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Postman pat: not for the younger ones...
f_boekhoorn15 June 2014
We've been enjoying Postman Pat for years, but this new movie wasn't what we expected at all. The Robots in the movie were actually quite scary for the youngest children. Several kids were crying during the movie. The storyline is more suitable for children for ages up from 7 or something like that. A pity...

The older, short, stories never even had bad guys in it. Just normal things happening to people in normal life. And that might be quite interesting enough for young kids...

So, a great person he remains, our beloved hero Postman Pat. But the story he's in didn't touch our hearts.
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Postman Pat hits the big screen
stephenwilletts6827 May 2014
Just been to see this with my 2 year old. Didn't have any real expectations, I was just hoping my little girl would enjoy the film. However I was very much surprised. Firstly the negative stuff: The animation wasn't very good. The CGI looked a little cheap. Also It would have been good if they could have used the same voices for the main characters. Saying that these things things spoil the film. The makers of the film have really thought of the adults who will be seeing this film with their little ones. Simon Cowbell is a good example. A miserable headhunter, hosting a talent show. He even wore clothes very much similar to a certain person with a similar name. The plot wasn't anything new, but as it's for very little children that can be forgiven. My two year old was laughing and clapping to the film.

However their are a few scenes that might scare some children.

Above all a great young children's film that parents will enjoy watching too.
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A part of me feels like I should hate this, so why don't I?
ndunsmo18 January 2015
I'll admit, for the first half-hour, I really didn't see what was so bad about this film. The first little while felt like an episode of the series and even the talent show story line at least made sense as Pat was doing it for his wife and not for himself, and Pat's always been selfless so that was great. I was already a little sceptical when they revealed the whole Robot Pat thing, but when it escalated into a bigger plot, this was where the movie almost lost me. I was able to accept the existence of cellphones and a PS Vita, of all things, in the world of Postman Pat, but the evil robot thing really shouldn't be connected to this.

And before you say anything, yes, I know movies connected to cartoon shows usually try to differentiate themselves from their source material. And honestly, I think the talent show plot was good enough. You could have had the fame and attention get to Pat's head only for him to learn a lesson in the end and that would have been fine. As if that's not enough, we also get a terminator reference and, yeah, is this really Postman Pat?

However, in spite of all of this, I found this strangely enjoyable, but more as its own stand-alone sort of thing. Like Tom and Jerry the movie, I don't really like this as something connected to its respective series but rather its own entity. Every time the movie did something to make me groan, like when the villain revealed his evil plan before it was too late for Pat to stop him and, probably the most painful of all, Jess not being able to tell the difference between his beloved owner and a robot, it managed to pull me back with either a decent joke or something equally entertaining.

All-in-all, I can see why a lot of Pat fans don't like this movie. After the first half-hour, it starts to lose a lot of its charm in favour for something I'd accept in any other animated film, but I still found it strangely entertaining. I can't recommend it, really, but it's a guilty pleasure for me.
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A film that needed to focus more on the youngsters
rogerdarlington7 June 2014
I took my three year old granddaughter to see this film but it had nothing like the appeal to her of her earlier visit to "Frozen".

As a familiar character from television and books, Postman Pat (voiced by TV actor Stephen Mangan but with Ronan Keating as the singing voice) has an immediate attraction for young children and the cartoon has plenty of colour, action and songs, although it looks more like a television production than a big screen affair.

