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Here is what many people don't understand
oldmovies118519 May 2019
This is not a movie about a rock star with their music simply part of the facts of the story. It is a musical in the truest sense, that uses his own music to show his tribulations through the eyes of a man during the troubled years of his life. The movie is not always chronological and in some cases is more figurative than historical. In this way it can convey Sir Elton John's life and struggles in a way that the viewer may understand on a more personal level. The acting, writing and singing are superb. The star did not try to truly imitate Elton but instead preforned the pieces in his own style that he molded as closely as possible to the original. It sounds odd, but it works. As always you can never sum up any life, book or story in a 2 or so hour movie, but this comes close. You leave feeling like you really got to know the real, yet flawed, human Elton John. Overall a wonderful movie.
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Best Musical & Biopic Introduce Elton John
ymyuseda14 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Rating 9.0/10 First of all, when i booking this ticket i don't know much who he is . I'm so excited to whatching this film because i want to know more about him. I'm so suprise because the storyline on this movie is really good to introduce Elton John to me. The movie is full emotions and deep moments. Good acting performance by Taron Egerton as Elton John & Matthew Illesley as Young Reggie. As a human, life too short to be sad.Overall it was a good film, not great just good.
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Elton John is amazing, and he is a complicated man....this film reflects his tormented side
Ed-Shullivan31 December 2019
Taron Egerton's portrayal of Elton John is superb and only heightened by the producers allowing Taron to sing his own versions of many of Elton John's classic hits. It would be impossible to capture all aspects of Elton John's life in the 2 hours provided in this musical/biographical film, so instead the producer/writer/director concentrated on Elton's early childhood which helped shape his destiny when he first met his partner in song writing the great Bernie Taupin played by Jamie Bell.

There were far too many other excellent performances from the supporting cast members to mention them all but I have to mention two in particular who were top notch. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Elton's irresponsible (wife cheating) mother, and Richard Madden who plays John Reid one of Elton's early but serious lovers remained Elton's manager for decades after their sexual relationship ended. Both of these actors added a lot to the films depth in the one area that focused on Elton's tormented soul and led him to binge drinking and pill popping which is the area this film reflected.

I hope we don't have to wait for Elton John to pass away (God forbid) before some producer realizes that Elton John and Bernie Taupin whose lifestyles and personalities are so diametrically opposite that they deserve their life stories to be developed into a (minimum) ten (10) hour TV Mini-Series to cover a heck of a lot of both of these musical genius's personal lives as well as their successes with their musical portfolios.

Rocketman is well worth seeing and rates a perfect 10 out of 10 in my version of Elton John's quasi autobiography book.
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Should have expected this.
It's going to get very mixed reviews. I predict many will love it, and many will revile it. I was caught somewhere in the middle. Without giving any actual spoilers away, consider this:

1. If you absolutely HATE musicals, save your money. This is the John/Taupin equivalent of a Rodgers & Hammerstein. It is not presented as a straightforward biopic in the same manner as BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. 2. Much as I love Elton John, this "rock & roll fantasy" of his life treads a little too far into campy territory for me, with 2, maybe 3 very (thankfully) brief moments in the film that can only be described as cringeworthy. ("Oh, come on, guys--seriously?" moments.) There were times when I genuinely felt this was going to end up as the Ken Russell version of TOMMY for the new millennium. 3. Never, at any point in the film, is Paul Buckmaster mentioned or acknowledged. This infuriated me! For those who don't already know: in the early days of EJ's career, Paul was the orchestrator who provided EJ with the BEAUTIFUL, lush string accompaniments that added so much to EJ's early music (classic example: EJ's soundtrack to the 1971 French film, FRIENDS) and, IMHO, could have been a big player in his success as a burgeoning artist, firmly introducing/establishing The Elton John "Sound." He SHOULD have been a part of this film--even a small one, if deemed necessary--but for him to be utterly omitted from the story mystifies me. Maybe someone in the know can enlighten me on this.

These 3 things, however, are about my only problems with the film. Credit must be given where it's due:

1. Taron Egerton is actually pretty amazing. Some might see his acting as occasionally over the top, but frankly and for all we know, maybe EJ really did act that "extremely" at times, considering his anger issues. His singing, most of the time, is virtually spot-on, catching EJ's lilting singing style quite well. 2. The supporting cast: Jamie Bell (Bernie Taupin), Bryce Dallas Howard , Richard Madden (EJ's agent & self-centered 1st lover), Stephen Graham (Dick James), Tate Donovan (L.A.'s Troubador Club manager Doug Weston), Gemma Jones (Ivy, EJ's grandmother, I think...? Or friend of the family?) & Steven Mackintosh (EJ's cold, uncaring father)...and all others in the film, essentially faultless. ESPECIALLY Jamie's portrayal of Bernie. Wow. 3. You can't really find fault with the staging and choreography of the musical numbers. Very professionally done. 4. You will learn many things about EJ's life in this film that you may not have known before...I know I did. 5. Have a few Kleenexes handy. Enough said. 6. Don't leave right away after the credits roll.

