power was turned off. The characters have good links with each other and every episode is more entertaining. After nearly watching the first season of 'Revolution' I am happy to say that it is awesome, I am kept very entertained through out and feel emotion to some characters.

Also if you love 'Breaking Bad', ''Giancarlo Esposito'' is in Revolution and he plays an awesome character, similar to his Breaking Bad role. I recommend this series if you want something to watch. I give it a solid 7/10.
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Rought start for a great show
slash83_mus13 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Revolution is one of those shows that gets buried under a load of criticism for showing the viewers a future they can't identify themselves with. All of a sudden plot holes become so important to the general public, they use every single one of them to burn the show down, even if these plot holes haven't had a chance to be explained by the writers because the show is only half-way in it's first season.

The entire show is based on a fictional future where every single piece of electronic equipment started failing, all at once, by some mysterious and unexplained force. Being thrown back to medieval means of living for several decades, the story picks up when several individuals start looking for answers to this mystery, helped by rumors of one of the governments being able to 'turn back on the lights' shortly. In the years following the black-out, governments worldwide have fallen, lacking their entire infrastructure of communication and transportation, thus unable to govern millions of people. Civil wars lead to the formation of several smaller governments, those who came out on top in the struggle for survival in the aftermath of the disaster.

What follows is a pattern of discoveries, solving the mystery piece by piece by a band of unlikely heroes, ranging from kids to grown ups, each with secrets of their own. Every episode answers some questions but raises even more.

This pattern is hard to find when you first start watching the show. In the first few episodes, the writers overwhelm the viewers with tons of questions. This strategy isn't yet paying off, a lot of viewers stopped watching because they find the show too mysterious, too full of unexplained plot holes and unlikely character motivations.

But here's the thing: Most of the things criticized about this show actually makes sense, as long as the viewer is ready to suspend his disbelief for some time and allows himself to emerge into the world the writers have created for the viewers. It might feel like a pool of quicksand at first, but giving this show time to develop is key to enjoying it the way the writers intended.

To be honest, I cannot understand almost all the negative reviews on this show. Based on what reviewers tend to write about the plot holes and seemingly impossibilities, I bet every single one of them structurally dislikes fiction, especially science fiction. How do these people not dislike movies like Star Trek, the Jacket, the Fifth Element, Mad Max, Escape from New York, Blade Runner, the Terminator or RoboCop, to name just a few? These are filled with plot holes, fictional future governments, unlikely characters and unexplained mysteries yet these are all loved by many or called 'cult', rarely being criticized like "Revolution" is.

Add to the equation this show is written and produced by people responsible for hit series like Lost and you know on forehand most questions will be answered only after many episodes, in a very slow pace, if at all. Try watching 10 episodes of 'Lost' and ask yourself: Do I understand what is going on? Because you simply won't. That's the point, you must allow yourself to be emerged in the mysterious world created by the makers of this show, suspending disbelief until they think the time has come to answer some questions you've had for over 20 episodes or so.

For me personally, all this show lacks is a feel of a solid team of writers, producers, directors and actors: the first 10 episodes or so feel a bit sloppy, like the entire crew couldn't really get used to the scope of the show's heading. But trust me, it gets better and better, and after several episodes the characters seem to feel more at home in this strange world of mystery, improving the quality of the show on each episode.

Is this a great show? It is - if the people behind it get a chance to steer clearly towards their goal and so far, it feels like the show is hugely underrated by so many, criticizing it on every minor plot hole.

