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Promised so much but with so many problems
SnoopyStyle9 May 2014
It's 15 years after all electricity has gone out. The modern world has collapsed and replaced by brutal dictatorships. A Monroe militia led by Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) has come to an idyllic farming community. A fight breaks out and Danny is taken prisoner. His sister Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) and others including Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) try to rescue him. She tracks down their uncle Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) to help. The Monroe Republic is run by Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) and Miles used to be his second in command. Monroe is holding their mother Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) prisoner. She was a scientist involved in the project that went wrong. The project manufactured nanobots that are now spread worldwide sucking up all the electricity.

This promised to be so much better. It started with a lot of promise but also a lot of problems. First it skips 15 years ahead robbing the series of many opportunities. It does flashback every once in awhile but the jump in time creates a vision of the world that is very questionable. Then the first notion was that ammunition was scarce which seems again questionable. Then they seem to drop that notion. That is how the series went. There were pendents. Then nobody cared. It's just not well thought out before they started. The show keeps trying to change course to fix things. Every time there are revelations, something needs to be fixed. It never gets realistic enough but it did try. It got canceled after two full seasons.
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The time when the lights went out ... all over the world.
TxMike13 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I generally like these types of post-apocalyptic stories, the TV series 'Dark Angel' was one of my favorites over the past few years. But I haven't really warmed up too much to this one. While I think it is a well-made TV series, I don't "enjoy" the strife and inevitable violence on a week-to-week basis. Too much war, not enough human interest.

Billy Burke is one of the leads, as Miles Matheson, formerly part of the militia and now one of the good guys. The core story involves an invention, intended to make cheap electricity, but ended up doing the opposite. It suppresses electricity, resulting in a non-electric world. The bad guys in the militia want to get the locket which literally holds the key, and if they can regain the power for themselves can rule the world.

My favorite is Tracy Spiridakos as 'Charlie'. She is cute and rugged, although for some strange reason she gets a lot of hate here on IMDb.

As much as I like the sound of 'Spiridakos', my favorite name on the show is actor Giancarlo Esposito. I have always liked that name, it is a great name. And, he is a good actor, as Captain Tom Neville with the militia. But it seems he has a soft spot in his heart and will eventually turn to the good guys.

My wife really likes this show, I watch it with her most weeks, but I can't say it is a favorite of mine.

May 2013 edit: Now even my wife is getting tired of it, too much fighting and killing, not enough really interesting stories.
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As Revolution evolves, it gets even better
atlasmb4 May 2014
I have waited all this time to review this series. In the meantime, it has grown to be one of my favorites. As of this date, I feel the show has blossomed into a series with real depth.

Each of the (many) primary characters has a history (including flashbacks) that includes their lives before the Crash,--when all electrical power was taken from the world--what happened to them during the Crash, and their years of existence after the Crash. Viewers have seen them struggle for survival, struggle for relationships and battle for the people they love, and fight against forces that seek control over the United States through power at any cost.

Sacrifices have been made and at this point, the survivors have endured hardships--both emotional and physical--that have hardened them all into weapons, even if they don't want to be one.

Still they struggle for their humanity, for the small tokens of civility and the moments when they can be vulnerable without being victims.

The writing is good, the acting is more than good, and the stories can pull you in to the point that you imagine yourself trying to cope with some of the problems they face. Multiple communities have been established within the fragmented remains of the U.S. There are always numerous story lines that are engaging. And, circumstances being what they are, the characters always seem to be drawn into fragile alliances of need, where uncertainty is a way of life and trust is as precarious as the shifting of the winds.
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The red-headed step-child of "Jeremiah" and "The Postman"
Rob_Taylor7 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So here's the plot.

Electricity no longer works. That's the basic premise to the show. Society has collapsed into some kind of primitive Wild West state with warlords ruling territories and being generally unpleasant to everybody.

So my main issue with this is... Electricity no longer works. It's about as frightening a premise as "There's no running water" or "The shops are all closed". Electricity no longer works.

Those four words are about as far as the writers got with their "brilliant" idea for the show. Nothing that produces, or runs on, electricity works anymore. No cars, no power stations, no phones or watches or TV or computers. Nothing, not even batteries.