So, is it worth seeing? My criticisms aside (and we all know what they say about opinions), it really comes down to this: if you're a fan--and especially a DEDICATED fan, like me, who's followed him from his humble beginnings in America in the summer of 1970--go see it. Decide for yourself if my gripes hold any water.
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Give Taron Egerton an Oscar IMMEDIATELY!!!
RonGeeZee1 June 2019
He was AMAZING in the spirit of an fabulous Elton John biopic musical.... and Jamie Bell was awesome.. as usual!
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A Beautiful Fantasy
isobelebarker11 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I want to start by saying that I really struggle to sit through longer films, I get restless and my attention wavers (a little sad I know, but it is what it is). When I left the cinema I couldn't believe the running time - including adverts etc I'd sat through 2h30 without even thinking about the time once. I was completely engrossed! Taron Egerton, alongwith his co stars perform excellently in this fantasy based musical, taking you through the highs and lows of Elton Johns earlier life. It's a real rollercoaster experience, I loved it! There were many moments which made me smile of bought a tear to my eye for different reasons, I'll name a couple of my favourites. Elton arrives in America and performs Crocodile Rock. There's so much passion in his performance and then comes this euphoric, floating fantasy scene, it's so beautiful and a great piece of cinematography which immerses you and makes you feel like you are there in that room. I also loved the way Elton and Bernie's friendship was shown, it was so lovely to watch. There's a really touching scene where Elton is playing his piano, creating music to accompany the lyrics to Your Song. Bernie is upstairs shaving, yet is drawn to the dining room to listen to Elton bring his song to life. Elton's singing the lyrics and keeps looking over to Bernie, seemingly singing it to Bernie platonically, as a love song. You see a real bond between the pair of them. One scene that got me the most was after Elton had tried to commit suicide, they showed him being rushed to hospital which once he arrived there was a routine in which he was treated and prepared by everyone around him to perform on stage immediately as he forces a smile. It just showed how much he suffered and how money came first, it was really poignant. Again, a beautiful piece of work. There's so much more to talk about, such as the relationships between him and his mum/dad/new manager come lover and how they were all equally as cold and callous. Or the scenes in which Elton has visions of his younger self, comforting a younger Elton at the end of the film with a hug - all he ever wanted. However we'd be here all day! I truly adored this film and it's definitely one to watch on the big screen. It bought out so many emotions and that's what I think a film should do. So glad I've seen it and have recommended it to everyone who's mentioned it!
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Dazzling rocket
TheLittleSongbird2 December 2019
Although classical music and opera is more my cup of tea/forte, that has never stopped me from having always admired Elton John and loving most of his songs. "Your Song", "Something About the Way You Look Tonight", "I'm Still Standing" and pretty much all the songs in 'The Lion King' are especially great, one of the few exceptions being "Crocodile Rock". He is/was also a quite interesting man, both stage persona and personal life, and the period that is primarily focused on is a very compelling one and worthy of being told on film.

'Rocketman' was not a perfect film, but on the most part it was thoroughly enjoyable and at its best dazzlingly executed when seeing it in the cinema earlier this year. As far as films released in 2019 goes, 'Rocketman' is to me in the better half. Even if accuracy and the chronology can be called into question, it still makes John and his personal life, detailing his childhood, early career and how it came to be and the troubled period of his career, quite fascinating. As well as being worthy of a lot of admiration in its own right.

Not everything works. For my liking, the last twenty minutes or so are executed too tidily.

While John and Bernie Taupin are well rounded and fully realised characters, the other characters, despite being well acted by particularly Bryce Dallas Howard, felt like underdeveloped caricatures (i.e. the parents' cold behaviour towards Reggie not being explained).

However, 'Rocketman' has so many things working in its favour and more so than the bad. First and foremost, Taron Egerton. A totally committed and quite brilliant performance full of confidence, swagger, flair, subtlety and nuance, not to mention a great singing voice, treating John with respect without impersonating him. The scene where he opens up to his mother and his reaction to her cold response was heart-breaking in particular. Jamie Bell is the other performance worthy of note and the relationship between John and Taupin is handled beautifully, with the right amount of intensity but also taste. One can tell how well they clicked and feel their mutual affection and it really drives the film and at times the heart of it.