Or else, maybe those people should stop watching science-fiction altogether...
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I Look forward to it each week!
awishandadream12 May 2013
I was shocked to see all the negative reviews. Perhaps I feel different because I'm not really looking for reality when I watch TV. I'm looking for entertainment. I'm looking to take a break and relax. (Most generally I have enough reality in a normal day, but if I'm looking for more on TV, I'll turn on the news) As for Revolution, I really enjoy the Drama. I find myself drawn into what the writers, and actors give with this show each week. There are some characters, I love to hate, and others I'm cheering on! I now make it a point to watch it when it comes on, or if I can't - I make sure the DVR is set, and watch it later. :)
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I really like this show.
melis54112 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I feel as though people may have watched MAYBE the first few episodes and then casted it off. I to agree that the first six or seven episodes are horrible but I continued to watch and fell in love with the show. Once Danny is found the show really kicks off, and gets even better when he dies. I don't really look that much into the behind story and if it would happen and what not. It's TV... It's supposed to entertain you not be something you stress over.

At some parts I feel as though they move to fast. I want to know more about how they survive without the power and what they did the first few years to get to where they are now. Lets do a whole flashback episode!

I think the characters are not nearly as awkward as they were when they first started the show. They are really growing into the show. Right as season one was ending I was really fed up with Charlie. Still am actually but I am sure that she's not going to be nearly as annoying because they are putting something in motion that the rest of us haven't seen yet.

All in all I love this show. I think people aren't giving it the chance it deserves and I feel that this show has even more potential coming up. :-)
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I love this TV show!!!
Luiziana Negoita9 March 2013
First of all i don't write reviews,so i wasn't planning to do one now,but the main review on this page and the ratting got me all MAD!!!I saw the 10 episodes in 1 night and i wanted MORE.It reminds me of LOST with the flashbacks and the moments when i realize that one character is not that good or that bad.

The show cut me to the core with the story of having no electricity,and how the world would manage the situation,to the point that i think all the time what i would do in that situation.The characters are very well constructed,strong individuals,you want to be them,you love them you hate them.From my point of view the image is nicely done,how the show is filmed,i appreciate the work these people put into this,how they manage to create this fabulous future,everything is fine by me!!!!

Writing this,hopefully will get in the first page and people will read it,and hear me when i say,it's a great show to watch,is fun and it will get you away from this world,that is all we need after all,escape,let our imagination roll.
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Love it!!
aroraessence19 May 2013
This is another one of my must watch shows.I love the concept of the show and think that the actors are great.I see so many bad reviews for this show but not me.I love to sit down and watch whats gonna happen next.I like the idea of some people knowing why the lights went out and watching everything unfold.I love how the show is progressing and throws in those twists about certain characters.Its one of my favorite shows of the week.Although I am a person who likes fantasy,sci-fi,and not so much reality TV shows.Give it a watch you might be surprised at how good the show really is compared to all the negative reviews.I think this is one of the better shows on right now.I give it a 10.More like this please.
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Electricity or Electric Current?
Vincent Bartning24 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of _Revolution_--that electricity does not work--is both simple and complex at the same time. However, is that really the show's premise? Moreover, there are twelve devices where each one allows electric current to flow in a local area around it, and, apparently, having all twelve of these objects could let electricity flow again all over the world. While the show hasn't explained all the particulars--almost all of them really--it works because those who make have kept it plausible. It also works because of the premise, something I appreciate very much--so far at least.

One recognizes the similarity characters in _Revolution_ have with others in the sci-fi genre, but like similar traits appear in different species, is it caused by similar traits occurring in evolution along different lines, or is it borrowing or developing from past characters--developments in the same species in other words? Many have noted the similarity of the Charlie Matheson character to the Katniss character in _The Hunger Games_. Did they develop independently at the same time, or did the Charlie Matheson character come from trying to build on the success of Katniss? Is it like Leibniz developing The Calculus at the same time as Newton, or is it like Einstein further developing Newtonian ideas on physics? Again, it's both simple and complex, but I hope the show can keep it plausible, something that's going to continue take knowledge of electricity and how it works as well.