Steam power still works, though, as do chemical processes such as gunpowder.

Apparently it doesn't occur to the writers that everything alive has some electro-chemical processes going on, because people and animals still live.

Likewise the writers clearly don't understand that not every engine relies on spark-plugs to generate power. Diesel engines, anyone? And by generating power I don't mean electricity, just kinetic force. The kind of energy that can be used to power machines, you know, like in the industrial revolution? There is also the terrible conceit that society will fall without electricity. Whilst there are any number of clueless people who would perish without it, the notion that civilization would fall and never rise above feudalism after fifteen years is laughable. I wonder what our ancestors would think of this apparent reliance on electricity? So the basic premise is horribly flawed and not thought through properly. I'll enjoy seeing what lame reason they come up with for all this in later episodes, assuming the show doesn't get cancelled after the first season.

Add to this ludicrous backstory a bunch of essentially unlikeable characters - they all whine constantly about one thing or another, whilst all the time doing exactly the most illogical things in order to further the story - and you have a recipe for disaster.

It seems like every show these days has to have some kind of "blood-is-thicker-than-water" sentimentality going on and Revolution is no different. It's not quite as bad as Falling Skies, but it has it's own special brand of "Brady Bunch" melodrama going on.

Given the dumb premise, there are plot holes you could literally drive a Mack truck through (diesel version, obviously!). Poor acting, bad characters that you just want to either slap, or laugh at for their ridiculous over-the-top natures and things are a mess. I won't even go into the "magic pendants" that allow power to flow for a little bit and can magically restart generators that have stopped. Yeesh! Also hilarious is the oft-stated concept that "bullets are rare" after fifteen years of no electricity. This leads to people using muskets (apparently) quite often. Clearly no one has heard of hand presses and similar easy to use reload techniques for cartridges.

So, to summarise: Not very believable, not well acted and a tad too much melodrama. Don't expect too much from it.

EDIT: Yes, I know, modern diesel engines have engine management systems and electric starters. I was referencing the older versions, some of which were hand cranked. Check any farm museum and you'll find them. A lot of the early models even ran on biofuels too! Who needs steam power?

EDIT FOR MID-SEASON BREAK: It hasn't really gotten any better and now, there is a four-month hiatus? Not back until late March 2013. Is anyone going to even remember this show by then? Much less where it left off? I don't like the show that much, but come on NBC! Are you deliberately trying to get it cancelled?

EDIT FOR START OF SECOND HALF OF SEASON: Still very irritating. If I have to watch Elizabeth Mitchell do her "helpless puppy-dog that's been kicked" look one more time... jeez. And now they have partly explained the blackout... nanites... seriously? Is it possible for this show to be any more ridiculous? Oh wait, yes it is possible... did I mention there is a nuclear bomb now? (performs ultimate facepalm)

Turns out the nuke had entirely pointless glowing lights inside it, so top marks for the technical adviser there! The minimal number of pendants also seems to have morphed into "as many as necessary for the risible plot". Roll on the next episode.

EDIT FOR END OF SEASON: Well, I'm at a loss. A total and utter loss to explain the nonsense that finished off the first season. Utter garbage! Nanites that suck up electricity were bad enough, but nanites that can set the air on fire? For God's sake! Do they even teach science in schools anymore? Or are the writers all dropouts?

SEASON 2: Trying hard to be gritty and realistic, but featuring villains that gurn at the camera kind of ruins that. More nano-nonsense and Liz Mitchell still doing the kicked puppy-dog face. Now one of the characters is turning into a Sith Lord with an army of magic fireflies. It doesn't look good. There's even a nano-child now that only Gandalf the wizard can see... sheesh!

SUMMARY: Utter rubbish. Characters you come to loathe (all of them!), insulting technobabble, plot straight off a five-year old's first ever essay. Doesn't remain consistent to its own rules. It is a crime that stuff like this gets renewed yet shows like Firefly do not. Best avoided.
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Typical American over hyped Postman Clone
omendata13 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Give me proper post apocalyptic scifi - its a poor mans Postman and it wasn't all that good either! Even Yul Brynners Ultimate Warrior knocks it into a cocked hat and thats old!