However, the storyline's weak double satire - of management efficiency measures in a postal operation called Special Delivery Service and of an overpowering game show host named Simon Cowbell - are better understood by parents than children, so neither age group was terribly enthused.
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Postman Pat in the 21st century but with disappointing results
TheLittleSongbird26 August 2014
Postman Pat was always a family favourite which we still all have a fondness for. Despite being warned very strongly against going to see this film and despite the trailer looking unappetising, I still saw it anyway. It was always going to be a film that would go either way, the amount of talent on board, my general love for family films and for Postman Pat could have suggested that the film would be fun and charming, but there was the worry also that it would look as muddled, target-audience-confused and hasty-looking as the trailer suggested. The film has its moments and it is not from personal opinion quite as bad as heard, but it was a big disappointment. The film begins very promisingly with a very idyllic opening that was the closest the film ever got in resembling the show, the Big Time song is a great upbeat song that has some very funny visual gags, the montage where Pat meets his wife for the first time was very touching and the "Faster Pussy-Bot, Kill Kill!" seemed like a Daleks reference and it was if the case a clever one at that. The soundtrack is catchy and bring energy to the film and the voice cast are good and very enthusiastic, David Tennant sounds like he's having a whale of a time but Steven Mangan, who's very sympathetic and dead-on as Pat, and Jim Broadbent acquit themselves very well too.

Sadly, Postman Pat: The Movie is let down by that it didn't seem to know what to do with itself or know who to aim the film at. The story is rather over-complicated and confused focusing mainly on the talent show subplot and also including a Dr Who-like robot invasion/world domination one, neither of which show any originality, cleverness or charm. The satire for the former is nowhere near sharp enough, the humour actually felt to me rather forced mostly throughout the film and borders on vulgar while the latter felt thrown in and like it belonged in another film altogether, is not all that cleverly or thrillingly done and may contain bits that the younger audience may find scary or upsetting. The script would have benefited from a far more simpler approach and less going on and while it is admirable that the film did clearly think of the adult audience I think it could have done a better job at having more for the youngsters. Some of the jokes will go over their heads, unless they were introduced to Dr Who at a very young age, and if they are familiar with the whimsy and warmth that the show had the film sadly is a far cry from that. The characters are bland, the exceptions being Pat who is very likable and possibly Jess as well but the others lacked personality. The film was unevenly paced with some of the earlier parts in need of more zip and some of the later parts in need of a slow-down, most apparent in a climax that was action-packed but too busy and dark compared to the rest of the film. The soundtrack is one of the best things about Postman Pat: The Movie and Ronan Keating does a great job as Pat's singing voice but it is a case of the singing voice not matching the speaking voice especially in the tone. Just as disappointing as the writing was the animation, the opening was really promising but the rest looked like it was made in a lot of haste and had some very over-saturated and too bright colours, the characters also lack expression and on occasions look creepy, Pat is the one exception. Overall, a disappointing feature film debut of a much cherished classic character, not an awful film and has some good assets but it felt over-stuffed, muddled and bland with some cheap direct-to-video-like visuals with the opening being the only time where it bared any resemblance to the show. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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for children??
rdvljunk31 July 2014
I saw this movie with my 4 year old, his first real movie experience, and a disappointing one. At home he loves the postman pat short movies so he was excited to go and see this one. Now he is an always happy kind of guy and sat through the movie. But the excitement was quickly gone I noticed.

Simply too much references to adult-world kind of things like ... got talent, work problems, etc etc that are outside his world. It simply lasted too long.

At the end he was more interested in the different flavors popcorn then the movie. Too bad, missed opportunity
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Disappointing, the writers loosing a chance to make something good.....
tekura-maeva22 June 2014
As a parent who can enjoy children's animations, this was a disappointment to say the least. I think the writers completely missed an opportunity to make a kids film that could've been endearing, funny, and true to the original TV series. The characters voices were not right, and I think this was mainly because bringing in big name actors to voice was more important than delivering a product- sorry film - to its fans.

The story started quite promising, (a huge smile on my children's face during the opening credits) but very quickly diverted in a direction that just didn't tie in with the whole film. The introduction of a mainstream 'talent' show was unnecessary and didn't work,(in my opinion) and was just far removed from what a child watching would expect - not all children watch British talent shows - and if this was introduced only to make fun of Simon Cowell, then thats just poor writing. All the characters had tiny quirky moments, but it was sporadic throughout, and lost in amongst the poor storyline. Characters such as Ted Glen didn't get much air time, when he could've added a funny slapstick element to it all.