Some questions about electricity came to mind, some of them resulting in more knowledge after research. Has just alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) power gone out, Man's ability to produce it? What about its existence in nature, lightning and static electricity for example? Online research indicates lightning's a form of static electricity, so can we differ static electricity with AC and DC? Neither AC or DC will work then? Can _Revolution_'s writers and others involved in making the show keep it simple, complex--and plausible? So far, the show hasn't confronted obvious or complex pitfalls, but it's not out of trying to avoid them. At least it doesn't seem that way yet. However, I don't remember any lightning storms for instance, and what about electricity working somewhat. It didn't all go out instantaneously in the pilot. How can only man-made electricity not work, or is it all forms electricity? One idea that comes to mind is having all electricity fail to work down to a certain altitude, but even that would make people wonder. What about someone jumping off a cliff with a glider? Would electricity work? Does lighting stop completely or at some level before the ground? Again, does the fact that the power went out as in a quick but rolling blackout get into the mix here? Further study shows that lightning and static electricity, while DC in a way, also are not even DC, current but an "accumulation of electrical charges on the surface of a material" (School for Champions, n.d.). Moreover, while DC in nature, static electricity "is called 'static' because there is no current flowing, as there is in alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) electricity…" (ibid.) Anyway, the show's going to require research to keep it plausible.

This review has asked some of the complex questions. _Revolution_ remains plausible in my eyes, and I'd like to see it remain so. Electricity has a lot of importantance to all of us in one way or another,and I hope the writers research it so that the show's premise remains plausible. From the effect electricity in the real world today has on those who don't have it to those who design things that use it, the lack of electrical current at least and the exceptions to this in the show's version of the world interest fans and potential fans alike. Who's to say it isn't plausible with the way science works, the exceptions Einstein found in physics for example? Does the show already have some consultants with knowledge about electrical engineering? Though it seems those who bring us _Revolution_ have knowledge about the premise, they really should have advisors with the right background if they don't already. The show's writers, directors, actors, and producers must endeavor to keep the show plausible. Really, instead of the premise being that electricity does not work, so far we've only really seen the premise be that electric current does not work. Though only a subtle difference, let's keep the show with its premise plausible, simple, and complex so that it remains a great show—improves even!
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Give it time.
Jordan Cressey7 June 2013
A slow burner for sure to start with but recently it's been very good and I've been impressed with the possibilities of where it can go, the current plot and characters have been average so far but I feel there is so much more to come here from Revolution and I'm always eager to see where the plot will go.

As for the complaints about the realism of it, ridiculous. It should not take away from the audience how white the clothes of the characters are, if you're not picky on factual details and enjoy entertainment then I suggest this program to you, as for a rating, I think it's currently about a 7 but has potential hence the rating of an 8.
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Lame effort from Eric Kripke
findingdevotion19 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
To describe the premise as unrealistic would mean nothing as nobody should expect realism from what is essentially a post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick.

Watching something like this should lead to "what-if" scenarios, help you identify with more or less complex characters that beg you to care for them. Making a series out of something like this would allow the writers to embed details that allow characters to grow and plots to capture the audience for at least a season. And much like it is with meeting a new person, the pilot of series is expected to offer a perspective of what is to come.

But we have none of that in "Revolution", which is a truly awful series under all aspects.

The series would have us believe that a cataclysmic event left the world without electricity. This is fine, it is a bold premise that demands to know "how could this have happened", since it seems to defy any reason. The writers hint of a future answer and this is good.

What is bad? All that follows make no sense. We are given a 10-years after world, with decrepit ruins of the civilization.

Wait ... what, ruins? In my country we have blocks of flats that are over 50 years old and still stand strong without any maintenance whatsoever (sure, they look like crap, but they stand and are inhabited).

Next. Henchmen firing muskets? Why? You don't need complex technology to make bullets for the mechanical repeating rifles. They had those in the wild west before electricity. (FAQ on this is false: yes, making modern ammo is difficult without electric machinery but that doesn't equal revert to musket - in fact revert to musket poses huge problems because even if ammo can be anything, you need to first manufacture the weaponry as existing weapons have rifling bores, moreover to make simple rifle bullets you don't need the same process as the more modern ammo and they would still be compatible with a lot of modern guns).

Next. Can these characters be any less likable? A hot-headed teenager and her brother, a Justin Bieber-lookalike?