It looks great too, beautifully photographed and John's flamboyant costumes are a sight to behold, one of the bigger examples being that unlike-anything-you've-seen-before one in the therapy. The songs are as magnificent as one expects and staged with a lot of brio and confidence without being overblown. The very moving "Your Song", performance and the understated staging, being a big standout in this regard, another powerful part being with what is done with the opening of "Yellow Brick Road", done so truthfully and mirroring what is going on at that present moment without spelling it out too much and showing how much Taupin cares for John. Heck, the film even manages to make "Crocodile Rock" tolerable in one of the film's more exuberant moments.

The script manages to be both entertaining and sincere, underneath all the flashiness there is depth too. There may be conventional moments in the story (a lot of biopics though are like that), but the scenes showing off John's unique showmanship are difficult to look away from and the story detailing John's troubled personal life at the time is powerful. A great job is done showing who John is, what he is and how his mind worked when dealing with troubles and when he was writing and performing. Dexter Fletcher's direction is adept.

Summing up, a very, very good and often great film that just misses out on being brilliant. 8/10
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TARON EGERTON is the real "A Star is Born".
deblasiogwae5 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There's a moment during the first half hr of Rocketman when Reggie is sitting at the piano in his robe. He looks at Taupin's lyrics and composes "Your Song".. His grandmother (who seems to be the only person who loved this lonely child) comes into the living room, sits down and then does something so beautiful it made me cry. She puts her hand to her chin and gazes in awe at what her grandson has produced. By this one gesture the director shows us what a genius Elton John was in his heyday. It's an overwhelming moment. I think even Taron himself may not realize just how great he is in this movie. It's a cliché to say in a biopic that "he becomes" the character he portrays. But Taron Egerton overcomes the cliché. He is breathtaking in this.
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seirenexotics19 May 2019
I have been waiting for weeks to the premier and Taron's performance blowed me away. I can't tell it was going for a movie about Elton John or going to a premier of a concert where Taron singing and performing and telling his life story from the screen (or from the stage cause it's a premier). His voice is precious, is emotional and is skillful. He got that powerful voice yet that soulful and soft that I am sure that he is the right person, the PERFECT person for those songs and for this film. Such a perfect actor, with a gifted voice. His acting was outstanding and his eyes told things. I can felt his thoughts and feelings, his sadness, disapointment, his emptyness. Just, breathtaking. And Jamie Bell did great, Richard Madden also, such a wonderful compilation of these three talented and professional actors. Love their charisma and their chemistry together. Thank you very much for a great movie. Really enjoyed it.
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A musical as pop as sad
FrenchEddieFelson31 May 2019
First things first, Elton John being one of the most famous artists in the world, with a career of about half a century and 300 million albums sold, a biopic was then more than legitimate and was even eagerly awaited. This film is conceived like a musical based on the songs and the life of Elton John, from the 50s to the early 80s, the selected songs being representative of the manifold events of his life, the ups (his life as an accomplished artist mainly) and the downs (his whole private life according to the movie), since his childhood during which he quickly turns out to be a natural born musician until his first sentimental disappointments and the first cures of detoxification (alcohol, drug, ... and tutti quanti). The movie ends with the punchy « I'm still standing », song written in 1983 after a bad patch and foreshadowing a frantic recovery of his life, the lyrics being written by his friend Bernie Taupin.

One of my favorite scenes among many others is the meeting at the Royal Academy of Music, with the third movement of the Sonata Piano No. 11 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played twice. I do not know if it's true but, if so, this child is ingeniously bluffing!

The costumes are superb and the actors are fabulous. The realization is ingenious especially with the appropriate and relevant insertion of the songs in the film, like in a musical. As a synthesis: 7/8 of 10.
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I so wanted to love this movie but sadly I didn't.
johnny-cuz22 June 2019
I've been an Elton John fan most of my life. My love for the music of Elton and Bernie literally shaped who I am. So I REALLY wanted to love this movie but I left the theater irritated and disappointed.

