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A sign of the times
evaristeriemann10 January 2012
Just great. Throughout the show I was surprised, horrified, and thoroughly amused. Of course, it is not the same show it started out as last century - the public tastes have changed, as have the creators'. But it was great nonetheless, I was laughing my butt off during the final scenes, so true, so horribly hurtful, and yet so good to see.

Maybe it's because I grew up and matured with the show, or maybe it's the fart and poop jokes, but I still like it. I most certainly do not watch it for the same entertainment value I assigned to it twelve years ago, it has changed, yes, but I still watch it to laugh at myself.

I wrote this because I watched the episode, and was looking to find some reviews that were aligned with my opinion, and did not really find much. I think the creators deserve at some recognition for their expositions of self-criticism (more like self-deprecation), assault of reality, and an undying vein of absurdness that has now become so iconic.
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A comic punch to critics
varun_12016 October 2011
I was very much looking forward to this episode. Episode before mid season break shows that Stan sees and feels everything & everyone around him is shi**y. The closure of the episode starts with Stan's parents getting separated and Kyle & Stan getting differences between them, due to Stan's changed behavior.

This episode also starts, where last episode finished. But, it ends on a hilarious note. Stan is diagnosed with a disease 'Assburgers' which is attributed for his altered behavior. Cartman starts selling burgers, joining Kenny & Butters.Cartman becomes a threat to other burger selling companies, as his burgers are very tasty & nobody knows the secret behind the recipe.

This episode is funny as contrary to the previous episode. Some people said south park is going to come to an end this season. Some people even since past 2-3 seasons quality & content of south park has dwindled. I differ with them. 14th season was one of the best seasons. Also, the 'Humancentipad' of the 15th season was very good. Clearly, south park is not coming to an end.

It has shown in this episode. The denouement of this episode is particularly very funny. South park will continue making us laugh.I am happy that south park has answered to the questions of critics with a comic punch.
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A tad let down....
purplevr67 October 2011
Been waiting a little while to get my fix of fresh South Park misadventures. But to be honest, like much of the recent stuff, I feel it was only so-so. Average story at most. Odd few laughs but its not much of a sequel to the last episode which thought was pretty good. A little thought provoking for a show thats deemed as toilet humour you could say. Got to admit the episodes are looking bright and sharp now that they are in HD. Ill still carry on watching as there's no real trend to the South Park seasons they can start off poor or come out all guns blazing. The episode just seemed lazy and thrown together. Lets hope it picks up :)
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Kurtis Guy1 November 2011
I did not like this episode. I like South Park and all but this was a bad episode. I think the show has been getting bad in the last 11 years with some great episodes here and there. As a whole the show has yet to beat the great run of seasons 1-4. This episode could have been great but it wasn't. I didn't like the depressed Stan scenes since this show sucks when it tries to be serious. There was a funny part when Stan takes a jab at Adam Sandler though. The Cartman sub plot was a little funny but wasn't done very well. Overall this is a bad episode and if you want a good South Park episode then stay away from this and watch seasons 1-4.
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