Why do Americans never build a series well and finish it properly! It is so poorly written it defies belief. Some good actors but little to work with which is a shame. I was quite looking forward to this having seen the advert but the best bits as always were in the advert.

Typical US Series - Series after series milking the viewer with no end game in sight.

Lost could have been good but the writers were out and out cheats. Then we have Dark SkieS etc etc etc

Thankfully we have the WALKING DEAD - Now thats more like it!

Cant stand someone who cheats the viewer!

It should have been over after 10 episodes at the most.
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Good idea, no follow through
Shopaholic3530 January 2014
When this show first aired I was really intrigued by the idea and thought it had so many possibilities to explore. Unfortunately the writers seem to have run out of ideas. Now in the middle of the second season and I feel like the show is not going anywhere and lacks energy. It feels tired and the cast seems defeated and too exhausted. I also feel that there is no point to the show anymore and all the different character stories seem messy and ill thought out.

I am giving the show a 5 as it is not the worst thing out there and it is watchable enough, but that's the problem as it is just another mediocre show. Maybe it should have been a movie instead of a TV show.
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Disappointed it got cancelled
MAYESY-447 June 2020
I thought this was really good for 2 seasons and was looking forward to where it was going but bitterly disappointed it got cancelled like so many other shows that you get started on. Not worth watching as it doesn't have a finish.
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galahad58-123 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Revolution is just bad at every single aspect of storytelling. The show has an awful cast that cannot act at all, a horrible screenplay that seems to get worse and worse every week, a terrible premise that makes little to no sense, and terrible direction that makes the show seem like it is a cheap commercial rather than a television show.

What I do not get is how shows like Firefly get canceled after one season and stuff like this keeps becoming part of network programming. I guess the executives think that everyone is dumb and ignorant--but that is only the reality TV show audience and a large chunk of science fiction fans actually have brain cells and are looking for that next intelligent, thought provoking, well acted science fiction show. This is not it.
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This show rocks!
skip-9875631 May 2018
This is a 2018 review of an older show..ive seen the entire series when it premiered and decided to rewatch it now..I know there was a scandal regarding one of the actors,but that doesnt detract from the quality of the series,in fact ,he was excellent in it.This is a very well written, intricate,layed story,that has an intriqueing premise,,what would happen if all our power was gone? the things we take for granted, and how would We change in regards to our humanity? the good and the terrible that comes forth..i love the actors in this! giancarlo absolutely owns his role and inhabits his character as if he has tapped into his own darkest side and channelled it into the role. the lead swordsman and his best friend as adversary are just awesome casting! as is the nerd and the lead teenage i started to rewatch, i was instantly drawn into it once more..this series was on when other incredible series were around as well such as Flashforward,The Event,ect..these were Highly creative ,unique shows as is this one..all highly recommended!
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Revolution unfolds at its own pace, which is quite refreshing actually.
GirishGowda1 December 2012
All the episodes till now were between mediocre to good. A few bright spots burst through the clouds now and again to make me persist and support this show. All whining aside, the finale was amazing. One of the BEST episodes I've ever seen in my life. A solid hour of television. Lyons' performance as Sebastian Monroe deserves critical acclaim. He sold his despair brilliantly and made us empathize with his character. Heck, he could be the next Hitler and it wouldn't stop me from giving him a bro-hug. When a show's main evil character does that, you know that you're doing it right.

Charlie is getting better and better. Rachel, Neville, Julia and Miles are all good characters who are being developed slowly. Nora is alright, but Danny and Aaron are truly annoying. If the finale is any indication of things to come, then the show is on the right path. I'll put up a coherent review after the end of the season. All the reviewers who rated it in the extremes before now are idiotic. This is a saga. You cannot judge it by 3-4 episodes. And 'most' of the critiques about the world are inherently flawed since they do not realize how dependent the modern world is on electricity and the true nature of machines. Watch the mid-season finale - 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' and prepare yourself to be blown away.
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typical for network television: that is, stupid and bad
grnhair200126 September 2012
I was expecting nothing from the "science" in this, and I got nothing, so I won't harp on that.