Next. Lacking electricity, how can people be alive? (most cellular processes require electricity - passing electrical charges along, brain processes are completely dependent on this) How can anything be alive? If you rub some material on your hair, is there any static left? Hell, since we're at it, what keeps molecules together? Have electric charges been replaced by something else? If so, and in fact those mysterious amulets just regulate this state, it means people can be alive only around them.

Next. How does that woman communicate using her computer? It would mean that an entire network runs continuously from her house to her counterpart. That means, the entire line has electricity running smoothly between her computer, to whatever router she is using, to her counterpart's computer (assuming a simple setup) is allowed to have electricity (otherwise the signal would die as soon as it got out of the range of her amulet).

Halfway through the pilot I was truly hoping that at least the Bieber- double would die in agony and soon after came the simply horrible hotel fight where I saw the evil henchmen pause for almost an entire minute to give the wonder-soldier time to stare in disbelief at his teen niece. Almost a minute the brain-dead henchmen just stand there not taking a shot. Even in cheap C-movies they at least try to give something to do to the henchmen to give the good guy a break (eg: moan as they stand, pick themselves up, slow-motion take, etc), but not here!

And in the end we are fed the incredibly cheap cliffhanger of the doctor typing on a dismembered computer. Why dismembered, may I ask? If she simply didn't keep her old computer in one piece and was forced to build one from scrap, what exactly prevented her from finding/making a case too, just to keep those precious components that remind her of a more civilized time, safe?
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I don't get all the hate.. this is a good show!
Harindu Ishan11 October 2013
This is a good script well directed. Actors are talented and have chemistry, not the kind of one you usually see. but nevertheless they have a good thing going on.

People usually attack these kind of shows with plot-holes and technicalities. But countless shows with huge plot-holes managed to stay on air because of the level of entertainment they produced. Off the top of my head Stargate SG-1 which ran for 10 season made 2 spin-off shows and straight to DVD movies frequently showed English speaking aliens with American accents. In my opinion that hasn't got anything to do with science or fiction it's merely something they had to do to make the show work in long-term. Revolution is doing the same thing with "diesel engines not working without electricity" and "batteries working after just sitting there for years".

More about the show, Revolution has a very unique way of story-telling. Flash-backs often surprises with hard-to-guess past events that led each character to different points in present. Actor Billy Burke is a natural at portraying Miles Matheson, a highly trained ex-military man with unpredictable emotions towards his peers. Action scenes often include well choreographed sword fights, gun fights and a lot of explosions. The show in no-way seems low budget or badly directed and has the perfect balance of violence and family-friendliness.

If you skipped this show because of any technicalities or potential clichés of post-apocalyptic earth, you might have read. Take it from some who almost skipped it, you should give this show a chance because it will surprise you.
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Great show with a few flaws
billcarrabine3 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I love the idea of the show, and the actors do a great job making us either care for their characters or hate them, and in some cases both. The show is packed with action and drama, with interesting plot twists, and emotional wrenching events when key characters either die, or turn traitor on their friends.

There is some flaws to this show though !!! Given the knowledge most people have today scientifically and otherwise.

1. After 15 years the electrical grid would not just come back on like nothing ever happened. If anything it would cause more chaos with transformers exploding from the sudden power surge after that amount of time and deterioration and lack of upkeep and maintenance.

2. Helicopters, and all other vehicles after 15 years would not be able to run like they do in the show with those amplifiers and pendants. All vehicles military and domestic not only run on computers, but today need computers in order to diagnose and maintain them through maintenance. It would be impossible for them to maintain these vehicles in prime condition till they got these power adapters.

3. Also I have to say although I like the character of Aaron, there is no way in end of the world like times this show is placed in, he would be able to maintain an overweight physique. If anything he would be more like Miles or some of the other characters if he was going to be able to survive for 15 years in that type of existence.

4. In the show you see the children like Charlie and Danny grow older, but the other main characters don't seem to age a day since the blackout. You would expect to see some gray hair something, but no from Miles to Rachael they all look just as young as they did before the blackout.