My biggest gripes were: 1.) Some of the musical numbers were corny and out of character (e.g. young Elton dancing through the streets, acting tough and singing "Saturday". The young Elton John actors/singers were not very good either. 2.) The "fantasy" aspects and creative liberties taken to distort facts were annoying. For example, the scene at the Troubadour. It was corny having Elton and the audience flying but I get that the filmmakers wanted to communicate that the concert was a surreal, life changing evening for everyone there. What made me MAD is that he was playing Crocodile Rock! That was absurd. He and Bernie didn't even write that until '72. Plus, that song is NOT why people would have been blown away with him performance. It's a catchy little ditty that got great airplay but is not one of the songs that make Elton & Bernie great. The real set list for the Troubadour was songs like "Your Song", "Border Song", "Take Me to the Pilot", "Burn Down the Mission". That's the amazing stuff he played that night that rocked people's worlds. Not radio pop "Crocodile Rock". I don't see how any real Elton John can be happy with that gross distortion of facts. How about him playing part of "Sad Songs" for Dick James in 1969? What? That song, one of their worst commercial pop songs, was written in '83. Decades after that scene. Do the filmmaker's think we are stupid? That's not fantasy - that's just wrong! 3.) The majority of the movie was about Elton's struggles with drug/alcohol abuse, sexuality/relationships, and Mommy & Daddy issues. While it was interesting to learn about him as a person, other than some great scenes about his early days writing with Bernie, there was almost nothing about the music and how it was created. The fact that he and Elton and his band (Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, Dee Murray, Ray Cooper and others) recorded dozens of great albums in cooperation with producer Gus Dudgeon and arranger Paul Buckmaster and that the band performed thousands of concerts was completely omitted from the film. In fact, the movie suggested that Elton didn't enjoy performing concerts. Like the only reason he was there was because his manager propped him up and forced him onstage. Really? Elton must have spent a huge amount of time writing, recording and performing during the first decade of his career. Was he really a wreck who was constantly wasted and feeling sorry for himself the whole time? Were there no happy moments writing music, in the recording studio, onstage? If not then I feel I have wasted my time being a fan all these years. I thought he actually liked the music but the movie suggested that once he became famous it was all about sex, drugs and depression.

Were there things I liked? Sure. I really enjoyed the depiction of the early days in Elton and Bernie's relationship and particularly loved the scene with Elton writing the music to "Your Song". The Elton/Bernie relationship was well represented throughout the movie and the acting/singing of Taron Egerton was superb. Jamie Bell was fantastic. It made me like and admire Bernie even more than I already did. The recreation of scenes like Elton's childhood home, the Troubadour, Dodger Stadium, etc. were really well done with a ton of attention to detail. Which made it even more irritating that the filmmakers thought it was OK to distort other facts like claiming the Elton's last name was inspired by a picture of John Lennon. Sure, that would have been nice but they rewrote history. Elton has documented that it was because he liked Long John Baldry. Why change well documented facts? That's not being "fantastical" - that's just lying.
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Taron Egerton is fab!!
denisebruffell23 May 2019
Really good biopic, different to what I thought it would be, Taron Egerton was awesome , loved how the songs were integrated in film, give it a go you won't be disappointed!
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"Style" made the "substance" less affecting for me..
jessiejpb31 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
*I give it 6.5/10*

*This is LONG. I have a lot of thoughts*

To start off, I'm not much of a fan of musicals - other than a select few that I've loved since childhood. And I'm also not a fan of the fantasy genre. But I wanted to watch this and form my own opinion of it because I am a massive fan of Bohemian Rhapsody, and Rocketman has been compared to death to it, so I wanted to give it a fair chance and see what all the fuss was about. I'm going to review it in sections to make reading it a bit easier. It's very long, especially where I compare it to Bohemian. (Although I adore Bohemian, I do wish that some things were done differently, but it doesn't keep me awake at night like it clearly does for some people.)

TARON: His acting was great! I found that it was even better in the second half when the storyline turned darker & more dramatic. I don't really know much about Elton John and haven't seen much archival footage of him, but from reviews, it sounds like Taron had Elton's mannerisms down and really inhabited his character. Also, I gotta say...Taron's voice is beautiful. It has an interesting quirkiness to it at times but he can also belt out when necessary.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Considering this movie is based around Elton's issues with addiction and self-hate, I felt like we didn't get to see an in depth build up of his inner turmoil. It kind of seemed rushed, like certain people treated him poorly and he was frustrated/hurt and then suddenly he was an addict. I wasn't emotionally invested in that aspect of the story, which is its core focal point. As for other characters, some were very underdeveloped and their impact on Elton didn't have much of an impact on me.

SCRIPT: There were some cringy moments where I found the writing was blatantly weak/awkward.

EDITING/FLOW: It made the story feel disjointed at times. Sometimes I felt like the transitions from regular scenes to musical scenes (and vice versa) were clever and flowed well, and sometimes they didn't and felt messy. This is also where some of the fantasy moments just didn't work for me.