What I will harp on is the characters. It is set a dozen years after no electricity; people have been surviving in a difficult world, on too few calories, with too little medicine, have witnessed murders and stealing and a brutal military dictatorship, and no doubt rapes and probably (though it's not shown) freakout insanity and cannibalism and many deaths from childbirth and simple infections gone septic. And yet the teens act like spoiled white American suburban teens. And the adults around them let them! This is crazy. When you're in a survival situation and the experienced fighter says, "shut up" or "stay there," or "no" or "of course we have to kill this bad guy," the child will not whine and do what they please and run the world, like a suburban kid of professional divorced parents who throws a hissy fit to get the newest wii. They'd do as they're told--or the adult would shoot them very quickly or beat them unconscious because they were putting other lives at risk. It's not today's suburban American with all our cushy values, free time, and needless electronic crap. It's supposed to be a dire survival situation, and yet no one is acting like it. They're all acting as if they have 5000 square foot homes, wall to wall carpet, and not a care in the world beyond their next tooth-whitening appointment. This is, at best, a sad lack of imagination.

Every TV show like this needs to hire a consultant who has actually...oh, I dunno...grown up on a real, struggling ranch and hunted for the table should do it. Those who never had to get up before dawn to go out and crack the ice on the trough, or live on 20000 calories spread over a month because that's all there is, and who do not have the wit to imagine doing so, really shouldn't write this sort of thing.

Watching episode 2 on Hulu, I kept wondering, do the car manufacturers pushing electric cars to me have no sense of irony about advertising such an item during a show that says "electricity might end" and "we can live without it." Maybe they should rethink that strategy.

A combination of stupidities that makes me, again, hope for the end of the human race; if we use our big brains this badly, truly, extinction is what we deserve.
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"But when you talk about destruction...don't you know that you can count me out"
ween-318 September 2012
"Revolution" has it all. Bad writing. Bad acting. Bad premise. The trifecta. Which probably means that, in the grand tradition of groundbreaking TV shows like "According To Jim', NBC is prepared to keep this turkey going for 7 or 8 years until it finds it footing.

Giancarlo Esposition is better than this.To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, " I knew Gus Fring. Gus Fring was a friend of mine. And you, my friend, are no Gus Fring". Never saw Mr. Esposito in a bad project before, but I guess there's always a first time.

This hodgepodge of "The Postman" and "Life After People" looks dead on arrival. And speaking of "dead on arrival", AMC's little zombie show seems to have a way to make this post-apocalyptic stuff a whole lot more palatable. Just add writers and some committed actors and you got yourself a winner. It CAN be done. But "Revolution" ain't doin' it.

"What's in the whiskey, bitch??" Man. If I had nickel for every time I've heard that.
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So fed up with the garbage script
mboyd19862 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So what happened to the script writers that wrote stuff like "Homeland"? I mean. why do we have to put up with rubbish like this? It's almost as bad as "The Walking Dead"! Do these script writers think we are all stupid morons? Answer: yes. How else are we to believe that with all the bullets flying around and all the automatic gun fire not one bullet hits the stupid moron that it causing all the problems. Does he have some magic shield - just like the Enterprise? Or is it because if the bad guy got hit too early in this stupid series there would be nothing else to write about and the series would finish on a nice happy ending.

So instead we haver to put up with all this rubbish and all these delays, but we know exactly what will happen in the end. There is no mystery here.