To be fair they could explain this away as being a side effect of the nanobot virus that wiped out the electric grid, since they were already explained to have healing properties for the human race in the show already. But that should explained further to fill the hole.

Overall I like the show it is highly entertaining with a great cast. I just hope they join more closely the true science with their science fiction so the show can be more immersing and believable that this could happen.
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Almost End of Season 1
jason-697-93637628 May 2013
Well, I watched Revolution from the beginning of Season 1. I am an Electrical Engineer and I said "Lets just negate physics for the sake of a television show" for a little while. I wasn't very amused in the beginning and boredom really just kept me watching this show. So, as I said, boredom kept me watching and the reasoning behind the electrical blackout was interesting. The characters began to grow on me and I slowly started to enjoy the overall storyline. Is this a Shakespeare play??? NO, but it is a bit of fun in the end. Just kick back, drink some rum and coke, microwave some popcorn and enjoy the FUN! I think we should be into season 3 or 4, but just at the end of season 1. OH, and I love Elizabeth Mitchell!!!
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Post apocalyptic middle America soap opera
stfual29 October 2012
I've given Revolution five episodes because I love post apocalyptic dramas and films generally but this really is awful. Forget the fact that the plot is full of holes and general stupidity. Apparently 18 years after wars and the end of civilization everyone has discovered the secrets of moisturizer, hair gel, makeup, and they have invented the non-electric travel iron and curling tongs. Also they have access to an endless supply of clean push up bras and flimsy outfits.

I suggest the producers go live in a third world country for a while where most waking hours are spent focused on survival and getting enough to eat and drink, and where the balance between male and female power shifts dramatically when democracy and regulation is removed. Also see how fast the trains go when you have no idea if the track ahead has a cow or a tree on it.

While the "Walking Dead" staggers into soap opera territory too often at least it clearly recognizes the difficulties of just surviving and meeting basic human needs while trying to move to a better world of lofty moral standards.

Revolution has the moral philosophy of the film "Taken" in that as long as the very annoying, sobbing,teenage white virgin drama queen girl and boy are OK everyone else can die for them without anyone caring.

Everyone involved with Revolution should quickly watch the 1984 BBC drama "Threads" and start again before it gets the cancellation notice it currently deserves. Also please kill off that sobbing girl.
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Typical JJ Abrams Drek
Jim de Graff20 September 2012
What we have is another production by JJ Abrams. Unfortunately that translates to BAD. In an interview, Abrams claims that the science makes sense. Sorry. If batteries (electro-chemical) don't work then neither do people. Our bodies run on electro-chemical processes. So there goes the science. But crap science, after all, is a staple of JJ Abrams. After all, in Star Trek he had Spock watch the destruction of the planet Vulcan from the surface of another planet in another star system WITH HIS NAKED EYES! Next I have to wonder how, after fifteen years, people can still be wearing fresh, white, machine-made clothing. I guess it wouldn't look good to have everyone walking around in sheepskins. Bu why not leather? Last, but not least, there is the JJ Abrams specialty. Billion-to-one coincidences. Again, in his absolute drek of a reboot of Star Trek, one coincidence (among so many) was having Kirk marooned within walking distance on the same planet as Spock and Scotty. In Revolution, the three questers enter a random building after entering Chicago. The first person they talk to is (what a bloody amazing coincidence) the very person they are looking for.

