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Beckett and boys
Warning: Spoilers
"My Left Hand Man" is an 18-minute live action short film from 2011, so this one is over 5 years old already now. The writer and director is Antonia Bogdanovich and it is her first work in both positions. The reason that this short film gained some attention though is young actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who has a rising career right now and worked with Bogdanovich also on at least one other occasions. But honestly, I am not too impressed by this short film here. It is about two brothers who keep giving Beckett speeches to audience in their attempts to get money and also about the relationship with their dad. I personally thought the script wasn't too bad overall, but also not particularly good. And in terms of the actors, I felt there was some serious overacting at times. I know it's Beckett, bit still, some more subtlety would not have hurt this film at all. I personally saw nothing memorable in here, but maybe that's just subjective opinion. I give it a thumbs-down and don't recommend checking it out.
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