What a stupid plot. Why the heck am I watching this rubbish?
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Wasted potential
ElessarAndurilS21 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this show streaming the two seasons on Netflix over a months time. Like all science fiction, there are areas where the extension of current technology and concepts quickly hits flaws. After reading many negative reviews to all those fixated on flaws in the extension of technology I dismiss as being focused on the wrong aspects of the show. The technology that facilitates the blackout is programmable and selective. So your missing a significant point that the laws of physics seemed to have changed overnight, but they weren't, the technology that caused it made it appear that way because it was designed to selectively perform tasks (and its fiction!). The point that it had only been 15 years and the level of decay in the infrastructure is disproportionately extreme is accurate. There was no war, why is every overpass on every highway int shambles? Take a way cars and go back to horse and buggy and you still have roads, so they definitely missed on the staging of the state of the infrastructure. The muskets were a shot lived portion of a few episodes, and it wasn't that they couldn't still create ammunition, they obviously could and did. It was without mass production the supply and demand was a problem and thus the farther you got away from the power bases of the various "governments", the more crude the weapons became. NBD which makes sense. The loss of mass production is the element to the whole backdrop is the source of reliance on older tech in various situations. They still manufactured viruses and bullets and many things, just after an apocalypse that would be brought on by any reason that would produce the inability to provide urban population centers with supplies. The positives are the real reason behind the loss of availability of power being quite creative with unlimited potential for where it could have taken the story. The characters are diverse and an odd bunch of personalities all with issues. But society has issues and the storyline is built on the typical post apocalyptic story of going from the rich, smart and powerful being suddenly overthrown by the strong, ruthless sociopaths which over time are organized by the smart but for far different reasons that they would be in current society. But that is exactly what made the show good and have a lot of potential. A dynamic technology that changed the world and evolving. The power shifts that occur when the rulers are eventually still the intelligent, but motivated by far different factors than modern society towards different ends by different means. This is where the potential for the story to develop into something quite interesting was and why I think Revolution could have become very good. The backdrop to the story was good, even the intro graphic with Revolution being displayed as evolution with the R added at the end implied the story was about both and the effects of one on the other. Bottom line is I watched the first few episodes, noted that the level of decay after 15 years was absurd, recognized the difference between not being able to create things and not being able to mass produce and distribute them and then enjoyed the story. As I did I quickly saw potential for a story that could become quite complex and interesting. Unfortunately after two seasons we had a solid foundation, an interesting development going on behind the scenes and a power vacuum as the US was exposed as the liars they were and the after affects of the elimination of the eastern powers reset back to more of where the end of season 1 had left us. But we'll never know as the story ended in the midst of huge changes being thwarted and initiated. I believe a show I enjoyed a lot could have made a long run if it had the backing. I enjoyed what I got to see and am disappointed it wasn't given a chance. Oh well. Another show I enjoyed on the pile of those not really given a chance.
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Another Lame Abrams Effort
Cinnyaste15 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the pilot, this show offers little promise beside a quest to find why all power - including batteries - has been drained from the Earth. The populace lives a feudal existence under candlelight and martial law meted out by thugs on horseback bearing swords and a few arms. (Owning a gun is punishable by death. There go fans of the NRA.)

It's standard TV action fare - talk, fight, run, talk, fight, run. You get the repetitive, obvious picture.

The most prevalent impression from Ep One is the lack of acting chops by the lead, Daniella Alonso. Bluntly, she's awful. Giancarlo Esposito classes up the show but not enough to make it watchable. Then there's the mysterious Uncle who (paraphrasing) "knows how to kill." He takes on a dozen in swordplay and dispatches them without mussing his hair.

And the rich ex-Google employee who has no tech to shape. This character has some potential, but how is it he's so plump with so little to eat?

Seems there is power left on Earth in the form of a pendant that powers electronic gear when in proximity. And the bad guys want it. (Of course.) But who are the good guys (including the lead's Dad) and why did they throw humanity back to the Dark Ages (Dramatic Music Cue).

Tech credits are good. The CGI overgrown cities are well done.

An uncomfortable mash up of SciFi, Civil War era swordplay, "The Fugitive" and post-apocalypse themes, "Revolution" is guaranteed a six Ep run. Let's hope it runs out of juice after that. Your enjoyment most likely will derive from finding, along with our intrepid band, what happened. If that premise intrigues, so will the show. Otherwise it's a time-waster.
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Absolutely horrible!, what is wrong with you Hollywood!
tecnogaming1 October 2012
I had great expectations with this series specially coming from the executive power of J.J. Abrahams which I love for what he has done to Fringe and the new Star Trek (well, Lost too, but not SO much).