I can't imagine how anyone who puts so little thought into his work and who treats his target audience with such contempt still gets to do what he does.
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I really like it...why all the bad reviews!
lara23928 September 2012
I think it is the best thing Bad Robot has done since Lost. I was entertained from the beginning and love the suspense and I do think it has decent acting and potential. Guys...give it a chance. After two episodes (that are pretty good....I mean come on there are a lot of disaster based/end of the world type shows on right the walking dead and this is MUCH better than that lame show). I think this could be the next good JJ Abrams show...give it a chance! I also like the actors they chose for it. I have no idea what would make ALL the energy not work but it is interesting and that will be what the big mystery is about. stay tuned!
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Very Impressive!
bbosak214328 September 2012
Revolution is a show that keeps you on your toes! My only complaint is against NBC. Revolution should have been given a 2 hour time slot to premier its concept. I feel it was unfairly rushed, but the writers were absolutely without flaw and brilliant to work the amount of time they were granted. For those of us that enjoy shows that are not predictable, Revolution delivers. The fact that the power goes out sequentially points to the fact, this is a man made phenomena. It was planned. Why? The first episode clearly divulges how man has abused the power of electricity. Engines that are powered by batteries go into vehicles that are used to wage war. Missiles can be launched! To me it sounds as if it was all perfectly planned and orchestrated for those that understood how to shut the power down to avoid all catastrophe. Sure there would be losses due to loss of power, but in the long run seems more survive since there is no immediate threat of someone making a mistake and pushing the wrong button! For some is strange the story jumped 15 years to the future, to me adds to the mystery. You have to watch the show every episode to gain more insight to what has happened. This is not a show for those that want to figure it out in 5 minutes! Scenery is well done and planned beyond belief! When I look at areas that have been left to waste for a few years, the depiction this show has is perfect! As far as I am concerned this show is the best. I just hope the writers will continue on their path of brilliance keeping us in suspense but feeding us the bits and pieces. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 20! Revolution destroyed the scale is way beyond shows I have seen. Til now I have never had a show that stuck to my mind and left me thinking about everyday as it has! Thanks for the great concept and entertainment. Am in hopes to see this show go on for many many seasons!
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Seriously.. is it that BAD? No!
strongmedicine9 October 2012
I read the reviews and expected the worst turkey mankind could find and watched 4 episodes of this show (only 4 episodes are out as of date) and now i cant wait for the 5th.

Everyone is a critic these days it seems. Even i but seriously i have to defend this show :D - Well.. the acting, nothing wrong with it. The story is interesting and there can be so many twists and turns to this its just unfair to call doom on a show after 2 or 4 episodes! The setting is perfect for a post apocalyptic scenario.. we get look-backs and memories of the chaos that took place right after society fell and the kind of anarchy that would take place. Murder and violence for survival etc and then there's a now, 15 years later.. its a nice contrast.

Someone mentioned in their review:

"What is bad? All that follows make no sense. We are given a 10-years after world, with decrepit ruins of the civilization.

Wait ... what, ruins? In my country we have blocks of flats that are over 50 years old and still stand strong without any maintenance whatsoever (sure, they look like crap, but they stand and are inhabited)"

Is that the kind of reviews this show's gonna get?

I have to say that you shouldn't discuss things you know jack about. I live in a place where a mine have swallowed half the town and made it unsafe so large parts of the city have been sealed off for a long time.. and you have NO idea what nature will do in a few years to structures if left untended.. It's like stepping into the wastelands of Mad Max being there! The buildings in the risk zone looks WORSE than everything shown in this movie after 10 to 15 years. Roads crack, buildings fall apart because vegetation blow it apart.. Seriously.. comparing 50 year old buildings in your BLOCK in functioning city to what it would look like in a civilization that collapsed is... well thats just stupid.

Have a nice day, enjoy the show!
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Addicted to Revolution
hutchisurls16 February 2014
I didn't find this show till it became available on Netflix. A friend suggested I give it a try, and I have to say I'm grateful. After binge watching season 1 on Netflix, and immediately following that by buying every available episode from Amazon... I should be sick of it, but I am NOT. I just adore this show.

I have read a few negative reviews and frankly I think those folks are flat out wrong. This is a great show! I think the characters, stories, and dialog are all wonderful. The writers are fantastic and the actors are compelling. The core relationships are believable and rich. Each episode keeps me guessing.