COMPARISONS TO BOHEMIAN & RAMI: 1) One thing I think is super unfair is how people are using praising Taron for doing his own singing as an opportunity to throw shade at Rami for not singing in Bohemian. First of all, Rami actually did sing. He took singing lessons and "sang at the top of his lungs every day" (a direct quote from him). For the people who didn't pay attention, you could see his neck and throat muscles flexing during the performance scenes. And then in the editing room they blended Freddie's voice into his with the result being mostly Freddie that came through. Second, no one can replicate Freddie Mercury's unique four-octave range, which is probably the best voice in all of rock history. Rami simply didn't have a good enough voice to pull off a convincing performance of a rock legend, whereas Taron already had the gift of a great voice BEFORE Rocketman. It's not as if he learned to sing for this movie. That was an advantage Taron had when getting this role, but it doesn't mean that Rami has now become less worthy of winning his Oscar. I've seen a lot of user & critic reviews saying "if Rami could win an Oscar for lip-syncing then Taron is more deserving because he actually sang". An actor's performance in a music movie is about more than just the voice. Both Rami and Taron's roles were about immersing themselves fully into the person they were portraying through mannerisms, body language, overall essence, etc. Think of it this way, if Taron sang but he didn't deliver a convincing performance in the acting department, the singing aspect wouldn't have mattered.. so the reverse can also be true and was the case for Rami...his actual voice wasn't audible to us on screen but his acting was great and he delivered a convincing performance in other ways.

2) People have slammed Bohemian for having inaccuracies in timelines and facts... well Rocketman does too. Both movies took creative license in order to compress 20+ years into 2 hours. I don't get why people couldn't handle that when it came to Bohemian but can seem to overlook that for Rocketman. These movies aren't documentaries, they are products of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

3) Considering things I read in reviews about the "level of gayness", and its R-rating, I expected to see some pretty graphic stuff. But that just wasn't the case. I live in Canada and we have a less strict rating system here. It's been rated 14A, which is basically a step above PG-13 for Americans. There are a few scenes that had some passionate but short-lived making out, a sex scene that cut away before showing any actual sex, an oral sex scene that didn't show anything, a gay orgy musical scene, and flamboyant outfits. And Bohemian had a few make outs, a post-"one night stand" scene, a gay club scene, a drag scene, and flamboyant outfits. The biggest difference to me is that Rocketman is intentionally very flashy, which is already a major component of the musical genre. And it's a gay musical... Of course there will be excess! And there was, but just not as much as I expected. Freddie's risqué lifestyle wasn't front and centre of Bohemian, but it was purposely made that way. Both these movies had different approaches & intentions. Bohemian focused more on Freddie as a musician, who struggled with personal issues on the side, while Rocketman focused on the inner demons that followed young Elton from childhood, right through to his journey as a musician.

The fact that Elton is alive and was involved in the movie making process was an advantage for Rocketman, but Bohemian didn't have that luxury with Freddie. I think the writers of Bohemian felt a duty to Freddie to not get caught up with the exposing of his darker side (sex/drugs) but to instead preserve his legacy. He was harassed by the press for his entire career over his flamboyancy and sexuality, and he died at a time when being gay still wasn't accepted, so I think that respect factor was taken into consideration when the movie was made in terms of the level of personal life "disclosure" they felt was appropriate. Also, making the movie suitable for such a wide audience was a wise decision. It not only helped them rake in almost 1 billion $ but also helped get Queen's music out to every generation simultaneously. The R-rating on Rocketman is going to limit who will see it and how much money is made.

4) Something I liked a lot more about Bohemian was the concert scenes. They felt more epic to me, like you were actually there in the audience or on stage with them. The concert scenes in Rocketman were really good but the fantasy sections came in too early for me. The scene where he sings Rocketman in the massive stadium was exhilarating and the kind of thing I wanted more of, and then he suddenly blasts up into the sky like a rocket and it really killed that entire scene for me. It just made me want to laugh.

MUSICAL ASPECT: As I said I'm not really a fan of musicals nor fantasy, and being a fan of Bohemian and it's traditional biopic storytelling, I really wish Rocketman wasn't a musical. I would've liked to have seen Elton's story presented in a typical biopic way.

CRITIC REVIEWS: Something tells me that the critics had an attitude of "anything will be better than Bohemian Rhapsody", so they jumped right in to praise Rocketman, and decided to ignore any flaws it has.

MARKETING: I'm not quite sure why they didn't advertise this as a full musical, but my guess is they wanted to be vague in the trailers (kind of like Bohemian's trailers) in order to create enough buzz so that they could then ride on the coattails of Bohemian's financial success and the audience hunger it created for future music biopics. Not everyone likes musicals, so I think they wanted to keep the genre somewhat "under wraps".

OSCAR POTENTIAL: I think Taron is totally deserving of an Oscar nomination, and the movie should also get nominations for costume design, cinematography, and the sound categories. Whether that happens or not and whether there are wins or not is unpredictable at this point because we're only halfway through the year and there will be a bunch more movies coming out in the next 6 months that could kick it out as a contender. Also, because it's a summer movie and not an "awards season" movie, the hype surrounding it may fizzle out by December/January.