The series starts too fast, excessively fast for my taste. The "end of electricity" come and go in just the first 3 minutes and then we are pushed away 15 years in the future?

This guys doesn't have the slightest clue as in how to generate tension.

After that incredible short start we are directed to a violent change in pace (unnatural and forced if you ask me) to an agricultural society.

Let me say this from the beginning, I like the idea of a post apocalyptic mad max type with militia and all, but, for the pilot episode to focus THIS much on the "bad guys" to the point of no developing the main characters at all, well, it's ridiculous unless you develop this for a very basic target, which is to say, people who have fun with nice backgrounds, THE BAD GUY and lots of fights.

Not only this, but after 30 minutes we see the first gun fight and sword fight, totally forced, totally unnecessary, trivial, not meaningful in any way, what is even worse is that I REALLY Don't CARE one bit about this "militia" and what the characters are doing, I only care of why the electricity went down, that's how bad this thing was handled.

After seeing the pilot I will give the second episode a chance but went on to youtube and watch the first episode of "The Survivors" (yes, the original) and... what can I say, MY GOD what a difference.

Sometimes, re-re-remaking something and changing their colors and putting into them millions of dollars doesn't necessary mean it's better.

Go watch Survivors if you want something intelligent, keep watching this if you go for the dumb fights and totalitarian cowboys in the new world.

4 out of 10 and this looks like disaster...
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Revolution! How many series does it take to rescue the brother?
bellab197212 January 2013
I love the premise of the effects of a powerless society but this show is ridiculous! It will probably end up a dream sequence or something just as stupid as the ending of lost! I can't believe how slow this show is and how there is no explanation of how earth has been since the power was lost! So much of the story line is far fetched like no one has guns because the militia doesn't allow it! Yeah right! Americans giving their guns up! Like hell! If there is a device that enables the power to be reinstated why hasn't it been done already? Why wait! Again the show is so slow and is becoming unbearable to watch! The mission is to free the brother! How many times do they nearly free him and just miss out? There is too many scenarios that are way too stupid and not believable at all! I wish there was more imagination and effort put into the storyline to reflect the possibilities of a society without power instead of a simplified unbelievable storyline that falls short! If there is nothing else on I may watch to see if it improves but I doubt it very much!
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Great post apocalyptic show!
danieldwilkinson24 February 2020
Loved the story, and characters in this! Some good developments in the characters as well.
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Good series, but upsetting
miaalike2 March 2021
Revolution brings the story of a postapocaliptyc world. The demise of modern society resulted from the sudden disapperance of any electricity, and of the possibility to get it up and working again. After immediate chaos, a Militia has risen to make order, but it does not cover all territories, nor its purposes all quite what they seem. Revolution is upsetting because, intently or not, comes with the focus on humans, their purposes and agenda, weaknesses, secrets and psychological twists. And it is not a happy focus. It is unclear now if I managed to see the finale (don't remember it). But by the time they started to unfold the reasons for the power blockage, it was clear the series is not an optimistic one.
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Show is garbage
TVIsDead29 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Main actress can't act her way out of a paper bag, either it being due to the crappy writers or the crappy acting or a little of both tbh. I can't stand her character being the MC, if anything it should be Miles and Charlie needs to take a backseat.. like way back.

I get you should disband your disbelief but the things that happen in this show are just ... wrong.

O Helicopters that have chainguns/mg/hellfire rockets decide to sit still for targets half the time even though they could easily mop up the entire base like they did for the other ones but because main party is there PLOT ARMOR. Not to mention guessing which one is supplying power.

O Some dude punches through a wooden door, a WOODEN DOOR. Go ahead and punch through any door you have in your home I'll wait. Hand hurts nows? Cool, except he punches through it in ONE try, doesn't have any cuts/wood in his hand or bleeding or broken wrist/fingers/etc. Opens that same door with that hand, logic.

O Plot holes/armor galore, holy crap there are so many reasons why this party shouldn't of survived yet they do. Or they don't even get a scratch on their body. I can deal with scratches/grazes or broken bones/etc but they usually don't in situations you would.