So far, I do find that the second season is much better than the first (and I loved season 1 so that's saying something). Sure hope they renew for season 3.
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A waste of electricity watching it
darkeyes909027 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The show is, to elegantly sum it up, quite horrible. As so many have noted, the science (planes fall straight down out of the sky, muskets, no steam power etc.) is bad enough, but could be ignored with suspended disbelief, if the remaining criteria for a well done show didn't also fall flat.

When one has to point to the CGI as being the only saving grace, there is a problem. The actors are bland at best and annoying at worst. They neither look nor behave as though they come from a dangerous post apocalyptic civilization. The action is terribly repetitive and formulaic. The dialog is boring and only serves as a filler between overly long fight scenes, which themselves do not serve the plot.

In the end what we get is a lot of nothing with a smidgen of plot that is revealed in dribbles and we are supposed to be tantalized enough to keep coming back for more. I might dvr it and watch the last five minutes of each show.

The idea of a post apocalyptic world without electricity excited me, but this show is a real loser. It is more the pity as there are some fine actors involved.

I do not understand this trend of formulaic sci fi with expensive budgets and excellent producers etc. turning out high tech versions of Space Family Robinson. I believe it is insulting to audiences.

To make myself hated even more, I also think that Walking Dead after the first great season is terrible. Endless dialogs revealing lives that I could care less about interrupted by zombie attacks.
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i have fun yelling at the TV
neonrt-492-487173 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i watched two episodes and i find myself yelling at the characters on the TV because they seem to do the opposite of what real people would do. Like for example the general that sent one man at a time to try to run past the sniper , well the sniper only can shoot one at a time, how easy was that, How about send everyone at once... Or when the girl who was pulling the helicopter got freed, she got freed but later complained that she got freed but didn't have time to explain why as he was freeing her. It took her two seconds to explain , she had more than that as they were untying her. i never see anyone eat or drink. No one is suppose to have guns but the guy shot a deer in the day and got caught. Handed over his gun and was killed, why even come to the door? Run out the back door, or shoot your deer at dusk. I will watch this until i find out why the power went out and probably yell at the TV when i find out. It better not be aliens.... I watch this show because nothing else is on that night and for the hope that it gets better. I lost a little hope when the woman said there are 12 necklaces that have the power... Time to find a hobbit. To the guy who said : this is the reason legend of the seeker got canceled : NO i loved that show these are not even in the same ball park. EDIT. I only watch tis show to pick on the stupid things and I got the best laugh ever.NO AIR IN THE SUBWAY. Wow how impossible is that. I should go to see the producer of the show and shut his office door, maybe he will hallucinate a better show. You could have said it was a gas leak or something vs no air in a place the size of a football stadium.
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I think this actually shows promise....
wstephen197221 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There seems to be a lot of negativity hanging about this show. I just watched the pilot, and y'know, I was either in a super mood and nothing was putting me off it, or I guess it just wasn't all that bad.

For a pilot, I've seen worse...a lot worse. OK the acting was a tad wooden, and I agree with another reviewer's comments about why the buildings/cities were in such a mess, I mean, people should see how old some buildings are in Scotland, and see some of the people that live in them, yet they don't look as badly kept/overgrown as the buildings in this show. Yes, the premise of the story is a bit far stretched but really people, give it a go, I can see so many ways they can take this show, and I genuinely don't think it's meant to be as serious as perhaps AMC's The Walking Dead, which another reviewer refers to as the way to go with this show. It's a totally different type of beast (ok the acting's bad, but they aren't zombie bad).

The ending did kind of make me wonder why the lead's dad didn't use his little piece of jewellery to keep his electricity going, I mean, I was a little upset when he gave his daughter the giant tub of ice cream and she had to wade through the whole tub just because it was going to melt (poor kid). I am kinda curious to find out who the person is on the other end of the computer though, so I'm defo sticking with it.

I'm also intrigued about Monroe, as this is the chap that was in 'The Cape', and all I can remember about that show was how much eye makeup he seemed to wear. I'm hopeful he'll be better in this show....

