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According to Ryan Gosling, there was no script used while shooting the movie.
Christian Bale was initially set to have a much more substantial role in the film but he ended up working only three to four days on the set. He was ultimately cut from the film as his character was reportedly very similar to Michael Fassbender's.
Christian Bale, Haley Bennett, Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, Callie Hernandez, Clifton Collins Jr. and Benicio Del Toro all had roles in the film and shot scenes, but had them removed during the post-production process.
The movie was partially filmed during the 2012 Austin City Limits festival and features artists who performed that year, including Arcade Fire, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) and Iron and Wine. Several musicians and bands like Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine, The Black Lips, Lykke Li and The Red Hot Chili Peppers also have cameos in the film.
The normally very reclusive director Terrence Malick participated in a rare post-screening interview at the SXSW festival, along with his star Michael Fassbender and moderated by Richard Linklater. This is one of the only times he has ever granted a public interview.
According to director Terrence Malick the first cut of Song to Song (2017) was 8 hours long.
Filmed back to back with Knight of Cups (2015).
Terrence Malick wanted Song to Song to convey how life feels like a series of moments which is why there are so many songs & locations used in the film.
Shot in only 40 days over a time period of nearly 2 years. The shooting days were long, starting in the morning, with only a 30-minute break for lunch. The actors were even shot in the car, moving from one location to the next, just in case it turned into interesting footage that could be used in the movie. [Variety 2017]
Michael Fassbender replaced Christian Bale's role when Bale backed down due to American Hustle (2013).
During the weekend of September 16, 2011, Terrence Malick was photographed and caught on film while on set for one of the first times ever during the production of this film.
Director Terrence Malick's 5th collaboration with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki.
Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman both acted in Knight of Cups (2015), also written and directed by Terrence Malick, but they didn't share any scenes.
Shot using mostly wide angle lenses.
The cast of the final version of Song to Song (2017) includes 3 Oscar winners (Cate Blanchett, Holly Hunter, Natalie Portman) and 3 Oscar nominees (Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara, Ryan Gosling).
Was initially called "Limitless", then the title "Weightless" was announced, until finally its official title Song to Song (2017), was revealed in January 2017.
Terrence Malick made a rare public appearance with Michael Fassbender and Richard Linklater at the SXSW Festival in which he joined to a conference to discuss the film.
Mia Wasikowska and Clémence Poésy were considered to play the lead female role.
In the first press screening in LA, over 15 people walked out. As soon as the movie ended, a woman said "Yay" and everyone in the theater laughed.
The poem that Faye, Rooney Mara character, reads and Patti Smith sings is from William Blake, "The Divine Image".
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Had its world premiere on March 10th, 2017 at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, where most of the feature was shot.
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The release of this film a mere year after Knight of Cups (2015) marks the shortest gap between film releases for Terrence Malick, who once took a 20-year hiatus from filmmaking. If one were to also figure in the October release date for Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience (2016), the gap would be even shorter at five months.
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Ryan Gosling and Callie Hernandez both acted in La La Land (2016), although they shared no scenes together.
Bérénice Marlohe is the second Daniel Craig era Bond Girl Terrence Malick has directed, having also been in Skyfall (2012). The first was Olga Kurylenko, who starred in Quantum of Solace (2008) and To the Wonder (2012).
Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman were originally set to co-star together in Macbeth (2015). However, Portman dropped out before filming began. She was replaced by Marion Cotillard.
Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara starred together in a lesbian-themed love story Carol (2015).
Natalie Portman and Val Kilmer had previously appeared together in Heat (1995).
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Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett have appeared in at least one Thor movie. Portman was in the first two Thor films and Blanchett is in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
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This is the second film with Val Kilmer in which Natalie Portman attempts to take her own life after Heat (1995). Her character survives in Heat (1995) but dies here.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

In a scene, in which Fassbender's character learns, that Portman's character is dead, the audio in the background is popular Polish prayer - "Zdrowas Maryjo", sampled from song "Angelus" by Wojciech Kilar.
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