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Speed Angels (2011) Movie Review

Hong Kong director Jingle Ma follows up “Love You You” and “Mulan” with more cinematic popcorn in the glossy form of “Speed Angels”. In this latest bid for commercial success and mass appeal, Ma takes the high concept premise of putting good looking actresses behind the wheels of fast cars and throws in pretty much every soap opera style twist imaginable, making for a wacky mix of road racing and tears. The film certainly deserves credit for pulling together an impressive trio of leading ladies, headlined by Rene Liu (“Starry Starry Night”), Tang Wei (“Wu Xia”) and Cecilia Cheung (“Legendary Amazons”), as well as a pan-Asian supporting cast that includes pop star and real life racer Jimmy Lin (“If I Were You”), popular Korean television actor Han Jae Suk (“The Great Merchant”), and Kitamura Kazuki (“Kaibutsu-Kun: The Movie”) and Tanaka Chie (“Cape No.7”) from Japan. The film kicks off with
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