I think people have been taking their serious pills prior to watching this show. My advice? Switch your brain off, and give it a go, there's worse out there.

Just watched episode 2 and gotta agree with aggieborn from Washington, DC, USA, the second episode did actually make me think about a few things, so yes, I still say this should really not be taken seriously to the point of "this can happen and this can't happen in real life", but as well as just enjoying the fun elements and CGI I actually think they could make a decent show out of this if they work on some of the things they bring to light. Good shows get dropped (I liked Secret Circle for example) but shows I thought sucked for the first couple episodes (Buffy to name but one), ended up one of my fave shows ever to the point where I watched all 7 seasons again quite recently, so I say again, give this show a go, you might just like it...
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oh a bleak future we face....looking good and having high school equivalent drama
jennie_hoon26 September 2012
For me it looked like a regurgitated "Lost". And as much as I love PAW fiction, I had a difficult thing with some things… not the how, what and where, but rather the softening up and romanticizing the harshness of a potential reality. Yeah, I know...its Hollywood.

I found the characters mainly looking like they came out of an Old Navy commercial…with perfect teeth and hair, and clothing that was amazingly stylish. Obviously someone had power to keep the straightening irons working...and the skills that survived well were dentistry, cosmetology and fashion design.

The planes falling from a flat spin from the sky instead of a diminished trajectory...still having navigation lights on didn't lend to realism in the beginning.

A detail that I laughed about was when they walked upon an RV on its side…with an open window to crawl into…and found the interior looking pretty much brand new after 15 years. There were others but I let them go at that point. Maybe I need to watch more episodes, but after the first show, I'm not sure if I have the time to watch it.
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Good Idea, Horrible Execution.
austinzeller29 September 2012
The whole blackout thing, where the world is without power, is a really interesting subject, however, the story line that was chosen is down right awful. The main character, Charlie, is more obnoxious than Jar Jar Binks in the first episode of Star Wars. The show basically consists of Charlie sobbing about her brother and being outrageously clique and stubborn. In addition to the fundamental problems with the show the whole blackout scenario is pushing the limits. The show states that even batteries and motors will not work, I can see how one could create a world without electrical power but to completely stop the functionality of batteries takes the work of some black magic. Now unless they incorporate Gandalf into the story line I do not see this a feasible scenario. Please, don't waste your time with this show and go read a book.
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Favorite TV series of the last 5 years
Smiling_slinky19 October 2012
I really enjoy Revolution. There is a start for you. I caught a commercial for it while watching the Olympics, and I was genuinely curious about this post-apocalyptic action/adventure series.

To give some background, I don't watch serious TV. I don't like Dr. shows, I didn't like 24, Lost, or countless other serious series because they all suffer from filler and pointless drawn out dialog that is light years from even a decent movie.

Despite these reservations I decided to give Revolution a chance, and was more than pleasantly surprised but rather floored in amazement. Since then I am continued to be impressed that the writers have not sunken to the level of the pointless drivel/time-wasting conversations, but are instead filling each episode with amazing cinematography, great characters, and great action.

The crowd here on IMDb is very strange in that the hipster thing to do seems to be to criticize this show to no end, and hate it. I guess the TV audience that posts on IMDb are not in touch with the average public because everyone I talk to about Revolution loves the show and enjoys it every week.

Revolution satisfies what I look for from cinema in a weekly serial format, and for that I could not be happier, and will continue to enjoy this show.
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A awesome series
Daniel Costa7 May 2013
Do not give up in the first couple of episodes, cause it gonna be epic after the first 5 episodes, in the last 5 episodes the series become EPIC!!! It may be a little confuse at the beginning but after it will make sense. Everything have a meaning and nothing happens without a reason on this series. The story of the pendents is kinda interesting, when they reveal the "system" you will be surprised cause i don't expect such thing. This series deserves a better rate, this is not a ordinary series, but a outstanding one, they don't reveal everything in the first 10 minutes, they reveal one thing per episode, at the end of each episode you will feel some suspense and mystery.
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