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Wry subtle humour, great acting
Don MacKinnon11 February 2012
Both my wife and I loved this. Excellence abounds. Leacock's subtle Twain-like observations come to life in the hands of a great cast. Gordon Pinsent's voice-over is perfect for this story. The production and direction are outstanding. Oddly, the extraordinary modern special effects work in this story of a hundred years ago -- they move you into and out of the story, and along the way provide just enough distance for the humour to operate. The director's presence, along with Leacock's, is felt from the opening scene. But that presence isn't heavy-handed, rather it's inviting. Leacock saw humans as quirky, each with their own flaws and frailties, but he didn't see them as evil -- at least not in these stories. The actors are flawless in their portrayal of each character's quirky charms and failings. Donal Logue, as always, was excellent. Her role gave Jill Hennessey more chance to display her charming talents than Crossing Jordan ever did. The other foible-laden characters of Maripossa were brought to life with consummate skill by this brilliant cast. Thanks for this.
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Sic transit gloria
jdbaehr8 June 2012
You viewers and reviewers do know from English Lit that this movie is about a famous writer FROM CANADA? I must be getting really old... next I will be reminding you that Ernest Hemingway was a famous writer. Mark Twain? Sinclair Lewis? Edgar Allen Poe? Hello-o-o! From Wikipedia: Stephen Butler Leacock, FRSC (30 December 1869 – 28 March 1944) was an English-born Canadian teacher, political scientist, writer, and humorist. In the early part of the 20th century he was the best-known humorist in the English-speaking world. Well, even if you do not know who Stephen Leacock was, this is an enjoyable if quirky movie, in what I have come to regard as a fine Canadian film tradition of off-beat but provocative films. Viva the Canadian Film Board!
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Turn off after the opening graphics.
pwrightwood3 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Sunshine Sketches is one of my favourite books. I found it wonderful in school and as a retiree, my fondness for the book remains.

The opening graphics were superb; the best I have ever seen. Therefore I had to rate a 10 (all going to the graphics).

There ends my positivity. The writing was awful and failed the book. It did not capture any of the subtle humour. The humour was so contrived it was not remotely funny and woefully failed Stephen Leacock.

The attempts at inclusion and political correctness ruined it. As a Canadian, I wish we either stay out of the movies, TV series business or hire people who know what they are doing.

And, please, leave Stephen Leacock alone. He doesn't need our help.
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no to bio
Ken McLean15 February 2012
When I saw that the CBC was going to do Sunshine Sketches, I eagerly awaited it. However, I was quite disappointed when I saw it. I found that the parts taken from the book itself (such as the sinking of the Mariposa Belle)were quite effective,but I did not like the interpollation of the Leacock biographical material. There is enough material in the book that was not used in the dramatization. Moreover, the bio details gave the presentation a much "heavier" feel than the book. Jill Hennessey does a very good job in her role, but as one character says, she is too much of a"sad witch". It is revealing that of the characters listed most are not in fact in the book.
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