Supposedly the "virus" is code, machine code and we're breathing it in like twd, originality is dead I guess. Apparently I can code them to fix my broken leg inside of a capsule? I'm sorry what? That possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life to decide that code can fix a shattered leg.

Now it can resurrect the dead in S2.. nah I stopped after EP1.

I heard its based off a comic/book just go read it instead.
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Should be having my 2nd meal of the day, instead I am doing this.
cmv322612 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Abrams overall is a no talent hack, my opinion is without co-directors/producers he is incapable of creating any television show or movie that is captivating, Fringe was great, POI is great, but I believe in both cases he had/has assistance. What he did to Star Trek with his pseudoscience is an abomination, Starfleet has Temporal Police this altered time line bunk would not be possible. Yes I know if someone changed history how would anyone be aware of it, simple they exist in a temporal void events remain the same no matter if someone tampers with history or not. Still cannot figure out how the entire bridge crew all graduated from Starfleet Academy when Kirk, Spock, and McCoy all had about 10-15 yrs. on Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov. Spoilers for both ST movies were so hilarious my sides hurt after reviewing comments, I think Abrams should go to writing spoofs for Mad Magazine and leave serious SF to people who are better trained.
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tect-0356412 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was so bad. I gave it an honest attempt until season 2/2. I just couldn't continue watching. I checked out the last 20 mins of the final episode and it didn't disappoint, it was just as bad as the rest. That main actress didn't know how to act and her mom was worse, an expressionless supposedly loving mother who put everyone before her children. It was disaster after disaster, the wrong people making decisions that they shouldn't have in the first place, which brought in terrible consequences. This series just wen from bad to worse. Not for me.
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Some things just make so little sense they're hard to ignore
ToddTee30 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The premise is absurd to begin with, since not only does the power go out, but autos stop running, etc. Makes no sense.

Most of the story takes place 10 years after the power went out, and people are wandering around with not so much as a backpack, yet the men are always clean-shaven, everyone's hair remains neatly groomed and, though they never change or wash their clothing it remains clean; and isn't frayed after 10 years!! Makes no sense.

I've tried to like this show because some of the actors are capable, and do a good job, but the premise is so implausible, and the plots equally so, that I just can't watch it anymore.
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Before its time ...
wwiiboomer25 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Intriguing nano concept for its time (FYI: Today is June 24, 2020). It was nice to see familiar actors; however, the plot was simplistic prolonging the series with the constant round robin treachery between characters. It got to the point where I begged for its end to put me out of my misery, geez-it!

Welp ... I made it to the end to let anyone reading this to know it was worth viewing to pass the time; especially, during the, "stay at home", presence of COVID-19 pandemic ...
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Amazed at how bad the reviews are, this IS a strong 8 and VERY much worth watching!
ramair3506 December 2012
I'll start by saying that Revolution is far from "perfect". Sure, you have to buy into the premise that the world has gone dark. But the show is slowly explaining "why" that happened, and there are huge plot implications that make this an important question that clearly IS being carefully considered by the writers.

The show reminds me of "The Walking Dead", which I love (like just about everybody else who enjoys that type of thing). But if you want to compare which premise is more realistic, there really is no comparison here. Could a scientist come up with a device that impedes our typically used electrical currents and build it on a large enough scale that it would have worldwide implications? Not likely, but sure, it could happen. Seems to me about as plausible as your typical James Bond plot. But zombies? Come on. I LOVE "The Walking Dead", and I do believe the writing and acting to be above "Revolution", but both are very enjoyable to watch.

The writing for "Revolution" is a solid 9. The acting I would give about a 6; not excellent but certainly good enough to still enjoy the show. And there are some top notch actors who give great performances.

If you are interested in the "society has collapsed and what will happen" premise, I would definitely check this out. This isn't the best show of all time, but compared to most of the garbage that is out there, this is one of the better ones. Don't expect this to be "Sopranos" or "Breaking Bad" quality, but if you want a fun weekly romp then absolutely give it a chance.
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