Very disappointed by the this, a completely lost opportunity....
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b_biggs9 June 2014
Watched this with two 4 year olds (one boy one girl) and a two year old. Both of the elder children asked to leave about 30 minutes in with the comments of 'this is rubbish' and 'I'm bored'. From an adult perspective I found nothing of any interest in the attempts at humour, and the story line was as dull as dishwater. It just doesn't work on any level.

The same group of us watched Frozen and they loved it from start to finish. So I don't think it was the children's ability to stay focused in the cinema that led to, what felt like, a wasted afternoon.

I implore you not to waste either your time nor money on this film.
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Not really Pre School Friendly
MumofLTS29 May 2014
This was a very good film with Humor for children and adults, however whilst my Son enjoyed the film there were some tears as some of the scenes were I feel quite frightening for the Target audience and would say a Parental Guidance Certificate would be more appropriate than a U. Given that my son has never been particularly sensitive I was somewhat surprised

That said it had a half decent story line and I have come away with a new found love for Jess the cat!

David Tennant's character was particularly amusing to me and It was good to see that the parents and guardians have been greatly considered.
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How did one of the worst kids shows get a movie?
nharvey-8853615 May 2021
The moment the official trailer came out for this, I said to myself "How the hell did this show get a movie?" It's probably the worst film of 2014 because of its cringe scenes, Horrific animation, and a bland story that is dumb and stupid, Don't recommend it.
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why is this so hated?
jplacerdasilva10 October 2020
I always forgot this movie when it aired on tv. i only had the oportunity of watching it 1 time.
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My son loves it
olligillett11 July 2019
Since getting it a week ago we've watched it non stop, it gets played about 3 times a day and as soon as it finishes he asks for it on again. Funny throughout, although gets a bit hectic and serious in places during the second half
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Poor, Poor, Poor
superrams-129 March 2015
Nice (London Olympics style) intro, passable opening theme version but then horrors of horrors.....those voices...terrible. Sounds as if all the main characters have been ingesting helium. Did the Producers really buy into the franchise at all or were they just out to make a quick buck with celebrity voices and a poor tie in to a talent show. Anyone brought up on the original t.v. series will shake their heads at this very poor film. Ever watched Shaun the Sheep? that's the way to do a feature film- true to the original with MINIMUM changes. I hope this never crosses my path again and warn anyone thinking of watching this film to expect very little of the original- for that is what you will get.
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Waste of time! 2/10
leonblackwood27 September 2014
Review: Definitely one for the kids, which doesn't have any adult humour and a weak storyline. I wasn't expecting that much from the movie because the original Postman Pat wasn't that great, so I wasn't terribly disappointed. The director uses that patronising type of English humour which gets on your nerves after a while so I really don't recommend it to the adults. On the plus side, the kids will enjoy the vibrant colours and the robots and songs, but that's all the film really has to offer. Yet another bad attempt of a classic series. Terrible!

Round-Up: There isn't that many big voices used in the film so I can't really comment on the performances. The animation isn't that great. It's really blocky and cheap looking compared to the top animation films on the market. The only reason why I watched the movie is because of my little nephews who love there animation movies, but I doubt that they would even fine this movie interesting. Basically, if you want the kids to be quiet for an hour and a half, then you might get away with putting this movie on, but kids are a quite advanced nowadays so you might have to give this one a miss, unless they are familiar with the Postman Pat TV series.

Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $7million

I recommend this movie to people who are into there animation movies about Postman Pat trying to win a trip to Italy on a talent show for his family. 2/10
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Pleasantly surprised
srpc2123 August 2014
I watched this on the plane back from America and thought it was a very nice and entertaining film.

It touches a lot into the privatization of the Royal Mail and Post Offices and the dangers this brings (as a twenty six year old, this was my interpretation of it anyway!). This is from a very analytical perspective though, I don't think it's purposely political and the emphasis is on humor throughout.

It was nice that the setting was in his hometown with the old characters instead of the lazy smurf films where 'the characters are warped into the real world'.

It was enjoyable and genuinely funny in a lot of parts. I would recommend to most people.
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