One scene I really loved was when Taron sang Tiny Dancer. His high notes were breathtaking! And the performance where he's dressed up in the huge puffy dress and white makeup was hilarious. There were definitely some fun, humourous scenes throughout the movie that I enjoyed.

Sadly though, I felt like Rocketman didn't inspire any interest in Elton John in me. The mixture of dark and light moments, and the bipolar feel to the movie didn't help me feel uplifted or like I'd just watched a true celebration of a great artist. But I felt that way after I watched Bohemian and immediately dove headfirst into a Queen/Freddie Mercury addiction.

If you're an Elton John fan, a fan of musicals, or part of the LGBTQ community, chances are you will love this movie.

Although it's not my style, I can appreciate the creativity that went into telling this story, but I do think it belonged more on Broadway.

I'm expecting tons of thumbs down on my review, but that's fine. I read hundreds of reviews that tore Bohemian to shreds, and while I didn't agree with them, we are all entitled to our own opinions. People need to learn to understand and accept this fact. Not everyone has to like or gravitate toward the same kinds of movies. Lastly, NEITHER movie is conclusively "better" than the other. Yes, they are both music biopics, but they are in vastly different genres (drama vs. musical fantasy) & use different styles of storytelling. It all comes down to personal preference and what speaks to/resonates with each individual person.
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What a disappointment:(
calchick-1280617 June 2019
I am a huge Elton John fan starting from way back when I was a kid in the '70's, and although I knew not to expect a straight biopic from what I had already heard about the film, I certainly didn't expect this! From the first song straight through the rest of the film, all I was thinking is that what we were watching was the Broadway musical Elton has probably always wanted to do, and probably should have done instead of a film. Ironically, now there's talk of turning this into a musical, so why not have gone that route instead?

I cannot even single out what was the worst thing about "Rocketman", but certainly the most irritating was the time frame of events/songs. My concern is that people of a younger generation who don't know much about Elton and see this film will think that certain things that occurred are fact, like that one of the songs he performed at the historic Troubadour show that helped catapult him to superstardom was "Crocodile Rock", when in reality, it hadn't even been written yet. Another concern was an example from a fan review I read on another website where a woman(who didn't seem like she was real familiar with Elton's life)said that after seeing "Rocketman"(which she loved), she "felt sorry" for him. I really don't think that Elton John would want pity from his fans, but because there is so much emphasis on the unhappy events in his life, one who is not familiar with the man and his body of work would think he hardly had ANY good times in his life during that crazy superstar time, and he DID have a significant amount of fun, he has admitted in interviews over the last couple of decades.

If this film was going to be a musical, it should have had at least a fair balance of good and bad times, and not so much a woe-is-me film. But even with a fair balance, the whole thing would have still probably been a hot mess with the way it was made. A straight biopic would have been SO much better. Somebody needs to make a REALLY good and detailed documentary(and it doesn't even have to be a film in theatres; it can be a multi-part series on a network like HBO or Showtime)on Elton John. If you really want to see something that more successfully captures the fascinating complexity that is Elton, I recommend watching "Tantrums and Tiaras" from 1997, the documentary that was directed by David Furnish(then-boyfriend, now husband). That will be far more interesting than "Rocketman" was, so save your money and skip "Rocketman", and I say this as somebody who's loved Elton John and his music for decades. Because I am a longtime fan, I really, really wanted to like, no, LOVE the film, but unfortunately, I just couldn't.
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Neither a musical nor a biopic drama
artiom-romanov23 May 2019
The movie isn't flamboyant enough to be a musical or deep enough to be a drama. It's a somewhat brightened up Wikipedia article about Elton John. Elton's parents were one dimensional cruel beings with zero reasoning or background. They hated the boy just because they did. And he became a broken adult because his parents hated him. Wow, that's a revelation original and artistic enough to make a 2 hour long movie about. That's a 2019-normal-zero-art-Netflix-style-shallow depiction of Elton John's life.
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Campy, heavy-handed mess from the get-go
PotassiumMan2 June 2019
This highly-touted film about Elton John that blends the biopic and musical genres together has one big selling point: Taron Egerton's go-for-broke performance as the deeply troubled musical genius. Regrettably, the film as a whole is self-indulgent and cliche-ridden to the hilt and goes down as a misfire.

Problematic right out of the gate, the film has to overcome a befuddling start which takes place from the tawdry vantage point of a psychiatric support group and frames the film's narrative from that trivializing angle from there on out. Perhaps a film of better nuance could have pulled this off but here we have camp, mawkishness and exploitation all rolled into one. The end result is a film whose tone is dumbfounding, annoying and at times embarrassing to endure. The musical numbers in this film are mostly perplexing and very rarely effective in conveying this life story.

I am not one to criticize a biopic because I realize it's a genre that is beholden to the life it is portraying. While I don't question the film's accuracy in portraying how awful Elton John's personal demons were, a film with more discipline almost definitely could have done better. A campy film, one that keeps poking you in the eye with how bad it is, will not tell anyone's story all that well, let alone a legend like Elton John.

Bearing in mind that Egerton's performance has to be seen to be believed, I nevertheless decline to recommend this.
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Rocketman Fails to Launch
dogger33331 June 2019
After about thirty minutes or so, I realized this was in fact a musical. If you like musicals, you'll probably like this film. But, stay away if you're not a fan of them

One aspect I disliked was that too many scenes start in one "area," then the singing/song starts, then they resolve the song into a different "area". Also, I can't recall a single song lasting more than a minute or so, at best. You more-less get snippets of a lot Elton's songs, with the occasional symbolism added to some of them. What's unfortunate, in my opinion, is that some of his hits aren't at all played like the real songs themselves

In regards to the acting, it was decent. There are some emotional scenes which were filmed quite effective, but, nothing that'll leave you sobbing. In addition, you may find out some things that you never knew about Elton John

In conclusion: I think die-hard Elton John fans will probably like this movie. Ultimately, though, your overall opinion of Rocketman will come down how much you like or dislike musicals...
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It's a Two Hour Pity Party for Elton!
rogerdob6 June 2019
I love Elton John...but this movie is nothing but a long pity party for him! The entire movie is obsessed with showing us what a victim he was...people treating him badly and how all these awful things made him resort to drugs, sex, and self hate. "It wasn't his fault!" Meanwhile, he's the center of the world's attention and making millions. There is not one ounce of joy in this movie. Being a fan of Elton John, I think the movie missed the mark badly by not using Elton's own voice during the songs...the movie needed the brightness and joy of his voice.
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Rocketman fizzles
nplnpl2 June 2019
Bravo for the great singing and acting from Taron Egerton. However, the plot was a disappointment. Contrary to the critic reviews such as Rolling Stone, a series of great Elton John songs and fun costumes do not make a movie. I wish they hired some good writers to explore (1) Elton's creative process with Bernie Taupin; (2) develop the characters for his parents; or (3) his four year marriage. By the end I felt like I paid the box office to watch a long advertisement for the 2019 Elton John world tour.
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Very cringy film
kerri_759 July 2019
This film was so hard to get through. Half the time I tried to keep myself from laughing out loud at the cheesy musical numbers, crappy dialogue, and disjointed editing, and the other half I was rolling my eyes for the never-ending pity party. The fact that this is considered a biopic is ludicrous. It is honestly just self-indulgence and arrogance at its finest!

Bohemian Rhapsody blows this one out of the water!
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Ignore the bad reviews, sensational film !
gregsolomon-834957 June 2019
Just a brilliant film, Taron Egerton is simply wonderful, from his dancing, to his acting to his sensational singing, he absolutely nails it on every level. I would throughly recommend going to see this film, enjoyed every minute of it
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Rocketman > Bohemian Rhapsody
Gresh85420 May 2019
Rocketman decides to focus on Elton John's character evolution more than anything else, chronicling his life from when he was a wee-little boy to his glory days as the colorfully decorated, piano-playing, musically blustering star. One detail I must address that really hoisted the exploration of John's life was, in reality, the "R" rating.

You get to see a respectful and psychological turn in his persona, you get to witness the heartbreaking "addictions" that he constantly forces himself into, you get to view the uncut collision of him dealing with his sexuality, and you even get to feel that loss of love that Elton had felt when he persistently questioned his relationship with peers. All of these affairs are dispensed without and blockades or any desires of censorship and I must commend the filmmakers for going about this risky decision.

And sure, Rocketman is arguably quite the corn-fest at times, but the movie is able to take these cheesy elements of the typical rockstar biopic and format it into a creative fashion that characterizes more charismatic and less repetitive exhibitions. Which brings me to my next point...

I am so pleased that Rocketman turned out to be a nearly full-on musical? I mean, it had to find some way to be different from Bohemian Rhapsody, right? Whenever a musical note comes on it's not just there for Elton John fan-a-holics. The songs always pertain to the presented events transpiring on screen. The methods they use to present the songs as well, offer some more than compulsive and devouring visuals. I also appreciated how they redid all the songs to fit the scenes in a more appropriate manner. It makes the film seem less like a compilation of Elton's original greatest-hits and more like a rendition of what each song means to the story.

Now, Taron Egerton's performance in this, wow, wow, wow, WOW. He is just bleeding with range and chaotic pizazz in this encapsulation of a contrasted human individual. If someone is worthy of an Oscar nomination this year, it's this guy.

Rocketman doesn't entirely rely on nostalgia like most of its kind does-that implying that sometimes it does, however-and most of its misfit adventures proved about in the story seem earned rather than glossed over at a maximum pace of negligence. Definitely check this one out, especially if you're an Elton John fan!
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wow. just wow
dani-dan30 May 2019
Ok this is the second time that i need to write something, im feeling responsible to tell the world that this movie is a must watch ! I watched it yesterday and the hole 2 hours were pure emotions and fun, after the movie i flet sad that it was over ; i could have sat in the cinema for 1-2 more hours. The storyline, emotions were overwelming and all actors did a great job here especially Taron Egerton. I will definetly watch it a second time in the cinema and immediatally order the blu ray, these kind of films need to be supported !!!
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lukesavoie19 May 2019
So I just saw an advanced screening of Rocketman and I have very mixed options about the film.

To get the positives out of the way, I thought that Taron Egerton did a Fantastic job as Elton John, nailing both the personality and appearance. Jamie Bell also gave a solid performance as John's lyricist Bernie Taupin. All of the other performances were decent as well. The dialog wasn't bad or cringeworthy, with the exception of executive Dick James. Nothing was done POORLY necessarily, but I will say if Egerton was not in this film, I probably would have rated Rocketman a 4/10 or even a 3/10. Let me get into all of my issues with this film.

Firstly I need to mention that Rocketman is a musical, where moments of his life or feelings are related to John's many songs. I only feel the need to mention this because I feel the marketing was very misleading, convincing people that Rocketman was going to be a more conventional biopic. Now, the musical moments are done badly, but for a feature film that is about a REAL person and story, it doesn't fit well. What the writers and director were trying to go for would have made a better broadway show, instead of a theatrical release. There are also WAY too many of these musical-style moments, particularly in the final third. And to clarify, by "musical" I'm referring to a film like Moulin Rouge.

I also felt like Rocketman glossed over a HUGE amount of events In John's life such how he recorded his first few albums, how he wrote songs with Bernie, etc. They could of included a scene of Elton helping John Lennon overcome stage freight or any other interesting stories during Elton's golden era, but Rocketman flashes forward to the start of his career to when he starts to descend into drugs. The most important part of his career is pushed to the side. Another example of this involves John's wife. We don't know who she is, how she knows him, or even her name. The actress is literally given around 6 lines. So when her three minutes of screen time are up, and you find out her and John have divorced, you don't care because you learned nothing about her.

Also, going back to the musical aspect, some inaccuracies end up being raised. Like how Elton wrote Saturday's Alright for Fighting at 12 (which he didn't). I also question the idea of everyone he knew, save Taupin and his grandma, were so harsh and mean.

Overall, Rocketman isn't an awful film by any means, and with Egerton's performance and the Your Song scene, I can still recommend this to extreme John fans. Otherwise, wait to rent.
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Rocketman Fizzles Out
peeedeee-9428121 June 2019
I'm not sure if I saw the same movie as everyone praising it. I thought it was okay, but definitely not an 8 or 9 out of 10. There are many problems with this film. The main issue, which I didn't realize until someone pointed it out in their review, is that the magic of listen to Elton John singing his songs is missing in this one. If you compare it to a recent, similar film by the same director (half directed by him), Bohemian Rhapsody, we get to hear Freddie's voice. Malik lip syncs to it, but that's why we fell in love with the artist. Taron does a good job singing, and performing, but he's NOT Elton John, vocally. Second issue is that it's tonally all over the place. It wants to be a musical, or it wants to be a drama, it can't be both. Usually musicals are more upbeat. But I think the placing of a music scene is critical, and it just felt very repetitive in this movie. In fact, I took a bathroom break during one of the middle music scenes because I didn't feel compelled to stick around. I felt the drama scenes were worth more to sit through. The uneven tone just kept kicking me out of the movie. The makeup for Bryce Howard was horrible when she was playing the older version of the mother. It looked like all they did was make her face lighter, it was pretty lazy. And why was the step father/boyfriend not considered a supportive person in Elton's life. I get that the mother and father were not as warm, but the step father, in addition to his grandmother, seemed to be a pretty good father figure. Ultimately, this film fails to make Elton a sympathetic character. At least with Freddie Mercury, we did feel emotion for him and his plight. With Elton, it just felt more like 'woe is me' x 20, i.e. over and over again. Then the movie ends, and you're like 'okay, what was the point of this movie?' There is no point, no message. We just watch Elton's life set to a Mamma Mia-esque framework, with mediocre results. If you have to choose to watch Bohemian Rhapsody or Rocketman, choose the former.
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